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'Unauthorized vehicles will be stolen and their owners eaten!'

[ des-per-a-tion (des-pe-ra-shen), n. 1: the loss of hope and surrender to despair 2: a state of hopelessness leading to unregulated behaviour 3: a website dedicated to the work of horrormaster, Stephen Edwin King. ]

'Desperation is about to strike with all its might.'


Here you can see which novels/stories that have been updated.

- added added book rating.
- added recomended section.
   'Salem's Lot 
- added added book rating.
- added recomended section.
- added the new layout.
   The Shining
   Night Shift
   The Stand
   The Long Walk
   The Dead Zone

   Danse Macabre
   The Running Man
   The Gunslinger [the dark tower I]
   Different Seasons
   Pet Sematary
   Cycle Of The Werewolf
   The Talisman
   Skeleton Crew
   The Bachman Books
   The Drawing of the Three [the dark tower II]
   The Eyes Of The Dragon
   The Tommyknockers
   The Dark Half

   The Stand, complete & uncut
   Four Past Midtnight
   Needful Things
   The Waste Lands [the dark tower III]
   Gerald's Game
   Dolores Claiborne
   Nightmares & Dreamscapes
   Rose Madder
   The Green Mile
   The Regulators
   Wizard and Glass [the dark tower IV]
   Bag of Bones
   Storm of the Century
   The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
   Hearts in Atlantis
   Blood and Smoke

   Riding the Bullet
   On Writing
   The Plant
   Black House [the talisman II]

   Everything's Eventual
   From a Buick 8
   Rose Red
   Stationary Bike
   Wolves of the Calla [the dark tower V]
   Song of Susannah [the dark tower VI]
   The Dark Tower [the dark tower VII]

   The Colorado Kid
- added added book rating.
- added recomended section.
- added the new layout.
   The Secretary of Dreams [out 2006]
   Lisey's Story
   the Dark Tower Comic Books 1-7
   Salem's Lot [comic book out 2007/2008]
Duma Key [out 2008]

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