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  • On page 7 ( Ch. 1 ), when Mike identifies his wife's body at the morgue, it says that her eyes were closed. But later, on page 215 ( Ch. 13 ), when he makes love to his wife in his "triple-dream", it says that one of her pupils were larger than the other, like it had been, when he had seen it on the monitor at the morgue.
  • In the book Mike compares Max Devore's daughters looks to those of the person in Edvard Munch's painting "The Scream". Page 122 ( Ch. 9 )Sadly Mike / Stephen King calls that painting "The Cry", not "The Scream".
    Edvard Munch made a b/w print entitled "The Cry" and a painting called "The Scream" based upon the same theme, so you could say that Mike/Stephen King was right after all!
  • This is not an error, but on page 427 ( Ch. 25 ) Mike mentions that among the eighties and nineties bands, which Mattie had CD's with, was a band called Ah-Hah. That bands name is not Ah-Hah, but a-ha. As I said this is not an error, just a wrongly remembered music-band name.
  • On page 38 ( Ch. 3 ) Mike dreams about Sara Laughs and according to him, the only visible addition from his and Jo's owner period is a small DSS dish. But if I understand Mike / Stephen King right, then Mike and Jo would also build a studio for Jo. It says so on page 21 ( Ch. 2 ), at least. So I'd say that there ought to have been two visible additions to Sara Laughs in Mike's dream.
  • On page 362 ( Ch. 21 ) it says that the people in the dream Mike had, parted as if they were all magnetic, and that he and Ki were positives, while the people around them were negatives. I don't believe I need to explain this error, unless you too didn't pay attention, when your physics teacher told you about magnetism.
  • It says that Mattie drove a Jeep Scout, f.x. p. 94 ( Ch. 7 ). Such a car doesn't exist, as far as I know.
  • To give a child four Benadryl pills, the amount Mike gives Ki before he tries to drown her, would not make the child sleepy. It would more likely have given her tachycardia, muscular twitching etc. ( p. 453, Ch. 26 ).
  • In the audio version of Bag of Bones. On the first tape it says that Jo was wearing yellow slacks when she died ( p. 5, Ch. 1 ) But on the second tape she is wearing blue slacks, when she is fighting with the Sara-thing ( p. 493, Ch. 28 ).
  • Only a slight error, but in Chapter 16, the haiku of George Seferis is quoted. Although it is a valid haiku, it is not layed out correctly. Instead of:
    Are these the voices of our dead friends
    Or just the gramophone?

    It should be:
    Are these the voices of our dead friends or just the gramophone?

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