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Blood and Smoke
Lunch At The Gotham Cafe
In the Deathroom

Lunch At The Gotham Cafe
Steve Davis quits smoking two days after his wife dumps him. King cleverly compares the two kinds of withdrawal: obsession blends with emotional flatness, and you're left "with a feeling the world has taken on a decidedly dreamy cast." Driven, Steve meets with his wife and her lawyer at a midtown Manhattan restaurant, where the nightmare begins. "I was pretty sure something was wrong with the maitre d' almost as soon as I saw him," says Steve, and gothic café events soon prove him right.

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Name: Description:

?, Guy

- The head waiter at the Gotham Cafe that goes nuts and kills a customer.

?, Troy

- Customer in the Gotham Cafe when Guy goes nuts.

Coslaw, Dee Dee

- Mother of Diane and wife of Ernie.

Coslaw, Diane

- Maiden Name of Diane Davis, and the daughter of Dee Dee and Ernie Coslaw.

Coslaw, Ernie

- Father of Ernie and husband of Diane.

Davis, Diane

- Wife of Steven who wants a divorce. A real single minded woman who does not care what happens to Steven - including if he is killed! Married name of Diane Coslaw.

Davis, Steven

- Husband of Diane, and the storyteller.

Humboldt, William

- Diane Davis' therapist, who bleeds real well.

Ring, John

- Divorce lawyer that Steven Davis approaches to take his case.

Mike Enslin, a writer who once studied with James Smiley, dreamed of being a Yale Younger Poet, and "starved on the payroll of The Village Voice," is reduced to hacking out stuff like "10 Nights in 10 Haunted Houses." For a follow-up, he visits room 1408 of the Dolphin Hotel in the hope of gaining more information for his new book - 10 Nights in 10 haunted Hotel rooms"..
Five women and one man have jumped from that room's window onto 61st street below, one hung himself, another slit his wrists, and 4 overdosed with pills. A total of twelve suicides in 68 years, along with at least 30 "Natural" deaths holds this apart from any ordinary hotel room. The last time it was occupied was in 1978, and since then it has been the motel's only unoccupied and un-upgraded room.

There is a presence in there, not exactly a ghost, but a strangeness. Even digital watches, mobile phones and pagers dont work properly. Even the human mind does not work properly in Room 1408.
Lucky for Mike, he has remembered his lucky Hawaiian shirt - it's the one with the ghost repellent, and an unlit cigarette is tucked behind his ear.
Note: Mt Hope Cemetery is mentioned.
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Name: Description:

?, Marcell

The concierge on days. Olan sent him out to buy Mike’s books.

Dalhmer, Jeffrey

Serial killer. Mike Enslin slept next to his grave.

Dearborn, ?

Brother of Rufus. Went on an Australian holiday with his brother.

Dearborn, Rufus

Sewing Machine salesman in room 1414 that saved the life of Mike Enslin when he came out of room 1408 on fire.

Dickins, Charles

Author mentioned in passing.

Elkin, Stanley

He was on a pannel with Mike Enslin.

Enslin, ?

Mike’s ex-wife who he has stayed friends with. She gave him the mini-corder 5 years ago.

Enslin, Donald

Brother of Mike. Died of lung cancer 9 years ago.

Enslin, Michael

Writer of true ghost stories. His books have included 10 nights in 10 haunted houses, 10 nights in 10 haunted graveyards, and 10 nights in 10 haunted castles. He does not actually believe in Ghosts, but wants to stay in room 1408 of the Hotel Dolphin to help with another book he is writing on haunted hotel rooms. He only managed to stay in the room 70 minutes and slowly looses grip on reality, and sets himself on fire.

Farrell, Sam

Literary agent of Mike Enslin.

Harvey, Lawrence

Actor mentioned in passing.

Hyde, Randolph

Slit his wrists, then cut off his genitals and bled to death in room 1408.

Irons, Jeremy

Actor mentioned in passing.

Johnson, ?

Vice president of John Kennedy.

Johnson, ?

Vice president of Abraham Lincoln.

Karloff, Boris


Kennedy, John F.

USA President.

Lincoln, Abraham

USA President.

Lovecraft, H. P.

Author who's grave Mike spent a night by.

Marley, Jacob

Ghost who speaks in A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickins.

Neale, Mr.

Was the head maintenance man of the Hotel Dolphin until he died of a cerebral haemorrhage a day after entering room 1408.

Nixon, Richard

USA President. Mentioned.


Mentioned in passing.

Olan, Mr.

The manager of the Hotel Dolphin. Arrived at the hotel in 1979. He explains about the room 1408 to Mike Enslin.

O'Malley, Kevin

He is supposed to haunt room 1408. A sewing machine salesman and father of 7 children. The first occupant of room 1408 and the room’s first victim, dying on October 13th, 1910. He jumped out the window.

Proust, ?

Writer. Mike thought that Olan probably read him on his nights off.

Rillsby, ?

5 members of Eugene’s family. Were all killed by the axe murderer.

Rillsby, Eugene

His family was killed by an axe murderer in Kansas that was never caught. His house was in one of Mike Enslin's books. His headless ghost was supposed to haunt his house

Robertson, Mr.

Mike Enslin’s lawyer that got him permission to stay in room 1408.

Romindau, Celeste

Twin sister of Veronique. Left the Hotel Dolphin in 1988 with ill mental and physical health. Died of a heart attack. French.

Romindau, Veronique

Twin sister of Celeste. They joined the Hotel Dolphin in about 1971 or 1972. She is the head housekeeper. French.

Scrooge, ?

Spoken to by Jacob Marley.

Smiley, James

Studied with Mike Enslin.

Smythe, David

Drowned both his wives in a tub.

Storkin, Henry

Hanged himself in the closet of room 1408 in 1970<./TD>

Tepish, Vlad

Also known as Vlad the Impailer. From Transylvania. Mike stayed in his castle one night

Van Gelder, Rommie

Maid who went blind while in room 1408 while dusting the top of the TV. She said she could see horrible colours. Her sight was restored when she left the room.

In The Deathroom
In a bloodstained basement of the Ministry of Information Fletcher, a reporter with the New York Times is questioned by Escobar and his assistants - Ramon and the Bride of Frankenstein. He asks them for a last cigarette and understands that he might be dead before it burned down to the filter.

There is a chance that he could get out of this nasty mess, but the guard behind him, with a loaded gun, makes it difficult, especially without a weapon. But he DOES have a weapon, a cigarette... A Cigarette with a hot tip, and an inviting eye close enough to reach.

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Name: Description:

?, Ramone

The guard in the Deathroom with Fletcher. He had a cigarette stuck in his eye by Fletcher, then was shot.

Arcuzzi, Carlo

Owner of a news stand on 43rd st that was approached by Fletcher after he escaped.

Bride of Frankenstein, The

Nickname that was used for the woman that helped interrogate Fletcher. She was shot by Fletcher.

Duke, Patty

Actress in "The Miracle Worker".

El Condor

The name used my Fletcher for the possible leader of the revolution.

Escobar, Mr.

One of the people interrogting Fletcher. A fat Mexican who was eventually shot by Fletcher.

Fletcher, Miss

Sister of Mr. Fletcher. A nun who was killed, and her brother was investigating her death.

Fletcher, Mr.

He worked for the New York times and was stationed in Spain. He was a contact of Pedro Nunyes and Thomas Harrara who were planning a revolution in the country. He was captured and interrogated in the Ministry of Information by Escobar and 2 others. He fights the interrogation, then escapes, killing most of his captives in the process.

Harrara, Mrs.

Wife of Thomas

Harrara, Thomas

Contact of Flecther who was suppose to be given information and then passed it on to Nunyes. He was killed by Heines.

Heines, Mr.

Tortured people for Escobar. He used an electric device, that was eventually used to kill him.

Himler, ?

Mentioned in passing.

Lanchester, Elsa

Actress in Bride in Frankenstein.

Nunyes, Pedro

Communist given information by Thomas Harrara that was supposed to be given by Fletcher. He was organising a revolution

Road Runner

Cartoon character.

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