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?, Billy

- Uncle of Tommy Ross.

?, Bruce

- Cousin of Leigh Cabot.

?, Pammie

- Girl in an x-rated magazine.

?, Ralph

- Man who abused Arnie and Dennis when Christine got a flat tyre outside his house.

?, Roseanne

- Girlfriend of Dennis Guilder before he met Leigh Cabot.

?, Sid

- Brother of Mrs. Guilder.

?, Steve

- Uncle of Dennis Guilder. Husband of Vicki.

?, Vicky

- Wife of Steve. Sister of Regina Cunningham.

Ackerman, ?

- Husband of Leigh Ackerman.

Ackerman, Leigh

- Married name of Leigh Cabot.

Aleppo, Norman

- Broke his arm playing football for Libertyville.

Anderson, Poochie

- Acquaintance of Roland LeBay.

Arroway, Dr.

- Doctor of Dennis Guilder.

Barlow, Gerry

- Acquaintance of Roland LeBay.

Barongg, Lenny

- Played Football for Libertyville.

Bellerman, Marty

- At Libertyville Highschool.

Bellerman, Sonny

- Acquaintance of Roland LeBay.

Billingham, Nick

- Friend of Moochie Welch.

Blackford, ?

- Neighbour of the Guilder family.

Buck, Henry

- Used car dealer.

Cabot, Leigh

- Arnie's girlfriend, and eventually one of the ones that helps kill Christine.

Cabot, Mr.

- Father of Leigh Cabot. Husband of Natalie Cabot.

Cabot, Natalie

- Mother of Leigh Cabot. Wife of Mr. Cabot.

Callison, Lou

- 14 year old friend of the Guilder family.

Captain Beefheart

- Cat that Dennis Guilder owned, but was killed by a truck.

Carruthers, Aimee

- Friend of Ellie Guilder.

Carson, ?

- Brothers that owned a roadwork company that Arnie Cunningham and Dennis Guilder worked for.


- A 1958 red Plymouth Fury, with a taste for death.

Cobb, Norman

- Plymouth dealer where Roland LeBay bought Christine.


- Worked for Andrew Quick in Lud.

Cunningham, Arnold Richard

- The nerd who was seduced and destroyed by Christine. Son of Regina and Michael Cunningham.

Cunningham, Michael

- Father of Arnie Cunningham. Husband of Regina Cunningham.

Cunningham, Regina

- Mother of Arnie Cunningham. Wife of Michael Cunningham. Fairly dominant.

Dann, Fred

- Played football for Libertyville. Went off in one game with concussion.

Darlington, Freddy

- Went to school with Dennis Guilder until he got his girlfriend pregnant.

Darnell, Will

- Owned Darnell's Used Auto Parts where Arnie stored and worked on Christine.

Deckinger, Tommy

- Picked on Arnie Cunningham. Killed by Christine.

Dingle, Everett

- Friend of Will Darnell. Murdered his family.

Dodd, Milton

- Boyfriend of Elaine Guilder.

Donahue, Pat

- Ran Gino's Pizza Place.

Emerson, David

- Ran Libertyville furniture store.

Farner, Dr.

- Roland LeBay's doctor.

Fassenbach, ?

- Friend of the Cunningham family.

Fenderson, Mr.

- Libertyville High's maths teacher.

Gabbs, ?

- Worked on his car at Darnell's.

Galton, Sandy

- Friend of Buddy Repperton. Picked on Arnie Cunningham. Parking lot attendant. Killed by Christine.

Gilman, Roger

- Beat up Arnie Cunningham and is now in Jail. A friend of Buddy Repperton.

Gitney, ?

- IRS agent.

Gottfried, Barry

- A hitchhiked that saved the life of Leigh Cabot when she choked in Christine.

Guilder, Dennis

- Arnie's friend that ended up destroying Christine.

Guilder, Elaine

- 14 year old sister of Dennis Guilder.

Guilder, Kenny

- Father of Dennis Guilder. Tax consultant for H&R Block.

Guilder, Mrs.

- Mother of Dennis. Wife of Kenny Guilder. Oral hygienist.

Haskins, Wanda

- Girlfriend of Will Darnell.

Hatch, Mr.

- Worked on his car at Darnell's.

Hicks, Mike

- Chess club member.

Hodder, Mr.

- Libertyville High Grammar teacher.

Hurling, Brandon

- First date for Elaine Guilder.

James, Stukey

- Libertyville High maths teacher.

Jeffries, Brad

- Foreman for Carson Brothers.

Jones, Coach

- Basketball coach at Libertyville.

Junkins, Rudy

- State cop that told Michael Cunningham about the murder of Moochie Welch. He then kept an eye on Arnie, but was killed in auto crash.

LeBay, ?

- Father of Roland. Drunk.

LeBay, Drew

- Brother of Roland that was killed in France in 1944.

LeBay, George

- Brother of Roland. Retired school teacher that gives Dennis Guilder some interesting information about Christine.

LeBay, Marcia

- Sister of Roland.

LeBay, Rita

- Daughter of Roland. Choked to death in Christine.

LeBay, Roland D.

- The man who sold Christine to Arnie. Wicked and mean, but at least he came back to visit Arnie - After he died!

LeBay, Veronica

- Wive of Roland. Committed suicide in Christine.

Leheureux, Mr.

- Libertyville high French teacher.

Lothrop, Mrs.

- Libertyville high discipline officer.

Mascia, Dr.

- Arnie Cunningham's doctor.

McAn, Thom

- Owner of a shoe shop?

McCandless, Richard

- American Legion Post secretary.

McCarthy, Chubby

- Football announcer.

McNally, Brian

- Played football for Libertyville.

Meecham, Mr.

- Libertyville high principal.

Mercer, ?

- Father of Rick. A cop that committed suicide.

Mercer, Rick

- Pennsylvania state police detective.

Mustungerra, Roy

- Sold tires for United Auto Parts.

Pederson, ?

- Kid at Libertyville High.

Pomberton, Johnny

- Bought and sold used trucks, and loaned Dennis Guilder the truck he used to kill Christine.

Puffer, Coach

- Libertyville High football coach.

Purvis, Melvin

- Cop that committed suicide.

Qualson, Barry

- Chess club member.

Raypach, Miss

- Teacher at Libertyville High.

Renneke, Dinah

- Friend of Elaine Guilder.

Repperton, Clarence

- School tough guy that was kicked out of school for pulling a knife of Arnie Cunningham.

Screaming Jay Hawkins

- Cat of the Guilder family.

Shambliss, Carolyn

- A friend of Elaine Guilder that told her that you could light your farts.

Slawson, Herbert

- Chess club organiser.

Smolnack, Mr.

- Libertyville High shop teacher.

Smythe, Ladd

- Patrol-Boy that picked on Arnie Cunningham.

Sprague, Tom

- Cunningham family lawyer.

Stanton, Bobby

- Friend of Buddy Repperton.

Stewart, Mr.

- Mentioned in passing.


- The nickname of the person that Kenny Guilder went off the school with.

Strickland, Paul

- Friend of Michael Cunningham.

Stroughman, Ned

- Asked Leigh Cabot out on a date, but was turned down.

Sykes, Jimmy

- Helps out at Darnell's. Slightly retarded.

Sykes, Mrs.

- Mother of Jimmy.

Symond, ?

- Owner of a swimming pool in Libertyville.

Tardiff, Gary

- Played football for Libertyville.

Thompson, Mr.

- Libertyville high American history teacher.

Throgmorton, Randy

- Died after beating up Roland LeBay. Fell through thin ice.

Trelawney, Richie

- Friend of Buddy Repperton.

Turner, Randy

- Seen the fight between Buddy Repperton and Arnie Cunningham.

Upshaw, Amber

- Wife of William.

Upshaw, William
- Does the tax returns for William Darnell.

Vandenberg, Don

- Friend of Buddy Repperton.

Vandenberg, Mr.

- Father of Don. Owner of Vandenburg's Happy Gas.

Vickers, Mr.

- School Guidance Councellor.

Warberg, Jim

- Criminal lawyer that took Arnie Cunningham's case.

Welch, Peter
- Friend of Buddy Repperton.

Youngerman, Quent

- Friend of Will Darnell.

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