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  • In Chapter 18, when Arnie and Dennis are about to finish their lunch, it says that the bell rung, signifying that there were five minutes till period five started, but a few pages later Dennis talks about the next period as being period six, rather than five.
  • In the original book, the car had 4 doors, but this was changed to a 2-door model when it was realised that there never was a 4-door 1958 Plymouth Fury.
  • Although all 1958 Plymouth Furys were banana yellow in colour, the book mentions that this particular car was custom ordered Red.
  • When Arnie and Leigh gives the hitchhiker a ride, on page 265 (Chapter 34), it says that the hitchhiker opened Christine's rear door. But Plymouth Fury's have only two doors.
  • On page 264-265 (Leigh and Christine) Leigh remarks that she should be home at eight-thirty because she and her parents were "having friends in". But later, on page 278, after Arnie and Leigh have had their argument, Leigh's mother appears in the door, wearing raincoat, rubber boots and her nightgown. So one could presume, that she had gone to bed and had risen a few minutes before, when she heard Arnie and Leigh arrive. What happened to the friends, who should have been visiting?

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