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Father's Day
The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill
The Crate
Something to Tide You Over
They're Creeping Up On You

Father's Day
Bedelia Grantham killed her father on Fathers Day, but now her father has come back - for a piece of the fathers day cake he missed out on!

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Name: Description:

?, Hank

- Husband of Cassandra. Killed when the grave of Nathan Grantham falls on him.

?, Henry

- Aunt Sylvia calls Hank, husband of Cassandra, Henry all the time.

Danvers, Mrs.

- The cook in the Grantham house.

Grantham, Aunt Bedelia

- She killed her demanding father on Fathers day, but comes to visit his grave each year of fathers day. This year she is in for a suprise when she is killed by the corpse of her father.

Grantham, Aunt Sylvia

- She told the story about Bedelia killing her father, and then was killed by Nathan Grantham.

Grantham, Cassandra

- Wife of Hank.

Grantham, Nathan

- Father of Bedelia. Evil and demanding man that is killed, but gets his revenge on fathers day.

Grantham, Richard

- Brother? of Cassandra.

Yarbro, Peter Richard

- Fiancee of Bedelia that was killed on orders of Nathan Grantham.

The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill
Jordy is a simple minded man who's life is changed for the worse when he touches a meteor that lands on his farm outside Castle Rock. He slowly turns into a walking weed.
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Name: Description:

Bilkmore, Mr.

- Jordy's Banker.

Brother Melvin

- Helper of the Reverend White on the TV show Jordy Watched.

Geeson, Dr. Richard

- Doctor of Jordy Verrill - came from Castle Rock. He was on holidays when Jordy called.

Higgins, Dr. Peter V.

- Took Dr. Geeson's calls while he was on holidays. Came from Castle Rock.

Verrill, Anita

- Mother of Jordy.

Verrill, Jordy

- Unfortunate simple minded man who touches a strange meteor that lands on his farm, and turns into a walking weed! Kills himself.

White, Reverend Fleece U.

- A TV evangelist from the church of the Holy Shrinking Purse on the TV show Jordy Watched.

The Crate
There is something alive after 134 years in The Crate from an Arctic expedition. It's really a monster of such ferocity that it's just like a cartoon... A cartoon with a deadly apetite! Well it's widely known that "Tasmanian devil's" can not take a joke, especially when they were captured and locked away since June 19, 1834.
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Name: Description:

Carpenter, Julia

- A name of the side of the Crate.

Gereson, Charlie

- Made a joke about the thing in the crate, and was killed shortly after.

Latimer, Mike

- A janitor at the University. He found the crate, and was killed by it's content.

Northrup, Henry

- Husband of Wilma. He wrote a letter and got her to come to the crate, where she was murdered.

Northrup, Wilma

- Wife of Henry, that drinks too much, and makes a real pest of herself. She is killed by the thing in the Crate.

Stanley, Dexter

- He was a good friend of Henry Northrup, and was told about the crate and it's contents.

Something to Tide You Over
Richard finds out that his wife has a lover, and decided to kill them both by burying them up to their neck in sand, below the high water mark. Alas nothing is as it seems and the 2 lovers die, but come back to get their revenge.
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Name: Description:

Vickers, Becky

- Lover of Harry Wentworth and wife of Richard Vickers. Murdered by Richard.

Vickers, Richard

- Husband of Becky Vivkers. He found out that his wife was cheating, then murdered her.

Wentworth, Harry

- Lover of Betty Vivkers. Murdered by her husband Richard, but comes back from the dead to get revenge.

They're Creeping Up On You
Everyone hates bugs, especially cockroaches, but Upson Pratt hates them more than almost anything. Living in his germproof apartment he tries to get away from them, but the cockroackes are after him this time!
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Name: Description:

Castonmeyer, Lenore

- Wife of Norman Castonmeyer.

Castonmeyer, Norman

- Husband of Lenore. He killed himself after business dealings with Upson Pratt.

Gendron, George

- Works for Upson Pratt.

Meggs, Sergeant

- Took the phone call from Upson Pratt about the bugs in his apartment.

Parelli, ?

- Brothers that are exterminators.

Pratt, Upson

- Rich man that hates bugs and germs. His apartment is taken over by cockroaches that eventually kill him.

Reynolds, Carl

- Works for Upson Pratt.

Reynolds, Mrs.

- Wife of Carl.

White, ?

- Works for Upson Pratt.

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