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Character count :
There is currently 104 characters in the list.

Timeline :
1980, May?:
Tad started seeing the monster in the closet.

1980, June 16th:
Cujo chased the rabbit.

1980, June 23rd:
Vic and Roger's meeting at The Yellow Submarine.

1980, June30th?:
Evvie Chalmers died.

Writers :
Steve Kemp:
'Chasing Sundown'.
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Name: Description:

?, Abby

- Niece of Evelyn Chalmers who found her dead.

?, Billy

- Worked with Roscoe Fisher in about 1978 to get a man out of a potato grading machine. This could have been William Rose, Bill Fullerton or Bill Kennedy, or a new person.

?, Brock

- Had the Flu. Brother of Marcy.

?, Lisa

- 21 years old woman that works with Vic Trenton at Ad Worx.

?, Marcy

- 4 year old girl who's mother thought she threw up blood, but it was the dye from Red Razberry Zinger cereal.

?, Rocky

- The name used by Rob Martin to a waiter in Mr. Johnson's Resturaunt.

?, Samantha

- Mother of Donna Trenton.

Bannerman, George

- Castle County sheriff. Killed by Cujo when he went to Donna and Tad Trenton's rescue.

Bannerman, Katrina

- Daughter of George Bannerman.

Bannerman, Victoria

- Wife of George Bannerman.

Beaulieu, Stringer

- George Meara had a postage delivery for him.

Belasco, Lewis

- Works at Portland Machine where Charity Camber got the Jorgen Chainfall for Joe.

Bellamy, Billy

- In a Cerebral Palsy add done by Vic Trenton and Roger Breakstone.

Bergeron, Dave

- Friend of Brett Camber.

Bernie Carbo

- Steve Kemp's cat.

Brady, Joan

- Friend of Donna Trenton who died in a car crash.

Breakstone, Althea

- Wife of Roger Breakstone.

Breakstone, Roger

- Fat friend of Vic Trenton. Works at Ad Worx with Vic. Husband of Althea Breakstone.

Breakstone, Timothy

- Son of Roger and Althea Breakstone. Died of crib death when he was 9 days old.

Brooks, Gretchen

- Daughter of Holly and Jim Brooks.

Brooks, Holly

- Sister of Charity Camber. Wife of Jim Brooks.

Brooks, Jim

- Husband of Holly. He was a lawyer.

Brooks, Jim Jr.

- Son of Jim and Holly Brooks.

Callahan, Vin

- Mechanic in Conway.

Camber, Brett

- Son of Joe and Charity Camber. Cujo was his dog.

Camber, Charity

- Wife of Joe Camber. She won $5000 in the lottery and went to her sisters for a holiday when Cujo killed Joe and the others.

Camber, Joe

- The mechanic who owned the garage on the outskirts of Castle Rock, called the 7 Oakes Farm, where Donna and Tad were trapped. Father of Brett Camber. Husband of Charity Camber. Killed by Cujo. Wife beater and a bit of an alcoholic.

Chalmers, Evelyn

- Oldest person in Castle Rock until she died at 93 while hearing Tad Trenton in the distance.

Crowell, Ray

- One eyed man who gave Cujo to Joe Camber as payment for a job.


- A large St. Bernard who contracted rabies from a bat and attacked the car where Donna and Tad were trapped. He was a gentle dog until he got rabies.

Dimmesdale, Reverend

- Mentioned by Donna Trenton.


- Trenton family cat.

Dobson, Stanley

- Picked on Tad Trenton at Daycamp.

Dodd, Frank

- Son of Henrietta Dodd. Killer cop who committed suicide. He was known as the Castle Rock Strangler.

Dodd, Henrietta

- Mother of Frank Dodd. She had a stroke and died.

Donovan, Mr.

- Manager of Shop 'n Save who had his car worked on by Joe Camber and he gave Joe a deal on the food for Cujo.

DuBay, Ronnie

- Worked for Portland Machine and delivered the Chainfall to Joe Camber's place.

Dunbarger, Carol

- Killed by Frank Dodd in 1974.

Fisher, Roscoe

- Local police officer who used to be a partner of Frank Dodd.

Fournier, Michael

- Castle Rock Postmaster.

Frechette, Alma

- A Waitress who was killed by Frank Dodd in 1970.

Freeman, Billy

- Delivered the Castle Rock Call newspaper.

Gehringer, Debbie

- Tad Trenton's 15 year old baby sitter. Tad did not really like her.

Gresham, Dr.

- Brett Cambers doctor who was seen about his sleepwalking.

Harrington, Yancey

- Played the Sharp Cereal Professor.

Heebert, Arnold

- Was the oldest person in Castle Rock until his death at 101 years old when he fell off the balcony and broke his neck at Castle Acres Nursing Home. The oldest person was then Evelyn Chalmers.

Hendrasen, Mary Kate

- Young girl, 9 years old, who was killed by Frank Dodd in 1970.

Hewitt, Mr.

- Works at Summers Marketing and Research.

Hofnager, Randy

- Kid with speech impediment that went to day camp with Tad Trenton.

Johnson, Mr.

- Owner of a restaurant where Rob Martin, Roger Breakstone and Vic Trenton discussed the last Sharp Cereal Professor add.

Jones, Harry

- Name on imaginary grave thought of by Donna Trenton.

Kemp, Steve

- Donna Trenton's lover and a budding (but poor) poet. A furniture stripper and refinisher in his own business "Village Stripper".

MacKenzie, Allison

- Amway and Avon dealer.

Magruder, Joe

- Worked for Portland Machine and delivered the chainfall to Joe Camber.

Marchant, Vin

- Second oldest person in Castle Rock before Evelyn Chalmers died. He then became the oldest.

Martin, Rob

- President of Image Eye, the company that Ad Worx used.

Masen, ?

- Mother of Andy, Marty and Roberta Masen.

Masen, Andy

- Detective that worked for the Maine Attorney General, and was looking for Donna Trenton.

Masen, Marty

- Younger brother of Andy Masen, and was killed in a car crash.

Masen, Roberta

- Sister of Andy Masen.

McNally, Lou

- The Big G's weather reporter who was heard when Vic Trenton is in the taxi.

Meara, Cathy

- Wife of George Meara.

Meara, George

- Postman in Castle Rock.

Miller, Mr.

- Teacher who was going to get Joe Camber to work on his Ford's transmission.

Milliken, Freddy

- Brother of John Milliken.

Milliken, John

- He had a fight with his neighbour Joe Camber. Brother of Freddy Milliken.

Milliken, Kim

- Daughter of Freddy Milliken.

Moody, Cheryl

- High School junior that was killed by Frank Dodd in 1971.

Mousam, John

- Previous owner of Joe Camber's Seven Oaks Farm. Died of cancer.

Mr. Clean

- Dead cat of Joe Cambers. He was in the cave with the bats that gave Cujo Rabies.

Mrs. Beasley

- Cujo's purebred mother who was owned by Ray Crowell.

Neadeau, Tommy

- Seen a deer out by Moosuntic Pond.

Pervier, Gary

- Joe Cambers nearest neighbour on town road 3. An alcoholic that was born in 1924, he was killed by Cujo.

Petrie, Sally

- Friend of Althea Breakstone.

Quentin, Dr.

- Castle Rock doctor.

Redding, Fred

- Tad Trenton's playgroup friend.

Ringgold, Etta

- Killed by Frank Dodd in 1975.

Rose, Donna

- Maiden name of Donna Trenton.


- George Bannerman's dog. An Irish Setter.

Sampson, Dwight

- The first person Donna Rose kissed open mouth.

Seltzer, ?

- Owner of a cowpond where Charity Camber and Holly Brooks swam when they were children.

Sharp Cereal Professor

- A character invented by Ad Worx and played by Yancey Harrington that sells Sharp Cereals.

Sharp, Carroll

- Owner of Sharp Cereals.

Shouper, Mr.

- Worked at the Casco Bank.

Simms, Richie

- Owned a farm and Joe Camber was going to work on his International Harvester.

Smith, John

- Discovered the identity of Frank Dodd. Had psychic abilities.

Steigmeyer, Mr.

- Custodian of the building where Ad Worx id housed.

Swallow, Adam

- Name used by Steve Kemp when he called Ad Worx. Supposedly a marketing director for "House of Lights, inc.".

The Bats

- Gave Cujo rabies when he stuck his head in their cave.

Thompson, J. Walter

- Old boss of Roger Breakstone and Vic Trenton. Worked for the Ellison Agency.

Thornton, Alva

- Friend of Charity Camber. An egg farmer who lived on Maple Sugar Road.

Thornton, Bessie

- Wife of Alva. Great niece of Evvie Chalmers

Timmins, Red

- Always tried to kiss Holly Brooks as a child. He picked on Holly and Charity as children, and later lost his arm when his tractor fell over on him in August 1962.

Toothaker, Pauline

- Killed by Frank Dodd in 1971.

Torgeson, Buddy

- Alcoholic friend of Joe Camber. Worked at the Castle Falls Esso Station and converted Gary Pervier's Distinguished Service Cross into an ashtray.

Townsend, Hank

- State Police Officer.

Trenton, Donna

- Was trapped in her car along with Tad, her son, by Cujo after the needle valve caused her car to stop.

Trenton, Theodore

- Donna and Vic's 4 year old son, who thought that Cujo was the monster from his closet out to get him (he was!). He ended up dying in the car just before he was rescued. Possibly slightly Psychic as he dreamed of, and saw, a monster in his closet that later looked a lot like Cujo.

Trenton, Vic

- Donna's husband and father of Tad. Worked for Ad Worx.

Welsh, Joanie

- A friend of Donna Trenton who had a girl the same age as Tad.

Welsh, Mr.

- Husband of Joanie.

Whitney, J. C.

- Parcel in Joe Cambers mailbox had this name in the return address.


- New dog of Brett Camber. He had his rabies shot this time!, so there won't be a second book...

Wolfe, William

- He took the name of Cujo. A robber and member of the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA).

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