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Character count :
There is currently 245 characters in the list.

Timeline :
1953, Jan:
John Smith (aged 6) fell and hit his head on the ice.

1970, Oct 29th:
John Smith was in a car accident and went into a coma.

1970, Nov 12th:
Alma Frechette killed by Frank Dodd.

1971, Nov 17th:
Pauline Toothaker killed by Frank Dodd.

1971, Dec 16th:
Cheryl Moody killed by Frank Dodd.

1972, Nov 12th:
Ann Simon killed by Frank Dodd.

1974, Nov:
Carol Dunbarger killed by Frank Dodd.

1975, May 17th:
John Smith comes out of coma.

1975, Oct 29th:
Etta Ringgold killed by Frank Dodd.

1975, Dec 17th:
Mary Kate Hendrasen killed by Frank Dodd.

1977, June 23rd:
Chuck Chatsworth graduated. Cathy's burnt down.

Writers :
Mel Allen (reporter)
Portland Sunday Telegram

David Bright (reporter)
Bangor Daily News

Richard Dees (reporter)
Inside View Magazine
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Name: Description:

?, Beth Alma

- Girlfriend of Chuck Chatsworth.

?, Burt

- Next door neighbour of Eileen Magown.

?, Casey

- At Cathy's Roadhouse when it burned down.

?, Clarice

- In the Timmesdale Pub.

?, Dan

- Boyfriend of Sarah Bracknell before she went out with John Smith.

?, Erwin

- Politician.

?, Germaine

- Aunt of John Smith.

?, Hans

- Mentioned in John Smith's trance.

?, Janice

- Next door neighbour of Eileen Magown.

?, Mike

- At Cathy's Roadhouse when it burned down.

?, Nellie

- Grandmother of John Smith.

?, Ray

- At Cathy's Roadhouse when it burned down.

?, Richard

- Grandfather of Chuck Chatsworth.

?, Rupert J.

- Character in the book "Overview of learning disabilities".

?, Sean

- Young boy in the hall when John Smith shot at Greg Stillson.

?, Shannon

- At Cathy's Roadhouse when it burned down.

Ablanap, Mrs.

- Babysitter for Sarah Hazlett's kids.

Allen, Mel

- Writer for Portland Sunday Telegram.

Alvarez, Bonita

- Worked for Phoenix Amtrak and sold John Smith a ticket from Phoenix to New York.

Baker, Howard

- Might follow Carter as president. He was killed in a shooting in 1959.

Bannerman, George F.

- The Castle Rock Sheriff. He called in John Smith to find the Strangler.

Bannerman, Katrina

- Daughter of George Bannerman.

Bass, ?

- Trimbull Chief of Police.

Beatty, Anne

- Married name of Anne Strafford.

Benedix, Timmy

- Young boy that could skate backwards, and was admired for this ability by John Smith as a child.

Bernhardt, Steve

- Construction worker at the fair, who watched John Smith win on the Wheel of Fortune.

Bolles, Don

- Reporter that was killed in an explosion in 1976 when a bomb was wired to his car's ignition.

Borentz, Helmut

- Husband of Johanna Borentz, and father of Sam Weizak - Died.

Borentz, Johanna

- Mother of Sam Weizak, and wife of Helmut Borentz.

Bowden, ?

- Name in the "Birches" Cemetery.

Bowes, David

- Democratic candidate in the third district.

Bracknell, Sarah

- Johnny's girlfriend before the accident, and she was a teacher at Cleaves Mill High School. Maiden name of Sarah Hazlett.

Brand, Mat

- Wrote the book "Fire brain".

Bremmer, Arthur

- Mentioned as one of the "crazies of the world" by John Smith.

Bright, David

- Writer with the Bangor Daily News who did an interview with John Smith.

Brolin, James

- Actor mentioned by Sarah Hazlett.

Brown, Danny

- Commented on a sick John Smith on the bus.

Brown, James

- Neurologist that worked with John Smith.

Brown, Jerry

- Mentioned that he could run for president after Carter.

Brown, Julie

- Mother of Danny Brown.

Burke, Henry

- Ran "The Bucket" Tavern.

Butz, Earl

- Tim said he'd had a flash that Earl Butz was going to be forced to resign next year.

Carlin, George

- Mentioned in passing.

Carrick, Bruce

- Owner of Cathy's Roadhouse. It burned down because he would not buy lightning rods.

Carsleigh, Stephanie

- Friend of Sarah Bracknell. Maiden name of Stephanie Constantine.

Carter, James Earl

- Politician, and governor in Georgia.

Cayce, Edgar

- Mentioned in passing as someone with Second Sight.

Chancellor, John

- TV-News host.

Chase, Chevy

- Mentioned in passing.

Chatsworth, Chuck Murphy

- 17 year old boy that John Smith tutored. John warned him not to go to a party at Cathy's roadhouse, as it would burn down and he would die. He did not go, and his life was saved.

Chatsworth, Roger

- Father of Chuck. Husband of Shelley. Owner of Chatsworth Mills and Weaving.

Chatsworth, Shelley

- Mother of Chuck and wife of Roger. Married name of Shelly Murphy.

Chen, Ruth

- Friend of Ngo Phat.

Clark, Tim

- Psychic.

Clawson, Stuart

- He took the picture of Stillson hiding behind the young Matt Robeson when John Smith was shooting at him.

Clay, Dean

- Office supply salesman in Phoenix.

Cleave, Eldridge

- Mentioned in passing.

Clements, George

- Taxi driver.

Cohen, William

- Senator that ran for Bill Hathaway's seat and chaired the Stillson Committee.

Coltsmore, Freddy

- Reverend who blessed a cloth that Vera Smith had purchased.

Conover, Allison

- Aid at Eastern Maine Medical Centre.

Constantine, Stephanie

- Married name of Stephanie Carsleigh. Friend of Sarah Bracknell.

Cooney, Leighton

- Politician.

Cronkite, Walter

- On TV. Mentioned in passing.

Curry, Elton

- Train Conductor on the Phoenix to Salt Lake run.

Darrow, Clarence

- Mentioned in passing. Possibly a lawyer.

Dean, John

- Nothing but a rat deserting a sinking ship.

Dees, Richard

- Writer for Inside View Magazine.

Desalvo, Albert

- The Boston Strangler.

Dodd, Frank

- A deputy in Castle Rock who turned out to be the Castle Rock Strangler. He committed suicide.

Dodd, Henrietta

- Mother of Frank Dodd. She knew about her son being the Castle Rock Strangler, but did nothing about it.

Dohay, Andrew

- Seller of lightning rods.

Drummore, Sol

- Owned the Wheel of Fortune that John Smith won money on at the carnival.

Dunbarger, Carol

- 17 year old 4th victim of the Castle Rock Strangler. Found by Charlie Norton and Norm Lawson in the snow in November 1974.

Dussault, Anne

- Roger Dussault's sister.

Dussault, Roger

- Reporter for the Lewiston Sun. Anne Dussault's brother.

Edwards, Dawn

- One of John Smith's students that had a crush on him.  
Visited him in the hospital after the accident.

Elliman, Sonny

- Greg Stillson's right hand man.

Erwin, James

- Politician.

Farnham, Fearless

- Teacher.

Finegold, Irving

- Teacher who worked with Dave Pelson.

Firegold, Irvina

- Teacher.

Fisher, Deenbie

- Wife of Roscoe Fisher.

Fisher, Harrison

- New Hampshire District's 3rd district congressman.

Fisher, Roscoe

- Castle Rock Deputy Sheriff. Husband of Deenbie Fisher.

Flarhaty, Susan

- At school with Mary Kate Hendrason.

Flynn, Erroll

- Mentioned by Sarah Bracknell.

Ford, Gerald

- President mentioned in passing.

Ford, Henry

- Mentioned in passing.

Ford, Jerry

- President of the USA when John Smith woke up.


- Nickname for John Smith by his students.

Frechette, Alma

- Castle Rock Strangler's first victim. Worked at the Coffee Pot. Killed November 12, 1970 at 3pm.

Freneau, Brad

- Boyfriend of Mary Thibault and driver of the car that hit John Smith's cab. Died.

Fromme, Squeaky

- Mentioned as one of the "crazies of the world" by John Smith.

Gedreau, Lottie

- Mother of twins and neighbour of Herbert Smith.

Gendron, Bill

- Seen John Smith hit his head on the ice as a child.

Gendron, Charles

- Banker and president of Lions Club.

Gresham, ?

- Boyfriend of Jenny Langhorne in the novel "Fire Brain".

Gurney, Edward

- Mentioned in passing. From Florida.

Hackman, Bettye

- Friend of Sarah Bracknell. Joined the peace corps in Africa.

Haggar, Donny

- Boss of Frank Dodd for a while.

Harrington, Peter

- At school with Mary Kate Hendrason.

Harris, Fred

- Politician mentioned in passing. Partner of Frank Grier.

Harrison, Tom

- Went to a Uni course on Rural Law Enforcement with Frank Dodd from 15th October 1972 until 25th December 1972 at the University of Colorado. Chief of police in Gates Falls.

Harvey, George

- Uncle of boy threatened by Greg Stillson. On the town council.

Hathaway, Bill

- Senator.

Hawes, Cotton

- Fictional 87th precinct detective.

Hayden, Tom

- Mentioned in passing.

Hays, Wayne

- Politician.

Hazlett, Dennis Edward

- Son of Walter and Sarah Hazlett. Born on Halloween.

Hazlett, Janis

- Daughter of Sarah and Walter Hazlett.

Hazlett, Sarah

- Married name of Sarah Bracknell. Wife of Walter Hazlett and mother of Dennis and Janis Hazlett.

Hazlett, Walter

- The man Sarah married when Johnny didn't come out of the coma. Met at a New Years Eve party hosted by Anne Strafford. Father of Dennis and Janis Hazlett.

Hendrasen, Mary Kate

- 6th victim of the Castle Rock Strangler. 9 years old. Killed about 10:10am on 17th December 1975.

Herman, George

- TV Reporter for CBS.

Hovey, Milton

- Somersworth Fire Chief.

Humbarr, Billy

- Evangelist watched by Vera Smith.

Humphrey, Hubert

- Politician who's election was lost with the help of the police.

Hurkos, Peter

- Psychic mentioned by Dr. Weizak. Had "Second Sight".

Jackson, Henry

- Politician who shook John Smith's hand.

Jackson, Michael Carey

- Reading specialist from the University of California. Wrote "The Unlearning Reader".

Jamieson, Hake

- Owner of a property in Trimbull where a concert was held.

Jarvis, Mrs.

- Owner of the "Quick-Pik".

Joellyn, Herman

- Worked on the road crew with John Smith.

Juniper, Danny

- Character in the book "Fire Brain".

Jupiter, Danny

- This is what Chuck Chatsworth calls Danny Juniper when he is talking to John Smith.

Jurgens, Rachel

- Friend of Sarah Bracknell. Lived in Massachusetts.

Kelso, Carl M.

- Sheriff of Castle Rock before Bannerman took over the job. He was voted out.

Kenyon, Tom

- Character in "Fire Brain", a book read by Chuck Chatsworth.

Kirban, Salem

- In one of the Tracks magazines that Vera gave John Smith.

Labelle, Mrs.

- Denny Hazlett's babysitter.

Lancte, Edgar

-  Boston FBI agent from Boston that was killed in a car expolsion. He did not like Stillson.

Langhorne, Jenny

- Girl that was liked by John Sherburne. Girlfriend of Grisham, and a character in "Fire Brain" .

Lawson, Norman

- 9 year old boy who played with Charlie Norton.

Lewis, Sinclair

- Sinclair Lewis people had been crying woe and doom and beware of the fascist state in America.

Loeb, William

- Editor of "Union Leader".

Logan, ?

- Camper.

Loggins, Melissa

- At school with Mary Kate Hendrason.

Longely, James

- Maine's Independent Governor.

Mackenzie, Charlene

- Widow who hired Herbert Smith to do some work. Married Herbert on January 2nd, 1977.

Mackenzie, Hector

- Father of Charlene Mackenzie.

Mackenzie, Joe

- Brother of Charlene Mackenzie, died in 'St. Lo, 1944. Not that far from Belleau Wood.

Mackin, Cassie

- NBC reporter.

Magown, Eileen

- John Smith's physical therapist after his accident.

Marsten, ?

- Name in the "Birches" Cemetery.

McCarthy, Joe

- Washington Communist.

McCartney, Paul

- Singer, mentioned in passing.

McGovern, George

- Ran for president in 1972.

McNaughton, Larry

- Phoenix Public Works employee and drug dealer.

Meggs, ? Sergeant

- State police Sergeant at Orono. Told Herbert Smith about John's accident.

Michaud, Marie

- Nurse that found John Smith awake after his coma.

Michaud, Mark

- Son of Marie. Lost an eye in fire cracker accident.

Mills, Wilbur

- Politician.

Mitchell, ?

- Democratic Politician.


- One of Greg Stillson's bodyguards.

Moody, Cheryl

- Third victim of the Castle Rock Strangler. Murdered at 2pm on 16th December 1972.

Murphy, Shelly

- Maiden name of Shelly Chatsworth.

Muskie, Edmund

- Senator in 1972.

Nason, Vera

- Vera Smith's maiden name.

Nixon, Richard

- President in 1974.

Nolan, Kathleen

- Psychic who worked for the Inside View Magazine.

Norton, Charlie

- Playing when he found the body of Carol Dunbarger. 8 years old.

O'Donnell, Dick

- Owner of the Timmesdale Pub.

Ontello, Maureen

- At Cathy's Roadhouse when it burned down.

Oswald, Lee Harvey

- Mentioned as one of the "crazies of the world" by John Smith.


- Pomeranian dog.

Parmeleau, Spider

- Passed out at a party held by Chuck Chatsworth.

Pelletier, Ruby

- Employed John Smith as a short order cook.

Pelson, Dave

- Assistant Principal. Husband of Maureen.

Pelson, Maureen

- Wife of Dave.

Pershing, Black Jack

- Person in World War 1.

Phat, Ngo

- Worked for Roger Chatsworth.

Pillsbury, ?

- Name in the "Birches" Cemetery.

Powell, Adam Clayton

- Politician mentioned in passing.

Prescott, Bud

- Sold John Smith the Remington 700 .243 caliber rifle he fired at Greg Stillson.

Presley, Elvis

- Singer mentioned in passing.

Quinn, Louis

- Congressman who had been caught taking kickbacks in a parking-lot scam.


- Star Wars character.

Reagan, Ronald

- Politician mentioned in passing.

Red Hawk

- Comanche Indian in the book "Fire Brain".

Remington, Frederick

- Photographer.

Renfrew, Albert

- Deputy Council for the Stillson Committee .

Richards, Stanbury

- Brother in law of Dr. Vann. Broke his back.

Richardson, Norma

- Wife of Warren Richardson.

Richardson, Sean

- Son of Warren and Norma Richardson.

Richardson, Warren

- Threatened by Sonny Elliman. Husband of Norma Richardson. Sold Real Estate.

Ringgold, Etta

- 5th victim of the Castle Rock Strangler. School teacher who was killed about 29th October 1975.

Roberts, Oral

- Preacher on TV.

Robeson, Matt

- The child that Greg Stillson hid behind when he was shot at by John Smith.


- Camper.

Roosevelt, Franklin

- Politician mentioned in passing.

Ross, Frank

- Psychic specialising in natural disasters.

Rounds, George

- Teacher who Sarah Bracknell had dated.

Ruopp, Raymond

- Did surgery on John Smith's ligaments.


- George Bannerman's dog. Going blind.

Ryan, Leo

- Congressman who was killed.

Schumann, Lisa

- John Smith found her class ring.

Sedecki, Gene

- Maths teacher who Sarah Bracknell had dated.

Sherburne, John

- Character in the book "Fire Brain".

Shriver, Sarge

- Spoke with John Smith at the Newington Mall.

Simons, Ann

- Strangled and raped in Pueblo. She was thought to be another of the Castle Rock Strangler victims. 23 years old, who died 12th November 1972 in Colorado.

Sirhan, Sirhan

- Mentioned as one of the "crazies of the world" by John Smith.

Smith, Charlene

- Married name of Charlene Mackenzie afther she married Herbert Smith.

Smith, Herbert

- Father of John and husband of Vera. Married Charlene Mackenzie on January 2, 1977.

Smith, John

- The man who came out of the coma after 5 years with his precognitive gift, a man with a mission. Was shot and killed.

Smith, Margaret Chase

- Mentioned by Stilson.

Smith, Vera Helen

- Mother of John. Very religious and dominant. Died of a stroke.

Speck, Richard

- The so-called 'Son of Sam'.

Speedy Tomato

- Hazlett's cat.

Spier, Chuck

- Drinking near lake when John Smith fell down. Lost an eye in battery explosion.

Stanney, Edward

- Wrote a book "Overview of learning disabilities".

Starret, Mr.

- Recovering from heart attack in hospital room 619 next to John Smith.

Stillson, Gregory Ammas

- The presidential candidate who John Smith predicted would one day destroy the world, if not stopped. He started selling Bibles, then painting houses.

Stillson, Harry

- Father of Greg Stillson. Husband of Mary Lou.

Stillson, Mary Lou

- Mother of Greg Stillson. Wife of Harry Stillson.


- Camper.

Stonkers, Harry L.

- Ran an end of the world farm in Vermont.

Stonkers, Mrs.

- Ran an end of the world farm in Vermont.

Strachan, Patty

- Girlfriend of Chuck Chatsworth.

Strafford, Anne

- Spanish teacher with John Smith. Told Sarah Bracknell about the accident.

Strang, Bobby

- Owner of a truckstop. One of his waitresses was caught in a compromising position with Charles Gendron.

Strang, Keith

- Foreman of the road crew that John Smith worked for.

Strawns, Dr.

- Doctor of John Smith. Died in house fire.

Stubbs, Deenie

- Grad School friend of Sarah Bracknell.

Sugerman, Mrs.

- Tea drinker who works for the Castle Rock Sheriff's department.

Sylvester, Mrs.

- Used a walker.

Taylor, ?

- Female Police officer in Pueblo. Asked by George Bannerman about any deaths while Frank Dodd was in the area.

Thibault, Mary

- Passenger in the car that hit John Smith's cab. Died.

Thompson, Hunter

- Wrote a book about The Hells Angels.

Thomson, Meldrim

- Governor.

Timmons, ?

- Client of Walter Hazlett.

Toothaker, Pauline

- 2nd victim of the Castle Rock Strangler. Died 10am on 17th November 1971.

Treaches, Mr.

- Possibly a lawyer.

Tremont, Arnie

- Asked Sarah Bracknell out on a date. Mechanic at the Cleaves Mills Chevron.

Udall, Morris

- Politician who shook hands with John Smith.

Vann, Dr. Quentin M.

- Doctor that Sam Weizak referred John Smith to, and he discovered that John had a brain tumour.

Verizer, Norman D.

- Chief Council of the Stillson Committee.

Wallace, George

- After what happened in Laurel, George Wallace was never really a potent political force again.

Webster, William

- FBI Chief.

Weizak, Dr. Sam

- Worked on John Smith's case.

Whitman, Charles

- The Texas Town Sniper.

Wiggins, ?

- Police Chief in Ridgeway.

Witman, Charles

- The so-called 'Texas Tower Sniper'.

Wyman, Stephanie

- Girlfriend of Chuck Chatsworth.

Youngman, Henny

- Mentioned by Sarah Bracknell.

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