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  • This one concerns the `Eat Em and SmileŽ - album.
    On page 9 (Part I: Ch. 1, subch. 2), it's a David Lee Roth album not a Van Halen album. It was produced shortly after David Lee Roth left the group.
    In theory, this error could be explained as being an error made solely by Peter Jackson and not by Stephen King, because of a lack of knowledge concerning the origin of the album.
    Much like the lack of knowledge that Ralph and Joe Wyzer shows us in Insomnia, when they discuss the subject of REM-sleep. See The Dark Half.
  • On page 11 (Part I: Ch. 1, subch. 2), in the book Mary Jackson's hair is described as being short. But throughout the rest of the book it is described as being long. For example on page 36 (Part I: Ch. 2, subch. 1) and on page 228 (Part II: Ch. 3, subch. 3).
  • On page 128 (Part I: Ch. 5, subch. 2), where David visits Brian at the hospital he notices that Brian lies with his eyes open: 'Brian's eyes had looked up at him from the hospital bed. And through him. They were open and as empty as school classrooms in August'.
    But later, on page 141 (Part I: Ch. 5, subch. 2), when Brian's mother phones him to tell him that Brian is awake, it sounds as if it is a sensation that Brian has opened his eyes: '...the nurses called Dr Waslewski. Before he got here, Brian opened his eyes and looked around at us!'
    Brian's mother is confused by this and so is Brian's doctor, Dr. Waslewski, when he sees Brian open his eyes.
  • On page 243 (Part II: Ch. 3, subch. 5), it says that one of the Kamikaze-vultures shattered the passenger window in the truck, so it became all milky like. But on page 250 (Part II: Ch. 4, subch. 2) Steve looks out through that same window when he tries to find a place to park the truck and sees a sign: 'KEEP OUT OF HERE'. Later, on page 532 (Part V: Ch.1, subch. 1), it says that Steve looked into the mirror outside the passenger window, which would be impossible.
  • On page 274 (Part II: Ch. 5, subch. 2), Mary Jackson complained that she had to 'go pee', but when quizzed by Tom Billingsley, she replied that it was OK, she had good kidneys. Most people know that urine is stored in the BLADDER and that kidneys produce the urine, not STORE it.
  • Stephen King seems to be unable to keep track of how many people he has brought together in the old cinema. Although there are eight people in the cinema, he continue to write that there are only seven. (Part III: Ch. 1, subch. 4, p. 308; Ch. 2, subch. 4, p. 327 & 328).

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