Among the victims was the king's son, John Tristan, born at Damietta, and the king himself. Pascal., the successor of Urban., sent forth a call for recruits. 516 Their annual revenues have been estimated as high as 54,000,000 francs. Among others to accompany the king were Jean de Joinville, seneschal of Champagne, whose graphic chronicle has preserved the annals of the Crusade. Of France, and owed its origin to the profound impression made in Europe

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by the fall of Edessa and the zealous eloquence.

297 The popes stayed at home, but were tireless in their appeals to advance the holy project. John did valiant service on many a battle-field in Palestine and Asia Minor. It was a pitiful conclusion to an expedition which once had given promise of a splendid consummation. Many of the writers were chaplains of these chieftains, -Raymund, Baldwin, Tancred, Bohemund. Hugo appeared at the council of Troyes in 1128, 512 and made such persuasive appeals at the courts of France, England, and Germany, that three hundred knights joined the order.

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418 It was carried on from the sea as well as on the land. At a council of the three held under the walls of Acre, 404 they decided to direct their arms against Damascus before proceeding to the more distant Edessa. Froude: The Knights Templars in Short Essays. As if to counteract the impression upon the reader, these writers emphasize that Peter's influence was over the rude and lawless masses, and, as Guibert says, that the bands which followed him were the dregs of France. Even Godfrey and Tancred, the latter after delay, made the same pledge. Its first hospital in Germany was. You have glutted your guilty passions, not only on married women, but upon women and virgins dedicated to the Saviour. Uhland, An den Unsichtbaren.

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507 The hospital work was not abandoned. Albert of Aachan, 355 who describes these scenes, does not sympathize with this lawlessness, but saw a divine judgment in its almost complete annihilation in Hungary. The French expedition was led by Stephen, a shepherd lad of twelve, living at Cloyes near Chartres. The aged Gregory viii., whose reign lasted less than two months, 1187, spent his expiring breath in an appeal to the princes to desist from their feuds. A hundred years had elapsed since the First Crusade, and its leaders were already invested with a halo of romance and glory. The city was invested on three sides by Raymund of Toulouse, Godfrey, Tancred, Robert of Normandy, and other chiefs. 456 He was crowned by the papal legate. As in the case of the First Crusade, the armament was led by nobles, and not by sovereigns. The time for action had come.

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