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Different Seasons
Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption
Apt Pupil
The Body
The Breathing Method

Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption
A story about a man jailed when he is innocent, and his fight to be found innocent. He is going to get out from Shawshank one way or another!

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Name: Description:

?, Chester

- Trustee Prisoner at Shawshank Prison.

?, Ernie

- Prisoner at Shawshank Prison. Swept Cell block 5.

?, Jim

- Friend of Andy Dufresne. He was the one who set up the fake name Peter Stevens. Died.

?, Red

- Prisoner at Shawshank Prison who could get anything at a price.

Armitage, Elmore

- Prisoner at Shawshank Prison.

Backus, Henly

- Incorrect spelling of Henry, on page 85 of my book.

Backus, Henry

- Prisoner at Shawshank Prison. Washroom Foreman.

Betts, Dickie

- Prisoner at Shawshank Prison.

Blatch, Elwood

- Robber who actually killed Linda Dufresne and her lover.

Bolton, Sherwood

- Prisoner at Shawshank Prison. Had a pigeon in his cell that died a week after he was released.

Bonsaint, Paul

- Prisoner at Shawshank Prison.

Burkes, David

- Guard at Shawshank Prison.

Callahan, Johnny

- Owned a gun with a sawn off firing pin.

Collins, Linda

- Maiden name of Linda Dufresne.

Cote, Robert Alan

- Prisoner at Shawshank Prison. Tried to rob a bank in Mechanic Falls in 1951. Died 1967 of a brain tumour.

Diamond, Bogs

- Prisoner at Shawshank Prison. One of the 'Sisters'.

Dufresne, Andy

- Prisoner at Shawshank Prison who was innocent of murdering his wife and her lover. Arrived in 1948 and escaped in 1975. Prisoner number 81433-SHNK.

Dufresne, Linda

- Wife of Andy. Lover of Glenn Quentin. Married name of Linda Collins.

Dunahy, George

- Warden at Shawshank Prison. Fired in 1953.

Durham, ?

- 14 year old Psychopath.

Entwhistle, Mert

- Guard at Shawshank Prison.

Gonyar, Richard

- Captain of the guards at Shawshank Prison in 1975.

Hadley, Byron

- Guard at Shawshank Prison. Andy Dufresne helped him save money using a gift to his wife.

Hanlon, Billy

- Head Guard at Shawshank Prison.

Hatlen, Brooks

- Prisoner at Shawshank Prison. Ran the prison library. Killed his wife and daughter. Parolled.


- Sherwood Bolton's pet pigeon.

Jessup, Homer

- Guard at Shawshank Prison.

Kendricks, ?

- Prisoner at Shawshank Prison. Owed Red money.

Lathrop, Charlie

- Prisoner at Shawshank Prison.

Lonborg, ?

- Guard at Shawshank Prison

MacBride, Rooster

- Prisoner at Shawshank Prison. One of the 'sisters' who had his nose broken by Andy Dufresne. In jail for beating his step daughter to death. Died in prison.

Malzone, Frank

- Baseball Player.

Martin, Rennie

- Prisoner at Shawshank Prison.

Mincher, Lieutenant

- Dragged the Royal River looking for Andy Dufresne's gun.

Morrison, Beaver

- Prisoner at Shawshank Prison. Built a glider in the basement.

Nedeau, Sid

- Prisoner at Shawshank Prison that escaped.

Normaden, ?

- Prisoner at Shawshank Prison. Indian who was Andy Dufresne's cell mate for a time.

Norton, Mrs.

- Wife of Samuel Norton.

Norton, Samuel

- Religious warden of Shawshank.

O'Malley, ?

- Prisoner at Shawshank Prison. Irish origin and wanted a green thickshake from McDonalds on St Patrick's day.

Pugh, Henry

- Guard at Shawshank Prison that let 3 prisoners escape.

Quentin, Glenn

- Golf Pro. Lover of Linda Dufresne.

Reed, Governor

- Retired Governor.

St. Pierre, Logan

- Prisoner at Shawshank Prison.

Stammas, Greg

- Warden of Shawshank.

Stevens, Peter

- Fake ID of Andy Dufresne. It was the name used by Andy to live after he escaped.

Tremont, Rory

- Guard at Shawshank Prison.

Verness, Pete

- Prisoner at Shawshank Prison. One of the 'sisters'.

Williams, Tommy

- Prisoner at Shawshank Prison that arrived in 1962.

Youngblood, Tim

- Guard at Shawshank Prison.

Apt Pupil
A young boy is influenced by a war criminal, and his life starts to spiral downward. Will he be able to turn himself around, or will he crack under the pressure?
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Name: Description:

?, Deborah

- Aunt of Todd Bowden. Wife of Harry.

?, Felice

- Candy Striper in Hospital.

?, Harry

- Uncle of Todd Bowden. Husband of Deborah.

Ackerman, Harry

- School Councillor.

Ackerman, Sharon

- Todd Bowden wanted to feel under her dress.

Anderson, Mrs.

- 4th grade teacher. Had big front teeth.


- Hitler's dog

Bowden, Deborah

- Wife of Harold.

Bowden, Harold

- Richard Bowden's brother.

Bowden, Monica

- Todd Bowden's mother. Married name of Monica Darrow. Wife of Richard Bowden.

Bowden, Richard

- Todd Bowden's father and husband of Monica Bowden. An architectural engineer that helped design 2 dams in Africa.

Bowden, Todd

- A 13 year old boy that gets extremely excited when he realises that an old man known as Arthur Denker that lives in his area is really a wanted Nazi War Criminal Kurt Dussander. Rather than turn him in, Todd wants to hear his version of the war - in explicit detail. Ended up becoming a sniper and being killed by Police.

Bowden, Vic

- Richard Bowden's father. A grocer.

Bozeman, Dan

- Detective looking into the Wino murders.

Brackett, Charles

- Murdered Derelict.

Brodin, ?

- Name in Heisel's dream. Has a wedding ring taped under scrotum.

Burke, Jack

- Name in Christmas Card.

Burke, Mary

- Name in Christmas Card.

Carson, Johnny

- TV personality watched by Richard Bowden.

Castellano, Fiona

- Kept Vic Bowden's store open when he had a stroke.

Chambers, Randy

- Mowed Arthur Denkin's lawns. Fat slow kid.


- Sidekick of Mat Dillon.

Cleveland Torso Murderer, The

- One of Kurt Dussander's list of great murderers from the past.

Crichton, Michael

- Author read by Monia Bowden.

Darrow, Monica

- Monika Bowden's maiden name.

DeLyons, Billy

- Baseball player.

Denker, Arthur

- Assumed name of Kurt Dussander, a Nazi war criminal.

Denker, Mrs.

- Made up wife of Arthur Denker.

Dorsky, Herman

- Name in Heisel's dream. Talking about escape.

Dorsky, Laslo

- Name in Heisel's dream. Talking about escape.

Doyle, Arthur Conan

- Writer liked by Kurt Dussander's father.

Dufresne, Andy

- Banker who did some stock portfolio work for Arthur Denker.

Dussander, Kurt

- German War Criminal. The "Blood Feind of Patin".

Eichmann, ?

- Nazi War Criminal that was captured and hung.

Einstein, Albert

- Arthur Denker looked like a cross between Albert Einstein and Boris Karloff.

Everson, Bernie

- In school with Todd Bowden.

Farrow, Angela

- Girlfriend of Todd Bowden.

Floren, Myron

- On the "Lawrence Welk Show" on TV.

Frankel, Willi

- Person who Dussander received a letter from. This was the reason given when Todd Bowden had to go and clean up the blood of the Wino.

French, Edward

- Guidance counsellor, Husband of Sondra, and father of Norma French. He was shot by Tod Bowden.

French, Norma

- Daughter of Edward and Sondra French.

French, Sondra

- Wife of Edward and mother of Norma French.

Gluecks, Heinrich

- German seen shaking hands with Kurt Dussander in a photo.

Goebbels, Dr.

- Nazi War Criminal.

Goering, ?

- Hitler's aide.

Hackermeyer, ?

- Gave Kurt Dussander a chocolate bar at the end of the war.

Hackett, Buddy

- On TV Show with Johnny Carson.

Haines, ?

- Todd's baseball coach.

Halleck, ?

- Told Todd Bowden about the loan given to Todd's father for Todd's French tutoring.

Haller, ?

- Todd Bowden's baseball coach.


- Derelict who identified Todd Bowden from a photo.

Haskell, Frank

- Acquaintance of the Heisel family.

Hassler, Hans

- German who criticised Hitler, then strangely disappeared.

Heisel, Heather

- First wife of Morris??? She was killed in the concentration camps.

Heisel, Lydia

- Second wife of Morris Heisel.

Heisel, Morris

- Was in the camps in Germany. Broke his back falling off a ladder and was in the same room as Kurt Dussander. He recognised him from the death camps and started the investigation.

Heisel, Ruth

- Daughter of Morris???

Henreid, Mr.

- Lived down the block from Vic Bowden.

Henreid, Private

- Manned a machine gun post in Denker's dream.

Hepburn, ?

- School counseller.

Huffman, ?

- German.

Jacobs, Ernie

- Works and played golf with Richard Bowden.

Karloff, Boris

- Arthur Denker looked like a cross between Albert Einstein and Boris Karloff.

Kemmelman, Dr.

- Morris Heisel's doctor.

Kessel, ?

- German who charged people to look at a naked picture of his girlfriend during the war.

Klingerman, Dave

- Works at the pet shelter where Kurt Dussander got a dog.

Koch, Ilse

- German said to have a lampshade made of human skin.

Kramer, Josef

- German mentioned in passing.


- Morris Heisel's cat.

Mazursky, Bill

- Alcoholic.

Mazursky, Mrs.

- Wife of Bill and customer of Vic Bowden.

Mr. X

- One of Kurt Dussander's list of great murderers from the past.

Murchinson, ?

- Name in Christmas Card.

Pegler, Harold

- Friend of Todd Bowden. His father had the war magazines.

Richler, Detective

- Interviewed Todd about Dussander.

Ridgewick, Norris

Coming soon...

Rogan, Emma

- Neighbour of Morris Heisel.

Sayers, Dorothy

- Writer mentioned in passing.

Schneibel, ?

- Name in Heisel's dream.

Smith, Peter

- Murdered derelict.

Springheel Jack

- One of Kurt Dussander's list of great murderers from the past.

Storrman, Mr.

- Todd Bowden's Algebra teacher.

Tey, Josephine

- Historian mentioned by Detective Richler.

Timpnell, Dr.

- Intern at the hospital.

Trask, Betty

- Daughter of Ray. Girlfriend of Todd.

Trask, Ray

- Father of Betty. Friend and workmate of Richard Bowden.

Tremaine, Ben

- Friend of Todd Bowden.

Upshaw, Mrs.

- Todd Bowden's 4th grade teacher. She called Todd an extremely "Apt Pupil".

Weiskopf, Sam

- Spoke to Dussander in hospital.

Welk, Lawrence

- Had a TV show.

Wimsey, Lord Peter

- Character in a Sayers novel.

Wolff, ?

- German.

Zeickert, ?

- Name in Heisel's dream. A guard.

Zodiac, The

- One of Kurt Dussander's list of great murderers from the past.

The Body
4 young boys go on a 2 day search for the dead body of a boy their age who was hit by a train outside Castle Rock in 1960. They talk about their dreams and fears, and face their own death along the way, but end up finding more than they ever dreamed of. They go from children to young adults during the trip, evolving emotionally along the way.
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Name: Description:

?, Ann

- Character in Gordie Lachance's Story "Stud City". Aunt of Chico and wife of Pete.

?, Grace

- Aunty of Gordie Lachance.

?, Jane

- Character in Gordie Lachance's Story "Stud City". Girlfriend of Chico.

?, Keith

- Gordie Lachance's editor.

?, Pete

- Character in Gordie Lachance's Story "Stud City". Uncle of Chico and husband of Ann.

Bancichek, Mr.

- Character in Gordie Lachance's Story "The Revenge of Lard Ass Hogan". Town Butcher who weighed the pies in the contest to ensure they are the same weight.

Bannerman, George

Castle Rock Constable. Owned the only gun that Geordie had seen.

Bracken, Clint

- Killed on Sirius Hill in Durham.

Bracowicz, Norman

- Friend of Billy Tessio.

Brockway, Mrs.

- Character in Gordie Lachance's Story "The Revenge of Lard Ass Hogan". Methodist ministers wife.

Brooks, Mr.

- Teacher at Castle Rock elementery school.

Brower, Ray

- Dead kid from Chamberlain who was hit by a train and killed. He was the person that the 4 were going to find.

Burroughs, Mrs.

- Neighbour of Teddy Duchamp who tried to help when Teddy had his ears burned.

Camber, Joe

- Owner of Cujo.

Carter, Danny

- Character in Gordie Lachance's Story "Stud City". Friend of Chico.

Chalmers, Evelyn

- Helped when Gordie Lachance was being belted up.

Chambers, Chris

- Seen the body of Ray Brower. Used to get hit by his father and brother Richard. Saved the life of Teddy Duchamp when he fell out of a tree. Ended up dying when he tried to stop a fight in a Chicken Dinner store - Stabbed by a man who had just been released from Shawshank Prison.

Chambers, Dave

- I believe this was a mistake in the name and should be Frank Chambers. This name was located early in the book. Ran away and joined the navy - put in Portsmouth on rape charges.

Chambers, Deborah

- 2 year old sister of Chris.

Chambers, Emery

- 5 Year old brother of Chris.

Chambers, Frank

- Brother of Chris. See David Chambers...

Chambers, Mr.

- Father of Chris. Friend of Junior Merrill, and a bit of an alcoholic who liked to hit Chris.

Chambers, Richard

- Brother of Chris, and friend of Billy Tessio. Second eldest of the family and had a funny right eye.

Chambers, Sheldon

- 9 year old brother of Chris.

Charbonneau, Marguerite

- Character in Gordie Lachance's Story "The Revenge of Lard Ass Hogan". Wife of Hizzoner.

Charbonneau, Mayor Hizzoner

- Character in Gordie Lachance's Story "The Revenge of Lard Ass Hogan". Town Mayor.


- Milo Pressmans dog. Most feared and least seen dog in Castle Rock.

Clarkson, Dr.

- Local doctor that lookes at Gorgie Lachance after he was belted up.

Cormier, Bob

- Character in Gordie Lachance's Story "The Revenge of Lard Ass Hogan". DJ from WLAM in Lewiston. In the pie eating contest.

Cote, Mrs.

- Mean teacher at Castle Rock Elementery School.


- Rabid dog of Joe Camber.

Darabont, Royce

- Bought "Wild Irish Rose" for Gordie Lachance.

Darabont, Steve

- Friend of Gordie Lachance. Younger brother of Royce.

Daughtery, Marie

- Girlfriend of Charlie Hogan.

Day, Chuck

- Character in Gordie Lachance's Story "The Revenge of Lard Ass Hogan". Cousin of Bill Travis and woner of the Great Day Appliance Shop.

Desjardins, Vince

- Friend of Billy Tessio.

Despain, John

- Friend of Gordie Lachance. Brother of Marty.

Despain, Marty

- Friend of Gordie Lachance. Brother of John.

Dodge, Sylvia

- Character in Gordie Lachance's Story "The Revenge of Lard Ass Hogan". President of the Gretna Ladies Auxiliary.

Duchamp, ?

- Mother of Teddy. She worked at a shoe factory in South Paris. Took in boarders to get extra money.

Duchamp, Norman

- Mentally unstable father of Teddy who was sent to Togus after burning Teddy's ears on a stove.

Duchamp, Teddy

- Seen the body of Ray Brower. Friend of Gordie Lachance. His uncle ran the Castle Rock Stationary Shoppe. Wears a hearing aid and glasses (His father burnt both his ears on the stove when he was 8). He always wanted to get into the army but did not, and eventually died in a car crash that killed all the people in his car.

Dusset, George

- Owned Florida market where Gordie Lachance bought the supplies for the walk. Tried to rip Gordie off.

Dussett, ?

- Brother of George who died in Korea.

Ellison, Ralph

- Writer of the book "Invisible Man".

Ewing, Mrs.

- Teacher of Jamie Gallant.

Fiske, Stinky

- Kid at school.

Gallant, Jamie

- "Toughest Guy" in Castle Rock who abused Mrs Ewing at school.

Gamache, George

- Character in Gordie Lachance's Story "The Revenge of Lard Ass Hogan". Ate 3 pies in 4 minutes in a previous contest in 1957 and then fainted.

Greer, Billy

- Played right field in Baseball games.

Gretna, Hubert

- Character in Gordie Lachance's Story "The Revenge of Lard Ass Hogan". The school principal in the spoken version of the story (The written version was John Wiggins).

Halliburton, Mr.

- Truant officer.

Hardy, Miss

- Teacher who made Gordie read "Invisible Man".

Harrington, Mureil

- Character in Gordie Lachance's Story "The Revenge of Lard Ass Hogan". Baked a chocolate cake.

Hogan, Charlie

- Friend of Billy Tessio.

Hogan, David

- Character in Gordie Lachance's Story "The Revenge of Lard Ass Hogan". Main character that throws up over people.

Horr, Harry

- Spoke about the dog Chopper.

Jenner, Richie

- Found out that Gordie Lachance wanted to be a writer and told everyone else.

Lachance, Dennis

- Older brother of Gordie. Died in a jeep accident in April 1960 when he was 20 years old, and buried in Castle View cemetery.

Lachance, Gordon

- Seen the body of Ray Brower. Wrote "Stud City" and "The revenge of Lard Ass Hogan", and this story was written as told by him. He was born 1948.

Lachance, Mr.

- Father of Geordie. Worked at the local mill and 63 years old.

Lachance, Mrs.

- Mother of Gordie. 55 years old.

Lavin, Maria

- Character in Gordie Lachance's Story "The Revenge of Lard Ass Hogan". Friend of Marguerite Charbonneau.

Maling, Jerry

- Character in Gordie Lachance's Story "The Revenge of Lard Ass Hogan". Owner of the Amoco station where Bill Travis worked.

May, Billy

- Character in Gordie Lachance's Story "Stud City". Younger brother of Chico.

May, Edward

- Character in Gordie Lachance's Story "Stud City" Brother of Johnny, and the main character. Boyfriend of  Jane, and did not like his stepmother.

May, Johnny

- Character in Gordie Lachance's Story "Stud City". Brother of Chico, Killed by an out of control car at Oxford Plains Speedway. He could have worked at the Gates Mills, but chose the speedway as it paid more.

May, Sam

- Character in Gordie Lachance's Story "Stud City". Father of Chico.

May, Virginia

- Character in Gordie Lachance's Story "Stud City". Step Mother of Chico.

McGinn, Mrs.

- Helped Chris Chambers when he was being belted up by Richard Chambers.

Merrill, John

- Friend of Billy Tessio. Real Jerk!

Merrill, Junior

- Father of Ace Merrill.

Morrison, Sally

- Character in Gordie Lachance's Story "Stud City". Was married twice and twice divorced.

Mudgett, Jack

- Friend of Billy Tessio.

Naughton, Danny

- Had a pile of comic books about Vampires.

Norman, Miss

- Character in Gordie Lachance's Story "The Revenge of Lard Ass Hogan". Teacher of Latin and English at Gretna Consolidated High School.

Pressman, Milo

- Dump keeper at Castle Rock Dump. Owner of Chopper.

Simons, Miss

- Teacher at Castle Rock Elementery School who Vern Tessio gave the stolen milk money back to, but she went and spent it on herself.

Spier, Calvin

- Character in Gordie Lachance's Story "The Revenge of Lard Ass Hogan", the fattest guy in Gretna. Ran the jewellery store and in the contest.

Tessio, Billy

- Vern's older brother. Real jerk.

Tessio, Vern

- Seen the body of Ray Brower after hearing about it from his brother Billy.

Thomas, Beverly

- Girlfriend of Billy Tessio.

Travis, Bill

- Character in Gordie Lachance's Story "The Revenge of Lard Ass Hogan". Pie eating champion. A mechanic at Amoco station and cousin of Chuck Day. Was the name of Bill Traynor in the written version.

Traynor, Bill

- Character in Gordie Lachance's Story "The Revenge of Lard Ass Hogan". This was the name of Bill Travis in the spoken version.

Tupper, Francine

- Worked at Blue Point Diner and heard the gunshot when Gordie Lachance shot Chris Chambers' gun.

Wiggins, John

- Character in Gordie Lachance's Story "The Revenge of Lard Ass Hogan". Principal of Gretna Elementary school and contestant.

The Breathing Method
A tale told one Christmas in a private New Your club about a young pregnant woman determined to deliver her baby, no matter what happens. The exclusive club, which does not even have a name, is the home of many good stories - strange but true stories.
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Name: Description:

Adley, David

- A lawyer who visited the Club and worked for George Waterhouse since 1951.

Adley, Ellen

- Wife of David.

Andrews, Peter

- A lawyer who visited the Club. Worked on Park Avenue for 22 years.

Beaglemen, Hugh

- Visited the Club for the Christmas Story.

Carden, Robert

- Partner in the Law firm where David Adley worked.

Carruthers, Lathrop

- General in Gerard Tozeman's story. Killed by a bomb blast that drove a map into his face.

Casey, ?

- Law brief of David Adley.

Davidson, Ella

- Nurse that worked for Emlyn McCarron.

DeVille, Ternia

- Name thought up by Emlyn McCarron.

Effinghouse, Henry

- Partner in the Law firm where David Adley worked.

Frasier, ?

- Partner in the Law firm where David Adley worked.

Gibbs, Mrs.

- Blind Woman who hired Sandra Stansfield.

Gordon, Dexter

- Played at a Jazz club where David Adley celebrated his junior partnership.

Gregson, George

- Visited the Club.

Hanrahan, Arlene

- Wife of John, who received over $10,000 when her husband died from the club members.

Hanrahan, John

- Visited the Club. Died of Cancer.

Harrison, John

- Name of Sarah Stansfield's son who was adopted out after his birth. Head of English department at a Maine College.

Johanssen, ?

- Visited the Club. Read the Wall Street journal for information on his stocks.

Kelly, Mrs.

- Sacked Sandra Stansfield when she became pregnant.

Lawton, ?

- Partner in the Law firm where David Adley worked.

Lennox, Terry

- Character in a book called "The Long Goodbye".

McCarron, Emlyn

- Doctor who told the story of the Breathing Method at the club. Was born 20 March 1900.

Rosen, Norbert

- Poet who's books were at the club. Born 1924.

Rucklehouse, Betty

- Name thought up by Emlyn McCarron.

Salkowitz, ?

- Appointed by the mayor. Mentioned by Waterhouse.

Seville, Edward Gray

- Author of "These were our Brothers" (1911) and "Breakers" (1935) that were on the shelves at the club.

Smith, Jane

- Name used by Sandra Stansfield to Emlyn McCarron.

Stansfield, Sandra

- Single pregnant woman who visited Emlyn McCarron. Real name of "Jane Smith". Died during the birth of her child, who was adopted out as John Harrison.

Stedham, ?

- Publisher.

Stein, Harry

- Visited the Club.

Stett, Norman

- Visited the Club and told the tale on the first night David Adley visited. Died.

Stevens, ?

- Doorman & Bartender at the Club.

Stevens, Wallace

- Poet.

Tozeman, Gerard

- Visited the Club and told a story about World War 1.

Waterhouse, George

- Invited David Adley to the Club. Headed the Law firm which Adley worked for.

White, Harriet

- The first wife of Emlyn McCarron's father.

Woods, Joseph

- Head of the Law firm that Peter Andrews worked for.

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