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  • In the beginning of Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption the reader is told that the prisons coveralls doesn't have pockets, except for the ones used by those working in the garage. But later on, after Andy has escaped, Red tries to figure out how Andy got rid of all the dirt from the tunnel. He ends up concluding that Andy must have made a pair of extra pockets in each trouser leg and filled them with the dirt. And then when he walked around in the prison yard he would open them with strings he had concealed in his trouser pockets. Which pockets?
  • Early in Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption Henry Backus is mentioned, but later on page 85 he is called Henly Backus.
  • In the very beginning of Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption, we learn that the house, where Glenn Quentin lives is a one-storey house. But just a few pages further into the story we are told that it is a two-storey house, when Andy says that he watched the lights go out downstairs in the house and then saw a single light go on upstairs.
  • At the very beginning of Apt Pupil, we are told that Denker's house is a small bungalow. A bungalow is usually a one-story house. But Denker's bedroom is on the second floor!
  • And then there is the possible error, in Apt Pupil chapter 10, where Todd's parents twin beds seem to become one.
  • In The Body Chris shows Gordon his fathers gun and tells him that it isn't loaded, but Gordon discovers that it is, when he pulls the trigger. Chris finds that immensely funny and shortly afterwards he tells Vern and Teddie about what happened, while Gordon stands beside them. But later in chapter 18, when they are walking through the woods, Gordon wonders if Chris has told the others about the incident with the gun or if it still is their secret.
  • In The Body there is a person called David Chambers in Chapter 5, but I believe this was a mistake in the name and should be Frank Chambers as in Chapter 17. He is the brother of Chris and was in Jail for rape - the description for the 2 names match too close for them to be different people. The Signet edition does not contain this error, but the Futura edition does.
  • In The Body in chapter 5, it says that the only reason, why Gordie and the others plan, for going hiking undetected, wouldn't fail, was because Vern and Chris's parents didn't have a phone, so their parents couldn't call each other and thereby discover that their sons had lied to them. Later, in chapter 30, Gordon tells his mother that Vern's mother should have called and told her, that they had gone hiking. Gordon's mother responds that she hasn't received a call from Vern's mother, but she guess' that maybe his father has talked to Vern's mother.
    At this point you could argue that because Gordon's parents didn't pay much attention to Gordon, they might also have payed as little attention to his friends. And thereby, they might not have learned that Vern's parents didn't have a phone. But in chapter 31 it says that Vern's mother called Teddy's mother. And that is an error. (It is possible, according to Joe Lamb, that they could've used a call box).
  • In The Body In chapter 2 it says that Gordie's brother was eight years older than him. But in chapter 6, it says that his brother was ten years older than him. This is the case in the Futura edition of the book, BUT the error does not appear in the Signet edition, which states both as 10 years difference.
  • In The Body, chapter 7, the Signet edition says one line of a song is "play your digeree, do" from the song "Tie Me Kangaroo Down" by Rolf Harris. The Futura edition of the books does not have this error, and says "play your didgeridoo."
  • In The Body In chapter 12, one of the song titles, which Gordie remembers, is the song "I Ran All the Way Home", which Little Anthony should have sung. But actually it was The Impalas, who performed the song, which at it's full length was called: "(Sorry) I Ran All the Way Home."
  • In The Body In chapter 15, it says that Chris had finished his Coke, but later, in chapter 17, it says that Gordie drank the last of Chris' Coke.
  • In The Body there is a slight age-discrepancy, concerning Ace Merrill's age in the final chapter of the book.
    First we learn that Ace was driving around with a bumpersticker saying Reagan/Bush 1980 and at the same time he should have been 32.
    Second, we learn that the book was written in 1982. Because in chapter 24, Gordon tells us that he is 34. That would mean that there has passed 22 years, between his and the others hiking and the time, when he wrote the book.
    Third, we know that Ace is older than Gordon and the others. I think he is 15, in 1960.
    Never the less, he can't be driving around with a bumper sticker saying Reagan/Bush 1980 and at the same time be 32. Because if Gordon saw him in 1981, driving around with that bumpersticker, then he would have been around 11 years in 1960 ( 1981 - 32 = 1949. 1960 - 1949 = 11 ). And that would mean that he would have been younger than Gordon and the others. If Gordon had seen him in 1980, Ace Merrill would have been 12 in 1960. So it would be impossible for Ace to drive around with that bumpersticker, be older than Gordon and at the same time be 32.
  • The error in The Breathing Method David tells the reader that the first Christmas story he heard at 249 was the one Gerard Tozeman told, but a few pages before he mentions that he is listening to Peter Andrews telling his Christmas story.

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