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There is currently 86 characters in the list...

Timeline :
July 20th, 1963:
Jessie was Molested during the eclipse and 1963, July 20th:
Joe St. George fell down a well and died. Dolores 'saw' young Jessie Mahout. There was an eclipse...

Writers :
Nosy Nettie:
- Columnist
Wrote Notes from Little Tall in The Weekly Tide...

Selena St. George:
- Freelance
Wrote a think piece in the Atlantic Monthly...
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Name: Description:

?, Brenda

- Housekeeper for Vera Donovan in Baltimore.

?, Clarice

- Sister of Vera Donovan. Died in 1958.

?, Cloris

- Aunt of Dolores Claiborne.

?, Patricia

- Grand daughter of Jolene Aubuchon.

Anderson, Tommy

- Husband of Yvette and drinking friend of Joe St. George.

Anderson, Yvette

- Seen the bruise on Dolores's arm and thought it was caused by her husband. Wife of Tommy Anderson.

Aubuchon, Jolene

- Grandmother of Patricia ? Turned 90 in 1992.

Babcock, Cindy

- Worked with Selina in a laundry, washing sheets for the Hotel.

Bannister, Nancy

- Stenographer from Kennebunk, Maine. Reecorded the confession of Dolores Claiborne.

Benoit, Mark

- Arrested for Drug Trafficking with 4 bales of pot. Owned a boat called "Maggie's Delight".

Benoit, Sonny

- Found Joe St. George's body in the well.

Bissette, Andy

- Police Chief that interrogated Dolores Claiborne over the death of Vera Donovan.

Bissette, Maria

- Wife of Andy Bissette.

Bragg, Vincent

- Broke his arm playing football.

Bramball, Willy

- Friend of Joe St. George Junior.

Briarton, Henry

- Took over as County Medical Examiner from McAuliffe.

Brooks, Stevie

- Went drinking with Joe St. George.

Caron, John

- Husband of Melissa. Neighbour of St. George's. Owned a boat called "Deepstar".

Caron, Melissa

- Mother of Tania. Wife of John.

Caron, Philo

- Brother of John who helped him calk the Deepstar

Caron, Tanya

- Friend of Selina St. George. Possibly daughter of John and Melissa.

Carstains, ?

- Owners of a place where Joe St. George built a porch.

Claiborne, Dolores

- The woman who confesses to the murder of her husband Joe St. George. Maiden name of Dolores St. George. Daughter of Patricia.

Claiborne, Mr.

- Father of Dolores. Beat his wife Patricia on occasions.

Claiborne, Patricia

- Mother of Dolores Claiborne.

Cullum, Arlene

- Watched Selina St. George while Dolores was working for Vera Donovan.

Devereaux, Mrs.

- Selina worked in her laundry washing sheets for the Hotel.

DeWitt, Jimmy

- Waiter at the Harbourside Motel.

Dispenzieri, Charlie

- Owner of a boat on Little Tall Island. Joe St. George split his pants while helping get his boat out of the water.

Donovan, Donald

- Son of Vera and Michael. Died in car crash in 1961 when his sister Helga lost control of the car.

Donovan, Helga

- Daughter of Vera and Michael. Died in car crash in 1961 when she lost control of the car killing herself and her brother Donald.

Donovan, Michael

- Husband of Vera who died in a car accident outside Baltimore about 1960. Vera almost admitted to arranging his death to Dolores Claiborne.

Donovan, Vera

- Woman Dolores was accused of killing. Wife of Michael and mother of Donald and Helga. She hired Dolores to clean her house since 1950.

Doucette, Harry

- Joe St. George owed him $20 when he died.

Doyon, Peter

- Helped Joe St. George dowse a well.

Forbert, Alicia

- Sister of Joe St. George and wife of Jack Forbert.

Forbert, Jack

- Husband of Alicia.

Fox, Harley

- Handyman who did some work for Vera Donovan.

Freneau, Chip

- Vera Donovan's doctor. Died in a car crash in 1982.

Gagnon, Jimmy

- Handyman who did some work for Vera Donovan.

Gigeure, Randy

- Friend of Joe St. George Jr.

Greenbush, Alan

- Business manager of Vera Donovan in New York.

Huff, Reverend

- Methodist minister.

Jaegger, Brandon

- Head of the New England Home for Little Wanderers that Dolores Claiborne donated $30 Million of her inheritance from Vera Donovan to.

Jolander, Karen

- Neighbour of the St. George family. Sacked by Vera Donovan. Sister of Mabel.

Jolander, Mabel

- Worked for Vera Donovan. Sister of Karen.

Kenopensky, Ted

- Friend of Vera Donovan.

Langill, Laurie

- Friend and neighbour of Selina St. George.

Lavesque, Gail

- Worked for Vera Donovan on the day of the eclipse.

Marchant, Duke

- Father of Sammy.

Marchant, Sammy

- Mailman who walked in and found Vera Donovan dead and Dolores Claiborne looking suspicious.

Marshall, John

- Dolores Claiborne worked part time for him.

McAuliffe, Dr. John

- County Medical Examiner. Died when his car (a VW Beetle) was hit by a snow plow in 1966.

McCandless, Lisa

- Friend of Dolores who worked at the Strayhorn house.

McLeod, Chip

- Husband of Hattie?

McLeod, Hattie

- Called "Social Security" "Sociable Security".

Mercier, Lucien

- Only mortuary owner in Little Tall Island.

Mulcahey, Sandra

- Sacked by Vera Donovan.

O'Hara, Dickey

- Picked on Pete St. George at school.

Pease, Mr.

- Bank Manager in Jonesport at Costal Northern Bank. Helped Dolores Claiborne after Joe St. George took the money from the kids accounts.

Pelletier, Dave

- Mailman on Little Tall Island.

Pinette, Norris

- Bought radio off Dolores Claiborne after Joe St. George died.

Porter, Skippy

- Butcher on Little Tall Island.

Proulx, Frank

- Police officer. Brother of Susy. Interrogated Dolores after the death of Vera Donovan.

Proulx, Susan Emma

- Helped at the Donovan house as a cleaner. Sister of Frank.

Quist, Sonny

- Garbage collector on Little Tall Island.

Reed, Seth

- Put a cap over the well that Joe St. George fell into.

Richards, George

- Mr. Claiborne worked in his hay fields.

Robichaud, Neely

- Mentioned by Dolores.

Sheets, Mrs.

- School guidance councillor in Jonesport high school where Selena St. George went to school.

Sherrick, Edgar

- Constable in Little Tall Island in 1959. His daughter was hit and killed by a drunk driver. Had a stroke in 1960.

St. George, Alicia

- Sister of Joe St. George. Maiden name of Alicia Forbert.

St. George, Dolores

- Married name of Dolores Claiborne.

St. George, Fred

- Uncle of Joe St. George. Left him the place where he and Dolores lived.

St. George, Joe

- Husband of Dolores. Drunk and wife beater. Tried to molest his daughter. Died July 20, 1963, when he chased Dolores, and fell down a well.

St. George, Joe Jr.

- Son of Joe and Dolores. Born about 1950.

St. George, Pete

- Son of Joe and Dolores. Killed in Saigon. Born 1954.

St. George, Selena

- Daughter of Joe and Dolores. Born about 1948, and was molested by her father.

Stargill, Gordon

- Worked with Joe St. George. Brother of Mike.

Stargill, Mike

- Worked with Joe St. George. Brother of Gordon.

Strayhorn, ?

- Owners of a place where Dolores worked.

Tappert, Dougie

- Checked Vera Donovan's furnace in 1962.

Thibodeau, Garrett

- Town Constable. Took over from Edgar Sherrick in 1960.

Thibodeau, Rick

- Went Drinking with Joe St. George.

Violette, Collie

- Owner of a speedboat that took Dr. Freneau to Vera Donovan's house.

Wyndham, Shawna

- Helped at the Donovan house as a cleaner.

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