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  • On page 60 Dolores remembers how her father once had beaten her mother because she didn't have the dinner ready, when he got home from work.
    Dolores remembers that her father had, when he got home, taken off his boots out on the stoop. After he had beaten Dolores mother he goes outside and sits down on the chopping block. When he sat down, he scared the hens away. But Dolores remembers that they soon returned to the chopping block and began pecking the ground around her dads boots. The boots he had taken off when he got home.
  • On page 66, when she talks about Joe, she says that he is "a goddam Democrat," but at the end of the story, she says that she herself is a registered Democrat. That sounds like conflicting opinions.
  • A possible mistake is that Jessie's car did not stall after she crashed it, but when she awoke, it was stopped. Now it COULD have stalled in the meantime, but it is not mentioned.

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