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Writers :
Peter Jefferies:
- Fiction
'Blaze of Heaven'
Peter Rosewall:
- Fiction
'Blaze of Glory'

Sorry, Right Number:
William Weiderman:
- Fiction
'Spider Doom'
'Night of the Beast'
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Nightmares & Dreamscapes

Here's a list of the short stories you can find in Nightmares & Dreamscapes:

Dolan's Cadillac
The End of the Whole Mess
Suffer the Little Children
The Night Flier
It Grows on You
Chattery Teeth
The Moving Finger
You Know They Got a Hell of a Band
Home Delivery
Rainy Season
My Pretty Pony
Sorry, Right Number
The Ten O'Clock People
Crouch End
The House on Maple Street
The Fifth Quarter
The Doctor's Case
Umney's Last Case
Head Down
Brooklyn August
The Beggar and the Diamond

Dolan's Cadillac
Dolan's Cadillac was originally published in the Castle Rock Newsletter. An angry man seeks revenge for the death of his wife, and ends up burying a lot more than he thinks possible.

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Name: Description:

?, Bill

- Name used by Robinson to gain info about Dolan's return to home.

Blocker, Harvey

- District Foreman with Nevada Highway Department.

Dolan, James

- Owner of the Cadillac. Murderer that had Elizabeth Robinson Killed. He was eventually buried alive in his car beneath the road.

Robinson, ?

- Guy trying to kill Dolan.

Robinson, Elizabeth

- Killed by Jim Dolan after she testified at Dolan's trial. Her car was blown up by sticks of dynamite attached to the ignition of her car. She was a first Grade teacher at the same school as her husband.


- Held the watch used for the bet between Robinson and his boss Harvey Tinker. Worked on the road crew.

Urich, Timmy

- Child that was frightened by a vase shattering. Student of Robinson's.

The End of the Whole Mess
This story was initially published in Omni. Bright, but strange Robert thinks that he has found the cure for War and uses it to end all of the worlds fighting, but it has one small side effect...

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Name: Description:

Da Vinci, Leonardo

- Mentioned in passing.

Dangerfield, Rodney

- Mentioned in passing.

Edison, ?

- Mentioned in passing.

Einstein, Albert

- Mentioned in passing.

Fife, Barney

- Mentioned in passing.

Fornoy, Howard

- Former Freelance writer, and brother of Bobby Fornoy. He slowly looses his ability to write.

Fornoy, India

- Mother of Howard and Robert and wife of Richard. CPA in D.C.

Fornoy, Richard

- Father of Howard and Robert and husband of India. History professor, and vice-administrator of the National Archives.

Fornoy, Robert

- The Messiah. Shot by his brother Howard.

Gould, Jay

- Owned a parlor car in a train.

Newton, ?

- Mentioned in passing.

Rogers, John Paul

- Geology Professor.

Suffer the Little Children
Initially published in Cavalier, this is a story about an interesting little boy who gets the ultimate punishment from his teacher.

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Name: Description:

?, Edward

- One of Emily Sidney's students at the Summer Street School.

?, Jane

- One of Emily Sidney's students at the Summer Street School.

?, Robert

- Small boy with a big secret. One of Emily Sidney's students at the Summer Street School who can change from a human form to something strange. Emily Sidney seen this change.

Crossen, Margaret

- Teacher that helped bring Miss Sidley around with smelling salts after she fainted.

Hanning, Mr.

- School Principal at the Summer Street School.

Sidley, Emily

- Teacher at the Summer Street School. She saw one of her students, Robert, change from a human into a strange form, then back. This made her loose her mind, slowly, and she took 12 of her students into a room and killed them.

Jenkins, Buddy

- Psychiatrist who worked with Emily Sidley.

Nately, Gerald

- A writer who killed Mrs Leighton before fleeing to the Far East. The crime was never discovered. He cut his own head off with a guillotine. Wrote four monumental, twisted and misunderstood novels. Also wrote poetry and at least four essays. Wrote "The Hog", retitled "The Blue Air Compressor".

Sidley, Jim

- Brother of Emily, and owned a gun he took off a dead German soldier. This was the gun Emily used on her students.

The Night Flier
Published in Prime Evil: New stories by the masters of modern horror, this story is about the search for a modern day vampire. No turning into a bat and flying - this guy uses a Cessna!
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Name: Description:

Bowie, Claire

- The Night Flier's victim.

Dees, Richard

- Veteran reporter.

Frye, Dwight

- Actor who's name was used to get the fictional name Dwight Renfield.

Grannit, Libby

- Comes up with paper headlines.

Hannon, Ezra

- Mechanic.

Kendall, Buck

- The Night Flier's victim.

Kendall, Jenna

- Wife of Buck Kendall.

McCammon, Selida

- Friend of Ellen Sarch.

Morrison, Merton

- Freshman Editor that discovered the pattern of deaths.

Renfield, Dwight

- The name that was given as the Pilot of the Night Flier.

Sarch, Doug

- Son of Ray and Ellen, died smuggling drugs.

Sarch, Ellen

- Ran Duffrey airfield with husband Ray.

Sarch, Ray

- Ran Duffrey airfield with wife Ellen.

Smith, John

Not sure...

Walsh, Dottie

- Took a bath with a dry-cleaning bag over her head.

Wilson, Norm

- Owner of Duffrey's Texaco station.

It Grows on You
Set in Castle Rock, this story is like an introduction to Needful Things.
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Name: Description:

Bowen, John

- In McKissick's General Store. Drove a pickup.

Budreau, Phil

- Owned some land that was forclosed on by the First Bank in Lewiston.

Campbell, Nickerson

- County Sheriff.

Clutterbuck, Andy

- Grandson of John.

Clutterbuck, Clayton

- John Clutterbuck's father.

Clutterbuck, John

- Customer in Brownie's store.

Clutterbuck, Melissa

- Andy Clutterbuck's wife.

Corliss, Paul

- Customer in Brownie's store.

Corriveau, Ken

- Country singer, now selling fords.

Coy, Alvin

- Only person from Harlow to attend Joe Newall's funeral.

Ellis, Benny

- Claimed that Joe Newall had gouged out his daughters eye.

Gates, Gabe

- Carl Stowe's partner in the Gates Mills. Died of Parkinsons disease and Uremic Poisoning at 79 years old. Head Selectman up until death.

Gingercroft, Doris

- Nurse for Dr. Robertson.

Leonard, Cora

- Niece of Carl Stowe. Married Joe Newall. Got pregnant in 1920.

Matterly, John

- In Brownie's store. Had a large depression in the side of his forehead from a 1953 car accident.

McKissick, Bill

- Owner of the Brownie's store.

McKissick, Harley

- Owner of the Brownie's store. Son of Bill.

Newall, Cora

- Married name of Cora Leonard. Wife of Joe Newall. Fell down the stairs and broke her neck in 1924.

Newall, Joe

- Owned Castle Rock from 1904. Husband of Cora from 1914 and he hung himself in 1929.

Newall, Sarah Tampson Tabitha Francine

- Deformed child of Cora and Joe born 14 January 1921. She lived for only 6 hours, and had no arms.

Ouelette, Sally

- Gary Paulson's first lover.

Partridge, Lenny

- Customer in Brownie's store.

Paulson, ?

- Son of Gary Paulson. Died in WWII along with his brother.

Paulson, ?

- Son of Gary Paulson. Died in WWII along with his brother.

Paulson, ?

- Son of Gary Paulson. Died in a car accident in 1955 on the Maine Turnpike, near Clinton.

Paulson, Gary Martin

- Antique dealer and drove an old Chevy.

Robertson, Dr.

- Local doctor.

Roy, Dana

- Electrician who died of Intestinal cancer in 1971. Worked as an electrician for Gates Mills until 1930, then for US Gypsum until he retired in 1956.

Roy, Eddie

- Father of William and Dana.

Roy, Lucy

- Wife of Dana. Died in Childbirth in 1948.

Roy, William

- Brother of Dana, threw skunk (Dead Chicken) at the side of Joe Newall's house.

Stowe, Carl

- Uncle of Cora Leonard, and her only living relative. Co-Founder of the Gates Mill.

Torbutt, Cleveland

- Joe Newall's partner, and the person who found Joe's body.

Upshaw, Clem

- County health officer from Bowie Hill. Had a cort order to see the dead cows.

Upshaw, Noble

- Clem Upshaw's brother.

Wing, Benny

- Horror magazine fan.

This story was initially published in Masques II: All new stories of horror and the supernatural. Sheridan gets more than he asks for when he kidnaps a small child from a shopping centre.
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Name: Description:


- The loving grandfather.

Reggie, Mr.

- Owns a gambling joint where Sheridan owes money.

Sheridan, Mr.

- Gambler in a fix.

Wizzard, Mr.

- Large Turkish man with a taste for children.

Chattery Teeth
Bill Hogan, salesman, buys a set of novelty teeth, but the novelty soon wears off when a hitchhiker he picks up wants to kill him.
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Name: Description:

Adams, Brian

- Assumed name of the drifter who tries to rob Bill but gets more bitten off that he would like.

Hogan, Jack

- William's son.

Hogan, Lita

- William's Wife.

Hogan, William I

- Travelling Label salesman.


- Scooters wife.


- Owns the petrol station where Bill buys the chattery teeth.


- The dog.

Can a boy have 2 fathers? This short story seems to indicate that he can.
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Name: Description:

?, Bradford

- Martha Rosewall's brother.

?, Cassandra

- Martha Rosewall's older sister.

Aaronson, Bedilia

- Kitchen hand at Le Palais.

Beck, Billy

- Worked at the Le Palais.

Brown, Rita Mae

- Author.

Buckley, Mr.

- On the front desk at Le Palais.

Delorme, Mama

- Spooky old woman.

Jefferies, Althea Dixmont

- Peter Jefferies mother.

Jefferies, Peter

- Peter Rosewall's "Natural" father according to Mama Delorme. He stayed in a suite that was cleaned by Martha Rosewall. He wrote "Blaze of Heaven", "Boys in the Mist".

Kinsolving, Octavia

- Lived in same building as Martha Rosewall.

Naylor, Gloria

- Author.

Parker, Mrs.

- Worked at the Le Palais.

Proulx, Roberta

- Martha Rosewall's boss.

Reed, Ishmael

- Author.

Rosewall, Johnny

- Peter Rosewall's father.

Rosewall, Martha

- Chief Housekeeper of 3 floors of Le Palais.

Rosewall, Peter

- Wrote a novel called "Blaze of Glory". Son of Martha Rosewall.

Sagamore, Darcy

- Friend of Martha Rosewall.

Walker, Alice

- Author.

The Moving Finger
Most fingers are only a few inches long, but there are always exceptions to the rule!
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Name: Description:

Dattlebaum, Mr.

- Lived in Apartment 3F.

DeHorne, Bill

- Violet's father.

Feeney, Dennis

- Irish drunk.

Fenster, Alicia

- Lived in Apartment 2C.

Katz, Arlene

- Friend of Violet.

Lah, Mrs.

- Owner of a shop.

Lathrop, John

- Accountant.

Mitla, Howard

- Husband of Violet, and the finder of the 'finger'.

Mitla, Violet

- Wife of Howard.

O'Bannion, Officer

- Policeman called by Dennis Feeney.

Stone, Dr.

- Violet's boss - a dentist.

John keeps seeing these old sneakers in the same toilet stall EVERY time he goes into the toilet. As time passes even the flies are building up around the sneakers, but no other person seems to know what is going on. But there is a ghost in that stall!
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Name: Description:

Daltry, Roger

- Singer.

Janning, Paul

- The Gay rock producer who hired John.

Rankler, Georgie

- Janning's assistant.

Tell, Paul

- Sees the sneakers!

You Know They got a Hell of a Band
Mary and Clark get lost - out of this world in fact. All the characters are movie stars and singers, but they all have one little thing in common. They are all DEAD!
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Name: Description:

Thomas, Sissy

- Another one trapped in the town.

Willingham, Clark

- Lost while travelling to Toketee Falls.

Willingham, Mary

- Lost while travelling to Toketee Falls.

Home Delivery
A compulsive woman learns to overcome her problems - or does she? With a town full of zombies, who has a chance?
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Name: Description:

Arsenault, Matt

- At town meeting.

Brokaw, Tom

- Television reporter.

Campbell, Orrin

- At town meeting.

Ching-Ling, Soong

- Chinese Astronaut.

Cook, Pop

- Old man.

Crane, Johnny

- 18 year old.

Dagbolt, Humphrey

- Astronomer.

Daggett, Bob

- Called Town meeting.

Daggett, Frank

- Bob Daggett's great uncle.

Dorfman, Burt

- Only Jew on the island.

Dotson, Sonny

- Ran Island Amoco Station.

Eamons, Dave

- Seen Jack Pace die.

Fournier, Michael

- A dead person who came to life as a zombie.


- Destitute family.

Hanratty, Mabel

- Had a yard sale where Maddy bought a table.

Harkness, Buck

- Seen his dead wife shot while she was a zombie.

Johnson, Reverend

- Local reverend who visits Maddy Pace.

Kingsbury, Andy

- At town meeting.

McElwain, Dr.

- Mainland doctor.

Meecham, Bud

- Found a hole in his shirt from a bullet.

Nedeau, Bob

- Owns local supermarket. Father of Charlene.

Nedeau, Charlene

- Works in local supermarket.

Pace, Jack

- Maddy's husband.

Pace, Maddy

- Compulsive person.

Partridge, Cal

- At town meeting.

Pulsifer, Brian

- Friend of Maddy's.

Pulsifer, Candi

- Friend of Maddy's.

Pulsifer, Cheyne

- Friend of Maddy's.

St. George, Selena

- Writer from Little Tall Island.

Sullivan, George

- Maddy's father.

Sullivan, Maddy

See Maddy Pace...

Wirley, John

- School Principal.

Yang, Lin

- Chinese Astronaut.

Rainy Season
In Willow, Maine, it rains every 7 years. But here it rains TOADS!. But not just normal toads!
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Name: Description:

Cousins, Milly

- Friend of the Graham's.

Doucette, Lucy

- Milly Cousins' great aunt.

Eden, Henry

- Runs a shop in town.

Graham, Elise

- Drove to Willow, Maine to write a book. Wife of John.

Graham, John

- Drove to Willow, Maine to write a book. Husband of Elise.

Stanton, Laura

- Customer at Henry Eden' shop.


- Henry Eden's Dog.

My Pretty Pony
An old man tells his grandson of the meaning of time, and the different types of time.
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Name: Description:

Banning, Bill

- George's Son. Killed in a motor vehicle accident.

Banning, Clive

- Grandson of George.

Banning, Don

- Uncle of Clive.

Banning, George

- Explained the meaning of time to his grandson Clive.

Banning, Patty

- Clive's sister.


- Patty's Dog, a poodle.

Brannigan, Foxy

- Owner of a "Model Delight" magazine.

Brinkmayer, Johnny

- Died of cancer.

Brown, Mrs.

- Widow who hit a man in the backside with a broomstick.

Chadband, Reverend

- Local Reverend.

Davis, Frank

- Ran Davis Drug.

Hayden, Mr.

- Suffered from Alzeimers or similar.

Osgood, Alden

- Caught Clive in a game of hide and seek.

Radwick, Mr.

- A local butcher who cheated customers.

Warburton, Tim

- Looking for work.

Sorry, Right Number
A woman receives a telephone call from a hysterical woman, which she later finds out is herself.
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Name: Description:

?, Hank

- Katie's second husband.

Charlton, Janie

- Big woman.

Hansen, Ronnie

- Asked Polly to a ball.

Wierderman, Bill

- Katie's husband who later dies.

Wierderman, Connie

- Katie & Bill's 10 year old daughter.

Wierderman, Dennis

- Katie & Bill's 13 year old son.

Wierderman, Jeff

- Katie & Bill's 8 year old son.

Wierderman, Katie

- Receives a call from herself.

Wierderman, Polly

- Katie & Bill's 16 year old daughter.

The Ten O'Clock People
A group of smokers start seeing 'bat people' inhabiting real people, but only those in high positions!
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Name: Description:

Brightwood, Janet

- Could see the 'Bat people'.


- Brandon's childhood dog.

Carstairs, Buzz

- Given some work by Brandon.

Delray, Robbie

- Could see the 'Bat people'.

Fine, Donald

- Works in Securities - A 'bat person'.

Flanders, Timmy

- Could see the 'Bat people'.

Grosbeck, Carl

- Chairman of the board - A 'bat person'.

Holding, Suzanne

- 'Bat woman'.

Keefer, Douglas

- CEO of the First Mutual Bank of Boston - A 'bat person'.


- Could see the 'Bat people'.

Olson, Lester

- Could see the 'Bat people'.

Pearson, Brandon

- Discovered that he could see the 'Bat people'.

Pearson, Lisabeth

- Brandon's wife.

Rhinemann, Dudley

- Could see the 'Bat people'.

Rhinemann, Wendy

- Dudley's wife.

Richardson, Moira

- Could see the 'Bat people'.

Stevens, Cameron

- Could see the 'Bat people'.

Crouch End
Crouch End is a mysterious place. Some people have been known to lose their way - FOREVER
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Name: Description:

?, Evvie

- Woman who helped direct Doris to police. About 60 years old. Gave Doris the Fork sign of the evil eye.

Blind Piper, The

- The ruler of the "Thin" part of Crouch End.

Coppola, Francis Ford

- Film direction spoken about by 2 children.

Farnham, ?

- 2 Daughters of Robert and Sheila.

Farnham, Robert

- 27 year old Police Constable who Works with PC Vetter, but then disappeared while looking for Lonnie Freeman. Has twin girls. Husband of Sheila, who later divorced him on the grounds of dessertion.

Farnham, Sheila

- Wife of Robert Farnham. She wanted him to leave the police force. Divorced him on the grounds of dissertion after he was lost in Crouch End Towen. Married Frank Hobbs.

Freeman, Donnie

- Child of Doris and Leonard.

Freeman, Doris

- Wife of Leonard - seen police and told them of the disappearance of her husband. 26 years old.

Freeman, Leonard

- Husband of Doris, who disappeared in Crouch End. He was taken to "Him Who Waits". A Lawyer from Milwaukee.

Freeman, Norma

- Child of Doris and Leonard.

Gordon, ?

- Police Sergeant in Crouch End who's hair went white at the age of 40.

Hackett, ?

- BBC reporter renowned for taking odd assignments.

Him Who Waits

- Ruler of the "wierd" part of Crouch End, and Lonnie Freeman was taken to him.

Hobbs, Frank

- Sheila Farnham's second husband. He worked on the assembly line of Ford.

Lovecraft, H. P.

- Author mentioned in passing.

Petty, ?

- Police officer that committed suicide in 1976.

Raymond, Sid

- Police Sergeant that liked to break the fingers of Pickpockets that he caught.

Squales, John

- Leonard Freeman's lawyer friend. The Freeman family were going to see him.

Vetter, Ted

- Police Constable who is told the story of Leonard Freeman's disappearance. About 54 years old, and took early retirement and moved to Frimley. He died of a heart attack 6 months later.


not sure...

The House on Maple Street
This house has something growing within it - and in the end it is going to be a real blast.
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Name: Description:

Bradbury, Bill

- First husband of Catherine. Died.

Bradbury, Brian

- Child of Catherine and Bill.

Bradbury, Catherine

- Beaten wife of Lewis Evans.

Bradbury, Laurie

- Child of Catherine and Bill.

Bradbury, Melissa

- Child of Catherine and Bill.

Bradbury, Trent

- Child of Catherine and Bill.

Evans, Lewis

- Stepfather of the Bradbury Kids, and a wife beater.

Kitt, Mrs.

- School nurse.

Krutchmer, Mrs.

- Catherine spilled some food on her dress. Wife of Stephen.

Krutchmer, Stephen

- Head of history department.

Redland, Mrs.

- Neighbour.

Slattery, Mr.

- Neighbour.

The Fifth Quarter
Looking for the last part of a a map with 4 parts, this criminal will do anything to find the treasure.
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Name: Description:

Goggle, Barney

- Acquaintance of Keenan who was murdered.

Jagger, Mr.

- Killed Barney.

Keenan, Mr.

- Thief.

MacFarland, Cappy

- Owner of a boat.


- Ex army sergeant.

Swithen, John

- Ex army sergeant.

Tarkanian, Jerry

- Tried to shoot Keenan.

The Doctor's Case
Doctor Watson solves a case before his friend Sherlock Holmes.
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Name: Description:

Hemphill, Mrs.

- Owner of a cat boarding house.

Holmes, Sherlock

- Private Detective.

Hudson, Mrs.

- Sherlock Holmes’ housekeeper.

Hull, ?

- Brother of Albert. Lives in Wales.

Hull, Jory

- Second son of Albert. He was the one that actually killed his father, although the rest of the family knew it was him. He was born dead, but was revived by putting his legs in hot water.

Hull, Lady Rebecca

- Albert Hull's wife. 45 years old, and was beaten by her husband.

Hull, Lord Albert

- 65 year old husband of Lady Rebecca Hull and fathjer of Stephen, Jory and William. He was the founder of Hull shipping, and was found murdered. He was stabbed by his son Jory.

Hull, Stephen

- Youngest son of Albert Hull. 28 years old.

Hull, William

- Oldest son of Albert Hull. 36 years old.

Lestrade, Inspector

- Police inspector that often asks Holmes for help, even though he does not really like him.

Stanley, Oliver

- Lord Hull's Valet.

Swinburne, Algernon

- Jory Hull looked like him.

Watson, Doctor

- Holmes' collegue, and the one to solve the case this time, before Holmes did.

Umney's Last Case
A private detective discovers that he is actually the character in a book when the author arrives and wants to swap places with him - and does!
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Name: Description:

Brunner, Harris

- Owned a houseboat.


- The Demmick's dog.

Cain, Arlene

See Candy Kane...

Charles, Nick

- The man who George Demmick was based on.

Charles, Nora

- The woman who Gloria Demmick was based on.

Corrigan, Hap

- Painters boss.

Demmick, George

- Unmey's neighbour. Husband of Gloria.

Demmick, Gloria

- Unmey's neighbour. Wife of George.

Hatfield, Tom

- Character in a previous case.

Kane, Candy

- Umney's secretary. See Arlene Cain...

Klein, Vernon

- Elevator operator.

Landry, Danny

- Samuel's son who died of AIDS.

Landry, Linda

- Samuel's wife.

Landry, Samuel

- The owner of the building where Umley worked. It turns out that he is the creator of the Umney books: Scarlet Town, How like a fallen angel.

Luciano, Lucky

- Owned the Red Door nightclub.

McGill, Ardis

- Friend of Umney.

Smith, Francis

See Preoria Smith...

Smith, Fred

- Preoria's uncle.

Smith, Preoria

- Blind paperboy.

Sternwood, Agnes

- Supposedly drunk Drain Cleaner.

Tuggle, Bill

- An accountant.

Umney, Clyde

- Private detective who meets his maker.

Verrill, Mr.

- Landry's agent.

Weld, Mavis

- A character in a previous case.

Head Down
A story based on Bangor Maine about a little league baseball team.
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Name: Description:

Arnold, Matt

- Played on the Bangor West Team.

Arnold, Mike

- Played on the Bangor West Team.

Auger, Jason

- Played on the Lewiston Team.

Bittner, Chuck

- York Manager.

Bouchard, Dan

- Played on the York Team.

Carson, Jeff

- Played on the Hampden Team.

Dorr, Arthur

- Played on the Bangor West Team.

Estes, Andy

- Played on the York Team.

Fernald, Ryan

- Played on the York Team.

Fiddler, J. J.

- Played on the Bangor West Team.

Fisher, Roger

- Played on the Bangor West Team.

Francke, Matt

- Played on the York Team.

Gagnon, Carlton

- Played on the Lewiston Team.

Gervanis, Randy

- Played on the Lewiston Team.

Hoyt Matt

- Played on the York Team.

Hutchins, ?

- Played on the York Team.

Iarrobino, Ryan

- Played on the Bangor West Team.

Jamieson, Josh

- Played on the Hampden Team.

Johnson, Brett

- Played on the Hampden Team.

King, Kyle

- Played on the Hampden Team.

King, Owen

- Played on the Bangor West Team.

Kinney, Casey

- Played on the Bangor West Team.

Kinney, Matt

- Played on the Bangor West Team.

Knaide, Matt

- Played on the Hampden Team.

Laurita, Tim

- Played on the Westfield Team.

Mansfield, Dave

- Bangor West head coach.

Moore, Fred

- Played on the Bangor West Team.

Noyles, Matt

- Played on the Lewiston Team.

Paradis, Bill

- Played on the Lewiston Team.

Pelkey, Mike

- Played on the Bangor West Team.

Philbrick, ?

- Played on the York Team.

Rochefort, Kevin

- Played on the Bangor West Team.

St. Pierre, Ron

- Coach of Little League.

Stevens, Josh

- Played on the Bangor West Team.

Streeton, Ryan

- Played on the Lewiston Team.

Sturgis, Stanley

- Played on the Belfast Team.

Tarbox, Phil

- Played on the York Team.

Tardif, Mike

- Played on the Bangor West Team.

Trzaskos, Nick

- Played on the Bangor West Team.

Waterman, Neil

- Field coach for Bangor West.

Waterman, Neil

- Paramedic.

Wentworth, Mike

- Played on the Hampden Team.

Wilcox, Joe

- Played on the Bangor West Team.

Witcomb, Chris

- Played on the Hampden Team.

Wyatt, ?

- Played on the York Team.

Brooklyn August
Brooklyn August is an interesting freeform poem about a Baseball game at Ebberts field. It pares well with the previous story - Head Down as a pair of Baseball stories. Really this poem defies an accurate description, but is an interesting dream like sequence of a baseball pitch.
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Name: Description:

Alston, ?

- Manager of Ebberts Field.

Amoros, Sandy

- Right field. Had a beer thrown at him.

Campanella, ?

- Catcher.

Erskine, Carl

- Pitcher.

Hodges, ?

- First Base.

Labine, Clem

- Substitute Pitcher.

Musial, ?

- Scored a home run.

Newcombe, ?

- Went for an early shower through a hail of popcorn and newspaper.

Podres, Johnny

- Substitute Pitcher.

Reese, Pee Wee

- Lent on his knees west of Second base.

Robinson, ?

- Third base. Threw to Hodges.

The Beggar and the Diamond
And like a compact disc with a bonus track, the book ends with a charming little tale not listed in the table of contents--a parable called "The Beggar and the Diamond."
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