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Everything's Eventual
Autopsy Room 4
The Man in the Black Suit
All That You Love Will Be Carried Away
The Death of Jack Hamilton
In The Deathroom
The Little Sisters of Eluria
Everything's Eventual
L.T.'s Theory Of Pets
The Road Virus Heads North
Lunch at the Gotham Cafe
That Feeling, You Can Only Say What It Is In French
Riding The Bullet
Luckey Quarter

Autopsy Room 4
Howard Cottrell awakes from some form of unconsciousness to find himself laid out in an autopsy room. As the doctors prepare to begin, Howard struggles to come to grips with what is happening.
After realising that he is not dead, he deduces that he is in a paralysed state, and struggles to somehow inform the doctors of this fact before they cut into him.
While prepping Cottrell's body, the doctor in charge, Katie Arlen, finds shrapnel wounds around his nether regions. While she is absent-mindedly examining these, another doctor rushes into the room to inform them that Howard is still alive. Katie looks down - to find herself holding Howard's stiff penis.
In a humourous after note, Howard explains that he was possibly bitten by a very rare snake, causing the death-like paralysis. He adds that he and Katie dated for awhile, but broke up due to an embarrassing problem in the bedroom: he was impotent unless she was wearing rubber gloves.

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Name: Description:

?, Peter

- Helper in the morge. Partner of Katie Arlen.

Arlen, Katie

- Doctor who was to do the autopsy on Howard Cottrell.

Cottrell, Howard Randolph

- The man who was supposed to be dead, but was simply paralised by a snake bite.

Hopper, Mike

- One of the men who brought Howard Cottrell into the Autopsy Room. Partner of Rusty.

Jennings, Dr. Frank

- Old doctor who found Howard Cottrell on the golf course and pronounced him dead at the scene.

Kazalian, Dr.

- Doctor mentioned by Katie Arlen.

Kerr, Walter

- Owner of a house filled with snakes. He worked at the Derry Community Bank.


- Katie Arlen's dog.


- One of the men who brought Howard Cottrell into the Autopsy Room. Partner of Mike Hopper.

The Man in the Black Suit
The story takes place in 1914 and it is about Gary, a nine year-old boy, who is living on a farm. His brother has died not long ago (he was stung by a bee) and that’s why he is now afraid of bees. One day he goes out fishing, when suddenly a bee sits down on his nose. Because he is so scared he isn’t moving. Then suddenly someone claps his hands and the bee falls down dead. Now Gary notices the man standing behind him, but he is not an ordinary man. His eyes are completely orange and he smells like burned matches. The man starts telling him that his mother was dead, she was stung by a bee while working in the kitchen. Gary does not believe him at first, but then he realizes that this man is the devil. Why should he lie to him?

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Name: Description:

?, Albion

- Father of Gary and Dan and husband of Loretta.

?, Danny

- Brother of Gary Died in 1913 of a bee sting.

?, Loretta

- Mother of Gary and Dan and wife of Albion.

?, Gary

- Wrote a series called "Long ago and Far away" for the Castle Rock Call newspaper. Was a teacher before he retired, and tells the story of the time he met the devil.

Candy Bill

- Scottie dog of Gary.

Eversham, Bill

- Owner of some cows.

Hamner, Dicky

- Place where Gary smoked his first cigarette.

Robichaud, Helen (Mama Sweet)

- Oldest lady in the Methodist Ladies Aid group.

The Devil

- Spoke to Gary when he went fishing on Castle Stream.

All That You Love Will Be Carried Away
A travel salesman comes to Motel in Nebraska to commit suicide because he “couldn’t go on living the way he had been living." He has a wife, a daughter, and a hobby – amassing graffiti. He first started noting down scrawls on the walls that attracted his attention without any reason but then became “fascinated with those messages.” In his lonely life of traveling person with only miles and miles of the empty road for his companion those “voices on the walls” became his buddies, something to think about during the long drive, something precious and important, something that “speaks” to him. This man decides that “a shot in the mouth [was] easier than any living change,” but the reader is left pondering if he would go along with the plan the execution of which depends on either he would be able to let go of his notebook that he is about to throw into the field outside his motel...
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Name: Description:

?, Elvis

- Mentioned in a piece of graffiti that was collected by Alfred Zimmer.

Black, Clint

- Country singer heard on the radio.

Bundy, Ted

- Mentioned in a piece of graffiti that was collected by Alfred Zimmer.

Cummings, E. E.

- Poet.

Evers, Medgar

- Mentioned in a piece of graffiti that was collected by Alfred Zimmer.

Gore, Albert

- Mentioned in a piece of graffiti that was collected by Alfred Zimmer.

Jones, George

- Singer mentioned in passing.

Keller, Hellen

- Mentioned in a piece of graffiti that was collected by Alfred Zimmer.

Loveless, Patty

- Singer mentioned in passing.

Morrison, Jim

- Mentioned in a piece of graffiti that was collected by Alfred Zimmer.

Potter, Harry

- Carlene Zimmer liked the Harry Potter series of books.

Pullman, Philip

- Author mentioned in passing.


- Pet of the Zimmer family.

Zimmer, Alfred (Alfie)

- Gourmet foods salesman who contemplated suicide at a Motel in Lincoln, Nebraska. Father of Carlene Zimmer and husband of Maura Zimmer. He was a real fan of graffiti that he saw while on the road, and was thinking of writing a book containing some of them.

Zimmer, Carlene

- Daughter of Maura and Alfred Zimmer. A fan of the Harry Potter series of books. In 7th grade.

Zimmer, Maura

- Wife of Alfie Zimmer and mother of Carlene Zimmer.

Zimmer, Mrs.

- Mother of Alfie Zimmer.

The Death of Jack Hamilton
Jack Hamilton is shot by the Police after previously escaping from th FBI in 1934. A month later, while Hamilton is lying injured, Homer Van Meter brings five horseflies into Hamilton 's room in an attempt to entertain the dying man. He is soon joined by John Dillinger who walks in on his hands. Rather than being amusing, the stunt turns wrong and his jun falls to the floor, discharging and injuring him. All was in vain as Jack Hamilton dies soon after.
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Name: Description:

Barker, Dock

- Son of Ma Barker, and part of the Barker Gang.

Barker, Ma

- Mother of Dock and part of the Barker Gang. Moved to Florida.

Bremer, ?

- The target of the Barker Gang kidnapping that went wrong.

Clark, Boobie

- He was a 'famous fag'.

Claudy, Henry

- The warden at Michigan City. He said "I-God" before many things.

Crabbe, Buster

- Mentioned in passing.

Daggs, Buster

- A member of the Barker gang. He said Dr Moran had been arrested.

Davis, Volney

- Member of Ma Barker's gang. Sent to prison for 3 years for theft.

Dillinger, Mr.

- Father of John Dillinger.

Dillinger, John Herbert

- Served time at Pendleton Reformatory. Shot himself in the lip, leaving a scar. Shot by the FBI in Chicago and died.

Fields, W. C.

- Buster Francis looked a bit like him.

Ford, Henry

- John Dillinger said that he liked the speed of his Ford card.

Francis, Buster

- Son of Roy and Deelie Francis.

Francis, Deelie

- Wife of Roy and mother of Buster Francis.

Francis, Roy

- Husband of Deelie and father of Buster Francis.

Hamilton, Mrs.

- Mother of Jack Hamilton.

Hamilton, Jack

- Part of the Dillinger gang who was shot escaping from the Little Bohemia shoot-out. Died and was buried in a gravel pit.


- Mentioned in passing.

Kennedy, John F.

- Mentioned in passing.

McClure, Mickey

- Employee of Murphy's.

McLaughlin, John J.

- Arrested in connection with the Bremer kidnapping.

Makley, Charlie

- Jack Hamilton knew him.

Mooney, Brian

- Rented John Dillinger a room.

Moran, Joseph

- Arrested by the FBI in connection with the Bremer kidnapping.

Nelson, Lester

- A member of the Dillinger Gang. Escaped when he shot some government agents.

O'Shea, Timmy

- Nephew of Joseph Moran.

Pierpont, Harry

- Part of the Pierpont Gang. He was electrocuted at Ohio State.

Purvis, Melvin

- FBI agent in charge of finding John Dillinger.


- Girlfriend of Volney, who removed the bullet from Jack Hamilton's lung.

Van Meter, Homer

- A member of the Dillinger gang that spoke about the death of Jack Hamilton, and the accidental shooting of John Dillinger.

In The Deathroom
Fletcher, an ex-reporter, has been captured by a South American government. The story begins with his interrogation. It turns out that he became involved with a Communist insurgency after his sister, a nun, was murdered.
During the course of his interrogation, Fletcher manages to keep calm, and hatches a half-baked plan, which, to his surprise, actually works. He kills all three of his capturers and escapes 'the deathroom.'
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Name: Description:

?, Ramon

- The guard in the Deathroom with Fletcher. He had a cigarette stuck in his eye by Fletcher, then was shot.

?, Heinz

- He used an electric device to torture people for Escobar. He killed Tomas Herera, and the electric device was eventually used to kill him. Thin almost bald, wore glasses and had blue eyes.

Arcuzzi, Carlo

- Owner of a news stand on 43rd st that was approached by Fletcher after he escaped.

Bride of Frankenstein, The

- Nickname that was used for the 60-65 year old woman that helped interrogate Fletcher. She was shot by Fletcher.

Duke, Patty

- Actress in "The Miracle Worker".

Escobar, Mr.

- One of the people interrogting Fletcher. A fat Mexican who was eventually shot by Fletcher. He was the Minister of Information and sometimes presented the weather on TV in English.

Fletcher, Miss

- Sister of Mr Fletcher. A nun who was killed by government troops in 1994, and her brother was investigating her murder.

Fletcher, Mr.

- He worked for the New York times and was stationed in Spain. He was a contact of Pedro Nunez and Thomas Harrara who were planning a revolution in the country. He was captured and interrogated in the Ministry of Information by Escobar and 2 others. He fights the interrogation, then escapes, killing most of his captors in the process.

Hansons, The

- Band mentioned in passing.

Herera, ?

- Daughter of Tomas Herera.

Herera, Mrs.

- Wife of Thomas Herera.

Herera, Thomasz

- Contact of Fletcher who was suppose to be given information and then passed it on to Nunez. He was killed by Heinz.

Himmler, ?

- Mentioned in passing.

Lanchester, Elsa

- Actress in Bride in Frankenstein.

Nunez, Pedro (El Condor)

- Communist given information by Thomas Herera that was supposed to be given by Fletcher. He was organising a revolution. He had attended NYU.

Road Runner

- Cartoon character.


- Character mentioned by Escobar.

The Little Sisters of Eluria
The tale concerns Roland of Gilead, whose quest for the Dark Tower is in its infancy; the events precede those of the body of the Dark Tower cycle, but occur after Roland's experiences in Mejis as chronicled in Wizard and Glass. At the time of telling he is accompanied by a horse and is already following The Man in Black. He plans to eventually buy another horse, or perhaps a mule; this ties in with the events at the beginning of The Gunslinger.
Roland and his horse encounters a deserted village, Eluria, where he finds nothing but dried up bloodstains on saloon doors and jail beds. He finds a dog with a cross shaped spot in his fur, that is attempting to eat from a dead man. Roland scares him away, and finds a medaillon shaped like a cross. When his horse dies, Roland is attacked and badly wounded by slow mutants, and awakens in a hospital marquee, run by Little Sisters. He is being healed by tiny bugs, called doctors. The sisters that 'care' for him turn out to be vampires. The only protection he has is the medaillon/cross he got from the dead man in the village. The Little sisters dare not touch him and the other patient next to him because of their medallions. A third patient disappears, and it is here that Roland understands what they are. Roland finds himself powerless to escape from his malevolent healers. They keep him weakened with potions, but he finds an ally in Sister Jenna, who involuntarily joined the other sisters. With a very powerfull herb she strengthens Roland. The night before he escapes, a slow mutant takes the medallion from the patient next to him and kills him, which leads to the sisters hysterically feeding on the gushing blood, which saves Roland from the fate that was intended for him as well. One sister discovers the herb Roland got from Jenna, but Jenna uses the bugs against her by commanding them with her bells, and frees him. On the way out, three other sisters are put aside out of fear. The last one, Great Sister Mary, is killed by the dog with the cross in his fur. As Roland and Jenna declare love for each other, Jenna finds an untimely demise as she disintegrates in what seems to be her natural state, the tiny doctors, while Roland is asleep.
The Sisters consisting of thousands of little doctors is very reminiscent of the Byrum in Dreamcatcher.
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Name: Description:

?, Ralph

Green mutant from Eluria that took the medalion off John Norman, causing him to be attacked by the Little Sisters. He was going to be paid Whiskey and Tobacco in return for touching the medal.

Allgood, Cuthbert

A friend of Roland's who liked to say that the wheels inside Roland's head ground slow but exceedingly fine. Now long dead.

Arthur of Eld

Mentioned in passing. He lived in the distant past when dreams about dragons still walked the earth.


A God that people worship.


A God that people worship.


Teacher of Roland. His voice came to Roland in the hospital bed.

De Curry, Jamie

A friend of Roland's that once proclaimed that Roland could shoot blindfolded, because he had eyes in his fingers.

Delgado, Susan

Lover of Roland from Mejis. Killed by the actions of Rhea of the Coos.

Deschain, Gabrielle

Mentioned in passing. Roland’s mother.

Deschain, Roland

The gunslinger that is attacked in the town of Eluria, and saved by The Little Sisters of Eluria.

Deschain, Steven

Father of Roland and son of Henry the Tall. A Gunslinger.

Freeborn, Chas

A "Cattle-Theef" that was mentioned in the register in the Eluria's Sheriff's office. To be tried.

Henry the Tall

Grandfather of Roland, and Father of Steven Deschain.

Jonas, Eldred

Evil man that was killed by Roland.

Man in Black, The

Another name for Walter, the man that Roland followed.

Norman, James

A dead boy about 16 years old that was in the water trough in Eluria. Brother of John Norman and son of Jesse Norman. Killed by the green mutants. Roland took his medalion, and it was this medalion that kept the Little Sisters from killing him.

Norman, Jesse

Father of James and John Norman from Delain.

Norman, John

Brother of James and son of Jesse. He was in the bed next to Roland in the 'hospital' staffed by the Little Sisters. Killed when Ralph took the medalion off him, and he was attacked by the Little Sisters. Roland said he would take the medal to his father.

Norman, Mrs.

Mother of James and John, wife of Jesse.

Rhea of the Coos

Evil witch that plotted the death of Susan Delgado.

Sister Coquina

One of the Little Sisters. Teased Roland by hitting him on the nose with the wooden spoon while he was asleep. She was 'eaten' by the 'doctor bugs' when the were set on her by Jenna to help Roland escape.

Sister Jenna

One of the Little Sisters. She is different from the other Little Sisters, and helps Roland escape. She wears the Dark Bells, and looks about 21 years old.

Sister Louise

One of the Little Sisters. Saved Roland from the Green Mutants while she was out picking herbs.

Sister Mary

One of the Little Sisters. She seems to be in charge of the group, but dies when her head is ripped off by the dog that Roland sees in Eluria.

Sister Michela

One of the Little Sisters. Saved Roland from the Green Mutants while she was out picking herbs.

Sister Tamra

One of the Little Sisters. She claimed to be 21, but Roland saw her as much older. Saved Roland from the Green Mutants while she was out picking herbs.


The green mutant that gave Rolands guns to Sister Mary.

Toad, Mr.

One of the green mutants shot dead by Roland.


The 2 year old Roan horse that Roland rode into Eluria on. Died shortly after entering the town.

Vannay, Abel

He was Roland's Tutor as a child, and had a limp and lead a life of gentle goodness.


The man in black. Roland is following his trail.

Everything's Eventual
The story is told in first person perspective by a 19-year-old high-school dropout Dinky Earnshaw. Dinky fatuously explains that he's got a good job now. He used to be a clerk at the "Supr Saver," where he worked with morons and was relentlessly bullied by an aggressive dimwit named Skipper. But now Skipper's dead and Dinky's got a new job, where the main perks are that he gets his own house and his own car and virtually anything he asks for, including CDs that haven't been released yet. He also gets a small wad of cash each week, provided he doesn't look for the people who drop it through his mail slot, and that he remembers to destroy or throw away any money left over at the end of the week. In his usual down-to-earth style, King stretches the tiny details of this situation out to great length before finally settling down to the obvious and compelling questions: what exactly is this mysterious job, and what does a dead supermarket clerk have to do with it?
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Name: Description:

?, Helen

- Helen was rumoured to have answered the phone offering sex, and thought she was talking to her boyfriend, but it was really her father that had rung.

?, Mabel

- Aunt of Dink Earnshaw. Lived in the country.

?, Pug

- Grew up with, and worked with Dink Earnshaw at the Supr Savr in Harkerville. 5'4", 110 Pounds, and he used to say that things were "eventual".

Brannigan, Charles

- Worked with Dink Earnshaw at the Supr Savr store and picked on Dink & others. He comitted suicide because of one of Dink's letters sent to him, and he ran his car off the road. 23 Years old, tall with blond waivy hair.

Brannigan, Debbie

- Sister of Skipper. Used in Dink Earnshaw's letter to Skipper that caused him to kill himself.

Bukowski, Mr.

- Son of Mrs Bukowski, and the local police chief in Harkerville.

Bukowski, Mrs.

- Owner of a dog that Dink Earnshaw killed with his symbols. Lived on Dugway Ave, near the Earnshaws.

Cassiday, John

- Friend of Dink Earnshaw from the Supr Savr. Played Bass in a punk band.

Clapton, Eric

- Singer mentioned in passing.

Cobain, Kurt

- Singer that committed suicide. Liked by John Cassiday.

Counting Crows

- Band listened to by Dink Earnshaw on the Learjet.

Earnshaw, Mr.

- Father of Richard Earnshaw. He left before Richard was about 4.

Earnshaw, Mrs.

- Mother of Dink Earnshaw. She has a bad leg. Lives in Harkerville.

Earnshaw, Richard Ellery (Dink)

- A 19 year old highschool dropout with a bad complexion, that has a rare ability to use symbols and personal words to make others kill themselves. He joins Transcorp in the hope that his power will be used to kill evil people, and make the world a better place. He begins to suspect that the people he kills are not all that evil.

Eastwood, Clint

- Actor that was in Coogan's Bluff, a movie on when Mr Sharpton called Dink Earnshaw for the first time.

Faulkner, ?

- Writer mentioned in passing.

Hamil, Pete

- Worked with Andrew Neff at the New York Post. He was quoted in an interview after Neff's death.

Hauer, Rutger

- Actor mentioned in passing.

Jacubois, Mr.

- Computer teacher of Dink Earnshaw at school.

Johnson, Lyndon

- US President during vietnam.

Kennedy, John F.

- President that was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald, but one of the Transcorp's employee's knows that Oswald was innocent.

Kidman, Nicole

- Dink Earnshaw asked for a signed picture of Nicole. He got one personalised to him.

King Arthur

- Mentioned by Mr. Sharpton.

Mouse, Mickey

- Cartoon character.

Mozart, ?

- Composer mentioned in passing.


- A pet, possibly a cat, of a person in Columbus that Dink Earnshaw used his symbols on.

Neff, Andrew

- 62 year old New York Post employee that wrote the column "eneff is Eneff". He was targeted by Dink Earnshaw. He committed suicide by taking a pill overdose, slashing his wrists, and then putting a plastic bag over his head.

Newton, Wayne

- Mentioned in passing.

Oswald, Lee Harvey

- Supposedly killed John F Kennedy, but one of the Transcorp's employee's knows that he was innocent.

Peter Pan

- Cartoon character.

Piccaso, Pablo

- Painter.

Police, The

- Band mentioned in passing.

Pope, The

- Died of a heart attack.

Rembrandt, ?

- Dink Earnshaw asked for one of his paintings in his house. He got a reproduction in a frame.

Ross, Betsy

- Mentioned in passing.

Seagal, Steven

- Actor mentioned in passing.

Sharpton, Mr.

- The initial contact and controller of Dink Earnshaw from Transcorp.

Shermerhorn, Mr.

- Mailman that saw Mrs Bukowski's dog kill itself.

Sinatra, Frank

- Singer mentioned in passing.

Smith, Liz

- Worked with Andrew Neff as a Post chatter columnist.

Stroud, Don

- Actor that was in Coogan's Bluff, a movie on when Mr Sharpton called Dink Earnshaw for the first time.

Tevitch, Ann

- Professor and clinical biologist at the University of New Mexico in Las Cruces. She was working on AIDS cures. Committed suicide after Dink Earnshaw used his symbols on her. She had Vanity plates on her car that said "DNA FAN". 37 year old and blond.

Tevitch, Simon

- Eithor a son or husband of Ann.

Unger, Mrs.

- Wife of William. Died of cancer in 1996.

Unger, William (Billy)

- From Stovington, Vermont, he was targeted by Dink Earnshaw's symbols. Fought in Korea, was the undersecretary of defence during the Kennedy Administration, and became an anti-war supporter during Vietnam. Won a Silver and Bronze Star. He owned a 1957 Thunderbird. Jumped off his roof during the night.

Van Dame, Jean-Claude

- Actor mentioned in passing.

Washington, George,

- Mentioned in passing.


- Band liked by Dink Earnshaw. He asked for their CD.

Wentworth, Dr.

- Dink Earnshaw's doctor at the Transcorp's training area in Preoria. Bald and wore Rimless glasses.

Wilcoxen, Mrs.

- Computer teacher of Dink Earnshaw at school.

Willis, Bruce

- Actor mentioned in passing.

Winfrey, Oprah

- TV Talkshow host.

L.T.'s Theory Of Pets
Lulu DeWitt bought Frank, a dog, for her husband L.T DeWitt. A year later L.T bought a cat named Lucy for Lulu. The animals only took an interest in the person that bought them, so the dog became Lulu's and the cat became L.T.'s.
LT tells the story of the time he came home and found that Lulu had taken her dog and had moved to her mothers house. She never made it, and the car was found deserted and the dog dead nearby. Her body was never found.
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Name: Description:

?, Holly

- Sister of Roslyn. Divorced, and came to dinner and heard the story of L.T.'s wife leaving.

?, Roslyn

- Sister of Holly. Her husband was the one who told the story of LT's storytelling, but we never find out his name.

DeWitt, Cynthia Lulubelle (Lulu)

- Wife of L.T. who disappeared after she left her husband. Married name of Cynthia Simms.

DeWitt, L.T.

- He told the story of his theory of pets while at work. Husband of Lulu.


- Jack Russell terrier bought my Lulu DeWitt her husband L.T, but the dog became fond of her rather than L.T. Found dead when Lulu's car was found.

Lucy (Screwlucy)

- The cat bought by LT DeWitt for his wife Lulu, but Lucy became his cat, and disliked Lulu.

Rather, Dan

- Mentioned in passing.

Simms, Cynthia Lulubelle (Lulu)

- Maiden name of Lulu DeWitt. Daughter of Mrs. DeWitt.

Simms, Mrs.

- Mother of Lulu Simms.

Wallace, Mike

- Mentioned in passing.

The Road Virus Heads North
The Road Virus Heads North, first appeared in the book 999, and is an interesting short story about a horror writer named Richard Kinnell that calls into a small yard sale and finds an odd painting. After purchasing it he finds that the painting is slowly changing - the car and driver in the painting are driving away from the first position he saw them - driving towards him! The car, named The Road Virus, is slowly travelling north, towards places he has just come from.
Judy Diment, the lady that sold him the painting is brutally murdered, and Kinnell thinks that he may be next, and now he can hear the rumble of glasspack mufflers outside his house.
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Name: Description:

?, Trudy

- Aunt of Richard Kinnell that lived in Wells. He visited her on his trip.

Diment, Judy

- 38 Year old neighbour of the Hastings' family that looked after the yard sale for them after the death of their son Bobby. She was murdered. Mother of Michela.

Diment, Michela

- Daughter of Judy. A big fan of Richard Kennell, and her mother asker Kinnell for an autograph for her.

Graves, David

- Neighbour that found the dead body of Judy Diment.

Hastings, Bobby

- 23 Year Old artist that painted "The Road Virus Heads North". He painted 70 or 80 other paintings dnd burnt them all except one before comitting suicide by hanging himself. Son of George and Iris.

Hastings, George

- Father of Bobby.

Hastings, Iris

- Mother of Bobby.

Kinnell, Richard

- A horror author from Derry that buys a painting at a yard sale, but the painting has a life of it's own, and wants revenge. Wrote "Nightmare City".

Kinnell, Sally

- Ex-wife of Richard that runs an animal shelter in Nashua out of her trailer.

Noyes, Alfred

- Poet mentioned in passing a few times.

Simons, Bradley

- Did a fairly negative review of Nightmare City.

Lunch at the Gotham Cafe
A man named Steve comes home one day to find a letter from his wife saying she wants to divorce him. He becomes depressed and takes up smoking again. Her lawyer calls him and tells him that the three of them (Steve, his wife, and the lawyer) are going to meet at a place called the Gotham Café. Steve's lawyer won't be able to make it, so he has to go alone. He desperately wants to see his wife, Diane, again so arrives very early. He doesn't want to look desparate, so he meddles in a travel store and purchases an umbrella. He then goes into the café, and the waiter he meets at the door says something about not bringing in a dog, and Steve is a little confused. He sits down and he and Diane are snapping at each other, even though he still secretly loves her. The strange waiter comes to take the order and as the lawyer begins, the waiter snaps. He takes out a giant butcher knife and cuts open the lawyers face. Blood is everywhere, and the other customers begin to flee. The waiter then stabs the lawyer in the top of the head. The waiter goes for Steve next but he uses the umbrella on him. Diane and Steve run into the kitchen where a cook is working. The waiter cuts him open and Steve fends off the waiter for a while and he slips on the floor. Steve takes charge and tells diane to open the door out. She is having a break down and the snap at each other a little more. The waiter gets up but Steve pours scalding water on him and they get out, and shut the door behind them. Covered in blood, Steve tries to comfort Diane, but she still isn't interested in him and she slaps him and walks off, and Steve realizes nothing could have made her come back to him, not even a crisis like they just experienced. He then wonders what made the waiter go crazy; maybe it was long nights laying in bed listening to the neighbor's dog barking.
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Name: Description:

?, Guy

- The head waiter at the Gotham Cafe that goes nuts and kills a customer.

?, Troy

- Customer in the Gotham Cafe when Guy goes nuts.

Coslaw, Dee Dee

- Mother of Diane and wife of Ernie.

Coslaw, Diane

- Maiden Name of Diane Davis, and the daughter of Dee Dee and Ernie Coslaw.

Coslaw, Ernie

- Father of Ernie and husband of Diane.

Davis, Diane

- Wife of Steven who wants a divorce. A real single minded woman who does not care what happens to Steven - including if he is killed! Married name of Diane Coslaw.

Davis, Steven

- Husband of Diane, and the storyteller.

Humboldt, William (Bill)

- Diane Davis' therapist, who bleeds real well.

Ring, John

- Divorce lawyer that Steven Davis approaches to take his case.

That Feeling, You Can Only Say What It Is In French
Carol and Bill are on their second honeymoon, after being married for 25 years. Carol keeps having flashes of Deja Vu, and she finally comes to a shocking conclusion. They had been killed during the plane flight and she was now re-living that time over and over again.
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Name: Description:

?, Floyd

- Pilot on the chartered plane that the Shelton's were on.

Annunciata, Sister

- Sister at Our Lady of Angels school where Carol O'Neill went.

Denning, Floyd

- Ran a snack bar with Bill Shelton in senior year at school.

Durmatilla, Sister

- Sister at Our Lady of Angels school where Carol O'Neill went.

O'Neill, Carol

- Maiden name of Carol Shelton.

Reagan, ?

- Name on a letterbox seen by Carol Shelton.

Shelton, Bill

- Successful computer programmer who goes on a second honeymoon with his wife Carol.

Shelton, Carol

- Wife of Bill, and has a feeling that she has been on this trip before. Married name of Carol O'Neill.

Soucy, Butch

- The first boy that ever tongue-kissed Carol O'Neill.

Mike Enslin, a writer who once studied with James Smiley, dreamed of being a Yale Younger Poet, and "starved on the payroll of The Village Voice," is reduced to hacking out stuff like "10 Nights in 10 Haunted Houses." For a follow-up, he visits room 1408 of the Dolphin Hotel in the hope of gaining more information for his new book - 10 Nights in 10 haunted Hotel rooms"..
Five women and one man have jumped from that room's window onto 61st street below, one hung himself, another slit his wrists, and 4 overdosed with pills. A total of twelve suicides in 68 years, along with at least 30 "Natural" deaths holds this apart from any ordinary hotel room. The last time it was occupied was in 1978, and since then it has been the motel's only unoccupied and un-upgraded room.
There is a presence in there, not exactly a ghost, but a strangeness. Even digital watches, mobile phones and pagers dont work properly. Even the human mind does not work properly in Room 1408.
Lucky for Mike, he has remembered his lucky Hawaiian shirt - it's the one with the ghost repellent, and an unlit cigarette is tucked behind his ear.
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Name: Description:

?, Marcell

- The concierge on days. Olan sent him out to buy Mike's books.

Dalhmer, Jeffrey

- Serial killer. Mike Enslin slept next to his grave.

Dearborn, ?

- Brother of Rufus. Went on an Australian holiday with his brother.

Dearborn, Rufus

- Sewing Machine salesman in room 1414 that saved the life of Mike Enslin when he came out of room 1408 on fire.

Dickins, Charles

- Author mentioned in passing.

Elkin, Stanley

- He was on a panel with Mike Enslin.

Enslin, ?

- Mike's ex-wife who he has stayed friends with. She gave him the mini-corder 5 years ago.

Enslin, Donald

- Brother of Mike. Died of lung cancer 9 years ago.

Enslin, Michael (Mike)

- Writer of true ghost stories. His books have included 10 nights in 10 haunted houses, 10 nights in 10 haunted graveyards, and 10 nights in 10 haunted castles. He does not actually believe in Ghosts, but wants to stay in room 1408 of the Hotel Dolphin to help with another book he is writing on haunted hotel rooms. He only managed to stay in the room 70 minutes and slowly looses grip on reality, and sets himself on fire.

Farrell, Sam

- Literary agent of Mike Enslin.

Harvey, Lawrence

- Actor mentioned in passing.

Hyde, Randolph

- Slit his wrists, then cut off his genitals and bled to death in room 1408.

Irons, Jeremy

- Actor mentioned in passing.

Johnson, ?

- Vice president of John Kennedy.

Johnson, ?

- Vice president of Abraham Lincoln.

Karloff, Boris

- Mentioned.

Kennedy, John F.

- USA President.

Lincoln, Abraham

- USA President.

Lovecraft, H. P.

- Author who's grave Mike spent a night by.

Marley, Jacob

- Ghost who speaks in A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickins.

Neale, Mr.

- Was the head maintenance man of the Hotel Dolphin until he died of a cerebral haemorrhage a day after entering room 1408.

Nixon, Richard

- USA President mentioned.


- Mentioned in passing.

Olan, Mr.

- The manager of the Hotel Dolphin. Arrived at the hotel in 1979. He explains about the room 1408 to Mike Enslin.

O'Malley, Kevin

- He is supposed to haunt room 1408. A sewing machine salesman and father of 7 children. The first occupant of room 1408 and the room's first victim, dying on October 13th, 1910. He jumped out the window.

Proust, ?

- Writer. Mike thought that Olan probably read him on his nights off.

Rillsby, ?

- 5 members of Eugene's family. Were all killed by the axe murderer.

Rillsby, Eugene

- His family was killed by an axe murderer in Kansas that was never caught. His house was in one of Mike Enslin's books. His headless ghost was supposed to haunt his house.

Robertson, Mr.

- Mike Enslin's lawyer that got him permission to stay in room 1408.

Romindau, Celeste

- Twin sister of Veronique. Left the Hotel Dolphin in 1988 with ill mental and physical health. Died of a heart attack. French.

Romindau, Veronique

- Twin sister of Celeste. They joined the Hotel Dolphin in about 1971 or 1972. She is the head housekeeper. French.

Scrooge, ?

- Spoken to by Jacob Marley.

Smiley, James

- Studied with Mike Enslin.

Smythe, David

- Drowned both his wives in a tub.

Storkin, Henry

- Hanged himself in the closet of room 1408 in 1970.

Tepish, Vlad

- Also known as Vlad the Impailer. From Transylvania. Mike stayed in his castle one night.

Van Gelder, Rommie

- Maid who went blind while in room 1408 while dusting the top of the TV. She said she could see horrible colours. Her sight was restored when she left the room.

Riding The Bullet
Originally released as an e-book, you can read the official excerpt here. Alan Parker receives a call from his mothers neighbour, who tells him some bad news - his mother has suffered a slight stroke and is in Hospital. Because his car is having problems, he decides to hitch the 100 miles down to see his mother. At first things are relatively OK, but when he gets into a car driven by George Staub things get worse.
George Staub is also the name on a grave that Alan had seen only minutes before, and Staub has Alan make a frightening decision - the life of his mother, or his own life, and he has to make the choice in minutes, or they will both die...
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Name: Description:

?, Alice

- Husband of the Elderly Gentleman that gave Alan Parker a ride from Newport. Died about 1996.

?, Muriel

- Spoke to Yvonne Ederle at the hospital, and had Anne Corrigan check on Jean Parker.

?, Ralph

- Brother of the Elderly Gentleman that gave Alan Parker a ride from Newport.


- Band mentioned in passing.


- Filled out a report that may have helped Jean Parker get extra support worth $50 per month.


- Student advisor of Alan Parker that had to be told by Hector Passmore why Alan was not in class, because of his mothers illness.

Cadillac Owner

- In a story by George staub. Sold a Cadillac for $750 to the Kid, that was near new, and only had 17,000 miles on the clock.

Cadillac Owner's Wife

- Died in the Cadillac. They were not sure how she died, but she was there for 2 weeks before she was found, and the smell was awful.

Carpenter, John

- Movie Director mentioned in passing.

Carroll, Hattie

- Mentioned in a Bob Dylan song.


- Ghost mentioned in passing.

Clinton, Bill

- President mentioned in passing.

Corrigan, Anne

- Took Alan Parker to see his mother in the hospital.

Crane, Ichabod

- Mentioned in passing.

Craven, Wes

- Movie Director mentioned in passing.


- Vampire in book by Bram Stoker.

Dylan, Bob

- Singer mentioned in passing.

Ederle, Yvonne

- Worked at the hospital where Jean Parker was. Allowed Alan to go and see his mother after visiting hours were over.

Elderly Gentleman

- Gave Alan Parker a ride from Newport.


- Picked up Alan Parker from the Cemetery on Ridge Road after he had taken a ride with George Staub.

Farquahr, Dr.

- Doctor called in Hospital intercom to go to Radiology.

Father of Ralph

- Father of Ralph and the Elderly Gentleman that gave Alan Parker a ride from Newport.


- Band mentioned in passing.

Freud, Sigmund

- Mentioned in passing.

Girlfriend of George Staub

- She was supposed to go the Thrill Village with George Staub before he died, but she backed out at the last minute.

Insurance Man

- Gave Alan Parker a ride to Newport.


- In a story by George staub. Bought a Cadillac for $750, that was near new, and only had 17,000 miles on the clock.

Led Zepplin

- Band mentioned in passing.

McCurdy, Betsy

- Neighbour of Jean Parker that called Alan to tell him that his mother had a slight stroke and was in hospital.

Normally, Dr.

- Jean Parker's doctor.

Parker, Alan

- 21 year old who's mother Jean had a slight stroke. He hitchhiked from the University of Maine to visit her. On the way he met the dead George Staub, and had to choose who was to die - himself or his mother.

Parker, Jean

- Mother of Alan. Heavy smoker and big woman. She had a stroke on October 14th, 2000 while working at a resturant when she was just 48 years old. She died in about 2007.

Parker, Mr.

- Father of Alan and husband of Jean. Died when Alan was a baby.

Passmore, Hector

- Roommate of Alan Parker at the University of Maine. This was also the name Alan used to George Staub when he was taken for a ride.

Passmore, Mr.

- Father of Hector. Mentioned to George Staub by Alan Parker.

Paxton, Tom

- Singer mentioned in passing.

Roommates of Alan Parker

- 2 un-named roommates at the University of Maine.

Staub, George

- A name in the Cemetery on Ridge Road. Born 19 January 1977, and died 12 October 1998. 2 years and 2 days after his death, he gave Alan Parker a lift from the graveyard, and made him choose between his own life and that of his mother.

Stoker, Bram

- Author of Dracula.

Suess, ?

- Mentioned in passing.

Van Ronk, Dave

- Singer mentioned in passing.

Wife of Ralph

- Wife of Ralph.

Luckey Quarter
Darlene Pullen is down on her luck. She is a motel chambermaid who wants to get braces for her daughter and a Sega system for her son. The last straw in her day is finding a tip in her envelope in room 322. The tip is a single quarter, and a note that goes with it: "This is a luckey quarter! It's true! Luckey you!"

She gives the quarter to her son, who then puts in into a slot machine and wins the jackpot.
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Name: Description:


- In Darlene's daydream he is running the Roulette table at the Silver City Casino.

(Pit Boss)

- In Darlene's daydream he has to OK some of the bets made at the Roulette table at the Silver City Casino.

(Tall Bald Man)

- In Darlene's daydream he had to OK an $800 bet on a single number at the Roulette table at the Silver City Casino.

?, Gerder

- Sweedish chambermaid at the Ranchers Hotel in Carson City, Nevada.

?, Jane

- Head Housekeeper at the Ranchers Hotel in Carson City, Nevada.

?, Melissa

- Chambermaid at the Ranchers Hotel in Carson City, Nevada.

Avery, William (Tex)

- Manager of the Ranchers Hotel in Carson City, Nevada.

Harrelson, Woody

- Actor mentioned in passing.

McCausland, Deidrie

- Girl mentioned by Paul Pullen. Possibly someone he likes?

Pullen, Darlene

- The chambermaid that finds the "Luckey Quarter" in room 322 of the Ranchers Hotel in Carson City, Nevada. Wife of Deke and mother of Patsy and Paul.

Pullen, Deke

- Husband of Darlene. Left her 5 years ago.

Pullen, Patsy

- Daughter of Darlene and Deke Pullen, and sister of Paul. 13 year old in need of braces.

Pullen, Paul

- 7 year old son of Darlene and Deke Pullen, and brother of Patsy. He wants a Sega game, but is given the "Luckey Quarter" by his mother. He then wins the jackpot on a slot machine. Asthmatic.

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