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Desperation.dk was first uploaded 1. November 2005

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Info :
This site contains only the books I have in my collection.
So far 65 titles.

Favorite books :
From a Buick 8
the Dark Tower
Pet Sematary

Contact me :
If you have anything to bitch about or something I missed, please write to:
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    - and a LOT of hours of reading, writing and coding...

    Who, Why and When?
  • Who?
    My name is Henrik and I live in Denmark... I hope you will find this site worth a visit!

  • Why?? - well, I'm a huge fan of one of the best horror writers around, mr. Stephen King, like many others, and now that you are here - I'm afraid you're hooked too!!!

  • When??? - what do you mean When?
    Ohh! when I upload? - I will upload whenever I have some info or new graphics or something...
    On the page, front page, you can see what the latest update is...

  • Can I take some images from your site and use on my own webpage?
    Well... - I can't stop you, but I hope you wouldn't. If you really like something on my site, please include my URL in a comment. But if you do take something, please don't take the whole design... thanks!

  • Can I link your site on my site?
    Yes please! I need all the promotion I can get! Feel free to use the URL: http://www.desperation.dk/

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