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?, Carl

- Brother of Deenie.

?, Cora

- Aunt of Andy McGee. Only living relative and his mothers sister.

?, Deenie

- Sister of Carl and friend of Charlie McGee. Told her about Catholic confession practices.

?, Duane

- Worked at the front desk of the Shop.

?, Gary

- Spoke to Charlie McGee over the intercom at the Shop.

?, George

- Former boyfriend of Vicky Tomlinson.

?, Gloria

- Captain Hollister's new secretary.

?, Glynis

- Girlfriend of the cab driver that took Andy and Charlie McGee to Albany.

?, Helga

- Works on the checkout of the A&P in Hastings Glen.

?, Henry

- Walked the horses at the Shop.

?, Josie

- Worked on the front desk at the Shop.

?, Michael

- Young boy at the rest stop where Andy McGee rescued Charlie from the Shop agents.

?, Mike

- Owner of a Diner in Hastings Glen.

?, Rachel

- Worked for Cap Hollister at the Shop, but died of Cancer.

?, Richard

- Shop agent and receptionist.

?, Shelley

- Mentioned in passing.

?, Steve

- Shop agent.


- Shop agent.

Albright, Dick

- A Test case for Andy McGee in the Shop. He was supposed to drink ink.


- Character in 'The Little Rascals'.

Ayatollah Khomeni

- He was going to be one of the targets of Charlie McGee once the Shop trained her.

Bacon, ?

- Husband of Eileen. Died.

Bacon, Eileen

- Neighbour of the McGee's. Her husband died and she became an alcoholic.

Barclay, Hortense

- Best friend of Shirley McKenzie.

Bates, Norville

- Works for the Shop.

Baxter, Ralph

- 35 year old Shop employee who administered Lot 6 to the test subjects. Andy McGee read his mind to find out that he had killed 3 men and 1 woman during his career.


- Granther McGee's dog.

Bixby, Jerome

- Author of "It's a Good Life".

Bono, Sonny

- Watched on TV by Andy McGee.


- Cow of Irv Manders.

Brackman, ?

- Washington General that discussed the incident at Irv manders farm with Hollister.

Braddock, Clayton

- Shop agent that was decapitated in the final showdown.

Bradford, Mr.

- Father of Sally.

Bradford, Sally

- Girlfriend of Eddie Delgado. She did not want to have sex with him.

Breedlove, Don

- Brother of Norma Breedlove. He was involved in a plan to firebomb Dow Chemicals.

Breedlove, Milo

- Uncle of Norma and Don Breedlove.

Breedlove, Norma

- Maiden name of Norma Manders, and sister of Don Breedlove.

Burton, Frank

- Fake name used by Andy McGee to Irv Manders.

Burton, Roberta

- Fake name that Charlie McGee used to Irv Manders.

Carson, Johnny

- Andy McGee watched him on TV.

Casteneda, Carlos

- Writer thought of by Andy McGee during the Lot 6 experiments.

Castro, Fidel

- He was going to be one of the targets of Charlie McGee once the Shop trained her.

Cobham, Bill

- 56 year old postmaster in Teller.

Cook, Bruce

- Shop agent that was killed falling onto a stake at the Manders farm.

Cunningham, Lena

- Wife of Sam. Owner of the Slumberland Motel that Andy and Charlie McGee stayed at in Hastings Glen.

Cunningham, Sam

- Husband of Lena. Owner of the Slumberland Motel that Andy and Charlie McGee stayed at in Hastings Glen.

Delgardo, Eddie

- Boyfriend of Sally Bradford. He was at the airport and Charlie McGee set his shoes on fire when he was thinking about forcing Sally to have sex. A Soldier.

Devine, Shirley

- A letter was sent from her to her sister from the Bradford postbox. 56 years old.

Douray, Mr.

- Man in Port City that made his own bread.

Dr. Cyclops

- Movie character mentioned by Quincey Tremont.

Drabble, Peter

- Head groom at the Shop.

Drew, Fred

- Nephew of Irv Manders in Kansas.

Dreyfuss, Richard

- Actor mentioned in passing.

Dugan, Joan

- Mother of Terri Dugan.

Dugan, Terri

- Friend of Charlie McGee and daughter of Joan Dugan. Charlie was with her when Vicky McGee was killed.

Eberhardt, Chuckie

- Boy in Harrison with a scarred face from hot oil.

Everett, Robert

- Postman in Teller that collected the mail in Bradford.

Flynn, Mrs.

- Neighbour of McGee's and lived on Laurel Lane.

Folsom, Richard

- Major Puckeridge's aide.

Franklin, Benjamin

- Former President of the USA.

Gordon, Johnny

- Friend and neighbour of Irv Manders.

Grabowski, Don

- Worked with Andy McGee in the English Department.

Green, Joe

- Football player mentioned in passing.

Gurney, Mrs.

- Wife of Stan. Andy helped her lose weight with his 'push'.

Gurney, Stan

- Husband of Mrs. Gurney.

Hackett, Buddy

- Comedian that Andy watched on TV.

Hammond, ?

- Neighbour of the McGee's and lived on Laurel Lane.

Harris, Franko

- Football player mentioned in passing.

Hockstetter, Patrick

- Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist that worked for the Shop.

Hofferitz, Karl

- Doctor called by Irv Manders when Charlie McGee came back to him.

Hollister, Captain

- Head of the Shop, who wanted to use Charlie's talents to influence world leaders.

Hollister, Georgia

- Wife of Cap. Died of Cancer.

Hollister, Leon

- Brother of Cap. Bitten by a snake as a child.

Howells, William Dean

- Mentioned in passing .

Howells, William Dean

- American Writer mentioned in passing.

Hyuck, Bradford

- Wrote a memo about Charlie McGee burning down a cinderblock wall.

Jamieson, Orville

- Works for the Shop.

Joad, ?

- Family mentioned in John Steinbeck's "The Grapes of Wrath".

Johnson, Arte

- Comedian mentioned in passing.

Jory, Victor

- Albert Steinowitz was sometimes mistaken for Victor Jory.

Jules, Don

- Worked for the Shop and was picked by Rainbird to get Andy McGee.

Kelleher, Mike

- Spoke to Charlie McGee over the intercom at the Shop.

Kennedy, Ted

- He was going to be one of the targets of Charlie McGee once the Shop trained her.

Knowles, Ray

- Shop agent.

Lawrence, D. H.

- Author mentioned in passing.

Loman, Willy

- Character in the play "Death of a Salesman".

Manders, Irv

- Farmer that helped Andy and Charlie McGee, and then was shot in the arm by Shop agents.

Manders, Norma

- Wife of Irv. Married name of Norma Breedlove.


- Irv Manders grandparents last name, but they changed it to Manders when they came to USA.

Mayo, John

- Shop agent.

McCauley, Roberta

- Name given to Karl Hoffernitz as Charlie McGee's name by the Manders.

McGee, Andrew

- Charlie's father and husband of Vicky. Took part in the Lot 6 experiment, which gave him the limited ability to influence people with his mind. Born 14th December, and is 34 years old. Was English instructor at Harrison State College. Father died when he was 11 of a heart attach, Mother killed in car accident when he was 17.

McGee, Charlene Roberta

- The 7 year old Firestarter that was the daughter of Andy and Vicky. Born on 24th of March. The daughter of 2 Lot 6 testers which made her a formidable weapon that the Shop wanted to train.

McGee, Fibber

- Mentioned in passing.

McGee, Granther

- Grandfather of Andy. Owned a house on Tashmore Lake, where Andy and Charlie were captured. Husband of Hulda.

McGee, Hulda

- Wife of Granther. An athiest.

McGee, Vicky

- Charlie's Mother and Andy's wife. She took part in the Lot 6 experiment, which gives her telekinetic abilities. Married name of Vicky Tomlinson. Molested by a babysitter when she was 7. Murdered by the Shop.

McKenzie, Shirley

- Housekeeper and lover of Dr. Hofferitz.

McKeon, Rich

- Gardiner at the Shop.

McKinley, ?

- Former President of the USA.

Merle, Mr.

- Executive that went to Andy McGee for confidence boosting.

Milton, John

- Author of 'Paradise Lost'.

Mishkin, Mrs.

- Charlie McGee's teacher.

Moore, Sam

- Owner of a gravel pit where Andy McGee used to buy gravel for Granther McGee's driveway.


- Black gelding that Charlie McGee rode in the Shop grounds.

Noftzieger, Dr.

- Chief of computers at the Shop.

Norton, T. B.

- Shift supervisor of John Rainbird when he was acting as Charlie McGee's janitor.

Nutter, Dr.

- Dr. Pynchot's assistant. Tall and going bald.

O'Brian, Ev

- Worked with Andy McGee in the English Department.

Parks, Ray

- Friend and neighbour of Irv Manders.

Pasioco, David

- Friend of Terri Dugan, and went to school with Charlie McGee.

Pasioco, Mr.

- Owner of a grey van similar to the one that the Shop agents kidnapped Charlie McGee in. Father of David Pasioco.

Patton, George S.

- General who's picture was on Cap Hollister's wall.

Paulson, Jim

- Gave Andy and Charlie McGee a lift to Hastings Glen and gave them $5 to help.

Payson, Charles

- Shop agent that seen Andy McGee post the letters in Bradford. Owned "Notions and Novelties".

Puckeridge, Victor

- Major at Andrews Airforce Base. Arranged to move Andy to Hawaii.

Pynchot, Dr. Herman

- Doctor at the Shop that watched Andy and Charlie McGee. "Pushed" by Andy and he committed suicide using a garbage disposal.

Rainbird, John

- Shop operative and assassin. He was to bring Charlie in for the Shop, and wanted to kill her once the experiments were complete. Half Cherokee Indian.

Rammaden, G. M.

- Safe cracker that showed the Shop agents how to open safes.

Raucher, Mr.

- Old man that owned a delicatessen in New York and played chess with Andy McGee.

Richardson, James

- One of the subjects in the Lot 6 test group.

Rowley, Jake

- Owner of Bradford General Store.

Rozelle, Bruce

- Name Andy McGee used in the Motel at Hastings Glen.

Sedaka, George

- Partner of Orv Jamieson.

Silver, Long John

- Dreamed of by Andy McGee.

Smith, Kathy

- Best friend of Vicky Tomlinson in first grade. Maiden name of Kathy Worthy.

Smith, Winston

- Character in George Orwell's "1984".

Steinbeck, John

- Wrote "The Grapes of Wrath".

Steinham, Ralph

- Dartan Pharmaceutical representative. 55 years old in 1969.

Steinowitz, Albert

- Shop agent in charge of the capture of Andy and Charlie McGee. Killed by Charlie at the Manders farm..

Tarkington, Whitney

- Government adjuster who gave Irv Manders a check for $35,000, but threatened him with trouble because of his nephew Fred Drew.

Thompson, Senator

-  Involved with "Project Leap" with the Shop.

Tomlinson, Vicky

- Maiden name of Vicky McGee.

Traegger, Christine

- Best friend of Hortense Barclay.

Tranter, Louis

- Spoke to Charlie McGee over the intercom at the Shop.

Tremont, Quincy

- Put Andy McGee on to the Lot 6 test. Psych major.

Upmore, Tammy

- Friend of Vicky McGee.

Van Gogt, A. E.

- Wrote "The Weapon Shop of Isher", after which the Shop was named.


- Composer mentioned in passing.

Walace, Bill

- Worked with Andy McGee in the English department.

Wanless, ?

- Brother of Joseph that died of ling cancer.

Wanless, Dr. Joseph

- The Lot Six overseer. Fat, Balding. Killed by John Rainbird when he threatened to tell about the experiments, and the Shop.

Wanless, Freddy

- Son of ? Wanless. Nephew of Joseph.

Waring, George

- One of the Shop agents that kidnapped Charlie McGee.

Wayne, Duke

- Actor mentioned in passing.

Worthy, Frank

- Husband of Kathy.

Worthy, Kathy

- Married name of Kathy Smith. Wife of Frank.

Wyeth, ?

- Painter mentioned in passing.

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