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  • Bradford Hyuck tells Patrick Hockstetter about the CAT tests (the Endgame chapter, subchapter 2) which should measure Charlie's caloric burn. A CAT scanner is used to show the construction of the brain, it can not be used to measure a persons caloric burn!
  • On page 24 (the New York/Albany chapter, subchapter 7) Charlie tells Andy that she didn't empty all the pay phones of money, because she was afraid that the bag she was carrying would break. But later, on page 81 (the Longmont, Virginia: The Shop chapter, subchapter 7), Orville Jamieson tells Cap that all of the pay phones have been emptied. And even later, on page 244 (The Blackout chapter) Andy remembers that incident and he remembers that Charlie emptied all of the pay phones.
  • When they get to the cabin, Andy tucks Charlie in and then goes out on the porch with a knock of "mule-kick." After he finishes the mule-kick, he goes to bed. The next section tells the story of how Vicky was killed and Charlie was kidnapped. At the end of that recollection of Andy's, he is blaming himself, then thinks, "Oh s*** why are you doing this to yourself?", stands up, pours the mule-kick over the porch rail, and goes to bed. But he was already in bed!
  • Page 172: it says "Not long after Christmas, Charlie caught a cold and snuffled and coughed her way through to early April, when it finally cleared up for good.", but on page 199 it says "On March 27, Andy McGee abruptly decided that they could stay in Tashmore no longer." The problem is that if this is being told from Andy's point of view, then they had already been captured before her cold went away, on March 27, so how would he know that it had cleared up?
  • On page 238 (the The Blackout chapter, subchapter 8) Patrick Hockstetter had Gray eyes, but on page 264 (the Small Fires, Big Brother chapter, subchapter 3) he has blue eyes.
  • On page 281 (the Small Fires, Big Brother chapter, subchapter 13) it says that the alpha waves on Charlie's EEG rose. Then it says that these high spikes of alpha waves were the hallmark of high concentration and the brain's signature of imagination. Incorrect as Alpha waves are not the hallmark of high concentration but more indicative that a person is slightly drowsy.

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