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The Library Policeman:

1990, March 30th:
Sam borrowed the books from the library...

1990, April 6th:
Books due back at the library...

Writers :
Secret Window...:

John Kinter:
- Fiction
'Crowfoot Mile' a story...

Morton Rainey:
- Fiction
'The Delacourt Family'
'The Organ-Grinder's Boy'
'Everybody Drops The Dime'
'Sowing Season' a story...

John Shooter:
- Fiction
'Secret Window, Secret Garden' a story...
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Four Past Midtnight
The Langoliers
Secret Window, Secret Garden
The Library Policeman
The Sun Dog

The Langoliers
A group of people take a red eye flight from L.A. to Boston into an must unfriendly sky on this doomed 767. Only 10 Passengers awake on American Pride Flight 29 - the rest have disappeared about 1/2 hour into the flight, leaving behind items of a personal nature. Luckily an off duty pilot was aboard, but landing in an empty world in Bangor, makes them wish they hadn't. The Langoliers are waiting for them you see....

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Name: Description:

?, Shawna

- Aunt of Bethany Simms.

?, Vicky

- Aunt of Dinah Bellman that was travelling on the plane with her.

Bellman, Dinah Catherine

- A blind girl who could "Sight Share" with other people. She was on the flight to attend an operation that may finally give her sight back. She survived, but was stabbed by Craig Toomy and died of her injuries.

Berlitz, Charles

- Wrote a book on the Bermuda Triangle.

Briggs, ?

- Name in a folder at the rental car stand in Bangor airport.

Crosby, Darren

- Supposed to meet Laurel Stevenson at the airport.

Deegan, John

- American Pride Deputy Chief of Operations at Los Angles.

Engle, Anne Quinlan

- Ex-Wife of Brian. Died in a fire at 34 years old. Advertising executive in a Boston agency. Married name of Anne Quinlan.

Engle, Brian

- Pilot who was returning home after receiving information that his wife died in a fire. He landed the plane in Bangor, only to find it an empty world, and the langoliers are on their way!

Feldman, Dr.

- Dinah Bellman's doctor.

Fenwick, ?

- Name in a folder at the rental car stand in Bangor airport.

Gaffney, Don

- One of the people on Flight 29 that Lived.

Handleford, ?

- Name in a folder at the rental car stand in Bangor airport.

Holby, Tom

- Senior Vice President of Desert Sun, which employed Craig Toomy.

Hopewell, Mr.

- Father of Nick. Laura Stevenson was supposed to visit him and tell him that his son was going to quit.

Hopewell, Nick

- One of the people on Flight 29 that Lived. A British government operative ("Junior Attache") that had killed people. He volunteered to fly the plain back through the rift, and died in the process.

Jenkins, Robert

- One of the people on Flight 29 that Lived. Author of over 40 mystery novels that was on his way to meet mystery fans.

Kaussner, Albert

- One of the people on Flight 29 that Lived. 17 year old violinist that was on his way to study at Berklee.

Kaussner, David

- Brother of Albert. Albert broke his arm playing Indiana Jones when they were children.

Keene, Danny

- Co-Pilot for Brian Engle on flight 7.

Langoliers, The

- Nasty creatures that clean up time after we have progressed into the future.

Lee, Miss

- Dinah Bellman's blind therapist - blind since birth.

Marchant, ?

- Name in a folder at the rental car stand in Bangor airport.

Markey, ?

- Airport Security at Bangor Airport.

O'Banion, Mr.

- Man that Nick Hopewell was supposed to stop from supporting the IRA. He was to kill his lover. Not his real name. A politician.

Parker, Mr.

- Person at Craig Toomy's final meeting. The president of Sun Banking corp.

Pestlemen, ?

- Name in a folder at the rental car stand in Bangor airport.

Quinlan, Anne

- Maiden name of Anne Engle.

Searles, Steve

- Navigator with Brian Engle in Flight 7.

Simms, Bethany

- One of the people on Flight 29 that Lived. An alcoholic that was on her way to sty with her aunt in Boston.


- Darren Crosby's cat.

Stevenson, Laurel

- One of the people on Flight 29 that Lived. She was on her way to meet Darren Crosby.

The Bearded Man

- One of the people on Flight 29 that Lived. You never find his name, as he slept the entire time.

Toomy, Catherine

- Mother of Craig. Alcoholic.

Toomy, Craig

- He was on flight 29. He was hounded by his father as a child, and stabbed Dinah Bellman. He eventually got a REAL close look at the Langoliers. He worked for Desert Sun Banking Corp, and was on his way to explain a large transaction that he made to loose money.

Toomy, Roger

- Father of Craig. Worked as an executive for the Bank of America. He told Craig about the Langoliers.

Trevor, Melanie

- One of the people on Flight 29 as a Stewardess, but died.

Warwick, Rudy

- One of the people on Flight 29 that Lived. Bald.

Secret Window, Secret Garden
This interesting tale enters the suddenly strange life of writer Mort Rainey, recently divorced, depressed, and alone on the shore of Tashmore Lake. Alone, that is, until a figure named John Shooter arrives, pointing an accusing finger.
Shooter claims that Rainey stole a story that he wrote many years previously, and Rainey must prove to this strange man that he did not copy the story, but how can you prove this to a man who simply does not exist - or does he?
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Name: Description:

?, Abby

- Woman in Morton Rainey's latest book.

?, Delores

- Lady friend of Herb Creekmore.

?, George

- Name in Morton Rainey's latest book.

Bassinger, Don

- Owned a house on the lake.

Block, Lawrence

- Name in June 1980's Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine.

Bowie, Gerda

- Works at "Bowie's" take away.

Bradley, ?

- Police detective Investigating the fire at Amy Rainey's house.


- Patty Champion's dog.


- Morton Rainey's cat. Killed by John Shooter with a screwdriver.

Carstairs, Greg

- Caretaker at Mort Rainey's house on Tashmore lake.

Carstairs, Megan

- Daughter of Greg.

Carstairs, Mrs.

- Wife of Greg.

Champion, Patricia

- Friend of Amy Rainey. Told her that her house had burnt down.

Creekmore, Herb

- Friend of Morton Rainey. His literary agent.

Dowd, Amy

- Maiden name of Amy Rainey.

Downey, Todd

- Character in the book "Secret Window, Secret Garden". He was going to kill his wife and bury her in the garden. Same as Tommy Havelock in Sowing Season.

Evans, Fred

- Investigator for Consolidated Assurance. Shot and killed Mort Rainey when he was attacking Amy.

Fortin, Isabelle

- Lived across the street from Amy Rainey in Derry.

Gavin, Mrs.

- Cleaner at Mort Rainey's house on Tashmore Lake.

Greenleaf, Mrs.

- Wife of Tom.

Greenleaf, Tom

- Caretaker of houses on Tashmore Lake.

Havelock, Tommy

- Character in Mort Rainey's short story ""Sowing Season". He was going to kill his wife and bury her in the garden. Same as Todd Downey in John Shooters story Secret Window, Secret Garden.

Highsmith, Patricia

- Name in June 1980's Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine.

Hoch, Edward D

- Name in June 1980's Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine.

Jaffery, Marianne

- Works at Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine. Helped get a copy of the June 1980 edition for Mort Rainey.

Kintner, John

- He went to college with Mort Rainey. Wrote "Crowfoot Mile" which Mort stole then sent to Aspen Quarterly magazine as his own work.

McBain, Ed

- Name in June 1980's Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine.

Milner, Amy

- Married name of Amy Rainey (Nee Amy Dowd).

Milner, Ted

- Real estate agent that was having an affair with Amy Rainey.

Newsome, Dave

- Tashmore Lake Constable.

Palmer, Charles

- Assistant editor of Aspen Quarterly.

Perkins, Richard Jr.

- Teacher of Morton Rainey.

Rainey, Amy

- Ex wife of Morton. Married name of Amy Dowd. She later married Ted Milner.

Rainey, Morton

- Writer that has a bad case of split personality. Wrote "Everybody drops the dime" (Short story collection), "The Delacourt family", "The Organ-Grinders Boy". He was accused by John Shooter of steeling a story and selling it as his own. It turned out that John Shooter was actually Mort Rainey.

Shooter, John

- Man who accused Morton Rainey of stealing his story Secret Window, Secret Garden. He was actually a personality of Mort Rainey.

Stoker, Juliet

- Worked at the post office and gave Mort Rainey the package from Federal Express.

Strick, Don

- Consolidated Assurance agent that dealt with the Rainey's house fire.

Trotts, Sonny

- Painted the Methodist hall with Tom Greenleaf.

Wickersham, Mr.

- Fire chief that Investigated the fire in the Rainey house.

Young, Henry

- Told Morton Rainey about seeing a man with his wife.

The Library Policeman
Junction City, Iowa may seem like an unlikely place for evil to be hiding. For small businessman Sam Peebles, who thinks he may be loosing his mind, another evil is lurking there as well - The truth.
If Sam and his friends can find the truth in time he may just survive the Library Policeman, and the evil Librarian.
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Name: Description:

?, Billy

- Name of one of the children with Ardelia Lortz.

?, Carl

- Was on the speaker committee for the Rotary Club.

?, Jimmy

- Barber in Junction City.

?, John

- Alcoholic at Angle street home.

?, Kenny

- Was on the speaker committee for Rotary Club.

?, Lukey

- Alcoholic friend of Dave Duncan.

?, Mike

- Worked at Pells Bookstore.

?, Rudolph

- An acoholic friend of Dave Duncan.

?, Sandra

- Name of one of the children with Ardelia Lortz.

?, Sonja

- Name of one of the children with Ardelia Lortz.

?, Tommy

- Name of one of the children with Ardelia Lortz.

Adelman, Kent

- Editor of "The Speakers Companion" that Sam Peebles borrowed.

Baskin, Elmer

- Owner of the bank in Junction City.

Beeman, Norman

- Sheriff who died of a stroke in Barber Shop in 1963.

Berrigan, Cynthia

- Worked at the Library.

Blake, Jennifer

- Romance Novel Writer.

Brakeman, Phil

- Ran for the State House. Naomi Higgins used to type his speeches.

Candy, George

- Developer in Junction City.

Carter, ?

- Helped Stan Soames.

Culpepper, Felicia

- Librarian 1932-1951.

Dawson, ?

- Owned a car at Des Moines airport.

Duncan, Dave

- Alcoholic that was a former lover of Ardelia Lortz. Picked up old newspapers and bottles for recycling.

Duncan, Mr.

- Father of Dave.

Duncan, Mrs.

- Mother of Dave.

Engalls, Bruce

- At Sam Peebles speech, and enjoyed it so much he bought him a drink.

Felleman, Hazel

- Editor of "Best Loved Poems of the American People".

Frame, Russ

- Friend of Sam Peebles. Physicians assistant of Dr Melden. Left in 1989.

Gibson, Tom

- One of the children killed by Ardelia Lortz.

Glasters, Mrs.

- Teacher of Sam Peebles in the 4th grade.

Harrigan, Patsy

- One of the children killed by Ardelia Lortz.

Harrington, Cammy

- Seen Sam Peebles go into the library.

Higgins, Mrs.

- Mother of Naomi.

Higgins, Naomi Sarah

- Secretary for many of the people in town. Helped Sam Peebles defeat Ardelia Lortz.

Humpe, Bill

- Corn farmer on Truman Road.

Iverson, Burt

- Spoke to Sam Peebles about a deal for insurance for the new medical centre.

Jones, Craig

- Head of speaker committee for Rotary Club, and he took Sam Peebles home after his speech.

Jordan, Keith

- Paper boy.

Kelly, Brian

- Freight master.

Klemmart, Willy

- Little boy Ardelia Lortz scared with the Library Policeman. Died in Vietnam.

Lavin, Christopher

- Librarian form 1951 until his death of a heart attack. Killed by Ardelia Lortz.

Library Policeman, The

- Man who punished boys and girls for bringing back library books late.

Lortz, Ardelia

- Librarian who killed 2 children then hung herself. The problem was that she is back and after Sam Peebles.

McGill, Doreen

- Worked at the library.

Meecham, Arthur

- Was in the library microfilm "Morgue" before Sam Peebles. He was there on 27th of December 1989.

Melden, Dr.

- Local doctor in Junction City.

Moggins, Ira

- Came home from the pacific then killed his family then committed suicide.

Orday, Sam

- Corn farmer on Truman Road.

Pearlman, Rudy

- At Sam Peebles speech at the Rotary dinner.

Peckham, Eddie

- Worked at the library as a part time janitor before he died.

Peebles, Mr.

- Father of Sam. Died.

Peebles, Mrs.

- Mother of Sam.

Peebles, Sam

- Junction City Realty and Insurance owner. He borrowed a book from the dead librarian and now she wants to get him.

Power, John

- Deputy Sheriff who found out about Ardelia Lortz. He was then killed by Ardelia.

Power, Tansy

- Daughter of John. She was supposed to be the third child Ardelia killed. Maiden name of Tansy Ryan.

Price, Richard

- The current librarian. Started in 1964.

Randowski, Joseph

- Real name of the Amazing Joe.

Rogers, Rosemary

- Romance Novel Writer.

Ryan, Tansy

- Married name of Tansy Powell. Woprks at the post office.


- Name used by Naomi Higgins when she was with the alcoholic and homeless people.

Seger, Mrs.

- Worked at the five and dime store.

Sheldon, Paul

- Romance Novel Writer.

Soames, Joey

- Son of Stan and Laura. Died of leukemia.

Soames, Laura

- Ex wife of Stan and mother of Joey.

Soames, Stan

- Pilot who helped Sam Peebles. Good friend of Dave Duncan.

St. John, Tommy

- Made a sign for Angel street, but called it Angle Street.

Stanford, Tom

- Worked at the library.

Stephens, Frank

- Rotary club member that made fun of Rotary meetings.

The Amazing Joe

- Stage name of Joseph Randowski. Broke his neck (Later found it was just sprained) and could not give a speech at the Rotary dinner. He worked as an acrobat for Curry and Trembo's all star circus and traveling Carnical.

Vasser, Mary

- Cleaned Sam Peebles house once a week.

Verrill, Hannah

- Police dispatcher on duty when Ardelia Lortz died.

Wycliffe, Tom

- Police friend of Sam Peebles in Iowa State Patrol's traffic control board.

Youngman, Stu

- Had Sam Peebles write him an insurance policy.

The Sun Dog
The flat surface of a polaroid photograph becomes for 15 year old Kevin Delevan an invitation to the supernatural. Old Pop Merrill, Castle Rock's sharpest trader, wants to crash the party for profit, but the "Sun Dog" creature that shouldn't exist at all, is a very dangerous investment.

Written as a prologue to the final Castle Rock Novel, Needful Things, readers may find many familiar people, and animals, with which to share this story.
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Name: Description:

?, Ellen

- Niece of Molly Durham.

?, Hilda

- Aunt of Kevin Delevan. Lived in Portland and gave him string ties for each birthday.

?, Joe

- Worked for Cedric McCarty as a full time pilot.

?, Randy

- Uncle of Kevin Delevan.

Baker, Mr.

- Kevin Delevan's favourite teacher.

Bannerman, George

Castle Rock Sheriff who was killed by Cujo.

Brady, Matthew

- Photographer in the late 1800's.

Bunyan, Paul

- Mentioned by Pop Merrill.

Cabot, ?

- Name mentioned in passing.

Camber, Joe

- Owner of Cujo that was killed by Cujo.

Chaffee, Emory

- Dealt with Pop Merrill. Collected Paranormal stuff.

Chalmers, Evelyn

- Great-Grandmother of Polly Chalmers.

Chalmers, Patricia

- Worked in You Sew and Sew. Great-Grandaughter of Evvie Chalmers.


- Cat at a seance that tore the ear of her owner.

Clutterbuck, Andy

- Policeman in Castle Rock.

Constantine, Mr.

- Pharmacist at LaVerdiere's Super Drug.


- Dog that went rabid and killed Joe Camber, Gary Pervier and George Bannerman.

Deere, Eleusippus

- Sister of Meleusippus. Collected Paranormal stuff.

Deere, Meleusippus

- Maiden name of Meleusippus Verrill. Sister of Eleusippus. Collected Paranormal stuff.

Deere, Mr.

- Father of Meleusippus and Eleusippus. Named them after saints.

Delevan, John

- Father of Kevin and Megan and husband of Mary. Worked in Portland.

Delevan, Kevin

- Got a Sun 660 camera for his 15th birthday, but it took strange pictures that moved ever so slightly each time. The pictures showed the Sun Dog, and he is getting closer each time.

Delevan, Mary

- Mother of Kevin and Megan and wife of John.

Delevan, Megan

- Sister of Kevin. 11 years old and liked horror movies.

Donahue, ?

- Tricked Pop Merrill out of some money. Antiques dealer.

Doyon, Jane

- Played bridge with Mary Delevan.

Doyon, Mr.

- Husband of Jane.

Durham, Molly

- Worked at LaVerdiere's Super Drug Store.

Greer, Hal

- Football player.

Jackett, Sonny

- Worked at Sonny's Texaco.

Keeton, Danforth

- Castle Rock selectman.

Linden, Althea

- Neighbour of Pop Merrill.

Lowell, ?

- Name mentioned in passing.

McCarty, Cedric

- Did business with Pop Merrill. Collected paranorman stuff.

Merrill, John

- Nephew of pop Merrill. Serving 4 years in Shawshank Prison for robbing the Mellow Tiger Bar.

Merrill, Mrs.

- Mother of Pop. Buried in Homeland Cemetery.

Merrill, Reginald Marion

- Looked at Kevin Delevan's camera and decided he wanted it for himself. A bit of a moneylender, and conman. Runs the "Emporium Galorium", and had a CLOSE look at the Sun Dog.

Pangborn, Annie

- Wife of Alan.

Pangborn, Alan J.

- Sheriff in Castle Rock. Just lost his wife and son in a car accident.


- Teddy bear named by Ellen, niece of Molly Durham.

Pervier, Gary

- Killed by Cujo.

Reed, Brandon

- Worked with John Delevan.

Ridgewick, Norris

- Police officer in Castle Rock.

Roberson, Bill

- Friend of John Delevan.

Roberts, Nan

- Owned Nan's Luncheonette.

Simineaux, Colette

- Had an eye damaged.

The Sun Dog

- Nasty creature that is heading closer to Kevin's camera. He eventually escapes and attackes Pop Merrill, but Kevin Delevan is there with another camera, and he's waiting!

Tombauch, Clyde

- Astronomer that found Pluto.

Trenton, Donna

- Held in a car by Cujo (Not mentioned by name). Mother of Tad.

Trenton, Theodore

- Held in a car by Cujo (Not mentioned by name).

Untermeyer, Bill

- Bet that John Delevan would pay a $400 bet that he lost the next day.

Verrill, Meleusippus

- Married name of Meleusippus Deere.

Verrill, Mr.

- Husband of Meleusippus. Died in the battle of Leyte Gulf in 1944.

Whittaker, Mrs.

- Keven Delevan's algebra teacher.

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