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There is currently 63 characters in the list...

Timeline :
July 20th, 1963:
Jessie was Molested during the eclipse and Dolores Claiborne killed her husband...

Writers :
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Name: Description:

?, Barry

- Brother of Olivia.

?, Joan

- Grandmother of Jessie Mahout.

?, Katherine

- Jessie's great aunt.

?, Olivia

- Young blond girl that was raped by her brother Barry, and abused by his friends.

Adams, David

- Worked with Tom Mahout

Ashlocke, Richie

- Friend of Jessie Mahout.

Aucoin, Karen

- Told Jessie that French kissing can give you a baby in the mouth.

Bergeron, Polly

- Said that Dick Sleefort went to A.A. meetings.

Brooks, Jamie

- Golfing friend of Gerald Burlingame.

Bunyan, Paul

- Mentioned by Jessie.

Burlingame, Gerald

- Corporate lawyer husband of Jessie. Had a heart attack and died.

Burlingame, Goodwife

- One of the names that are in Jessie Burlingame's head.

Burlingame, Jessie Angela

- The woman who was trapped on the bed with handcuffs. During this time she comes to some startling discoveries about her childhood.

Callighan, Nora

- Friend and councillor of Jessie Burlingame.

Claiborne, Dolores
described, not named

- Although not mentioned by name, she is described as looking down a boarded up well on 20 Jul 1963, during the eclipse. This was the day Dolores killed her husband.

Cline, Caroline

- Was at William Mahout's party. Always wins at croquet.

Cobb, Mr.

- Mahout's gardener until 1964.

Cohen, William

- Senator who invited the Burlingame's to a party.

Corson, Duane

- Friend of Jessie Mahout. Rather cute.

Dahl, Mrs.

- Cleaning lady for the Burlingame's house on the lake.

Dakin, Lonnie

- Helped after Jessie's escape from the house.

Delguidance, Tommy

- Jessie almost slept with him in 1985.

Dunn, Bill

- Caretaker of the house on the lake.

Dunninger, ?

- Was once the boss of Tom Mahout.

Eggart, Jimmy

- Retired CPA. Seen Jessie in the car after she escaped.

Francis, Annie

- Had a beauty mark below a corner of her mouth.

Gilette, Adrienne

- Old lady that slapped Jessie's hand when she reached for the last cookie.

Hagen, Bobby

- Took Jessie to the senior prom then made love to her in the back of a car.

Harrelson, John

- Did the autopsy on Gerald.

Henderson, Mrs.

- Freshman adviser of Jessie Mahout.

Hough, Tammy

- Friend of Jessie Mahout


- The name that Jessie thought was after her. It was not Pennywise, but instead, a more human Raymond Joubert.

Joubert, Raymond Andrew

- Desecrated dead bodies and stole their jewellery. Jessie swears that it was Raymond that she saw during the night, and he did not help her. She called him "It".

Laglan, Fred

- Golfing friend of Gerald Burlingame.

Landis, Megan

- Jessie's housekeeper.

LaPointe, John

- Castle county Deputy.

Lessard, Cindy

- Knew about male semen and called it "Spunk".

Magliore, Dr.

- Looked after Jessie's hand after she escaped.

Mahout, Jessie

- Daughter of Tom and Sally. Maiden name of Jessie Burlingame.

Mahout, Maddy

- Sister of Jessie. Divorced

Mahout, Sally

- Mother of Maddy, William and Jessie.

Mahout, Tom

- Father of Maddy, William and Jessie. Molested Jessie during an eclipse.

Mahout, William

- Brother of Jessie.

Milheron, Brandon

- Worked with Gerald at the law firm. He was the only one that Jessie confided in after the escape.

Neary, Ruth

- College roommate of Jessie. Jessie heard her voice while trapped.

Neidermeyer, ?

- Neighbours on the lake of the Burlingame's.

Paige, Mrs.

- Childhood piano teacher of Jessie.

Pangborn, Alan J.

Castle Rock sheriff before Norris Ridgewick took over.

Petrie, Miss

- Jessie's second grade teacher.


- The dog that ate part of Gerald.

Ridgewick, Norris

- Castle County Sheriff.

Rittenhouse, Carol

- Married name of Carol Symonds.

Sleefort, Dick

- Friend of the Mahout family. Made a pass at Sally.

Soames, Freida

- Lived across the road from the Burlingame's.

Steinham, Gloria

- Mentioned by Jessie.

Stevenson, Laurel

- Councillor with Nora Callighan.

Sutlin, Catherine

- Daughter of Charles. She was the one who wanted Prince.

Sutlin, Charles

- The father of Catherine. He took Prince out and dumped him rather than pay the state dog taxes.

Symonds, Carol

- Friend of Jessie Burlingame's. Maiden name of Carol Rittenhouse.

Teagarden, ?

- Police constable that killed Prince.

Timmel, Susie

- Friend of Jessie Burlingame.

Wertz, Mrs.

- First grade teacher of Jessie Mahout.

Wilson, Kendall

- Hired Jessie for her first teaching job.

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