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  • The catfish in Insomnia is described as having scales. But catfish (both kind) have skin and not scales like other fish.
  • In the final part of the book ( Ch. 28, subch. 4 ) Ralph remembers how his mother had warned him about watching out for old Butch Bowers and make sure he didn't cheat him by putting rotten potatoes in the bottom of the basket Ralph used when he was sent to buy potatoes from Butch.
    The problem here, is the word "old", which Ralph's mother should have used, when she talked about Butch Bowers. Because if you do some calculation, you'll see that Butch was about three years younger than Ralph. Ralph is 70 in 1993, so he was born in 1923.
    Butch Bowers' son Henry, was 12 in 1958 (IT, Ch. 4, subch. 2), so Henry was born in 1946. Back then it was customary, that you settled down at a young age, married and got kids and back then a young age meant approximately 20. So if we presume that Butch was 20, when he became a father, he would then have been born in 1926.
    Okay, I know there is a problem, with this theory, the problem is The Second world War. If Butch was sent to Germany in the final years of the war, he might have been older than 20, when he fathered Henry. But still, if we presume he was 25, when he fathered Henry, he would still have been too young to have been dubbed old by Ralph's mother.

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