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  • King refers to the new '45rpm sized CD's" in Chapter 3, subchapter 4, when in fact they are quite different in size - a 45 is 7" in diameter, while a CD is just under 5". 2 1/4" is quite a different in size in my opinion.
  • Chapter 3, Subchapter 1 says the day of bath when Stan Uris dies is 28th of May 1985, but later in the same subchapter the date changes to 27th of May 1985, then back to the 28th.
  • Chapter 3, subchapter 6 says that Bill knelt before Audra, but later, on the next page, it says that she rose and went to him. And when she reached him it says that she put a hand on his shoulder and turned him towards her, as if he had been turned away from her all the time.
  • In Chapter 4, subchapter 8, Ben says that a haiku poem must consist of seventeen syllables. That is true, but what Ben forgets to mention is that these seventeen syllables must be divided, so that the three line long poem contains 5, 7 and 5 syllables. It is clear that he didn't know this, because if you count how many syllables there are in those three lines, you will see that there are 6, 6 and 5.
  • Chapter 6, Subchapter 5 describes the time when Mike Hanlon and his father get their truck going. They get to the end of their road, and the Rhulan farm is one way and the Bowers in the other way. This means that the Hanlon farm is in the middle. In Chapter 8, subchapter 1, when Richard Tozier enters Derry, he remembers Rhulan Farms, then Bowers farm, then Hanlon Place. Now the Bowers place is in the middle!
  • In Chapter 7, subchapter 2 Ben says that he doesn't know who Stan Uris is. Eddie tells him that Stan is their age but he started school a year later than them, because he was sick a lot the year he should have started. But in subchapter 5 Ben recognises Stan as the kid who was in his class, when he was in second grade. He should have been in First grade when Ben was in Second grade.
  • Chapter 8, Subchapter 12 mentions Zac Denbrough's Walther PK gun. They never made a PK, but did make a PP and a PPK. One other thing is that they mention that the gun did not have a safety, but all Walther's had safeties (The P38, made in 1938 had a problem with the safeties that sometimes allowed the gun to discharge when you APPLIED the safety!)
  • In chapter 10, subchapter 5 Mike shows the others some scars that he has on his chest. These scars should ostensibly have been made by the werewolf they met in the house on Niebolt Street. But in Chapter 18, subchapter 9 the werewolf doesn't touch Mike. The only one it touches, more gravely, is Ben, whom it slashes.
  • Chapter 6, subchapter 3 states that Beverly's 'father' was in fact her stepfather, but later on in Chapter 11, subchapter 3 we find that he is her real father when she speaks about his DNA giving her some traits.
  • Chapter 11, subchapter 1 finds the librarian Carole Danner calling Ben by name without being introduced. It is possible that she recognised him, but later, in Chapter 11, subchapter 5, Mike tells Bill that Carole had told him that a man had been at the library. Mike says that he had made her describe him, but why, when she knew his name?
  • In the beginning of Chapter 16 Eddie felt pain race up his left arm, caused by the break to that arm as a child. But later on in that chapter he writes that Henry broke Eddie's right arm.
  • Chapter 17, subchapter 3 says that there were two bedrooms in the house Henry and his father lived in. But on Chapter 19, subchapter 8 it says that Henry and his father slept in the same bedroom.
  • In Part 5 of the book Mike remembers that Henry and his gang chased them down into the sewer on the 14th of August. But later, when they are trying to get out of the maze like sewer it says that it was the 10th of August.
  • In Chapter 8, subchapter 3 it says that Richie was a Methodist, but on page 919 it says that he was a Catholic.
  • In Derry: The Second Interlude Mike Hanlon's father says that Mike has told him that Henry Bowers is the biggest bully at Mike's school. Interesting when Mike went to the Neibolt Street Church School, while Henry Bowers went to the Derry Elementary School. Mike Hanlon writes that he went to the Derry Elementary in the beginning of the book (Derry: the first Interlude), but Mike went to Neibolt Street Church School.
  • On page 780 (Chapter 17, subchapter 3) it says that Rena Davenport had been courting Butch Bowers with baked beans for 8 years. When we learn of this, in 1958, Henry is 12 (Chapter 4, subchapter 2). A bit before that, (Chapter 13, subchapter 3), we learn that Henry's mother left Butch and Henry when he was 11. Then that would mean that Rena had been courting Butch, even while his wife was around.
  • According to the information given on page 611 (Derry: The Third Interlude) Aloysius Nell should live in a nursing home. But later on page 1026 (Chapter 22, subchapter 6), it says that he died at home.
  • Derry: The Third Interlude says, in March 1985, that Norbert Keene is 85 years old. But Chapter 21, subchapter 8 says, at the top of the page, that Norbert Keene is in his nineties, this time it is May 1985.
    Later, on the middle of the same page, Norbert thinks that he'll turn 96 next time.
  • Chapter 21, subchapter 6 sees Stan scaring away the attacking bird by saying that he believes in the scarlet tanager and he continues by saying that he hasn't seen one. But earlier in Chapter 9, subchapter 10 he sees such a bird by the birdbath at Memorial Park.
  • Chapter 10, subchapter 1 says that Richard's Alley had become some strange hybrid called a "mini-mall". But Chapter 23, subchapter 3 says that Richard's Alley was filled up with yellow bricks as the Brian X Dowd Professional Building came crashing down.
  • On page 457 ( Ch. 10, subch. 1 ) Bill notices that The Shoeboat and Bailley's Lunch wasn't there anymore. Nevertheless Harold Gardener watches on page 1050 (Ch. 23, subch. 3) those two buildings collapse.
  • On page 479 (Chapter 10, subchapter 4) Mike says that there were seven members in The Bradley Gang, but on page 614 (Derry: The Third Interlude) it says that there were eight members in The Bradley Gang.
  • Chapter 21, subchapter 10 says that at 6.19 a.m. the Kissing Bridge was struck by lightning and was blown to pieces. But Chapter 23, subchapter 3 says that after the Paul Bunyan statue was blown up at 10 a.m. the large head of the plastic axe went through the roof of the Kissing Bridge!
  • On page 80 ( Ch. 3, subch. 4 ) it says that Eddie took some Darvon Complex from the bottom shelf of his medicine cabinet. The problem is that Darvon Complex doesn’t exist. There is, though, a similar product called Darvon Compound.
  • On page 400 ( Ch. 9, subch. 10 ), when Stan goes to Memorial Park to see if he can spot a male cardinal, which another bird enthusiast has told him he has seen, it is mentioned that that particular cardinal is called a "Fringillidae Richmondena".
    The error, or rather errors, are that the second part of the scientific name is always written with a non-capital letter and the correct scientific name for the Cardinal is: "Richmondena cardinalis".

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