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Notes :
Possibly King's most ambitious and accomplished book ever, Lisey's Story is a profoundly moving and disturbing novel about a widow coping with the loss of her writer husband. It's a grand, ambitious and layered book, with unrelenting emotional power. It's a book for the ages -- exploring the dark secrets of the ones we love, and the very wellsprings of creativity.

There is a preview of the novel included with King's new novel Cell.

Release notes :
Publisher: Scribner
Format: Trade Hardcover
Publication Date: Fall 2006
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"Lisey's Story is a wondrous novel of marriage, a love story steeped in strength and tenderness, and cast with the most vivid, touching and believable characters in recent literature. I came to adore Lisey Landon and her sisters, I ached for Scott and all he'd been through, and when I finally reached the bittersweet and heartfelt conclusion, my first thought was that I wanted to start over again from the beginning, for it felt as if were saying good-bye to old friends. This is Stephen King at his finest and most generous, a dazzling novel that you'll thank yourself for reading long after the final page is turned."

To be published in the fall of 2006.

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