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Paul Sheldon:
- fiction writer
'Misery's Journey'
'Misery's Love'
'Misery's Child'
'Misery's Return'
'Fast Cars...
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Name: Description:

?, Daniel

- Boy in day camp with Paul Sheldon.

Alliburton, Geoffrey

- Character in the Misery Novels. Friend of Ian and Misery.

Beaulifant, Hester

- Patient that Annie may have killed.

Bell, Bryce

- Paul Sheldon's agent.

Berryman, Crysilda

- Maiden name of Crysilda Wilkes.

Billford, Dr.

- Character in the Misery Novels. Pronounced Misery dead.

Bollinger, Mrs.

- Works in the bank that Annie uses.

Bonasaro, Tony

- Character in the Sheldon draft of the novel "Fast Cars". Car thief.

Bookings, Dr.

- Character in the Misery Novels. Church of England minister that performed rites on Misery.


- Pet Pig of Annie's.


- Worked for Eustice public works department.

Carmichael, Ian

- Character in the Misery Novels. Husband of Misery when she died.

Carmichael, Misery

- Married name of Misery Chastain.

Carmichael, Sean

- Character in the Misery Novels. Was supposed to be the name of Misery's child, but Paul had to hand write all the N's.

Carmichael, Thomas

- Character in the Misery Novels. Son of Misery and Ian.

Chastain, Gwendoline

- Mentioned in the rambling at the end of the book.

Chastain, Misery

- Character in the Misery Novels. She died at the end of the last novel, but Paul Sheldon now has to resurrect her.

Christopher, Girl

- Baby girl that Annie may have killed.

Colter, ?

- Character in the Misery Novels. Gravedigger that first alerted Geoffrey that Misery may be alive in her grave.

Corrigan, Careless

- Character in a game Paul Sheldon played in Camp.

Cranthorpe, Mr.

- Character in the Misery Novels. Geoffrey's horse tripped on his Toll-gate on his way to the doctor for Misery.

Dartmonger, Nancy

- Owner of the store Used News.

Desmond, Eddie

- Character in Paul Sheldons next book.

Dugan, Ralph

- Husband of Annie. Divorced on the grounds of Mental Cruelty. Looked quite like Annie's father.


- Cross-eyed cat of Paul Sheldon.

Evelyn-Hyde, Charlotte

- Character in the Misery Novels. Buried alive and tried to dig her way out of the grave.

Faverey, Mr.

- Had something to do with the Sandpipers "Misery room".

Ford, Angela

- Divorced from John.

Ford, John

- Divorced from Angela.

Fossington, Albert

- Character in the Misery Novels. Owned the Oak Hall. Classmate of Ian and Geoffrey.

Fowles, John

- Writer.

Frawley, Kirsten

- Divorced from Stanley.

Frawley, Stanley

- Divorced from Kirsten.

Freeling, Nicholas

- Writer that created the detective Van der Valk.

Fromsley, Duncan

- Character in the Misery Novels. Seen old man Peterson as a ghost.

Gonyar, Ernest

- Patient that Annie may have killed.

Gray, Lieutenant

- Character in the Fast Cars. Killed by Tony Bonasaro.


- Character in the Misery Novels. Ian's Irish Setter.

Hale, Christopher

- Book reviewer for New York Times.

Harvey, Paul

-  Mentioned by Paul Sheldon.

Haversham, Billy

- Put heaters in the roof of Annies barn to melt off the snow.

Heidzig, Baron

- Character in the Misery Novels. Killed by the Bourkas tribe in Africa.


- Character in the Misery Novels. Black African Bourkas tribe member that was friends with Misery.

Humbuggy, Officer

- Name thought of by Paul Sheldon.

Kaspbrak, Mrs.

- Lived across the road from a 12 year old Paul Sheldon.

Kinsolving, Tamara

- Police spokeswoman in Denver about the maternity deaths.

Krenmitz, Adrain

- Father of Allison, Frederic, Laurene and Paul. He died in the fire that killed 3 of his kids.

Krenmitz, Alison

- 3 year old daughter of Adrian and Jessica. Died in the fire on 28th October 1954.

Krenmitz, Frederic

- 6 year old son of Adrian and Jessica. Died in fire.

Krenmitz, Jessica

- Mother of Allison, Frederic, Laurene and Paul. Survived the fire.

Krenmitz, Laurene

- 8 month old daughter of Adrian and Jessica. Lived.

Krenmitz, Paul

- 8 year old son of Adrian and Jessica. Died in the fire.

Kushner, Duane

- Young state cop that Annie Wilkes killed when Paul got his attention.

Lady Calthorpe

- Character in the Misery Novels. Misery's title.

Leith, Michael

- Wrote newspaper article about maternity deaths in Boulder Hospital.


- Character in the Misery Novels. Mare of Geoffrey.

Maugham, W. Somerset

- Writer.

M'Chibi, Chief

- Character in the Misery Novels.

McKibbon, Mr.

- Put the fake bullet hole in the Sandpipers "Misery room".

McKnight, Trooper

- Saved Paul Sheldon.

McLaren, Danna

- Divorced from Lee.

McLaren, Lee

- Divorced from Danna.

Merrill, Charlie

- Paul Sheldon's editor.


- Pet pig of Anne Wilkes.

Mulvaney, Mrs.

- Neighbour of Paul Sheldon's mother.

O'Whunn, Michael

- Centralia fire chief. Was there when Krenmitz kids died.

Patterson, Old Man

- Character in the Misery Novels. Seen as a ghost.

Peter Gunn

- Cat owned by Anne Wilkes and Andrea Saint James.

Pomeroy, Andrew

- Mutilated man found in bush. Killed by Annie Wilkes.

Ramage, Bill

- Husband of Mrs Ramage. Dead.

Ramage, Mrs.

- Character in the Misery Novels. Housekeeper of Ian and Misery.

Roberts, Glenna

- Reporter for KTKA. Shot at by Annie.

Roberts, Tony

- Worked in Feed Store in Sidewinder.

Rothberg, Laura D.

- Patient that Annie may have killed.

Roydman, ?

- Closest neighbours to the Wilkes house.

Roydman, ?

- Character in the Misery Novels. Child that died in the last Misery Novel.

Ruddman, Gary

- Friend of Paul Sheldon in the Boulder Library.

Saint James, Andrea

- Nursing student that lived with Annie. May have been killed by Annie.

Sandpiper, Roman D., III

- Husband of Virginia.

Sandpiper, Virginia

- Woman that created a room in her house that looked line Misery's parlour.

Sheldon, Mrs.

- Mother of Paul.

Sheldon, Paul

- Writer trapped by his "number one fan". His novels include "Misery's Quest", "Misery's Hobby" (This was a steamy limited release to 12 of Paul's closest friends), "Misery's Love", "Misery's Child" (Misery died), "Fast Cars" (Manuscript that was destroyed by Annie), and the novel he was forced by Annie to write: "Misery's Return".

Sheldon, Roger

- Father of Paul.

Shinebone, Dr.

- Character in the Misery Novels. Taped Geoffrey's broken Ribs.

Simeaux, Paulette

- Patient that Annie may have killed.

Soames, Mrs.

- Character in the Misery Novels. Found the dead Charlotte Evelyn-Hyde after she had tried to dig out of her grave .

Thalman, Irving

- Died in the fire that killed the Krenmitz family.

Torrance, John Daniel

- Not mentioned by name, but he was the one that was the caretaker that supposedly caused the Overlook Hotel to burn down. Described by Annie Wilkes.

Twyford, Tom

- Ex-Cop that helped Paul with manuscript for "Fast Cars".

Van der Valk

- Fictional detective created by Nicholas Freeling.

Webster, Daniel

- Made up name from Paul Sheldon.

-Wickersham, Mad Jack

- Character in the Misery Novels.

Wicks, Trooper

- Saved Paul Sheldon.

Wilkes, Annie Marie

- The Psychotic nurse that saved Paul Sheldon after a car accident. Kept him as a prisoner. Born 1/4/1943.

Wilkes, Carl

- Father of Annie. Died in a strange fall.

Wilkes, Crysilda

- Mother of Annie.

Wilkes, Paul Emery

- Brother of Annie. Born 12/5/1939.

Wilson, Edmund

- Wrote essay on Poetry.

Yoder, Chuckie

- Worked at the Liquor store in Sidewinder.

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