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  • In Part 1 chapter 22. From the words: " Because of his research" and until the word psychosis" this is what is wrong: The neurosis conception was introduced by Sigmund Freud, as an important part of the theory about the psychosexual development. Since then this theory and also the neurosis conception has been subject to dissociation and is therefore not being used any more.
  • In Part 1 chapter 22. From the words: "Although a borderline" and until "aggressive cheerfulness", this is what is wrong: Abnormal variations in a persons mood is not seen as a symptom for borderline disorder. This variation in a persons mood, from depression to "aggressive" cheerfulness, can be found with people suffering from bipolar manic-depression.
  • In Part 1 chapter 22. From: "The puffed and" and the rest of the paragraph, this is what is wrong: This part can quite possibly be a correct reference to the borderline disorder, as it was set forth by psychoanalysts like Kohut and Ainsworth. As mentioned above this psychoanalyzation was later rejected. If not anything else then Stephen King can at least be accused of being anachronistic.
  • In the end of Part 1 chapter 23 Annie places the Royal on the board that she has made for the wheelchair. But 2 pages later it says that it stood on the bureau.
  • When Annie places Paul in front of the window he is glad that he has the possibility of looking at something new instead of the room. And when he thinks of the things in the room that he has been looking at for weeks he recalls the rooms blue wallpaper in Part 1, chapter 28 . But earlier in Part 1, chapter 10, when Annie comes into the room, to clean up the soup in the corner of the room it says that she scrubbed on the plaster to make the stain disappear. Although it can be deducted that Stephen King meant to have the rooms walls covered with wallpaper, because later in Part 3, subchapter 43, when Paul burns his fake book he notices that some of the burning paper has set the wallpaper on fire.
  • In Part 2, chapter 2 Paul pretends that he is coughing but is actually smiling, and Annie hits him on the back. On the next page it says that Annie sat on the bed, while Paul sat in his wheelchair in other end of the room. But Annie placed the pages on the night table besides Paul. So he either had to be lying in bed or he'd have to be parked besides the night table, NOT at the other end of the room.
  • Paul is in error in Part 2, chapter 18 when he said that it had been a year before Annie and Ralph had bought the house. In fact they had married on the 2nd January 1979, and bought the house in March 1979 - only 2 months later.
  • Annie tells Paul that the drug Novril that she is using for his pain relief is Codeine based, and that she has not stolen any morphine based drugs from the Hospital (Part 2, chapter 21). Codeine is made from Opium and has the same properties as Morphine, but is weaker. Since Morphine is also made from Opium, it can be concluded that Codeine is 'sort of' Morphine Based.
  • In Part 3, Chapter 33 two news reporters come to see Annie and interview her about the missing policeman. She walks out with a shotgun full of "double-ought buck", fires a warning shot, and then when she re-enters the house she magically has a rifle, not a shotgun.
  • Annie's character is said to be deeply depressed. If this was her only problem then she would NOT have harmed herself.
  • In Part 1, chapter 23 Annie comes in with the Royal typewriter. The typewriter is described as having glass panels set into its sides. But in Part 3, chapter 42 it says that the typewriter had gray sides.
  • At the very beginning of page 277 ( Part III, ch. 32 ) it says that Annie swung her shotgun towards the KTKA camera-man. But a few lines later it says that she was holding a rifle.

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