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Thad Beaumont:
- Fiction

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- Fiction
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Name: Description:

?, Felicia

- Took the Photo of Lester Pratt and Judy Libby.

?, Irvina

- Kid at school.

?, Sarah

- Aunt of Polly Chalmers.

?, Timmy

- Driver for the Flying Corson Brothers.

Bannerman, George

- Retired sheriff.

Bates, Norville

- Short order cook at Yor Best Diner. Polly Chalmers liked him.

Beaufort, Henry

- Owner & Bartender of the Mellow Tiger bar.

Beaulieu, Donna

- Best Friend of Erin McAvoy.

Beaumont, Thaddeus

- Mentioned by Alan Pangborn. He was a novelist who's house burnt down.

Bellingham, ?

- Boy Brian Rusk's age.

Bissette, Antonia

- Died of a Broken neck.

Bissonette, Ricky

- Worked at Sonny's Sunoco.

Bonsaint, Mr.

- Husband of Stephanie.

Bonsaint, Stephanie

- Visited Needful Things. Part of the Ash Street Bridge Club.

Bradford, Deke

- Public Works boss. Wanted to buy dynamite for the gravel pit.

Brigham, John

- Local priest.

Brigham, Sheila

- Sheriff's dispatcher.

Brooks, ?

- State Police officer.

Burgermeyer, Phil

- In Church Fight.

Burgmeyer, Helen

- Had a seizure through the night.

Camber, Charity

- Wife of Joe Camber.

Camber, Joe

- Killed by Cujo.

Catlin, Jimmy

- Computer whiz that went to school with Al Pangborn.

Chalmers, Evelyn

- Great Aunt of Polly, who gave her inheritance to Polly on her death.

Chalmers, Kelton

- Son of Polly Chalmers. She told people he died of SIDS, but was killed in a fire. Named after Paternal Grandfather.

Chalmers, Lorraine

- Mother of Polly. Died of a heart attack.

Chalmers, Newton

- Father of Polly Chalmers.

Chalmers, Patricia

- Runs "You Sew and Sew" in Castle Rock. Girlfriend of Alan Pangborn. Left town after becoming pregnant to Duke Sheehan, then returned without the baby. Suffers bad from Arthritis, and a close friend of Annie Pangborn.

Chambers, Chris

- Once terrorised by Ace Merrill (In The Body).

Chung, Martin D.

- Chief legal council for San Francisco Department of Child Welfare.

Clooney, ?

- Broke the Jerzyck's window playing baseball.

Clutterbuck, Andy

- Police officer in Castle Rock. Husband of Melissa.

Clutterbuck, Melissa

- Town Treasurer. Wife of Andy Clutterbuck.

Cobb, Albion

- Husband of Nettie. Was murdered by Nettie.

Cobb, Netitia

- House keeper for Polly Chalmers. Killed her abusive husband and spent 5 years in Juniper Hill Asylum.

Constatine, Mr.

- Pharmacist at LaVerdiere's super drug.

Copeland, Nat

- In jail with Ace Merrill.

Corson, Dave

- Firearms and drug dealers. Brother of Mike.

Corson, Mike

- Firearms and drug dealers. Brother of Dave.

Crompton, George

- Cop who drank at the Blue Door Bar.

Cross, Harry

- Cop who drank at the Blue Door Bar.


- The dog who went rabid.

Dawson, Stanley

- Friend of Brian Rusk.

Delkey, Kevin

- Friend of Sean Rusk.

DeLois, ?

- Boy Brian Rusk's age.

DeWeese, Mrs.

- Teacher.

Dodd, Frank

- Castle Rock Police officer and murderer.

Dodd, Mrs.

- Mother of Slopey Dodd.

Dodd, Slopey

- In School with Brian Rusk. Had a stutter.

Dorfman, Carl

- Roommate of Al Pangborn.

Doyan, Peter

- Friend of Hugh Priest.

Drake, Rosalie

- Spoke to Alan Pangborn about Needful things. Works with Polly Chalmers.

Duchamp, Teddy

- Once terrorised by Ace Merrill (In The Body).

Dugas, Bobby

- Works at the Public Works Department.

Dunham, Lucille

- Waitress at Nan's diner.

Edwards, Steve

- Friend of Lester Pratt.

Emerson, Mr.

- Bought a gun off Gaunt.

Evans, Chuck

- Husband of Myra.

Evans, Mrs.

- Nurse at the Northern Cumberland Hospital.

Evans, Myra Josephine

- Best friend of Cora Rusk.

Fortin, Charlie

- Drinks in the Mellow Tiger bar.

Frankel, Donny

- In School with Brian Rusk.

Frankel, Everett

- Physicians assistant working with Dr Van Allen.

Frazier, Steve

- Had been Castle Rock Head Selectman before Danforth Keeton.

Friedman, David

- Ballistics Expert for State Police.

Fullerton, Bill

- Second Selectman of Castle Rock, and the town barber.

Gagnon, Timmy

- Owner of Riverside BBQ Delish.

Gamache, Homer

- Beaten to death with his artificial arm near Homeland Cemetery.


- Cat of Myra Evans.

Garson, Scott

- Castle Rock barber.

Gaunt, Leland

- Proprietor of Needful Things.

Gavineaux, June

- Wife of a dairy farmer. Played a prank on Father Brigham.

Gendron, Albert

- Dentist in Castle Rock - Huge man.

Gendron, Henry

- Customer of Needful Things. Husband of Yvette.

Gendron, Yvette

- Wife of Henry. Bought a teddy bear from Needful Things for their Daughter.

Hanlon, Jay

- One of the Hanlon twins.

Harper, Norman

- In the Baptist church.

Harper, Norman

- Friend of Reverend Rose.

Haverhill, Mrs.

- Lived next door to the Jerzyck's.

Hemphill, Don

- On the Republican State Committee.

Hemphill, Wanda

- Wife of Don Hemphill.

Hendrie, Miss

- Nurse at the Northern Cumberland Hospital.

Higgins, Naomi Sarah

- Maiden name of Naomi Peebles.

Hopewell, Mark

- Real Estate agent.

Horton, Mike

- Journalist from Norway's "Journal-Register".

Jackett, Sonny

- Mechanic.

Jerzyck, Peter Michael

- Husband of Wilma. Real estate agent.

Jerzyck, Wilma Wadlowski

- The woman who Brian Rusk had to upset.

Jessup, Naomi

- In the Church.

Jewett, Frank M.

- Principal.

Johnstone, Deborah

- In the Baptist church.

Keeton, Bill

- Uncle of Danforth, and Brother of Ronald. Tried to kill his wife and was placed in Juniper Hill Asylum.

Keeton, Danforth

- Castle Rock Head Selectman.

Keeton, Myrtle

- Wife of Danforth.

Keeton, Ronald

- Father of Danforth Keeton. He spent 4 years in a V.A. mental hospital. Ran a car yard.

Killingsworth, Reverend Tom

- Methodist Minister.

LaChance, Gordon

- Was picked on by Ace Merrill. Was a writer.

LaPointe, John

- Police officer in Castle Rock.

Laurence, Shirley

- Danforth Keeton's secretary.

Lawes, ?

- One of the Lawes Boys.

Lawless, Mona

- Teacher. Friend of Sally Rutcliffe.

Libby, Judy

- In a photo with Lester Pratt. His ex-girlfriend.

Longman, Henrietta

- Owned and operated the Beauty Rest on Castle Hill.

Lutjens, Irene

- Friend of Sally Rutcliffe.

MacFarland, Bill

- Friend of Lester Pratt.

Marchant, Billy

- Student at School.

Martin, Albert

- Lawyer husband of Cynthia Martin. Does a lot of Castle Rock's legal work.

Martin, Cynthia Rose

- Visited Needful Things. Part of the Ash Street Bridge Club.

Martin, Nonie

- In School with Brian Rusk.

McAvoy, Erin

- 8th Grader who seen dirty books in Jewett's office.

McDonald, John D.

- Writer.

McEntire, Reba

- Drinks in the Mellow Tiger bar.

McGinley, Brion

- School Geography teacher.

McMillan, Sandra

- Part time police Dispatcher.

Mellon, Fred

- Baptist Deacon.

Merrill, John

- Childhood boyfriend of Myra Evans.Came back to town to work at Needful Things. Spend some time in Shawshank prison. Owner of the shop Emporium Galorium.

Merrill, Reginald Marion

- Uncle of Ace Merrill. Was rumoured to have buried his savings, and Ace Merrill was given a book by Gaunt showing the places.

Meyers, Sally

- In School with Brian Rusk.

Miller, Barbara

- Visited Needful Things. Part of the Ash Street Bridge Club.

Milliken, Len

- In Church Fight.

Milliken, Miss

- Bought a gun off Gaunt.

Mislaburski, Jillian

- Next door neighbour of the Jerzyck's.

Morin, Ducky

- Supplier of drugs to Ace Merrill.

Morris, Trooper

- State Trooper.

Morrison, ?

- State Police Officer.

Myers, Rose Ellen

- Friend of Lucille Dunham.

Neadeau, Butch

- Castle Rock Overseer of County and Social Services.

Nelson, George T.

- Gay Woodshop teacher.

O'Neal, Father

- Castle Rock Priest.

Palin, John

- Vet in South Portland.

Pangborn, Al

- Son of Alan and Annie.

Pangborn, Alan J.

- Sheriff. Boyfriend of Polly Chalmers.

Pangborn, Annie

- Wife of Alan. Died.

Pangborn, Todd

- Son of Alan. Died.

Partridge, Lenny

- Oldest man in Castle Rock. Bit of a busy body.

Payton, Henry

- Head of Oxford Barracks.

Peebles, Naomi Sarah

- Wife of Sam Peebles.

Peebles, Sam

- Owner of the store where Needful Things opened.

Pelletier, Francine

- Visited Needful Things. Part of the Ash Street Bridge Club.

Perlmutter, John L.

- Deputy director of San Francisco Department of Child Welfare.

Pervier, Gary

- Killed by Cujo.

Pollard, ?

- Neighbour of Nettie Cobb.

Potter, Howard

- Friend of Albert Martin.

Potter, Lenore

- Bought Howdy Doodie puppet.

Potter, Mr.

- Husband of Lenore. Boss of Mr. Bonsaint.

Pratt, Lester Ivanhoe

- Fiancee of Sally Rutcliffe. School physical education teacher.

Price, Joe

- State Policeman.

Priest, Hugh Albert

- Worst temper in Castle Rock. Works for the Public Works department. He killed Raider (The dog).

Priest, Natalie

- Best friend of Darlene Vickery.

Pulaski, Frieda

- Friend of Wilma Jerzyck. Wife of Jake.

Pulaski, Jake

- Friend of Pete Jerzyck. Husband of Frieda.


- Nettie Cobbs Dog.

Ramage, Nancy

- Head Nurse at Castle Rock family Practice.

Ratcliffe, Sally

- Brian Rusk's speech therapy teacher.

Ridgewick, Henry

- Father of Norris.

Ridgewick, Norris

- Castle Rock Sheriff.

Ridgewick, Phil

- Brother of Henry.

Roberts, Nan

- Owner of Nan's luncheonette.

Rose, William

- Castle Rock Reverend.

Rossignoi, Meade

- Threw up on Gendron.

Rubin, Fred

- Friend of George T. Nelson.

Rusk, Brian

- Gaunt's first customer.

Rusk, Cora

- Mother of Brian.

Rusk, Mr.

- Father of Brian. Works for the Dick Perry Siding and Door Company in South Paris.

Rusk, Sean

- Brother of Brian.

Ryan, Dr. Henry

- State chief medical examiner.

Samuels, Harry

- Only Mortician in Castle Rock and Castle Rock Selectman.

Sayers, Bill

- Worked at Western Auto.

Scopes, Dr.

- Neurologist from Portland.

Seguin, Brian

- Boy who asked Sandy Koufox to sign his baseball card, which was sold to Brian Rusk by Gaunt.

Sheehan, Paul

- Old Boyfriend of Polly Chalmers.

Skillins, Irma

- Principal of Junction City High School.

Smith, Johnny

- Discovered the identity of Frank Dodd.


- Castle Rock Trout.

Sparrows, The

- Thought about by Alan Pangborn (From the Dark Half).

Stark, George

- Character in Alan Pangborn's dream. He drove a Black Toronado with a sticker "High-toned son of a Bitch" (From the Dark Half).

StClare, Ariadne

- Full time secretary for council selectmen.

Tammy Faye

- George T. Nelson's pet parakeet.

Tanner, Alice

- School Secretary.

Tessio, Vern

- Once terrorised by Ace Merrill (In The Body).

Thomas, Seaton

- Police officer in Castle Rock.

Tierney, Tim

- State Attorney General

Treblehorn, ?

- Old man who's land was given to Pop Merrill as payment for a loan.

Tremayne, Vic

- Friend of Lester Pratt.

Trenton, Donna

- Attacked by Cujo. Mother of Tad.

Trenton, Theodore

- Indirectly killed by Cujo.

Tucker, Preston

- Owner of Tuckers Automobiles. Made the "Tucker Torpedo" and "Tucker Talisman" (Only 2 Talisman's made and Gaunt has one of them).

Tupper, William

- Cleaner at the Mellow Tiger bar.

Van Allen, Ray

- The only family doctor in Castle Rock.

Vickery, Darlene

- 8th Grader who seen dirty books in Jewett's office.

Vigue, Betsy

- Daughters of Isabella Activities chairwoman.

Warburton, Eddie

- Head custodian of Municipal building.

Whitman, Charles

- Eagle scout who climbed to the top of the Texas tower and killed over 24 people.

Williams, Amanda

- One of the board of selectmen of Castle Rock. Friend of Myrtle Keeton.

Williams, Tansy

- Daughter of Amanda Williams.

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