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  • In the introduction we find that Frank Dodd went crazy 12 years ago and killed a number of women. The book is based in 1991, and making the Dodd murders back in 1979. The only problem is that Frank Dodd committed suicide on the 17 Dec 1975, 4 years earlier.
  • In chapter 7, subchapter 5 Alan tells Polly that the last time his son Al was home it was because he needed to talk to his friend Jimmy Catlin to help get some of his choicest programs to run on the new Commodore 64. In 1988, a C-64 was a very old computer.
  • In Cujo it says that Evelyn Chalmers died on the 30th of June 1980. But in Needful Things Part 1, Chapter 2, subchapter 1, it says that she died in 1981.
  • In The Dark Half Chapter 16, subchapter 6 we learn that Alan Pangborn's boys are Todd and Toby. In Needful Things his sons are Al and Todd.
  • Leyland Gaunt drove a Tucker Talisman, but this car was never built, and only existed on the drawing board. King claims there were three built for story purposes so he could give one to Leland Gaunt. On the topic of Tucker, he died in the U.S. and King said Brazil.
  • On page 40 (Part I, Ch. 2, subch. 1) it says that Paul Sheehan had joined the navy and had done a few turns there. But later, on page 215 (Part I, Ch. 8, subch. 12), when Polly is thinking back, she remembers that one of Paul Sheehans friends had told her that he had made some panicky preparations to join the navy, when he turned 18.
    It just sounds weird. First it seems as if he has joined the navy because he had to, but later it sounds as if he actually tried to flee to the navy. Hmmmmm... weird.

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