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Night Shift
Jerusalem's Lot
Graveyard Shift
Night Surf
I Am The Doorway
The Mangler
The Boogeyman
Gray Matter
Sometimes They Come Back
Strawberry Spring
The Ledge
The Lawnmower Man
Quitters, Inc.
I Know What You Need
Children Of The Corn
The Last Rung On The Ladder
The Man Who Loved Flowers
One For The Road
The Woman In The Room

Jerusalem's Lot
Charles Boone moves into Chapelwaite built in 1782, a house near Jerusalem's Lot in 1850 which is only 3 Miles North of Falmouth, 9 miles North of Portland and near the town of Preachers Corner. He is supposedly the last of the Boone linage, and Chapelwaite holds many family secrets, not all of them good. In fact not any of them are good!

The house has a strange pull and he is drawn to the strange deserted town of Jerusalems Lot, only to find that there is more there than meets the eye. The town's entire population disappeared on the 31st of October 1789. A strange book in the church holds many of the answers, but it is evil and should be destroyed, which Charles manages to do, at the cost of his own life, for as long as a Boone lives, Chapelwaite and Jerusalems Lot are dangerous.
And now in 1971 another Boone descendent has moved back in, and it is starting all over again!

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Name: Description:

?, Richard

- Friend of Charles Boone, worked for the Liberator.

Bigelow, Mr.

- Historian that Charles Boone met at Mr Clary's fundraiser. He was asked about Salems Lot.

Boon, James

- Leader of a religious group in 1710 and the Keeper of the Worm in Jerusalems Lot. Ancestor of the Boone family, and possibly the father of Kenneth.

Boone, Charles

- Moved into Chapelwaite in 1850. The storyteller who eventually died of suicide after burning the book in the church in Jerusalems Lot.

Boone, Henry

- Uncle of Charles. Husband of Judith.

Boone, James Robert

- Last of the Boone family line, and now living in Chapelwaite in 1971. Second cousin, 3 tmes removed of Charles Boone.

Boone, Judith

- Wife of Henry Boone.

Boone, Kenneth

- Great Grandfather of Charles. Father of Robert and Phillip. Wealthy from the fur trade. Died 1763.

Boone, Marcella

- Daughter of Randolph Boone. Died on the cellar stairs in Chapelwaite.

Boone, Phillip

- Brother of Robert Boone. Joined James Boon's church 1 September 1789. Had a falling out with his brother in 1788 over stolen papers, and disappeared along with everyone in Jerusalems Lot 31st of October 1789.

Boone, Randolph

- Father of Stephen and Marcella Boone. He comitted suicide in the cellar by hanging, just after his daughter died.

Boone, Robert

- Grandfather of Charles Boone. Brother of Phillip. Had a big fight in 1789 over stolen goods.

Boone, Sarah

- Wife of Charles Boone. Died before Charled moved into Chapelwaite.

Boone, Stephen

- Cousin of Charles Boone. Fell to death from Chapelwaite. Son of Randolph.

Brockett, Clifton

- Found a section of land dead and pressed down near Chapelwaite.

Brown, Barbara

- Gave birth to a child with no eyes in Preachers Corners.

Calhoun, Mr.

- Friend of Charles Boone.

Clary, Mr.

- Had a fundraising Dinner.

Cloris, Mr.

- Supervisor of girls cleaning Chapelwaite, and told Charles Boone a lot of Chapelwaite's history.

de Gourdge

- Wrote the "Demon Dwellings" book that was placed in Jerusalems Lot.

Frawley, ?

- Blacksmith in Preachers Corners in 1789.

Goodfellow, Henry

- Friend of Robert Boone from Boston. Mentioned in diary. He appears to be some sort of book dealer in Johns & Goodfellow.

Granson, Everett

- Friend of Charles Boone in Florida.

Granson, Mrs.

- Wife of Bones.

Hanson, ?

- Friend of Charles Boone in England.

Johns, ?

- He appears to be some sort of book dealer in Johns & Goodfellow.

McCann, Calvin

- Lived with Charles Boone in Chapelwaite. he found a map of Jerusalems Lot, and was eventually killed there, and presumed to be murdered by Charles Boone.

Petty, John

- Contacted Stephen Boone.

Radcliffe, Mrs.

- Possibly a romance writer.

Randall, Goody

- Seen signs in the sky of a disaster.

The Worm

- Eyeless creature of evil.

Thompson, Mr.

- Owner of 400 acres in Portland. Sells wood to people in the area, including Chapelwaite.

Thompson, Mrs.

- Wife of Mr. Thompson.


- The nameless one. Another name for the Worm.

Graveyard Shift
Gates Falls Mill was built back in 1897, and uses it's basement as a junk storage area. Management desides to have a cleanup of the basement one Fourth of July weekend, and it's full of rats.

The crew starts cleaning, and find some of the rats are as large as small puppies, and they bite. As they clean, they find a trapdoor, bolted closed from BELOW, leading to an even deeper basement dating back to 1841. 3 of the men enter only to find the rats upstairs are small and docile compared to the suprises that are waiting down here!

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Name: Description:

?, Tony

- On cleanup crew.

Brochu, Charlie

- On cleanup crew. He saw Ray Upson get bitten by a large rat.

Brogan, ?

- On cleanup crew. He was in the second crew to go down into the sub-basement.

Carmichael, ?

- On cleanup crew. He was in the second crew to go down into the sub-basement.

Dangerfield, ?

- On cleanup crew. Bitten by Rat and had to go home.

Hall, ?

- On cleanup crew. He was the picker machine operator on the Graveyard shift. He was in the first group to go down into the sub-basement, and was killed there.


- On cleanup crew. He threatened to go home, but was told he would be sacked. He was in the second group to go down to the sub-basement.

Nedeau, ?

- On cleanup crew. He was in the second group to go down to the sub-basement.

Stevenson, ?

- On cleanup crew.

The Rats

- They inhabit the mill, and larger ones are in the basement. The Rats in the sub-basement are up to 3 feet high, blind, and only have front legs.

Upson, Ray

- On cleanup crew. Bitten by Rat and had to go home.

Varney, Elias

- Name on a box in the sub-basement dating back to 1841.

Warwick, ?

- Foreman on the Graveyard shift. He was in the first group to go down into the sub-basement, and was killed there.

Wisconsky, Harry

- Fed work to Hall. Fat. He was in the first group to go down into the sub-basement, and was killed there.

Night Surf
A group of people are survivors of "A6" more commonly known as the Captain Tripps flu. They live on the beach near Portland, and are slowly dying.
At first they thought that because they have had Honk Kong flu, they were immune, but when some of them who had had the Hong Kong flu begin to have symptoms of A6, they realise that they may all die soon. Listening to WKDM in Portsmouth, and other radio stations, they hear of others that have died.

This is a very strange story in that there is no hope shown by any of the survivors, just that they live for today.
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Name: Description:

?, Bernie

- Survivor of the Flu. The storyteller, and sort of boyfriend of Susie.

?, Bobby

- On the radio station. He was filling in for Fred, who has developed the Flu.

?, Corey

- Owner of a large, but loud radio.

?, Fred

- Supposed to be on the radio, but has the Flu and is dying.

?, Joan

- Survivor of the Flu. Girlfriend of Kelly.

?, Kelly

- Survivor of the Flu. Boyfriend of Joan.

?, Maureen

- Girlfriend of Bernie before she died of the Flu.

?, Susie

- Survivor of the Flu. Fat girlfriend of Bernie.

Como, Perry

- His song was on the radio station.

Dean, James

- Actor mentioned in passing.


- Survivor of the Flu from Portland, but has early flu signs.

Ray, Johnny

- His song was on the radio station.

Sackheim, Alvin

- Died of the Flu. Bernie and his friends found him in his Lincoln car. He was delerious and thought Susie was his grandmother. The group burnt him alive.

I Am The Doorway
Arthur was a deep space atronaut on project Zeus that was infected with a strange bug during a mission to Venus. When he landed on earth, he was seriously injured when the parachutes failed, loosing the use of his legs, while his partner, Cory, was killed. He retired to peaceful Key Caroline.
Arthur's fingers began to hurt, and before he realised it, his fingers had eyes - literally. The eyes began to control him, making him kill a young local boy, and cause the death of his good friend Richard.
Panicking, he destroys the new eyes by burning his hands off. That was 7 years ago, and now he lives with hooks for hands, but there is a new problem - 12 eyes on a perfect circle on his chest!
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Name: Description:

?, Arthur

- Partner of Cory in a mission to Venus. Lost use of legs in accident on re-entry when chute failed. Was infected by an unknown virus that caused eyes to grow on his fingers, then his chest. Killed a local boy and told Richard about it.

?, Cory

- Partner of Arthur in the trip to Venus. Killed in the re-entry accident.

?, Richard

- Friend of Arthur. Killed by lightning bolt while running from Arthur. Retired real estate agent that creates driftwood statues and sells them to tourists.

Anders, ?

- Orbited the moon in 1968 with Borman and Lovell.

Ballanger, Dr.

- Doctor who was taking Dr Flanders patients while he was on holidays.

Borman, ?

- Orbited moon in 1968 with Anders and Lovell.

Creswell, ?

- Navy Investigator who checks up on Richard each year.

Davis, John

- His orbiting observatory was holed by a meteor.

Flanders, Dr.

- Doctor of Arthur that was on a fishing cruise when Arthur wanted to see him.

Harrington, Maud

- Friend of Richard. He spoke to her about a missing boy on Key Caroline.

Jacks, ?

- Landed on Mars in 1979 with Markan.

Lederer, ?

- Died on second last Apollo mission when he was left orbiting the sun with Pederson.

Lovell, ?

- Orbited moon in 1968 with Anders and Borman.

Lovinger, Don

- Project Zeus 'whiz kid'.

Markhan, ?

- First on Mars in 1979 with Jacks.

Pedersen, ?

- Died on second last Apollo mission when he was left orbiting the sun with Lederer.

The Mangler
A Hadley-Watson Model-6 Speed Ironer and Folder, nicknamed the Mangler tried to fold an employee at the Blue Ribbon Laundry - with interesting and deadly results. Repeated inspections found nothing wrong with the machine.
It is soon discovered that the machine is haunted thanks to a few freak accidents including the blood of a virgin and some Hand of Glory. Soon the single death was not the only accident - more people are injured in other accidents, and finally Mark Jackson and John Hutton decide to rid the machine of the demon - but the machine has other ideas...
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Name: Description:

?, Essie

- Worked at the Blue Ribbon Laundry. Got her dress caught in the drive chains.


- Demon that was mentioned as one that may inhabit the Mangler.


- Demon that was mentioned as one that may inhabit the Mangler.

Cherinikov, Mrs.

- In hospital next to Annette Gillian.

Diment, Herb

- Blue Ribbon Laundry repairman. Maintains the Mangler. Cut off George Stanners arm when it was caught in the Mangler.

Frawley, Adelle

- Killed by the Mangler when she was dragged through the machine.

Frazier, James George

- Wrote "Golden Boughs" book about Magic and religion.

Gartley, Bill

- Owner of the Blue Ribbon Laundry. Uncle of Sherry Ouelette.

Gillian, Andy

- Son of Annette.

Gillian, Annette

- Burnt by steam in the laundry in the second mangler accident. She had second degree burns. Mother of Andy.

Hunton, John

- Police Officer that investigated the Mangler accident. He threw up when he seen the accident scene for the first time in his 14 year career.

Hunton, Patty

- 3 year old daughter of John.

Hunton, Sandra

- Wife of John.

Jackson, Mark

- English Professor friend of John Hutton. He suggested the Mangler was haunted, and was killed trying to drive the beast from the machine.

Jason, Ginny

- Burnt by steam in the laundry in the second of the Mangler accidents.

Keene, Alberta

- Worked in the Laundry. Tried to shut the Mangler down when Adelle Frawley was dragged through the Mangler.

Martin, Mrs.

- Wife of Roger Martin.

Martin, Roger

- One of the investigators that looked at the Mangler and found nothing wrong each time.

Milton, ?

- Author read by Mark Jackson.

Ouelette, Sherry

- Niece of Bill Gartley, Cut her hand on the Mangler clamp. A virgin, and it was her accident that started the rest of the Mangler accidents.


- Demon that was mentioned as one that may inhabit the Mangler.


- Demon that was mentioned as one that may inhabit the Mangler.

Stanner, George

- Laundry Foreman. Caught his arm in the Mangler.

The Mangler

- A Hadley-Watson Model-6 Speed Ironer and Folder that begins to kill people after injesting the blood of a virgin and belladonna, known in some countries as the hand of glory.

The Boogeyman
Lester Billings speaks to his psyciatrist about the Boogeyman that is killing all his children. Their first child Denny, was afraid of the dark in his own room - a room in which the closet door kept creeping open.
After Denny's reported Crib Death, they move their second child, Shirley out of their room and into her own room - Denny's old room. She too becomes a victim of the Boogeyman, although the official explanation is Brain Convulsions causing her to swallow her tongue.
By now Lester has pretty good ideas of the cause, but their third child becomes a victim too. Lester soon finds out that this doctor has a lot to hide... Like the face of the boogeyman behing a mask of the doctors face!
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Name: Description:

?, Ann

- Grandmother of Lester Billings.

Billings, Andrew Lester

- Son of Lester. Looked like his father. Died of a fall from his cot.

Billings, Denny

- Son of Lester. Died in 1967 of crib death.

Billings, Lester

- Spoke to Dr Harper about the Boogeyman that was killing all his children. After his marriage in 1965 to Rita, all 3 of their children die.

Billings, Rita

- Wife of Lester.

Billings, Shirley

- Daughter of Lester. Died in 1971 of brain convulsions causing her to swallow her tongue.


- Monster mentioned by Lester Billings.

Harper, Dr.

- Psychiatrist that Lester spoke to about the Boogeyman. Turned out to be the Boogeyman.

Hucklebury Hound

- Mentioned in passing.

Ingles, Graham

- Cartoonist from "Tales from the Crypt" books read as a child by Lester Billings.

Mickey Mouse

- Cartoon character mentioned in passing.


- Monster mentioned by Lester Billings.


- Mentioned in passing.

The Boogeyman

- Lived in the closet and killed the Billings children.

Vickers, ?

- Nurse in Dr. Harpers surgery that tool Lester Billing's details.


- Monster mentioned by Lester Billings.

Grey Matter
A man drinks a bad beer in a small town near Bangor, Maine. He starts to change, and in the end, not even his friends know him.
He slowly turns into a blob of smelly grey jelly, getting his son to buy him beer at the local store, and eating dead, decaying animals. He is getting bigger all the time, and there are 2 missing girls and a missing wino in the local area as well.
When some of his friends come to deliver the beer, they see that he is dividing into 2, like some simple forms of life, but this one is a bit higher up the food chain and is after them!
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Name: Description:

?, Eddie

- 70 year old blind man. Steals bread from the nite-owl store. The bread is actually paid for by Henry Parmalee.

Connors, Bertie

- In the nite-owl store.

Gaiteau, ?

- Landlord of Richie Grenadine.

Grenadine, Richie

- Father of Timmie. He was hurt in a sawmill accident and off on workers compensation. Drinks a bad Golden Light beer and turns into something like jelly... with an attitude.

Grenadine, Timmy

- Son of Richie. He went to the Nite-Owl 24 hour store to ask for help with his father.

Haldeman, Frankie

- Friend of George Kelso that spoke to him about the large spider in Derry Sewer.

Kelso, George

- Worked for the Bangor Public Works department. Quit after seeing something strange in the sewer. It was described as a large spider. This is similar to Pennywise. He died 2 years later.

Littlefield, Carl

- In the nite-own store. Has bad arthritis.

Parmalee, Henry

- Owner of the Nite-owl store - only 24 hour store in the area. He spoke to Timmy Grenadine about his father, then went to investigate. He was possibly eaten by Richie Grenadine.

Parmalee, Mrs.

- Wife of Henry.

Pelham, Bill

- In the Nite-Owl store. Has a bad right arm.


- Dog of Narrator. Died under the house.

The Narrator

- In the Nite-Owl store. Went to see the weird Richie Grenadine.

Westphail, Dr.

- Local doctor.

John works for the oganization, for a minimum of $10,000 per job, and only twice a year, but he was always reliable. After killing Hans Morris, owner of a toy company, he receives a strange box that had stenciled on the front in white letters: G.I. JOE VIETNAM FOOTLOCKER, 20 Infantrymen, 10 Helicopters, 2 BAR Men, 2 Bazooka Men, 2 Medics, 4 Jeeps.
He soon finds that he is being attacked by an army - but the problem is that the army soldiers are only 1.5 inches high, and they know how to fight.

There is a special addition to this box of soldiers - a Scale-Model Thermonuclear Weapon, and these soldiers are not afraid of dying.
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Name: Description:

?, Ralph

- Walking past with his girlfriend when John Renshaw's apartment exploded.

Bates, Calvin

- Hired John Renshaw to kill Hans Morris for the Organization.

Morris, Hans

- Owner of Morris Toy Company in Miami. Killed by John Renshaw.

Morris, Mrs.

- Wife of Hans. Sent the soldiers to Renshaw in a box sent from Miami on April 15th.

Renshaw, John

- Hired hitman attacked by the mini-soldiers. Known as the Human Hawk.

The Soldiers

- 1.5 inch high soldiers with a blast of a secret.

A group of driverless trucks holds people hostage in Conants Truck Stop and Diner. The trucks are running by themselves, killing people that try to escape. The people realise that the vehicles are running out of fuel.
The trucks, buses and other vehicles also know this, and demand to be refuelled by the humans, and in return they will not kill them... Yet...!
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Name: Description:

?, Jerry

- Killed by a bulldozer trying to burn the bulldozer when it was trying to destroy the truckstop. He knew morse code and understood the message from the trucks.

Conant, ?

- Owner of the Truck Stop.

Foggarty, John

- On the jukebox in the truckstop.


- Salesman killed by the trucks when he tried to escape. He did not die straight away as he landed in a ditch, and died some time later.

The Narrator

- Told the story of the trucks. He owned a 1971 Camaro.

Sometimes They Come Back
4 Boys murdered Jim Norman's older brother 16 years ago. Now Jim is a schoolteacher, and 3 of them turn up in his class! They all transferred from Milford High, but there is no high school there, but there is a cemetery...
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Name: Description:

Corey, Mrs.

- Mother of Vincent.

Corey, Vincent

- 3rd boy to transfer to Jim Norman's Living with Literature class. Blond boy who murdered his older brother by stabbing him with a switchblade.

Denkinger, Gary

- Step father of Chip Osway.

Fenton, ?

- Principal of Harold Davis High.

Garcia, David

- 2nd boy to transfer to Jim Norman's Living with Literature class. Murdered his older Brother 16 years earlier. Spend 2 years in Granville Reformatory for stealing cars.

Holly, Buddy

- Singer mentioned in passing.

Lawson, Robert

- 1st boy to transfer to Jim Norman's Living with Literature class. Murdered his older Brother. Had a strawberry birthmark on his chin. IQ of 78.

Livingston, Morton

- Police Sergeant in Stratford that helped Jim Norman find Mr Nell.

Nell, Donald

- 74 year old Retired Officer in Stratford. Helped Jim Norman.

Norman, James

- Teacher who has 3 of the 4 boys that killed his older brother transfer into his Living with Literature class at Harold Davis High. The problem is that these boys died about 14 years ago, and have not aged since. He had a nervous breakdown a few years earlier when attached by a student.

Norman, Mrs.

- Mother of Jim - died of cancer.

Norman, Sally

- Wife of Jim that was hit by a car before her marriage. She was killed by Corey, Lester and Garcia.

Norman, Wayne

- Older brother of Jim that was murdered by Corey, Lester and Garcia. Stabbed in groin and chest.

Osway, Barry

- Father of Chip. Died 6 years ago.

Osway, Charles

- Football and Basketball player that was given an F in literature class by Jim Norman after he cheated on a test. Left school.

Silverstein, Pinky

- Held a poker game where Jim Norman lost $16.

Simmons, Mr.

- Head of English Department at Harold Davis High. Smoked a pipe.

Simon, Frank

- Police Officer that attended the crash that killed Corey, Lester and Garcia. Now works for Sikorsky.

Slavin, Katherine

- In Jim's Living with Literature Class. Fell from a roof whole feeding her birds on the roof of her apartment. The second to die in the class.

Snow, Dianna

- A made up name for a student of Jim Norman.

Sponder, Charlie

- 4th boy that was involved in Wayne Norman's death. He is still alive, and joined the army in about 1958.

Stearns, William

- Student in Jim Norman's Living with Literature. Killed in hit and run accident on the Tuesday after Christmas. 15 years old.

Williams, Ted

- Baseball player.

Zimmerman, Mack

- Student at Centre St Vocational trades high school that played the guitar, and was beat up by other students.

Strawberry Spring
Strawberry Spring is a once every 10 year event that causes a killer to stalk a New Sharon Campus. Starting on 16th of March 1968, this strawberry spring will be one to be remembered!
The killer evades the police, but 10 years later he's back!
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Name: Description:

Amalara, Carl

- Boyfriend of Gail Cerman. Thought to be the killer, but released when another murder occurs while he is in prison.

Bray, Ann

- Second Victim of Springheel Jack in 1968. Her head was cut off. President of the National Service Sorority.

Cerman, Gail

- Murdered Art Major. Found in the corner of the Animal Services car park on March 17, 1968.

Curran, Marsha

- Fourth and last Victim of Springheel Jack in 1968. Fat girl who lived in town. She was killed on 23rd of March 1968.

Dancey, John

- Junior at High School. Found the body of Gail Cerman.

Gray, Hanson

- Homosexual sociology student from New Hampshire thought to be Springheel Jack, but released.

Hawkins, Dr. John

- Bristol Killer that murdered 5 of his wives.

Morris, Donald

- Found unconscious in carpark, but thought to be dead, but he sat up on the way to the hospital in the back of a police car.

Parkins, Adelle

- Victim 3 of Springheel Jack in 1968. Found behind the wheel of her 1964 Dodge, and in the back seat, and in the boot.

Springheel Jack

- Murderer. Named after the lack of footprints around the body in one case. It turns out this is the Narrator.

The Narrator

- Tells the story of the murders in 1968. We never find out his name, but he turns out to be the murderer, but he is unaware of it in 1968, and only dimly aware in 1978.

Cronkite, Walter

- TV personality mentioned in passing.

Johnson, Lyndon

- His picture was on the front of the Tep Fraternity House.

Jack the Ripper

- Murderer similar to Springheel Jack.

Milton, ?

- His writings were the topic of an essay.

The Ledge
Stan Norris is a burnt out Tennis Pro who is in love with Marcia Cresner. One slight problem with their love is Marcia's husband - an Organization Overlord who does not like the idea of his wife having an affair.
Stan is placed in a precarious situation - walk around the 5 inch wide ledge on the top floor of a 34 story building and go free, or go to jail for drug offences. What makes it hard is that Cressner does NOT want him to suceed.
Well he does, and gets the upper hand on Cressner, and then makes Cressner walk around the ledge. Cressner said he's never welshed on a bet, but Norris has been known to.
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Name: Description:

?, Tony

- Worked for Cressner. He was hit in the nost with a gun by Stan Norris.

Cressner, ?

- Man who bet Stan Norris that he could not walk around the ledge of the building. He was an "Organization Overlord" and the husband of Marcia. He tried.

Cressner, Marcia

- Lover of Stan. She was killed by her husband trying to get away. She took Tennis lessons from Stan Norris.

Hatton, Rondo

- Mentioned in passing.

Norris, Stan

- Ex Tennis Pro that had to walk around the Ledge of a building or go to jail. Lover of Marcia Cressner. He chooses to walk around the ledge, makes it, then get's Tony's gun and makes Cressner walk around the ledge.

The Pigeon

- A Pigeon attacked Stan while he was walking around the ledge.

The Lawnmower Man
After selling his mower, Harold Parkette decided to sell his lawnmower after a tragic accident where one neighbours dog chases another neighbours cat under the running mower.
The lawns beging to get quite high, so Harold decided to hire in a contractor called "Pastoral Greenery and Outdoor Services" to mow his lawns. They arrive soon, but they have an interisting way of mowing - the mower runs automatically while the lawnmower man crawls along behing eating up all the cut grass.
Harold calls the police, but the lawnmower man decided that there is time for a quick trim of Harold as well - his head!
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Name: Description:

?, Phil

- Owner of Sonoco where Harold sold his mower for a new tyre and a tank full of fuel.

?, Sonny

- Bartender at the Goldfish Bowl bar.

Castonmeyer, Jack

- Neighbour of Harold Parkette. Their dog chased the Smith's cat under Harold's lawnmower. A Democrat.

Cooley, ?

- Police Patrolman at scene of Harold's death.

Drago, Dick

- Baseball player mentioned in passing.

Goodwin, ?

- Police Lieutenant at scene of Harold's death.

Hall, ?

- Police Sergeant that Harold called about the naked lawnmower man in his yard.


- The boss of the lawn mowing business called "Pastoral Greenery and Outdoor Services".

Parkette, Alicia

- Daughter of Harold.

Parkette, Carla

- Wife of Harold.

Parkette, Harold

- Got his lawns mowed by "Pastoral Greenery and Outdoor Services", but when he rang the police, the Lawnmower Man came after him with the running lawnmower - and lost more than he expected.

Smith, Don

- Neighbour of the Parkette's. A Democrat.

Smith, Jenny

- 4 year old daughter of Don. Hid in Harold's long grass.

Smith, Mrs.

- Owner of the cat that was killed by Harold's mower. Wife of Don and mother of Jenny.

The Lawnmower Man

- An employee of "Pastoral Greenery and Outdoor Services". He used a strange lawnmower and crawlwed around after the mower eating all the grass clippings.

The Mole

- Run over by the lawnmower man's mower, and eaten by the lawnmower man while mowing Harold Parkette's grass.

Yastrzemski, ?

- Baseball player mentioned in passing.

Quitters, Inc.
Smoking is a hard habbit to kick. Richard Morrison knows that all to well, and his friend Jimmy McCann tells him about a great group that will help him quit - Quitters Inc.

Richard makes one slip, and is caught, but never smokes again, you see, they have an interesting way of getting you to quit using the power of Love. First time you smoke, they apply a high voltage to your wife, second time you get it, the third you both do, fourth time your son is worked over... Things get more serious each time you smoke, right up to the 10th time when you die of lead poioning - from a bullet to the head!
Also, if you gain weight your wife will have her little finger cut off, as Jimmy's wife Sharon has found out!
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Name: Description:

?, Henry

- Bartender?

Cooke, Sam

- Singer that Richard Morrison liked.

Crager, Bobby

- Boss of Jim McCann.

Donatti, Victor

- In charge of Richard Morrison's giving up smoking.


- Worked with Vic Donatti when Lucinda Morrison was put in the Rabbit Room and given a 30 second charge.

McCann, Jimmy

- Gave up smoking and referred Richard Morrison to Quitters Inc. Works for Crager and Barton as an executive Vice President.

McCann, Mr.

- Father of Jimmy. Died of Heart attack.

McCann, Sharon

- Wife of Jimmy. She is missing the little finger off her left hand.

Minelli, Mort

- Started Quitters Inc. He used to smoke 3 packets a day until he died of lung cancer.

Morrison, Alvin Dawes

- Retarded son of Richard that attends Patterson Specian School for Handicapped Children in New Jersey. Has an IQ of 46.

Morrison, Lucinda

- Wife of Richard. Married name of Lucinda Ramsey.

Morrison, Richard

- Tried Quitters to give up Smoking and it worked. Worked for Crager and Barton before joining the Morton Agency. Husband of Lucinda.

Ramsey, Lucinda

- Maiden name of Lucinda Morrison.

I Know What You Need
In Augusta, Elizabeth Rogan meets a nice young man called Edward Jackson Hamner Jr, for the first time and almost instantly is taken by his similar likes and dislikes to herself. The hit if off almost at once, but his romantic interests are quenched by Tony Lombard - Elizabeth's boyfriend.
Tony is tragically killed when a red Fiat looses it's brakes approaching the roadworks where Tony is working. Investigations show that the brake lines are melted through, and the cause is purely accidental in nature. Edward becomes more important in Elizabeth's life. But her friend Alice doubts his motives are good.
Edward actually went to school with Elizabeth back in first Grade, and has used Voodoo to influence her and those around her to ensure his success with Elizabeth. Alice succeesd in convincing Elizabeth that there is something odd, and she finds the Voodoo instruments!
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Name: Description:

?, Alice

- Roommate and good friend of Elizabeth Rogan. She did some investigation into Edward Hamner, and confronts Elizabeth with the results.

Ackerman, Sandra

- Roommate of Elizabeth Rogan once Alice left.

Branner, ?

- Uni Professor that teaches Sociology.

D'Antonio, Shirley

- Worked at the Pines Restaurant.

Diamond, Neil

- Singer listened to by Alice.

Hamner, Ed, Sr.

- Father of Edward Jr. Compulsive gambler that used to loose until he started taking Edward Jr along. He had an arm and leg broken by loan sharks. Moved from New York to Bridgeport.

Hamner, Edward Jackson, Jr.

- Friend of Elizabeth Rogan. He used Voodoo to inluence Elizabeth Rogan and kill Tony Lombard. he wenr to PS 119 in Bridgeport and was in 1st grade with Elizabeth.

Hamner, Mrs.

- Wife of Edward Sr. Claimed that her son was the Devils Henchman. She was placed in mental institutions when she tried to kill Edward with a pair of scissors in 1964.

Kilmer, Danny

- Worked with Tony Lombard. Told Elizabeth Rogan about Tony's death.

Lombard, Tony

- Boyfriend of Elizabeth Rogan. Died when a car lost it's brakes and hit him on Route 16.

Rogan, ?

- Elizabeth Rogan's mother.

Rogan, Elizabeth

- While studying for the finals, she meets the mysterious Edward Hammer Jr. He seemed to be able to give her everything she wanted, especially after the death of her boyfriend Tony Lombard. She is good friends and roommate of Alice, and finds the Voodoo stuff of Edwards.

Washington, George

- Persident mentioned in passing.

Children Of The Corn
In the depressing town of Gatlin, Nebraska the corn is growing extremely well. Burt and Vicki, a couple having marriage problems, stumble into the town in late July 1976 after hitting a dying boy in their car. They find the town of 4531 people deserted, except for a few small children. Tempted to go on to the next town of Grand Island, they stay to investigate to odd things like the 12 year old calendar on the wall, fuel prices they have not seen for years...

They try to find out the secret behind this corn, the lists of names in the book who all seem to die at age 19 and the mysterious lack of adults in the town, and He Who Walks Behind The Rows gives them a helping hand!
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Name: Description:

?, David

- Was the 'seer' but died at 19.

?, Isaac

- The current 'Seer' in Gatlin when Burt and Vicki Robeson enter the town. Born about 1967, and is 9 years old.

Boardman, Craig

- In Gatlin. See Malachi Boardman...

Boardman, Malachi

- Taken name of Craig Boardman. Born August 15, 1957.

Clawson, Ruth

- Taken name of Sandra Clawson. Pregnant to Malachi Boardmann. Born April 30, 1961.

Clawson, Sandra

- In Gatlin. See Ruth Clawson...

Deigan, Amos

- Taken name of Richard Deigan. Born September 4, 1945. Died September 4, 1964.

Deigan, Richard

- Died at 19 in Gatlin. See Amos Deigan...

Gilman, Clayton

- Taken name of Job Gilman. Born September 6, 1964. The last to be listed with a second name in the books in the church.

Gilman, Job

- In Gatlin. See Clayton Gilman...

Grace, ?

- 2 Sisters that went to Revival meetings when Vicki Robeson was a child. They wore tinfoil halo's.

Greenlaw, Adam

- The first male child born in Gatlin after the sacrifice. Born July 11, 1965.

He Who Walks Behind the Rows

- Evil being that helps the corn grow when given sacrifices.

Hollis, Edward

- Died at 19 in Gatlin. See Yemen Hollis...

Hollis, Yemen

- Taken name of Edward Hollis. Born January 5, 1946. Died January 5, 1965.

Hortense, Baby

- 8 year old singer at the revival meetings Vicki Robeson went to as a child.

Kennedy, John F.

- President mentioned in passing.

Kirk, George

- Died at 19 in Gatlin. See Zepeniah Kirk...

Kirk, Zepeniah

- Taken name of George Kirk. Born October 14, 1945. Died October 14, 1964.

Owens, Buck

- On the radio station listened to by Burt Robeson as they entered Gatlin.

Renfrew, Isaac

- Taken Name of William Renfrew. Born September 19, 1945. Died September 19, 1964.

Renfrew, William

- Died at 19 in Gatlin. See Isaac Renfrew...

Richardson, Henry

- In Gatlin. See Moses Richardson...

Richardson, Moses

- Taken name of Henry Richardson. Born July 29, 1957.

Robeson, Burt

- Husband of Vicki. Their marriage was having problems. Ran over the boy outside Gatlin, and were taken by the Children of the Corn and sacrificed to He who walks behind the rows. He did a tour of Vietnam as a medical orderly.

Robeson, Mrs.

- Mother of Burt.

Robeson, Vicky

- Wife of Burt. Taken by the Children of the Corn and sacrificed to He who walks behind the rows. An Ex-Prom Queen.

Stampnell, Rudy

- 10 year old faith healer Vicki Robeson saw as a child.

Staunton, Norman

- 7 year old revival preacher Vicki Robeson saw as a child.

Stigman, Donna

- Died at 19 in Gatlin. See Rachel Stigman...

Stigman, Rachel

- Taken name of Donna Stigman. Born June 21, 1957. Died June 21, 1976.

Taylor, Elizabeth

- Mentioned on a sign in Gatlin as being in Cleopatra.

Tobin, Eve

- In Gatlin. First female child born after sacrifice. She was born June 16, 1965.

Wells, Mary

- Taken name of Roberta Wells. Born November 12, 1945. Died November 12, 1964.

Wells, Roberta

- Died at 19 in Gatlin. See Mary Wells...

Wynette, Tammy

- On the radio station listened to by Burt Robeson as they entered Gatlin.

The Last Rung On The Ladder
Larry lived in Hemingford Home, Nebraska, and saved his young sisters life by piling hay under her while she hung on to the top rung of a broken ladder. When she fell, she landed in the hay, breaking her fall.
Kitty had 2 failed marriages, and had lost close contact with her brother and shortly after sending Larry a postcard with a short note she committed suicide by jumping off a building in L.A.
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Name: Description:

?, Helen

- Wife of Larry. Divorced in 1971.

?, Katrina

- Sister of Larry. She climbed a ladder and it broke while she was hanging on to the top rung when she was 8. She had 2 failed marriages, and jumped from the top story of an Insurance Building in Los Angeles after sending Larry a letter.

?, Larry

- Saved his sister from dying when she fell from the last ring of a ladder in a hayloft by putting hay below her to break the fall. He was 10 years old at the time. He later received a letter from her written just before she died.

Eisenhower, Dwight D.

- President mentioned in passing.

Pederson, Dr.

- Set Katrina's ankle when she broke it falling from the ladder in the barn. A GP From Columbia City that drove a Desoto.

The Man Who Loved Flowers
A man who seems to be in love buys flowers for what people think is his girlfriend. People all around see his dreamy look and agreeable personality. But he has a dark secret - he is the Hammer Murderer that has killed 6 women.
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Name: Description:

?, Norma

- Friend of the Man who loves flowers. Died 10 years ago.

Kennedy, John F.

- President mentioned in passing.

The Hammer Murderer

- Murdered 6 women. He was the man who loves flowers.

The Man Who Loved Flowers

- Man who seems nice to all that see him, but is actually the Hammer Murderer. Bought flowers for Norma, but she is really dead. He thinks women are Norma, but when he realises they are not, he kills them.

One For The Road
Gerard Lumley comes stumbling into Tookey's bar in Falmouth on January 10th, near Jerusalem's Lot with a tragic tale. His wife and daughter are stuck in a car in the snow outside the Salems Lot turnoff.
Strange things happens in the Lot, even after the fire that destroyed the place 2 years ago and drove everyone away. It started near the old Marsden house, and even today odd things still happen at Harmony Hill Cemetery.
Booth and Herb decide to help him, but not before they take a bible and a cross in case they meet any of the Lot's people. They arrive at the car, only to find the 2 women missing. Gerard frantically searches for them, but the locals know better, and what he finds is not his wife, but an evil creature.
Be warned, that Salems Lot is an evil place, and there's a little girl somewhere out there. And I think she's still waiting for her good-night kiss.
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Name: Description:

?, Booth

- The Storyteller, in Tookey's Bar. He helped to find the Lumley family but was too late. Suffered from arthritis.

?, Victoria

- Wife of Booth. Died in 1973.

Henry, Lamont

- In Tookey's Bar when Richie Messina disappeared.

Larribee, Billy

- Ran the town Snowplough in Falmouth, and owned a gas station in Falmouth Centre.

Lumley, Francie

- Daughter of Gerard. Became a vampire. 7 Years old.

Lumley, Gerard

- Husband of Janey. Walked 6 miles after crashing into a snow drift near Salems Lot on his way to Cumberland from New Jersey. he went back to find them only to see his wife was a Vampire.

Lumley, Janey

- Wife of Gerard. Became a Vampire.

Messina, Mrs.

- Wife of Richie. Moved to Rhode Island after her husband left.

Messina, Richie

- Truck Driver that said Salems Lot was full of wild dogs, so he left for there and was never seen again.

Tooklander, Herb

- Owner of Tookey's Bar in falmouth. Went to help find the Lumley family. Died of a heart attack later.

Tooklander, Mrs.

- Wife of Herb. Died in 1974.

Wilson, Woodrow

- President mentioned in passing.

The Woman In The Room
A woman is dying of cancer, and her son can't see her suffer, so he decides to help however he can.
His mother has some pills at home, and if she takes too many, her frail body will not be able to take it, and she will die. He helps his mother take these pills, knowing he will never see her alive again.
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Name: Description:

?, John

- Son of the woman in the room. He helps her die by giving her some pills she had in her medicine cabinet at home.

?, Kevin

- Brother of John, Adopted. Lives in Andover.

Bradbury, Ray

- Horror author mentioned in passing.

Chrichton, Michael

- Writer that wrote "The Terminal Man".

DeGroot, Victor

- Mentioned in passing.

Eisenhower, Dwight D.

- President mentioned in passing.

Swinburne, Algernon

- Mentioned by John.

The Woman in the Room

- Mother of Kevin and John. Dying of cancer similar to her mother. She will probably die of a Uremic Coma.

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