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1939, August:
Hubert Marsten shot his wife, then hung himself.

Writers :
Ben Mears:
'Conway's Daughter'
'Air Dance'
'Billy Said Keep Going'.
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?, Evvie

- Person on the phone.

?, Horris

- Old man with intestinal cancer that spoke to Father Callahan.

?, Roddy

- Boy in the Park in Salems Lot pushing his sister in a swing.

?, Shirley

- Worked at Dell's Bar.

?, Toni

- Worked at Dell's Bar.

Albee, Edward

- Spoke about monkey nipples.

Anderson, Sherwood

- American writer mentioned by Ann Norton.

Ashford, ?

- Maiden name of ? Mears, mother of Ben Mears.

Astair, Fred

- Dancer imagined by Father Callaghan.

Bannock, John

- Betrothed to a girl, but was accused of killing her. He was supposed to be an Incubus.

Barclay, Davie

- Childhood friend of Ben Mears.

Barlow, Kurt

- Antiques expert. Vampire. Born as Kurt Breichen in Germany, and told about Salems Lot by Hubert Marsten.

Bascomb, Buddy

- Morgue attendant in Portland.

Bergeron, ?

- Priest.

Bissonette, Raymond

- Father in Cornwall. Good friend of Father Callahan.

Boddin, Derrick

- Father of Richie. Brother of Franklin.

Boddin, Franklin

- Brother of Derrick. A friend of Virgil Rathburn that drove a 57 Chevrolet pickup.

Boddin, Marie

- Richie Boddin's mother. Spilt fat on her arm.

Boddin, Richie

- 11 year old school bully at Stanley Street elementary school. Son of Marie Boddin.

Bowie, ?

- Son of Claude Bowie. He came back from vietnam with a mechanical foot.

Bowie, Claude

- Lived in Salems Lot. His son lost a foot in Vietnam.

Bowie, Sandy

- Maiden name of Sandy McDougall.

Boyer, George

- Worked at Gates Mill on the 3 to 11 shift.

Breichen, Kurt

- Kurt Barlow's birth name.

Bryant, Corey

- 22 years old. Worked for the telephone company and was having an affair with Bonnie Sawyer until Reggie Sawyer found out. Son of Pete Bryant.

Bryant, Pete

- Corey Bryant's father.

Burke, Matthew

- 63 year old English teacher.

Butts, Pearl Ann

- Ran off to New York City to become a Zigfield girl in 1907.

Buzzey, Frank

- Convict in Ben Mears' book "Air Dance".

Callahan, Donald

- Parish Priest of St. Andrews Catholic Church.

Campion, Brad

- Works at Yarmouth Liquor Store and told Matt Burke that father Callahan likes Jim Beam on a regular basis.

Carlyle, ?

- Author quoted by Matt Burke.

Carty, ?

- Morgue attendant in Portland.

Carver, George Washington

- Author mentioned by Matt Burke.


- Mark Petrie's dog.

Cobham, Mrs.

- Character in a movie.

Cody, Ben

- Name used by Ben Mears in a New Hampshire Motel.

Cody, Jimmy M.

- A young doctor in Salams Lot. He helped Ben Mears until he fell on knives in the basement of Eva's boarding house.

Coggins, Fiona

- Missing widow in Salems Lot. Aunt of Gertrude Hersey. Reported missing 14 February, 1976.

Coleman, Gary

- Went blind from a mysterious optic nerve degeneration. Student of Matt Burke.

Coogan, Miss

- Works at Spencers Drug Store.

Cook, Pete

- Worked at Sonny's Exxon garage.

Corey, Minella

- Birdie Marsten's sister that told Ben Mears about Hubert Marsten being a mobster.

Corliss, Aggie

- Often wrote the local paper about drinking and other 'evils'.

Corliss, Clyde

- In Milt Crossens store.

Corson, Sheldon

- Dragged Floyd off Ben when they were fighting. Stayed in Eva Miller's bording house.

Craig, Ed

- Ex lover of Eva Miller, and drunk. Stayed in Eva Miller's bording house.

Crane, Albie

- Father of Joe Crane. Killed his wife after she had an affair with a travelling salesman. Died of heart attack.

Crane, Joe

- In Milt Crossens store. Son of Albie. Died of heart attack on 6th of October.

Crockett, Lawrence

- Real estate agent in Salems Lot. Millionaire father of Ruthie Crockett. Second Selectman of Salems Lot.
Crockett, Mrs.
- Wife of Larry Crockett and mother of Ruthie Crockett.

Crockett, Ruthie

- Lead in the school play. Daughter of Lawrence Crockett.

Crossen, Milt

- Ran "Crossens Agricultural Market" in Salems Lot.

Curless, Dick

- Drinks at Dells Bar.

Curless, Rhoda

- Lived in Salems Lot. Moved to Portland and worked for St. Matthews Mission.

Danles, Kenny

- Worked in the post office.

Danles, Mrs.

- Mother of Kenny Danles.

Dickens, Pauline

- Lived in Salems Lot and worked in the "Excellent Cafe". Moved to Los Angeles.

Dickey, James

- Author mentioned in passing.


- Irwin Purinton's dog that was found dead on the gates of the Harmony Hill Cemetery.

Dube, LaVerne

- Girlfriend of Billy Smith. Killed in a car accident when he hit a tree. Billy was also killed in that accident.

Durham, ?

- Kicked off the school bus for talking too loud.

Durham, Harriet

- Worked at Gates Mill. Wife of Lester Durham.

Durham, Lester

- Worked at Gates Mill. Husband of Harriet Durham.

Evans, David

- Lived in Salems Lot. Was a mechanic in Sears Store at Gates Falls.

Evans, Mrs.

- Wife of David. Heard screaming of Sandra McDougall.

Farrington, John

- Farmer in Falmouth that was found dead in his barn by Frank Vickery on 27th of February 1976.

Felson, Dave

- In charge of bus motor pool and friends with Charlie Rhodes.

Flip, Mr.

- Father Calahan's childhood Bogeyman that lived in the closet.

Foreman, Carl

- Salems Lot undertaker.

Forester, Debbie

- Her dress caught on fire at the 200 year celebration of Salems Lot.

Gardener, Nolly

- Deputy Constable in Salems Lot.

Garvey, Andy

- Let air out of bus tyres and was caught in the act by Bob Thomas. Suspended.

Gaye, Marvin

- His song "I heard it through the Grapevine" was mentioned.

Gendron, Mr.

- Sells cheap books in Cumberland.

Gillespie, Parkins

- Salem's Lot Constable that moved to Kittery to stay with his sister.

Gliccoucchi, ?

- Tony Glick's grandfathers surname prior to changing it to Glick.

Glick, Anthony H.

- Husband of Marjorie and father of Daniel and Ralphie.

Glick, Daniel Francis

- One of the kids turned into a vampire after being bitten while walking through the woods. Son of Marjorie and Tony. Died in hospital on 24th of September and buried in Harmony Hill on 28th of September.

Glick, Marjorie

- Danny and Ralphie's mother. Wife of Tony. Died.

Glick, Ralphie

- Son of Marjorie and Tony. Went missing while walking through the woods.

Gorby, George M.

- Danny Glick's doctor when he was admitted to hospital.

Gracon, ?

- Priest in Los Zapatos.

Green, Maury

- Jewish funeral director in Cumberland, and husband of Rachel Green.

Green, Rachel

- Maury's Green's wife.

Greenberg, Bob

- Morgue attendant in Portland.

Greer, Sally

- Killed by her drunken boyfriend when she wanted to break up with him.

Griegson, Mary Kate

- Sent note across the bus and was kicked off the bus by Charlie Rhodes for it.

Griffen, Babs

- Hal and Jacks sister. Beautician daughter of Charles. Owned "Babs Beauty Boutique" in Salems Lot.

Griffen, Charles

- Farmer who owned the largest dairy farm south of Mechanic Falls. Father of Babs.

Griffen, Doug

- Baseball player mentioned in passing.

Griffen, Hal

- 18 year old son of Charles Griffen. Owns 6 pornographic books.

Griffen, Jack

- 14 year old son of Charles Griffen.

Groggins, John

- Minister of Salems Lot Methodist church.

Hanrahan, Tom

- FBI agent in Portland.

Hawthorne, Nathaniel

- Considered to be conventionally religious by Father Calaghan.

Hersey, Audrey

- Town gossip in Salems Lot, and member of the Ladies Auxiliary. Sister of Jackson Hersey.
Hersey, Gertrude
- Niece of Fiona Coggins that reported her missing.

Hersey, Jackson

- Audrey Jackson's brother.

Holcomb, Miss

- Playground monitor at Stanley Street Elementary School.

Holloway Family

- Reported missing on 29 May 1976 by Daniel Holloway's grandfather.

Holloway, Daniel

- Missing in Salems Lot on 29 May 1976. Reported by Daniel's Grandfather.

Holly, Buddy

- Liked by Matt Burke.

Holmwood, Arthur

- Actor in the film "Dracula".

Hooker, ?

- Local judge that fined Frank Kilby $50 for posession of drugs.

Houdini, Harry

- Magician mentioned in passing.

Hume, ?

- Old priest that was replaced by Father Calaghan.

Jackson, Shirley

- Wrote "The haunting of hill house".

James, Audie

- Charlie Rhodes thought he was one of the people that let the air out of the bus tyres.

James, Charles

- Owner of Sonny Exxon gas station in Salems Lot. Moved to Cumberland to open a repair shop. Childhood friend of Ben Mears.


- Pig owned by Charles Tanner. The town was named after the pig.

Jointner, Elias

- Jointner avenue (The main street of Salems Lot) was named after him in 1896. Member of the State House of Representitives. The road was previously Portland Post Road.


- Hindu Godess mentioned in passing.

Kelly, John

- The person Crockett thought was playing a joke on him when the Marsten house was bought.

Kilby, Frank

- Used dope and was fined $50 when caught. Local paperboy. Son of Horace Kilby.

Kilby, Horace

- Father of Frank Kilby.

Kingfield, Jerry

- Disappeared in the marshes while fishing when he was 10 years old.

Kurtin, Peter

- The Monster of Dusseldorf.

Labree, Mr.

- Works in Spencers drug store.

Lee, Christopher

- Actor mentioned in passing.

Lewis, John

- Press-Herald features editor who wrote about Salems Lot being a ghost town.

Rowley, Jake

- Owner of Bradford General Store.

Lovecraft, H. P.

- Writer and athiest mentioned in passing.

Lubert, ?

- Wrote about the lot and Hubert Marsten.

Markey, Delbert

- Owner of Dells bar in Salems Lot.

Marshall, Peter

- Host of "The Hollywood Squares" on TV.

Marsten, Birdie

- Hubert Marsten's wife. Sister of Minella Corey. Murdered by her husband August 1939.

Marsten, Hubert Barclay

- Owner of the Marsten House that Kurt Barlow eventually bought. Committed suicide (hung himself) on 12 August 1939 after killing his wife. Born 6 October 1889 and arrived in Salems Lot in 1928 after retiring from being president of a large trucking firm. Really a mobster.

Mayberry, Buddy

- Brother of Doug and friend of Royce McDougall.

Mayberry, Doug

- Brother of Buddy. Drowned at Old Orchard Beach. Student of Matt Burke.

Mayberry, Glynnis

- Spoke on the phone to Harriet Durham. Wife of Paul Mayberry.

Mayberry, Paul

- Husband of Glynis Mayberry.

McCaslin, Homer

- County Sheriff.

McCaslin, Mrs.

- Wife of Homer McCaslin.

McDougall, Randall Fratus

- 10 month old son of Sandy and Royce. Died.

McDougall, Royce

- Lived in Salems Lot. Husband of Sandy and father of Randy. Became a Vampire.

McDougall, Sandy

- 17 year old wife of Royce and mother of Randall. Married name of Sandy Bowie. She beat her son, and said that he had fallen by accident.

McFee, Peter

- State Police chief who looked into some of the people who had disappeared in Salems Lot.

McGee, Travis

- In, or writer of, Stories mentioned by Royce McDougall.

McLeod, Larry

- Mailman in the 1920's and 1930's. Found the dead Marstens.

Mears, ?

- Mother of Ben who had a nervous breakdown when her husband Died. She committed suicide when Ben was 14. Her maiden name was Ashford.

Mears, ? Merton

- Ben Mears's father. Died.

Mears, Benjaman

- Writer who discovered the truth about Jerusalem's Lot. He wrote "Air Dance", "Conway's Daughter" and "Billy said keep going". His wife died in a motorcycle accident where Ben was not injured at all.

Mears, Miranda

- Ben's wife. Was killed when hit by a truck after a motorcycle accident in New York in May 1973.

Mephisto, Mr.

- Hypnotist at Topsham fair.

Middler, George

- Worked at the hardware store and sells ammunition. Secretly wears Woman's clothing.

Middler, Pat

- Often sat in Crossen's store.

Miller, Eva

- Ran a boarding house in Salems Lot where Ben Mears stayed. Ended up as a Vampire.
Miller, Ralph
- Eva's husband. Was killed when he fell into a shredder at a sawmill in 1959.

Mr. Flip

- The Boogeyman of Father Callaghan, as a child.

Mullican, Mabe

- Lived in Eva Millers boarding house in Salems Lot.

Munoz, Jesus de la rey

- Father Gracon's interpreter.

Norbert, Brenton

- County examiners assistant.

Norton, Ann

- Mother of Susan Norton. Died.

Norton, Susan

- Love interest of Ben Mears who became a vampire, but was killed.

Norton, William

- Susan Norton's father. Salems Lot first selectman. Worked at the Portland Docks.

Overlock, Freddy

- Father of Judy Overlock.
Overlock, Judy
- Daughter of Freddy Overlock. Ran off with Saladmaster salesman from New York in 1957 or 1958.

Patterson, ?

- Minister of the Church of Latter Day Saints and Followers of the Cross.

Perkins, Mrs.

- Ben Mears first grade teacher.

Peters, Hank

- Worked for Larry Crockett and did odd jobs. Friend of Jackie Talbert and got a dishonourable discharge.

Petrie, Henry

- Prudential Insurance Company executive. Father of Mark and husband of June. Becomes a Vampire.

Petrie, June

- Wife of Henry and mother of Mark. Becomes a Vampire.

Petrie, Mark

- The young boy who helps Ben Mears destroy the Vampires. Son of Henry and June.

Philbrook, Mike

- Charlie Rhodes thought he was one of the people that let the air out of the bus tyres.

Phillips, Gordon

- Had a car accident in Salems Lot 4 January 1976 and was reported missing.

Plowman, Dr.

- Local doctor in Salems Lot.
Poe, Edgar Allan Poet mentioned in passing.

Potter, ?

- Salems Lot resident that died in Vietnam.

Poulin, Romeo

- Builder of a supermarket in Auburn. Silent partner of Larry Crockett.

Prine, David

- Doctor at John Hopkins hospital.

Pritchett, Amanda

- Wife of Charles Pritchett.

Pritchett, Charles V.

- Owners of a farm in Salems Lot. Bought Charles Griffin's farm, but moved out quickly after hearing strange things in the night. Husband of Amanda Pritchett.

Pruitt, Upton

- Deputy Game Warden.

Purinton, Elsie

- Irwin's dead wife. Wicked lady who died in 1973 by falling down the stairs and broke her neck.

Purinton, Irwin

- Milkman in West Salem. 60 years old and about to retire. Owner of the dog Doc who was killed.

Rangers, The

- Band who played at Dell's.

Rathburn, Tommy

- Died when he fell over a cliff drunk. Brother of Virge.

Rathburn, Virgil

- Brother of Tommy. Friend of Franklin Boddin.

Rauberson, Harold

- Childhood friend of Ben Mears. Died of Leukemia.

Rawcliffe, Amy

- Friend of Susan Norton.

Reardon, Dr.

- Tony Glick's doctor.

Rhodes, Charlie

- Driver of the school bus. Pretty mean to the kids.

Rice, David

- County Medical examiner.

Robinson, Edward Arlington

- Writer mentioned by Ann Norton.

Rodgers, Ginger

- Dancer imagined by Father Callaghan.

Rodin, Mrs.

- Teacher who was nicknamed Mrs Rodan after the Japanese monster movie Rodan.

Rogers, Dud

- Dump custodian in Salems Lot. Liked shooting rats in the dump.

Royko, Billy

- Died in Vietnam in a helicopter crash 2 months before cease fire. One of Matt Burke's students.

Ryerson, Michael Corey

- Cemetery grounds keeper of the 3 cemeteries in Salems Lot.

Salk, Jonas

- Writer mentioned in passing.

Sawyer, Bonnie

- Reg's wife. Having an affair with Corey Bryant. Was Miss Cumberland County in 1973.

Sawyer, Reg

- Mechanic in Jim Smiths Pontiac in Buxton. Husband of Bonnie.

Silvius, Lester

- At Crossins store.

Simons, ?

- Husband of Coretta Simons.

Simons, Coretta

- Dying of intestinal cancer. Forgot about the $30,000 she had hidden in the wall of her house.

Smith, Billy

- Killed when driving drunk and he hit a tree. Boyfriend of LaVerne Dube, who was also killed in the car accident.

Smith, Carl

- Widower who lived in Salems Lot. Wife died in 1957.

Smith, Jim

- Owned a Pontiac dealership in Buxton where Reg Sawyer worked.

Smith, Mrs.

- Wife of Carl Smith. Died in 1957.

Snow, John

- One of the Vampires in Eva's basement with Barlow. Had bad arthritis.

Snow, Royal

- Works for Crockett.

Spencer, Mr.

- Sold root beer in Spencers drug store. He was the pharmacist before Mr. Labree.

Starcher, Loretta

- Librarian in Salems Lot. Unmarried.

Stevens, Wallace

- Poet mentioned by Parkins Gillespie.

Stowens, Cynthia

- Ben Mears aunt. He lived with the when his dad died. Died in 1972.

Straker, Richard Throckett

- Bought the Marsten house and Village Washtub. 58 years old, and was eventually killed by Barlow.

Sylvester, Mickey

- Worked at Gates Falls Mill, and lived at Eva Miller's bording house. Told Reggie Sawyer about his wife's affair.

Talbot, Jackie

- Worked at Dell's bar. Good friend of Hank Peters.

Talbot, Maureen

- Mother of Jackie. Used to do the washing for Cynthia Stowens.

Tanner, Charles Belknap

- Pig farmer who owned a pig called Jerusalem. The pig escaped and ate in a wood lot, hence the town name of Jerusalem's Lot.

Tenny, Brent

- Sent note across the bus and was kicked off the bus by Charlie Rhodes for it.

Thomas, Bob

- Teacher who caught Andy Garvey letting the air out of the bus tyres.

Tibbits, Floyd

- Susan Norton's boyfriend and childhood friend of Ben Mears. Worked at Grants and was second in charge of credit.

Tremont, Elaine

- Died of a heart attack after seeing a face in her window after dark on the 4th of June 1976.

Upshaw, Vic

- Half brother of Vinnie Upshaw who owned a 39 Packard.

Upshaw, Vinnie

- Lived in Eva Millers boarding house.

Van Helsing, ?

- Character in the movie "Dracula".

Varney, Norris

- Constable when Marsden died in 1939.

Verrill, Grover

- Worked at Gates Falls Mill and lived at Eva's boarding house.

Vickery, Frank

- Son in law of John Farrington, who found the dead body of John Farrington.

Walsh, Francis

- Crockett's lawyer in Boston.

Webber, Jim

- Old boss of Reggie Sawyer.

Welby, Marcus

- TV Doctor.

Werts, Mabel

- Fat Widow who is prominent in the church fund raisers. 74 years old.

Wilson, Gahan

- Cartoonist mentioned by Jimmy Cody.

Wolfe, Thomas

- Author mentioned by Matt Burke.

Wolfman Jack

- Disk Jockey on a Monteray radio station.

Wordsworth, ?

- Poet mentioned in passing.

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