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  • In Salem's Lot, in The Lot (IV), part 44, when Ben and Mark stop at Sonny's Exxon Sonny says to Mark, "Hi kid. No school today?" - a question that seems very out of place considering that when Ben returns to the car, it is 5:15. No public school system I know of holds classes that late!

    Possible Explanation: This could reference to the Drawing of the Three, when the policeman says the same thing to Jake when he is taking "French Leave".
  • Mark Petrie is, in the beginning of the book (Part I, Chapter 3, subchapter 9), described as being a tall kid. But later (Part I, Chapter 6, subchapter 5), when Mark is sitting at home of the funeral of Danny Glick, he is described as being a little smaller than the average boy at his age.
  • In Chapter 14 (The Lot IV), Subchapter 1, it is said that the vernal equinox is on 23rd of September (13 days before 5th of October). This is incorrect. The Autumnal Equinox, when the sun moves from north to south over the equator occurs near September 23rd, but the Vernal Equinox is where the sun moves from south to north over the equator, and it occurs about 21st of March each year.
  • In chapter 11, subchapter 8, it says that the midbrain and the cerebrum are two separate things. That is not true. The midbrain is a part of the cerebrum. Stephen King could instead have written that there was a division between the midbrain and the rest of the cerebrum, and then he would have been right.

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