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  • In the drawing of the three it says that Roland checked if he still had Walter's jawbone in his hippocket, with his right hand ( The Prisoner, Ch. 1, subch. 2 ). But isn't it strange that he used his right hand, when it in the gunslinger says that he put the jawbone in his left hippocket? ( The Gunslinger and The Dark Man )
  • In the beginning of the drawing of the three ( The Prisoner, Ch. 1, subch. 2 ), Roland makes a remark concerning The Western Sea. He remembers, when he gazes out over the sea, that he has never seen such a large body of water before. He says that he has heard of it in childhood stories.
    This doesnít correspond with what he, Cuthbert and Alain saw when they arrived in Hambry.
  • In the drawing of the three Roland walks towards the north on the beach. Even though Stephen King several times points out that the sea is The Western Sea ( F. x.: The Prisoner, Ch. 1, subch. 2 ) he makes this, quite embarrassing, error twice, when he writes that the sea is to the right of Roland and the mountains to his left ( The Prisoner, Ch. 1, subch. 4 ).
    Later it says that Eddie looked at the mountains to the left of him, although he and Roland again are traveling north! ( Shuffle ) Furthermore it says, right after the above mentioned part with Eddie that Eddie shielded the right side of his face, with his right hand, against the sun that was setting in the west.
    Later it says that Eddie looked to his right, towards west ( Reshuffle, subch. 8 ).
  • In the beginning of the drawing of the three ( The Prisoner, Ch. 2, subch. 7 ) Eddie calls his boss Emilio Balazar, but later on he is called Enrico Balazar ( The Prisoner, Ch. 4, subch. 7 ).
  • In the drawing of the three Eddie's sister is called Selina ( The Prisoner, Ch. 3, subch. 9 ), but in the waste lands she is called Gloria ( Bear and Bone, Ch. 3 )
  • In the chapter Shuffle Eddie tells Roland that he will get some water, but when he returns a few lines later, it says that he was carrying some wood.
  • There is a rather annoying anachronism in the drawing of the three. In the chapter called Shuffle we hear of Henry Dean being drafted to fight in Vietnam. But if you do a quick recount, you will see that something isn't quite right.
    At the beginning of the book, Eddie Dean is 21 ( The Prisoner, Ch. 2, subch. 2 ) and the year is 1987 ( The Lady of Shadows, Ch. 3, subch. 6 ). Henry Dean, Eddie's older brother, is 8 years older than Eddie ( The Prisoner, Ch. 3, subch. 9 ). Therefore Henry was born in 1958.
    The problem is that Henry is described as having been drafted into the US Army at 18 and sent to fight in Vietnam, where he had been wounded in action ( Shuffle ). But Henry is too young to have fought in Vietnam. When the very last American left Saigon on that famous helicopter in 1975, Henry was only 17! In fact, the draft was ended in 1973, when Henry was only 15. For the story of Henry's drafting and wounding in Vietnam to have happened, Henry would have needed to be at least four years older.
    This problem becomes painfully obvious in the waste lands, when a 19 year old Henry and an 11 year old Eddie visits the haunted house in 1977 ( Door and Demon, Ch. 22 ), trailed by an unnoticed Jake. According to the Vietnam vet story, by 1977 Henry should already be a junkie vet with at bad leg, but he's described as an innocent - if rather immature and churlish - teenage boy.
  • In the drawing of the three, in the beginning of the Detta and Odetta chapter, Stephen King quotes the Austrian psychoanalyst Alfred Adler ( 1870 - 1937 ). Adler is quoted for saying that schizophrenia and split personality is the same thing. But nowadays we all know better, except Stephen King, and that's a bit sad, come to think of it.
  • Andrew, Odetta's driver, tells her that he didn't cry, when Oswald shot Kennedy.
    Furthermore, he says that the shooting happened two months before. But Odetta corrects him. She recalls that the shooting happened three months and two days ago.( The Lady of Shadows: Detta and Odetta. Ch. 1, subch. 1 )
    But later ( Detta and Odetta. Ch. 3 ), we are told, that we at that particular moment in the book are in the month of January 1965. So if you count backwards, three months and two days to be exact, you'll discover that JFK was shot in November 1964. If you have just the slightest interest in history, you'll notice that there is a rather embarrassing error there, because Kennedy was shot the 22nd November 1963.
  • In the drawing of the three ( Detta and Odetta: Ch. 6 ), Odetta's mother is called Alice, but in the waste lands ( Bear and Bone, Ch. 1 ), she is called Sarah.
  • In the beginning of chapter 2, in The Lady of Shadows, it says that two paramedics rode on the ambulance that picked up Odetta after she had been run over by the train in 1959.
    Here we encounter a minor anachronistic problem, because the paramedics who are mentioned in this chapter and in other chapters later on in the book, didn't exist at that point in time. Or rather, the function which they represented, didn't exist at that point.
    The first time paramedics were used, in the US, was in 1966 in Manhattan.
  • In the first subchapter of chapter 2, in The Lady of Shadows, it says that when George Shaver arrived at the crash site at Idlewild, he saw an eyeball resting on top of a Samsonite suitcase. Furthermore he saw a teddybear lying beside a child's sneaker, which still contained the child's foot.
    But later that night, when he has a nightmare, it is the teddybear which is resting on top of the Samsonite suitcase, not the eyeball.
  • We learn that Odetta is about 25 years old, in 1965. So, when Jack Mort hit her in the head with the brick, it would have been 1945, because she was 5 when that happened. ( Odetta on the other side. Ch. 6 )
    But later ( The Pusher. Bitter medicine. Ch. 6 ) it says that Jack Mort, after having thrown the brick, drives away in a mid-fifties Chevrolet. In 1945?!?
  • In chapter 3, subch. 6 in The Lady of Shadows, when Eddie told Odetta that he came from 1987 he also mentions that he is 23 years old. But, as mentioned above, Eddie is 21 years old ( the Prisoner, Ch. 2, subch. 2 ).
  • There seems to be an inconsistency in the drawing of the three.
    When Roland, while being inside Jack Mortís body, looks back through the door he sees Odetta waiting for him beside the door. He looked out the door, while he was with Jack Mort, at Mortís job. ( The Pusher, Ch. 1, subch. 9 )
    When Odetta came down from the rocks she looked through the door for the first time and what she saw was "the pharmacy-scene", seen through Jack Mortís eyes.
    This "scene" takes place after Roland had looked back through the door, but it is the first time Odetta looks through the door. ( The Pusher, Ch. 2, subch. 4 )
    So to make things even more confusing:
    Roland couldnít have seen Odetta waiting by the door when he did, because she hadnít come down from her hide-out at that point.
  • There is a small naming error in the drawing of the three. In subchapter 7 ( The Pusher, Ch. 3 ) the owner of Clements Guns and Sporting Goods is called Justin Clements. But in the next subchapter, he is called Arnold Clements.
  • In chapter 4, subch. 9 in The Pusher it says that Jack Mort drove to the subway station, where the train had cut Odetta's legs off three years before.
    Here is another anachronism.
    Because, as, we were told in chapter 2 in The Lady of Shadows, Odetta got her legs cut off in 1959. So we could therefore assume, that the year Roland entered Jack would be 1962. But this disagrees with what we are told in the waste lands ( Key and Rose, Ch. 1 ). Because in that chapter we learn that Jake were to die in 1977.
    So there is a discrepancy of 15 years.
  • In the beginning of chapter 4, subch. 10 in The Pusher, one of the two police officers Roland encounters is called Norris Weaver, but at the end of that same subchapter and the next, he is called Norris Wheaton.

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