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  • In the waste lands it says ( Bear and Bone, Ch. 1 ) that Roland had brought more than 300 bullets with him, when he returned from Eddie's and Susannah's world. But in the drawing of the three it says that he put four boxes, with bullets in them, in Jack Mort's jacket pockets ( The Pusher, Ch. 3, subch. 9 ). Earlier in that chapter we learned that such a box contained 50 bullets ( The Pusher, Ch. 3, subch. 6 ). So can anyone tell me what four multiplied with 50 is? As far as I know it isn't 300 or over.
  • This might seem a bit nitpicky, but what the heck.
    In the waste lands it says that Susannah, in the end of the drawing of the three, shot three of the lobstrosities and thus saved Roland and Eddie ( Bear and Bone, Ch. 1 ). But in the drawing of the three it says that she shot four of the lobstrosities ( The Pusher, Ch. 4, subch. 17 ).
  • In the waste lands ( Bear and Bone, Ch. 14 ) Roland says that Marten taught him how to hypnotize. But in wizard and glass ( Susan, Ch. 10, Subch. 12 ) Roland recalls that Cort was the one who taught him how to hypnotize.
  • There is a slight error concerning in which direction the beam moves.
    In the first chapter ( Bear and Bone, Ch. 30 ), Roland shows Eddie and Susannah the path of the beam. There it says that it ran southeast.
    But when Blaine shows them a map of his route, he says that it follows the path of the beam, but according to him that path moves southwest.( Riddle and Waste Lands, Ch. 6 )
  • Jake takes his father's automatic .44 Ruger when he runs away from home ( Door and Demon, Ch. 6 ). The problem is that Ruger has never made a 44 caliber pistol.
  • Eddie thinks of Anthrax and Megadeth as speed-metal bands. Anthrax has never been a speed-metal band, although I am not so sure about Megadeth. In the beginning they might have been speed-metal. But nowadays, they are both thrash-metal bands.
  • When Eddie talks to Blaine after he and Susannah has arrived at the railway station ( Bridge and City, Ch. 27 ), he tells Blaine that he and Susannah came from New York a couple of weeks prior to them meeting Blaine. But in the beginning of the book ( Door and Demon, Ch. 1 ) Eddie remembers that he has been in Roland's world in almost two months.
  • When Jake asks Roland for something to drink, after they have left the Grays main room and entered the kitchen ( Bridge and City, Ch. 37 ), Roland has a flashback to when he first met Jake at the Way Station. He recalls that Jake had soaked his shirt and given him water to drink through it. But in the gunslinger it says that Jake had used a tin can to bring him water that he could drink ( The Way Station ).
  • When Susannah finishes marking all the numbers which aren't prime numbers the diamond shaped control shows that 1 is a prime number. ( Riddle and Waste Lands, Ch. 3 ) Unfortunately it isn't, so in theory the waste lands should have been the last Dark Tower book, because Blaine would kill them all in the middle of subchapter 3, when they pushed the 1-button.
  • In the waste lands we learn that Blaines carpet is pale blue ( Riddle and Waste Lands, Ch. 4 ) but later on it says that the carpet was dark blue ( Riddle and Waste Lands, Ch. 8 ).

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