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  • In wizard and glass Blaine has trouble answering the riddle about when a door is not a door ( Part I, Ch. 3, subch. 4 ). But in the waste lands Susannah and Eddie asks him the exact same riddle ( Bridge and City, Ch. 30 ), and there he answered it without hesitation.
  • When the waste lands ends Eddie is carrying the Ruger, but in Part I, Ch. 3, subch. 4, of wizard and glass it says that he was carrying one of Roland's guns. But later ( Part I, Ch. 5, subch. 1 ) Eddie is suddenly carrying the Ruger again.
  • In wizard and glass, it says that Susan noticed the lice hopping in Rhea's hair. ( Susan, Ch. 2, subch. 4 ) Lice can't hop, but fleas can.
  • When Roland apologizes to Jonas and the rest of the Coffinhunters it says that he tapped the fingers of his left hand at his throat. ( Susan, Ch. 6, subch. 8 )
    But if Kate LeChasseur and I, have understood Stephen King correctly, then that must be an error, because according to what Roland shows Susannah in the beginning of the book ( Riddles, Ch. 1, subch. 3 ) the tapping of the throat is meant as a greeting for women, while the tapping of the breastbone is a greeting meant for men.
    Furthermore we learn that one should use ones left hand, when one is greeting a man and ones right when greeting a woman.
  • When Cordelia and Susan have their fight over the riding blouses ( Susan, Ch. 7, subch. 2 ), Cordelia mentions that those riding blouses have been brought to their house a week before their fight. But a few lines later we are told that those blouses have hung on the hangers for four days.
    So how long is a week actually?
  • After reading wizard and glass, you might, as Jerry Scanlan and I did, have noted that there are some inconsistencies, between Roland's dream about Susan in the gunslinger and what really happened in wizard and glass. In his dream he is held by two villagers and an iron collar has been placed around his neck, and in his dream he can smell Susan burning. A smell, he remarks, reminds him of a barbecue.
    In wizard and glass he isn't held by any villagers while Susan is being burnt and he couldn't smell her burning. He was sitting above Eyebolt Canyon far away from the village and he saw Susan burning through the Wizard's Glass. So, although you could say that all the changes where something he made in his dream ( which the words she screams to him clearly are ), the inconsistencies are still quite annoying.
  • Here is a small slip up from Stephen King:
    In Chapter 2, subch. 5 of "All God's Chillun Got Shoes" it says that Jake and Roland took hold of Oy's feet, but when they click his heels it says that it was Eddie and Roland who helped Oy click his heels.
  • In Chapter 4 of "All God's Chillun Got Shoes" Jake recognises Rhea as the Wicked Witch of the East, but that particular witch was actually called The Wicked Witch of the West.

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