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the Dark Tower VI links :
Nineteen (19)
the Robert Browning poem

First line :
"How long will the magic stay?"

Notes :
Song of Susannah
- is more action and explanation than the previous books in the series, leading up to the final cliff-hanger before the series' epic conclusion.

Subtitle :

Main characters :
Susannah Dean
Eddie Dean
Jake Chambers
Pere Callahan

Other characters:
Stephen King
Richard Sayre
Walter O Dim
Aaron Deepneau
Calvin Tower
Trudy Damascus
Reverend Earl Harrigan

Important places :
New York
Two Hammarskjold Plaza

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  • Written : May 28, 2003
  • Synopsis : Taking place mainly in our world (New York City and East Stoneham, Maine), the ka-tet are split up in different places and different 'whens' to find out more information pertaining to their quest of the mysterious Dark Tower. Susannah's trapped in her own mind, while Mia, the former demon and now a very pregnant white woman, has taken over her body in the summer of 1999 in New York. Mia tells Susannah she has made a Faustian deal with the man in black to be truly human and produce a child. Jake, Oy, and Callahan follow her to try to stop the birth of Mia's baby and save Susannah. Roland and Eddie travel to Maine in 1977 to buy a certain vacant lot in New York, and talk to a young author named Stephen King.

    The book and subsequent series was inspired by the poem Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came by Robert Browning.

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    Stephen King Book Covers FIRST EDITION/MY EDITIONS

    Donald M. Grant/Scribner 2004.

    ISBN 1 880418 59 2.
    413 pages.
    "First Trade Edition"
    on copyright page.
    "1 3 5 7 9 10 8 6 4 2" on copyright page.

    Copyright © 2004 by Stephen King.
    Illustrations © 2004 by Darrel Anderson.
    Fiction: General.


    For Tabby, who knew when it was done.


    1st Stanza: Beamquake
    2nd Stanza: The Persistence of Magic
    3rd Stanza: Trudy and Mia
    4th Stanza: Susannah's Dogan
    5th Stanza: The Turtle
    6th Stanza: The Castle Allure
    7th Stanza: The Ambush
    8th Stanza: A Game of Toss
    9th Stanza: Eddie Bites His Tongue
    10th Stanza: Susannah-Mio, Divided Girl of Mine
    11th Stanza: The Writer
    12th Stanza: Jake and Callahan
    13th Stanza: "Hile, Mia, Hile, Mother"

    Coda: Pages from a Writer's Journal

    Wordslinger's Note


    The Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah
    with 10 full-color illustrations by Darrel Anderson

    The next-to-last novel in Stephen King's seven-volume magnum opus, Song of Susannah is at once a book of revelation, a facinating key to the unfolding mystery of the Dark Tower, and a fast-paced story of doublebarreled suspence.
    To give birth to her "chap", demon-mother Mia has usurped the body of Susannah Dean and used the power of Black Thirteen to transport to New York City in the summer of 1999. The city is strange to Susannah...and terrifying to the "daughter of none", who shares her body and mind.
    Saving the Tower depends not only on rescuing Susannah but also on securing the vacant lot Calvin Tower owns before he loses it to the Sombra Corporation. Enlisting the aid of Manni senders, the remaining ka-tet climbs to the Doorway Cave...and discovers that magic has its own mind. It falls to the boy, the billy-bumbler, and the fallen priest to find Susannah-Mia, who, in a struggle to cope - with each other and with an alien environment - "go todash" to Castle Discordia on the border of End-World. In that forsaken place, Mia reveals her origins, her purpose, and her fierce desire to mother whatever creature the tow of them have carried to term.
    Eddie and Roland, meanwhile, tumble into western Maine in the summer of 1977, a world that should be idyllic but isn't. For one thing, it is real, and the bullets are flying. For another, it is inhabited by the author of a novel called 'Salem's Lot, a writer who turns out to be as shocked by the as they are by him.
    These are the simple vectors of a story rich in complexity and conflict. Its dual climaxes, one at the entrance to a deadly dining establishment and the other appended to the pages of a writer's jpurnal, will leave readers gasping for the saga's final volume (which, Dear Reader, follows soon, say thank ya).


    Der Dunkle Turm VI: Susannah (Germany)
    A Setét Torony VI: Susannah dala (Hungary)
    Mroczna Wieza VI: Piesn Susannah (Poland)
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