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Character count :
There is currently 107 characters in the list.

Timeline :
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Writers :
Thad Beaumont:
- Fiction
'Outside Marty's House' a story
'The Sudden Dancers' a novel
'Purple Haze' a novel.

George Stark:
- Fiction
'Machine's Way'
'Riding To Babylon'
'Oxford Blues'.
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Name: Description:

?, Dave

- State Police telephone technician.

?, Freida

- Worked for Rick Cowley.

?, Hilary

- Assisting O.R. nurse in Thad's surgery.

?, John

- Worked for Rick Cowley.

?, Mary Lou

- Character in Thad Beaumont's book.

?, Nan

- Owner of the luncheonette.

?, Rosalie

- Worked at Dave's Market.

?, Wes

- State Police telephone technician.

Addams, Charles

- Cartoonist.

Albertson, Dr. Lester

- Assisted in Thad Beaumont's surgery.

Arsenault, Dolly

- Roadside produce store owner.

Bannerman, George

- Sheriff that was killed by Cujo.

Beaumont, Elizabeth

- Wife of Thad Beaumont.

Beaumont, Glen

- Father of Thad Beaumont.

Beaumont, Shayla

- Mother of Thad Beaumont.

Beaumont, Thaddeus

- Writer who used a pseudonym "George Stark" as a way to overcome writers block. He wrote "The Sudden Dancers" and "Purple Daze" and is working on "The Golden Dog".

Beaumont, Wendy

- Twin daughter of Thad and Liz. Sister of William.

Beaumont, William

-  Twin daughter of Thad and Liz. Brother of Wendy.

Black, Harry

- At Lake Davis.

Booker, Louise

- Worked at Publishers Weekly.

Bradford, Deke

- Head of Castle Rock Public Works department.

Brannigan, Ossie

- Kept a car in Albert Martin's shed.

Briggs, Mrs.

- Hit by husband then she tried to commit suicide after he died.

Briggs, Norton

- Bashed his wife then committed suicide.

Brigham, Sheila

- Police Dispatcher.

Burks, Wilhelmina

- History lecturer at Uni. Girlfriend of Rawlie DeLesseps.

Burretts, Roland

- Darwin Press Chief Comptroller.

Burroughs, ?

- Worked with Thad Beaumont

Carroll, Tom

- Chairman of the uni English department.

Chalmers, Patricia

- Owner of You Sew and Sew.

Chatterton, Tom

- Police officer who watched Thad. Killed.

Clark, ?

- Neighbour of the Beaumont's.

Clawson, Frederick

- Tenant of Dodie Eberhart. He was the reason Thad had to go public about being George Stark. George got him though!

Clutterbuck, Andy

- Police Officer.

Cowley, Miriam

- Ex wife of Rick. Partner in his book publishing business before Stark killed her.

Cowley, Rick

- Thad Beaumont's friend and agent.


- Dog who killed George Bannerman (And some unnamed others).

DeLesseps, Rawlie

- Boyfriend of Wilhelmina Burks, and friend of Thad Beaumont.

Donaldson, Mike

- Wrote the article about the 'death' of George Stark.

Eamons, Danny

- State Sheriff.

Eberhart, Dodie

- She was a high-class prostitute in the past and came into money by blackmailing some of her clients.

Eddings, Jack

- Police officer watching the Beaumont house.

Ellington, ?

- Character in George Stark's books.


- Character in Thad Beaumont's book.

Fenton, Althea

- Secretary at the university English department, but is now dead.

Fortin, Charlie

- Does odd jobs for Thad.

Gamache, Ellen

- Wife of Homer.

Gamache, Homer

- Old man found dead - beaten to death with his own prosthetic arm.

Gates, Darla

- Worked in the accounting department of Darwin Press. One of Stark's victims.

Gavineaux, Frank

- Found Homer Gamache's body.

Golden, Ellie

- Editor of George Stark's books.

Griffiths, Nonie

- Character in Stark's books. Carved up Alexis Machine's face.

Halstead, Jack

- Character in George Stark's books. Killed.

Hamilton, Warren

- State trooper who found Homer Gamache's truck.

Harding, John Wesley

- Name of Thad Beaumont's childhood pet raccoon.

Harkavay, Jerry

- Worked for Associated Press at Waterville.

Harrison, Steve

- Maine state police officer who guarded Thad.

Hartland, Trevor

- Castle Rock Fire Chief.

Holt, Steven

- Head of Castle Rock groundskeeping crew.

Hume, George

- Doctor that Thad visited.

Jackett, Sonny

- Sonoco service station owner.

Keeton, Danforth

- Castle Rock first selectman. Owner of the family plot where George Stark's fake headstone was placed.

LaPointe, John

- Deputy Sheriff in Castle Rock.

Loring, Dr.

- Anesthesiologist in Thad's surgery.

Machine, Alexis

- Character in George Stark's books

Malone, ?

- FBI agent who interviewed Thad. Partner of Bill Prebble.

Manchester, ?

- State Trooper guarding Thad.

Martin, Albert

- Local alcoholic in Castle Rock.

Massenburg, ?

- Neighbours of the Beaumont's on Lake Lane.

Myers, Phyllis

- Photographer from People magazine that took the pictures for the article about Thad being George Stark. The fake tombstone was her idea.

Pangborn, Alan J.

- Sheriff of Castle Rock.

Pangborn, Annie

- Wife of Alan. She was starting to get headaches on a regular basis (Which is possibly how she died in the car crash just before the Castle Rock book - Needful Things).

Pangborn, Toby

- Son of Alan and Anne.

Pangborn, Todd

- Son of Alan and Anne Pangborn.

Parker, ?

- Character in George Stark's books.

Payne, ?

- Neighbours of the Beaumont's on Lake Lane.

Payton, Henry

- Worked at Oxford State Police Barracks.

Pender, Judge

- Local judge.

Philips, Dave

- Helped with groundskeeping in Castle Rock.

Prebble, Bill

- FBI agent who interviewed Thad.

Pritchard, Helga

- Wife of Hugh.

Pritchard, Hugh

- Doctor at Bergenfield County hospital. A neurologist who operated on Thad to remove his 'tumour'.

Rangely, Jack

- Character in George Stark's books.

Reardon, Lieutenant

- New York City cop.

Reed, Mr.

- School bus driver who saved Thad's life as a child. He was a medic in Korea.

Ridgewick, Norris

- Police Officer in Castle Rock.

Rodway, Joe

- Killed his wife.

Rodway, Mrs.

- Wife of Joe.

Rollick, Lester

- Character in George Stark's book.

Sadler, ?

- Neighbours of the Beaumont's on Lake Lane.

Schulman, Mr.

- Neighbours of Dodie Eberhart. Corporate Lawyer.

Scoretti, ?

- Person on whom Alexis Machine had done a job.

Seward, Dr.

- Doctor who said Thad's headaches were simply migraines.

Stark, George

- Fictional writer who came to life. He wrote "Machine's Way", "Riding to Babylon", and "Oxford Blues". He was 'buried' in Homeland Cemetery.

Stark, Richard

- Pseudonym of Donald Westlake, and author, and the basis of Thad's choice of the name Stark.

Stevens, ?

- Police Officer that watched Thad.

Stevens, Elizabeth

- Maiden Name of Elizabeth Beaumont.

Tellford, Marth

- Aunt of Elizabeth Beaumont.

The Sparrows

- The birds that finally help Thad beat Stark, as Thad knows about them, but Stark does not.

Thomas, Seaton

- Police Officer in Castle Rock.

Toomey, Charles F., Jr.

- Police officer that was called to the dead Frederick Clawson.

Toomey, Stephanie

- Wife of Charles.

Van Allen, Ray

- Castle County medical examiner and coroner.

Westerman, Tony

- Character in George Star's book.

Williams, ?

- Neighbours of the Beaumont's on Lake Lane.

Wilmot, Gaspard

- Inventor of the 'yo mama' doll.

Wister, Randy

- At Lake Davis.

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