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  • On page 95 (Ch. 8, subch. 2), it says that Thad put the papers on which he had written "The Sparrows Are Flying Again" into one of the deskdrawers. But later on page 121 ( Ch. 10, subch. 2 ), when Thad shows Liz what he had written, it says that the papers were lying on top of his typewriter.
  • On page 357 ( Ch. 24, subch. 3 ) and page 372 ( Ch. 25, subch. 1 ) it says that the road Thad's summer house was on, was called Lake Lane, but on page 374 ( Ch. 25, subch. 1), it is suddenly called Lake Drive.
  • In The Dark Half Stephen King writes about how Delta-waves are characterising for REM-sleep. This is not true. Delta-waves characterise Stage 4-sleep, which is either when a person is in deep sleep or unconscious. In Stage 4-sleep the brain oscillates between 1 and 4 hertz, so in Stage 4-sleep REM-sleep can not occur. What does happen is a person either walks in his sleep, talks in his sleep or is having night terrors.
    REM-sleep does instead occur in what is called Stage 5-sleep. In that stage the brain has an increased neuronal activity and the brain waves produced there looks much like Beta-waves. And Beta-waves are the waves that the brain shows when it is awake.
    Then the brain produces Beta-waves the brain oscillates between 12 and 24 hertz. And when that happens in a persons sleep, then it indicates that he is dreaming, i.e. he is REM-sleeping.
    In Insomnia, Ralph and the pharmacist discuss' approximately the same things, but their own lack of knowledge in to the subject can here be used as an excuse for the wrong information.
  • When Alan Pangborn, on page 216 ( Ch. 16, subch. 6 ), calls Fort Laramie Sheriff's Office, he tells the dispatcher to get his identity confirmed by calling the Maine State Police Barracks. He then says that he'll call back ten minutes later. And it is here the error occurs, because according to what it says in the book Alan then waits for the minute hand to circle the face of the clock ten times. It should have said "second hand" instead of "minute hand".

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