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?, Adam

- Singer in a band called "Boyz To Da Maxx".

?, Frank

- Allergic to stings.

?, Walt

- A man from Framingham on the WEEI radio that was talking from his car phone.

Adkins, Trace

- "Whiney cowboy singer" heard on WCAS radio station.

Andersen, Gramma

- Mother of Quilla, and grandmother of Trisha.

Andersen, Quilla

- Maiden name of Quilla McFarland. She reverted to using her maiden name after her divorce. Ex-wife of Larry and mother of Pete and Trisha.

Andrews, V. C.

- Author mentioned in passing.

Barnett, Larry

- Game umpire between Redsox and Yankee's.

Bork, Mr.

- Science teacher at Sanford Elementary School.

Bragg, Darren

- Red Sox player.

Castiglione, Joe

- Announcer that called the Red Sox games that Trisha Listened to on the radio.

Chestnutt, Mark

- "Whiney cowboy singer" heard on WCAS radio station.

Chetwynd, Mrs.

- A lady that got whiplash in a car accident.

Corsi, Jim

- Red Sox player.

Eckersley, Dennis

- Red Sox player.

Garces, Rich

- Red Sox player.

Garciaparra, Nopmar

- Red Sox shortstop. Favourite of Quilla McFarland.

Garmond, Mrs.

- Trisha McFarland's kindergarten teacher.

Gilhooly, Debra

- Went to school with Trisha McFarland.

Gordon, Tom

- Red Sox pitcher. He is the idol of Trisha McFarland and she imagines him helping her find her way when lost.

Hall, Mr.

- Teacher at Sanford Elementary School that gave out homework on Fridays.

Hatteberg, ?

- Catcher for the Red Sox.

Herrick, Travis

- Man that was out poaching deer and shot the bear that was going to attack Trisha McFarland.

Jeter, Derek

- Yankee player.

Johnson, Randy

- Red Sox player.

Kerrigan, Joe

- Red Sox pitching coach.

Knoblauch, Chuck

- Yankee player.

Lemke, Mark

- Red Sox player. 2nd Base.

Lewis, Darren

- Red Sox player.

Leyrtz, Jim

- Red Sox player.

Lowe, Derek

- Pitcher for the Red Sox.

Martinez, Tino

- Yankee player.

Mazzerola, Francis Raymond

- A convicted child molester that was accused of abducting Trisha. The tip was from a phone call from Old Orchard Beach.

McCorkle, Elias

- The farmer that put the fence posts in that Trisha followed back to the road that saved her. The posts dated from 1905.

McFarland, Gramma

- Mother of Larry, and grandmother of Trisha.

McFarland, Larry

- Ex-husband of Quilla McFarland, and father of Pete and Trisha.

McFarland, Patricia

- The 9 year old girl that gets lost after taking a shortcut in the woods. Initially she took a path to get away and urinate, but looses her way back to the North Conway path. Daughter of Quilla and Larry. She is a huge fan of the Red Sox, and especially Tom Gordon.

McFarland, Pete

- 13 year old brother of Trisha McFarland. He wanted to live with his father, and resented living with his mother after his parents divorce.

McFarland, Quilla

- Married name of Quilla Andersen.


- Doll of Trisha McFarland.

O'Leary, Troy

- Red Sox player.

O'Neill, Paul

- Yankee player.

Pittitte, Andy

- Yankee player.

Posada, Jorge

- Yankee player.

Rayburn, Eddie

- Best friend of Pete McFarland. Moved away after his parents divorced.

Rhodes, Arthur

- Boy that had green teeth and lived up from Pepsi Robichaud.

Rivera, Mariana

- Yankee player.

Robichaud, Mrs.

- Mother of Pepsi.

Robichaud, Penelope

- Best friend of Trisha McFarland.

Strawberry, Darryl

- Yankee player.

The Bear

- The bear followed Trisha, but is both a bear, and a combination of what is evil and nasty that Trisha saw on the walk through the woods. Travis Herrick shot him.

Thomas, Mrs.

- Spoke to Quilla Andersen about Frank who was allergic to stings.

Trupiano, Jerry

- Announcer that called the Red Sox games that Trisha Listened to on the radio.

Valentin, John

- Red Sox player. 3rd Base.

Vaughn, Mo

- Red Sox player. Favourite player of Pete McFarland.

Veritek, Jason

- Red Sox catcher.

Wakefield, Tim

- Boston player.

Williams, Bernie

- Yankee Player.

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