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Timeline :
1932, June:
The Detterick girls were murdered....

1932, July 17th:
The Chief (Arlen Bitterbuck) was executed...

1932, August-September:
John Coffey's trial...

1932, October 2nd?:
John Coffey arrived on the Mile...

1932, October 16th:
Wild Bill Wharton came to the Green Mile...

1932, October 25th:
Eduard Delacroix was executed...

1933, Spring:
Cold Mountain Penitentiary closed up and moved 60 miles down the road to Brighton...

Writers :
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Name: Description:

?, Christopher

- Grandson of Paul Edgecombe.

?, Danielle

- Granddaughter of Paul Edgecombe.

?, Hermoine

- Maiden aunt of Eduard Delacroix.

?, Lionel

- Great-grandson of Paul Edgecombe.

?, Tessa

- Third grandchild of Paul Edgecombe.

Anderson, Curtis

- Chief assistant to Hal Moores at Cold Mountain.

Austen, Jane

- Author.

Avery, Kent

- Resident at Georgia Pines retirement home.

Battle, ?

- Guard at Cold Mountain that was there for Delacroix's execution.

Bitterbuck, Arlen

- Prisoner at Cold Mountain. A first elder of the Washita Cherokee Indians who killed a man while drunk. His hair braid started to smoke when he was electrocuted.

Bitterman, Hank

- Guard at Cold Mountain.

Bonney, Will

- The real name of Billy the Kid, and the name used by William Wharton to the Detterick's when he painted their barn.


- Detterick's pet dog who was 1/2 breed Collie. Killed by the man who killed Cora and Kathe.

Broderick, Sam

- Head of the machine shop at Cold Mountain.

Catlett, ?

- Sheriff that Paul Edgecombe spoke to about William Wharton.

Coffey, John

- 6 Foot, 8 Inch black prisoner convicted for killing the 2 Detterick twins in 1932. He was actually innocent of the murder. John can make illnesses better, and even bring people and animals back from the dead by touching them. He cured Melinda Moores, Paul Edgecombe and Mr. Jingles.

Connelly, Elaine

- Paul Edgecombe's friend at the Georgia Pines retirement home. 80 years old and suffers from severe arthritis in her hands. She died of a heart attack 3 months after Paul Edgecombe told his story to her.

Cray, ?

- Family in Trapingus area.

Cribus, Homer

- Trapingus County High Sheriff that was in charge of the Detterick girl abduction and murder. Had a heart attack while romantically engaged with Daphne Shurtleff. Husband of Mrs. Cribus.

Cribus, Mrs.

- Wife of Homer Cribus.

David, Jeff

- Mentioned in passing.

Delacroix, Eduard

- E block prisoner at Cold Mountain. He was executed, but before that "tamed" Mr. Jingles and had him doing tricks. French, and half bald.

Delfines, Roy

- Lived down the road from Paul Edgecombe as a child. He chopped the finger off his son by accident, and prayed for a new finger to be grown. Surely enough, a new finger grew in it's place.

Detterick, Cora

- Murdered twin sister of Kathe. Daughter of Klaus and Marjorie.

Detterick, Howard

- Son of Klaus and Marjorie. He was with the group that found his dead sisters.

Detterick, Kathe

- Murdered twin sister of Cora. Daughter of Klaus and Marjorie.

Detterick, Klaus

- Cotton plantation owner and father of Cora and Kathe, the 2 murdered girls and also Howard, his only son. Husband of Marjorie.

Detterick, Marjorie

- Wife of Klaus and mother of Cora and Kathe. She died in a trolleycar accident 18 years after John Coffey.

Dodge, Bill

- In charge of moving the infirmary at Cold Mountain, and a floating guard.

Dolan, Brad

- Cleaner at the Georgia Pines retirement home. A rather mean spirited man, who is rude and nasty to the people at the home.

Donaldson, Pastor

- Pastor for the Moores family.

Duplissey, ?

- Family in Trapingus area.

Edgecombe, Janice

- Wife of Paul. Died in a bad bus crash in Alabama. Paul was one of 4 that survived.

Edgecombe, Paul

- E Block Superintendent that presided over 78 executions. Husband of Janice. He was cured of a urinary tract infection by John Coffey. After Coffey's execution, he transferred to the Boys Correctional Centre. It is his memoirs that make up the book. He was born 1892, and is 104 years old.

Edgecombe, Paul (sr)

- Uncle of Paul Edgecombe. It was this man that Paul was named after.

Flanders, Arthur

- Prisoner at Cold Mountain on E block, but had his sentence reduced to life in prison. Was killed by drowning in a vat of dry cleaning fluid in 1944 by a killer that was never caught. He was the head of Mid-South Realty and murdered his senile father by pushing him out a 3rd floor window.

Gibbons, Toot-Toot

- Old inmate who delivered things around the penitentiary, and filled in for the prisoners during the trial executions.

Hammersmith, Arden

- Daughter of Burt and Cynthia, and twin sister of Arden.

Hammersmith, Burt

- Reporter on the Detterick twins murders. He spoke to Paul Edgecombe about what happened behind the scenes.

Hammersmith, Caleb

- Son of Burt and Cynthia, and twin brother of Arden. He was attacked by their pet dog Sir Galahad and severely mauled around the face.

Hammersmith, Cynthia

- Wife of Burt and mother of Caleb and Arden.

Hannah, Miss

- Secretary of Hal Moores at Cold Mountain.

Haverstrom, Dr.

- Doctor of Melinda Moores.

Hollis, Sam

- Large man that was kept near Klaus Detterick when they were searching for the girls.

Hoover, Herbert

- Politician mentioned by Dean Stanton.

Howell, Brutus

- Guard at Cold Mountain in E block. He was a large man, but softly spoken.

Howland, Chuck

- Resident at Georgia Pines retirement home, and one of the 5 allowed to smoke.

Javits, Mrs.

- Resident at Georgia Pines retirement home.

Magnusson, ?

- Worked in the Registration section at Cold Mountain.

Manfred, Elmer

- Prisoner in E Block - executed in about July or August 1930.

Marchant, Bobo

- Owner of the dogs that tracked the 2 Detterick girls.

Matuomi, Beverly

- The "free name" given to Beverly McCall by her spirit father in a dream.

McCall, Beverly

- Female in E block. Also known as Beverly Matuomi. She killed her husband with a straight razor for cheating on her, and her sentence was reduced to life in prison, and was transferred to Grassey Valley Penal Facility. She got out after 20 years and spent 10 years free before dying of heart failure in Raines Falls.

McCall, Lester

- Cheating husband of Beverly. A hairdresser.

McGee, Rob

- Deputy sheriff that helped in the search for the Detterick Twins.

Moores, Hal

- Warden of Cold Mountain, and husband of Melinda. Died about Pearl Harbor day 1941.

Moores, Melinda

- Wife of Hal. Dying of a brain tumour until John Coffey arrives and cures her. She died of a heart attack in 1943.

Mr. Jingles

- Eduard Delacroix's pet mouse. He was originally called Steamboat Willy. Killed by Percy Wetmore and brought back to life by John Coffey.

Mulford, Clarence

- Mentioned in passing.

Peterson, George

- Prosecutor in John Coffey's trial.

Price, Eva

- Owned a boarding house in Tefton.

Ray, Anthony

- Hatchet killer. He was the first execution that Percy Wetmore had seen.

Ringgold, ?

- Guard at Cold Mountain that was there for Delacroix's execution.

Robinette, ?

- Family in Trapingus area.

Roosevelt, ?

- Politician mentioned by Dean Stanton.

Ross, Betsy

- Mentioned in passing.

Sadler, Dr.

- Doctor of the Edgecombe's. He used to give sulfur pills for infections.

Schuster, Brother

- Priest from Heavenly Light Baptist Church that prayed with Arlen Bitterbuck and Eduard Delacroix on the way to the electric chair.

Shurtleff, Daphne

- 17 year old black lover of Homer Cribus.

Sir Galahad

- A dog owned by the Hammersmiths. It went wild one day and mauled the face of Caleb Hammersmith, and was shot by Burt Hammersmith.

Stanton, Dean

- Guard at Cold Mountain that worked in E Block. The guards tried to shield him from any problems when they took Coffey out. He transferred to "C" block after Coffey died, and was stabbed to death by a prisoner 4 months later.

Steamboat Willie

- The original name for Mr. Jingles. He was called this because this was the name used for Micky Mouse, and the guards thought they were a lot alike.

Terwilliger, Harry

- Guard at Cold Mountain that worked in E Block. Died of intestinal cancer in 1982

Van Hay, Jack

- Guard at Cold Mountain. Pulled the switch on Bitterbuck.

Wetmore, Percy

- Guard at Cold Mountain. Brutal towards the inmates, but kept his job in E block because he was related to the Governor by marriage. Extremely vain about his hair. He was in charge of the Delacroix execution, but did not use a wet sponge and literally cooked him. He went into a catonic state after receiving the illness from Coffey, then shot William Wharton to death. Died in 1965.

Wettermark, Rolfe

- Guard at Cold Mountain.

Wharton, Mrs.

- Mother of William.

Wharton, William

- Prisoner of E block. He killed 3 people during a holdup, and killed a police officer while escaping. He attempted to kill a guard when he arrived at Cold Mountain but was stopped by Paul Edgecombe. He was the one that killed the Detterick girls that John Coffey was charged for. He painted the Detterick's barn under than name of Will Bonney.

Widmark, Richard

- Actor that bore a close resemblance to William Wharton.

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