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First line :
An old blue Ford pulled into the guarded parking lot that morning, looking like a small, tired dog after a hard run.

Notes :
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Quotes :
  • “Do you think we could live the rest of our lives on this road?”
  • “We’re all going to die.”
  • “We don’t bring anything into the world and we sure as shit don’t take anything out.”
  • “There are three great truths in the world and they are a good meal, a good screw, and a good shit, and that’s all!”
  • “A guy can’t walk all the time."
  • "Walk or die, that's the moral of this story."
  • "Slow down and live."

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  • Written : Autumn 1966 – Spring 1967
  • Published under the pseudonym Richard Bachman...

  • Takes place in the near future...

  • Synopsis :
    In the near future, where Amerika has become a police state, one hundred boys are selected to enter an annual contest where the winner will be awarded whatever he wants for the rest of his life. The game is simple - maintain a steady walking pace of four miles per hour without stopping. Three warnings, and you're out - permanently.

    In the early '60s radio and TV stations throughout the country organized 50-mile hikes. Stephen says: "I had that in mind. I didn't have a car when I wrote that book. I was hitchhiking everywhere. I didn't finish my 50-mile hike, though. I fell out after 20 miles."

    A harrowing, deeply disturbing novel of loss and ultimate authority, The Long Walk is probably the most upsetting of the Richard Bachman novels. It follows the basic structure of the other Bachmans. The Walkers, (like Charlie Decker of Rage, Barton Dawes of Roadwork, Ben Richards of The Running Man, Billy Halleck of Thinner, and the residents of Poplar Street in The Regulators) have been cut off from society by some outside Authority figure. Time is measured in death, and, like the other major Bachman characters, hope is something left at the starting gate. Depressing yet beguiling, upsetting yet enthralling, The Long Walk is truly a dark and memorable experience.


    Signet 1979.

    "First Signet Printing, July, 1979"
    on copyright page.
    "1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9" on copyright page.

    Dust Jacket price : $2.25


    Signet April 1999 (with King introduction)
    370 pages.
    ISBN 0 451 19671 6.

    Price: $7.99

    Copyright © Richard Bachman, 1979.
    Introduction copyright © Stephen King, 1996.
    Fiction: Horror


    This is for Jim Bishop
    and Burt Hatlen and Ted Holmes.


    Part One
    Starting Out (2 chapters)
    Part Two
    Going Down The Road (14 chapters)
    Part Three
    The Rabbit (2 chapters)


    Only death can keep you from the
    finish line - in the ultimate competition
    of the all-too-near future....

    Every year, on the first day of May, one hundred teenage boys meet for an event known throughout the country as "The Long Walk." Among this year's chosen crop is sixteen-year-old Ray Garraty. He knows the rules: that warnings are issued if you fall under speed, stumble, sit down. That after three warnings... you get your ticket. And what happens then serves as a chilling reminder
    that there can be only one winner in the Walk - the one that survives...

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    Todesmarsch (Germany)
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