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  • Garraty is number 47, but in chapter 2 it says that Ewing is number 9. So if Ewing is number 9 and Garraty is number 47, there must be about 38 people, whose surnames starts with F. I find that highly unlikely, don't you?
  • On page 150 (Chapter 1) it says that Garraty's father took him to a Long Walk, when he was 10. But later, on page 220 (Chapter 7), it says that the Squads came and took his father 11 years ago, and he hasn't seen him since, he says. Garraty is 16 when the story takes place, so if his father had been taken away 11 years ago, how was it then possible for Garraty's father to take Garraty to a Long Walk, when Garraty was 10, when he himself had been missing, since Garraty was five?
  • On page 207 (Chapter 6), it says that Jan had long blonde hair, but on page 178-179 (Chapter 4), she has long dark hair.
  • In The Long Walk the geography is all wrong.Limestone and Caribou are not on the same road, and Limestone is not as it is described in the book, that description fits Caribou better. Well, you have to live there to know this...
  • Chapter 13 (about 9 pages in) Garraty is talking to McVries and mentions that 12 walkers took advantage of the April 31st drop out day. Have a quick look at any calendar...
  • In Chapter 17 King writes "Stebbins opened his mouth and with shocking abruptness he threw up the crackers and peanut butter he had eaten, almost whole and seeminly untouched by digestive juices. He staggered, and for only the second time since the Walk began, he was warned." Actually this was his Third Warning. The first was in Chapter 1 just after the race started he took a warning to see where the limits were. Second warning Chaptter 10 (about 4 pages from the end of the chapter) Garraty told him to get away from him and he dropped back quickly and got a warning. Third warning Chapt 17 when he vomited.
  • On page 206 ( Ch. 6 )it says that Garraty lived in Porterville, but at the very beginning of the story, page 141 (Ch. 1) it says that he lived in Pownal.
    Later in the book, on page 295 (Ch. 15) he and the others walk through Porterville, but even though Garraty seems to know some things about that town, it is not described as the one he lives in.
    And if it had been the town that he lived in, why did his mother, Jan and all of his classmates have to go all the way to Freeport to greet him, when they could have stayed in Porterville?
    So where did he live?
  • On page 287 (Ch. 14) it says that a walker named Milligan was shot. But later, on page 316 (Ch. 17), the name Milligan appears again.
    I'll be the first one to point out that there easily enough could have been two walkers called Milligan, but still one can't help but speculate about whether or not it is an error.

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