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  • Parts 1 through 3 show the address as 490 Park Avenue South, and in part 3 it is specified as being on the 9th floor. Part 4 shows the address as 5th floor, 409 Park Avenue South.
  • On Page 219 there is a photo of a 25th wedding anniversary party Herb Porter organised for his parents in 1978, making them married in 1953. Herb is 48 years old (Part 5, Page 176), and since it is 1981, that means he was born in 1933, some 20 years BEFORE his parents were married. An unlikely situation, but not impossible.
  • At the beginning of part 2, on January 4th, 1981Kenton receives a letter from Carlos Detweiller. Part 1, Page 3 says the letter was written on January 4 the quickest it would have arrived was January 5. In part 1 page 4, Kenton confirms this by mentioning the memo of submissions from January 11 to 15.
  • Page 130 states LaShonda's name is LaShonda McHue, but on page 141 it becomes LaShonda Evans.

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