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Timeline :
History of the Overlook:

Built by Robert Townley Watson.


Sold by Robert Watson.

Warren G. Harding visited.

Elevator installed.

Henry Ford visited.


Jean Harlow visited.



Purchased by Horace Derwent, and the 'Opening ball' held 29 August 1945.

Nelson Rockefeller visited.

1 February, 1952:
Sold to California investers by Derwent. Headed by Charles Grondin.

Sold to Mountainview Resorts.

Darryl F. Zanuck visited.

Mountain View goes broke.


Opened as a writing school on a 1-year lease. One writer committed suicide after falling 3 floors to his death.


Purchased by High Country Investments.

June, 1966:
Gienelli shot in Overlook.

Sold to Sylvia Hunter.

Bought by the current investors through Mr. Shockley.

Writers :
John D. Torrance:
- Fiction
'Concerning the Black Hole'
'The Monkey is Here Paul DeLong'
'The Little School'.
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Name: Description:

?, Aileen

- Sister of Wendy Torrance. Hit by a car and killed as a child of 6 in Somersworth, New Hampshire.

?, Andy

- Friend of James Torrance in Stovington.

?, Brent

- Young boy that went to Nursery School with Danny Torrance in Stovington. He had epilepsy.

?, Darla

- At the overlook party in 1945.

?, Elaine

- Girlfriend of Tom.

?, Jana

- Mentioned by Hallorann. Possibly his ex-wife.

?, Lloyd

- Bartender in the Overlook that was dreamed of by Jack Torrance.

?, Mike

- Worked at the Overlook.

?, Roger

- Gay man dressed as a dog in the Overlook at the 1945 party.

?, Sally

- Worked at the Overlook, and getting married during the winter break.

?, Sally

- Assistant of Dr Edmonds in Sidewinder.

?, Tom

- Lived above Jack and Wendy in boulder. Boyfriend of Elaine, and they often fought late at night.

?, Tommy

- Jack Torrance found a letter written to Tommy back in 1934, in the Overlook basement.

?, Tony

- Danny's invisible playmate that made the word "redrum" famous. He shows Danny things that will happen, both good and bad. He is really an older version of Danny himself. The name Tony is simply a shortening of Danny's middle name Anthony.

Aaronson, Mr.

- Father of Scott. Taught History with Jack Torrance at Stovington Academy. He hit his wife and they divorced.

Aaronson, Mrs.

- Mother of Scott.

Aaronson, Scott

- Friend of Danny Torrance in Stovington.

Anderson, Jack

- Reporter with low morals.

Astor, ?

- Visited the Overlook.

Baedecker, ?

- Helped Dick Hallorann in Florida.

Battaglia, Charles

- 60 Year old mobster friend of Charles Grondin. He was charged but acquitted of the murder of Jack "Dutchy" Morgan in 1932. Jailed for tax evasion in 1955.

Beatrice, Sister

- Jack Torrance's Catchism teacher.

Benson, Gary

- Character in Jack Torrance's play - The Little School. Young hero.

Boorman, Victor T.

- Shot at the Overlook in 1966. Bodyguard of Gienelli.

Bows, Dick

- 1964 State Representative from Golden.

Braddock, ?

- Head Desk Clerk at the Overlook Hotel.

Brannigar, Josh

- Reporter with low morals. He wrote about the Overlook in Sep 1964, and again in 1967. Died about 1968.

Brant, Mrs.

- Guest at the Overlook on closing day. Liked Mike.

Bruckner, ?

- School department head at Stovington Academy.

Capote, Truman

- Visited the Overlook.

Chamberlain, Neville

- Mentioned in passing.


- Childhood invisible friend of Dr. Bill Edmonds.

Conklin, Rodney

- Financial editor of a paper. Wrote about Derwent selling the Overlook in 1952, and again in 1964. It was Conklin that found out about the link between Grondin being involved in the 1963 purchase of the Overlook.

Cottrell, Howard

- Snowplow driver that helped Hallorann when he was returning to the Overlook.

Crommert, Mr.

- Worked for the school board as headmaster of Stovington Academy. He asked for Jack's resignation after the fight with a student.

DeLong, Paul

- Child molester in one of Jack Torrance's stories (The Monkey is Here Paul DeLong)

Denker, ?

- Character in Jack Torrance's play 'The Little School'. Sadistic headmaster.

Derwent, Horace M.

- Millionaire inventor, pilot, film producer and entrepreneur that owned the Overlook 1945-1970. He was married to Sylvia Derwent from 1942-1948.

Derwent, Sylvia

- Wife of Horace Derwent from 1942 until 1948. Owned the Overlook from 1967 until 1968.

Doctorow, E. L.

- Author of "Welcome to hard times".

Dupont, ?

- Visited the Overlook.

Durkin, Larry

- Owner of a Conoco service station in Sidewinder. Hired a snowmobile to Dick Hallorann.

Edmonds, Dr. Bill

- Doctor in Sidewinder. Examined Danny Torrance after he was stung by the wasps.

Effinger, Harry

- Worked for the school board at Stovington Academy. He voted to ask Jack to resign.

Felton, David

- Features editor for a Denver paper. Did a story on the Overlook reopening on May 15, 1947.

Finkel, Henry

- Ran the Top Marks studio for Horace Derwent in the late 1930's.

Ford, Henry

- Visited the overlook in 1927.

Gable, Clarke

- Visited the Overlook.

Gienelli, Vittorio

- Mobster and overlook guest of the Overlook in 1944. Shot in the Overlook in June 1966. He was charged 23 times, tried 14 times, and convicted of only one charge of shoplifting.

Grady, Delbert

- A drunk, who was in charge of the Overlook during the winter of 1970-1971, went mad and killed his 2 daughters (8 and 6) with a hatchet, and his wife with a shotgun before committing suicide with the shotgun.

Grimmer, ?

- Character in one of Jack Torrance's stories, The Monkey is Here Paul DeLong. Let Monkey DeLong go free from the Institution when he was not really cured.

Grondin, Charles

- Headed the purchase of the Overlook from Derwent in 1952, then was later part of High Country Investments that again purchased the Overlook in 1963. He resigned from the California Land Development Corporation in 1959. Indited and acquitted for Tax evasion in 1960.

Gunther, John

- His son had a brain tumour. Thought of by Wendy Torrance.

Hall, Mr.

- Name used by Dick Hallorann to the sheriff Tom Staunton.

Hallorann, Carl

- Brother of Dick.

Hallorann, Dick

- The cook at the Overlook, a friend of Danny Torrance who came back to help when things went really wrong, but was hurt badly by Jack Torrance. He had the "shine".

Hallorann, Mrs.

- Mother of Dick and Carl Hallorann.

Harding, President

- Visited the overlook and stayed in the Presidental Suite. Former USA President.

Harding, Warren G.

- Guest in the Overlook in 1922. Ordered a Salmon and case of Coors beer.

Harlow, Jean

- Visited the overlook in 1930.

Hatfield, Brian

- Father of George. Corporation Lawyer.

Hatfield, George

- A promising debate student at Stovington Academy, he was dropped from the team after he began stuttering when he was frustrated. Jack Torrance found him slashing his tyres after he was dropped from the team and hit him. Son of Brian Hatfield.

Hollis, Wally

- Told Jack Torrance about Vic Stenger's nervous breakdown.

Houghton, Archer

- County Coroner who changed the cause of death from Suicide from a drug overdose to accidental death for Mrs Massey - the woman found dead in room 217. He took a bribe for this.

Hunter, Sylvia

- Maiden name of Sylvia Derwent.

Leffing, Robert T.

- Spokesman for Buyers of the Overlook in 1963 - High Country Investments.

Lincoln, Abraham

- Former USA President.

Lombard, Carole

- Visited the Overlook.

Macassi, Roger

- Gienelli's bodyguard that was shot in June 1966.

Massey, Mr.

- Lawyer husband of Mrs. Massey.

Massey, Mrs.

- Found dead in the bath of room 217. She was there with her young lover, and took a large dose of sleeping tablets after drinking heavily and died.

Masterton, Frank

- Part owner of One-A Wholesale Vegetable Mart in Florida. Friend of Dick Hallorann.

McIver, ?

- Lawyer used by Hallorann to make his will in Florida.

Miller, Arthur

- Visited the Overlook. Husband of Marilyn Monroe for a time.

Monroe, Marilyn

- Visited the overlook. Wife of Arthur Miller.

Moorer, Benjamin

- State trooper than found Gienelli, Boorman and Macassi's bodies in the Overlook in 1966.

Morgan, Jack

- Supposedly killed by Charles Battaglia in 1932.

Morris, Margery

- 14 year old actress that worked for the Top Mark Studio before she died of a heroin overdose in 1934.

Nevers, Mr.

- Dick Hallorann's apprentice at the Overlook.

Nixon, Richard

- Visited the overlook and stayed in the Presidental Suite. Former USA President.

Norman, Robert

- Manager of the Overlook in 1966 when Gienelli was murdered.

Olson, Charles

- Poet that was discussed in Jack Torrance's English classes.

O'Neill, Eugene

- Mentioned in passing by Jack Torrance.

Porsky, Mr.

- Mentioned in a debate by George Hatfield.

Prashkin, Carl

- Heir to the power of Gienelli. He was a guest of the Overlook in 1964, and Shareholder in High Country Investments, Fun Time amusements, and various casino's.

Queems, ?

- Manager of the place where Dick Hallorann worked in Florida.

Redford, Robert

- Actor that was compared to George Hatfield.

Rockefeller, Nelson

- Visited the Overlook in 1950.

Roosevent, Franklin D.

- Visited the Overlook and stayed in the Presidential Suite. Former USA President.

Ryan, Nolan

- Baseball Player.

Sandler, Phyllis

- Jack Torrance's agent in New York.

Scarne, Richard

- Owner of Fun Time Automatic Machines and a mobster. Guest in the Overlook in 1964. Jailed on 3 occasions - once for tax fraud.

Scoffy, Frank

- Killed by Vito Gienelli.

Shockley, Albert

- Close friend of the Torrance family and it was his endorsement that got Jack the job at the Overlook. Co-Owner, and on the board of directors of the Overlook. He was a heavy drinker, but after an accident where he hit a child's bike in his car, he gave up. He is on the board of directors at Stovington Academy, and was the only one that voted to keep Jack employed there.

Shockley, Arthur Longley

- Father of Albert. A self-made rich man.

Stani, Corbat

- Designer that stayed in the Overlook in 1957.

Staunton, Tom

- Ranger that Dick Hallorann spoke to about the Torrance family.

Stenger, Robin

- Kid in Nursery school with Danny Torrance in Stovington. Son of Vic.

Stenger, Vic

- Father of Robin. Had a nervous breakdown. Was an arithmetic teacher with Jack Torrance at Stovington Academy.

Strong, Miss

- French Teacher at Stovington Academy. She saw Jack hit George Hatfield.

Toner, Lewis

not sure...

Torrance, Becky

- Older sister of Jack Torrance.

Torrance, Brett

- Oldest brother of Jack. Joined the army and died in Dong Ho in 1965.

Torrance, Daniel Anthony

- The five year old with the "Shine". He could read peoples minds or thoughts, and he was wanted by the Overlook. Son of Jack and Wendy. He has an imaginary friend called Tony.

Torrance, John Daniel

- Danny's father, a failed writer and alcoholic who succumb evil in the Overlook Hotel. His short stories include "Concerning the Black Hole", "The Monkey is Here Paul DeLong", and the play he was working on in the Overlook is called "The Little School". He was the youngest child.

Torrance, Mark Anthony

- Father of Jack, Becky, Brett and Mike. Wife and child basher and alcoholic. Worked as a male nurse at Berlin Community Hospital, and died there in 1968 of a stroke.

Torrance, Mike

- Brother of Jack. Second oldest.

Torrance, Winnifred

- Danny's mother. Her mother kicked her out of home in 1970 after her parents divorced. Her father, a travelling salesman, died of a heart attack 6 months after her wedding.

Trent, Mr.

- Manager of Surf-Sand resort in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Tunney, Zack

- Friend of Jack Torrance. Teacher at Stovington Academy. A heavy drinker on weekends.

Ullman, Stuart

- 5'5" high manager of the Overlook. Did not like Jack.

Vanderbuilt, ?

- Visited the Overlook.

Vecker, Carlton

- Did not show up on flight 196 from Miami to Denver, and Hallorann got his seat on the plane.

Vickery, Delores

- Chambermaid at the Overlook Hotel. Fired when she saw the dead body in room 217 in about 1971.

Walpole, Horace

- Writer mentioned my Wendy Torrance.

Watson, ?

- Grandson of Robert Watson. Does the summer maintenance on the Overlook.

Watson, Boyd

- Not mentioned by name. Son of Robert T. Watson. Died in a riding accident where he broke his neck.

Watson, Mr.

- Father of the current caretaker, Watson. Son of Robert Watson. Died of electrocution when he put his finger in a light socket in the 1930's.

Watson, Mrs.

- Mother of the current caretaker, Watson. Died 6 years ago of Cancer.

Watson, Robert Townley

- Built the Overlook in 1907. Sold it in 1915. Grandfather of Watson, the present maintenance man. One of his sons died in a riding accident while the overlook was being built.

Wilson, President

- Visited the overlook and stayed in the Presidential Suite. Former USA President.

Zanuck, Darryl F.

- Guest in the Overlook in 1956.

Zeiss, Peter

- Overlook guest in 1964, casino owner and mobster.. Charged for Tax fraud in 1954. Shareholder of Fun Time amusements, and an importer. Almost 70 years old.

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