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  • When Jack takes his family up to Overlook, it says on page 61 ( Ch. 8 ), that when he stopped at the vantage point, he stepped on the emergency-brake.
    The problem is, that no Volkswagen has ever had a pedal like emergency-brake. Mercedes had, though, but that is another story.
  • On page 155 ( Ch. 18 ) it says that Horace Derwent opened The Overlook in 1945. A bit later, on the same page, a news-paper article from 1947 (!) mentions that same opening, two years too late?!?
    Later, in the same chapter, on page 160, another news-paper article mentions that Horace Derwent owned The Overlook from 1946 to 1952.
  • On page 306 ( Ch. 37 ) it says that the dial of the clock had been replaced by a black hole, which grew like a dilating iris.
    That is impossible, the only thing which can change its size in an eye is the pupil.

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