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Roberta Anderson:
'Rimfire Christmas'.
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Name: Description:

?, Al

- Ambushed Stu Redman's group.

?, Anders

- Grandson of Abagail Freemantle. Killed in a hunting accident.

?, Andrew

- Fran Goldsmith's uncle. Husband of Carlene.

?, Andy

- Pilot on Flagg's side.

?, Arlene

- Works at James Place, a poker parlour.

?, Bonnie

- "Mother" of Daniel McCarthy.

?, Carlene

- Fran Goldsmith's Aunt. Wife of Andrew.

?, Cathy

- Relation of Abagail Freemantle. Wife of David.

?, Chris

- Friend of Larry Underwood.

?, Christopher

- Relation of Abagail Freemantle. Husband of Susy.

?, Consuela

- Worked with Alice Underwood.

?, Dale

- Uncle of Stu Redman.

?, David

- Friend of Larry Underwood.

?, David

- Relation of Abagail Freemantle. Husband of Cathy.

?, Fred

- Father of Carla Goldsmith.

?, Garvey

- Ambushed Stu Redman's group.

?, George

- Killed by Andrew Freeman and Lloyd Henreid.

?, Herb

- Lover of Joline Majors.

?, Jack

- Lover of Candy Jones.

?, Jane

- Owner of James Place, a poker parlour.

?, Jim

- Husband of Molly.

?, Julie

- Friend of Larry Underwood.

?, Linda

- Relation of Abagail Freemantle.

?, Manuel

- Bouncer in Whore house.

?, Maria

- Friend of Larry Underwood. Oral Hygienist and one night stand.

?, Mark

- Friend of Larry Underwood.

?, Molly

- Great granddaughter of Abagail Freemantle. Wife of Jim.

?, Patty

- In school with Nadine Cross.

?, Rachel

- Dr. Tom Edmonton's secretary.

?, Rhoda

- Room mate of Debbie Smith.

?, Roger

- On Flagg's side.

?, Ronnie

- Ambushed Stu Redman's group.

?, Ronnie

- Boyfriend of Julie Lawry.

?, Ronnie

- Great nephew of Abagail Freemantle.

?, Samuel

- Last son of Abagail Freemantle to die.

?, Sandy

- In school with Nadine Cross.

?, Stephanie-Ann

- Cook on Flagg's side.

?, Susy

- Relation of Abagail Freemantle. Wife of Christopher.

?, Suzanne

- Name in Jail cell where Nick Andros was put.

?, Vic

- Male nurse.

?, Victor

- Grandson of Abagail Freemantle.

?, Virge

- Ambushed Stu Redman's group.

Ace High

- On Flagg's side.


- One of the names Glen Bateman uses for Randall Flagg.

Anderson, Roberta

- Writer mentioned in passing. She wrote Rimfire Christmas, but is not actually mentioned by name.

Andros, Mr.

- Father of Nick Andros. Died before Nick was born.

Andros, Mrs.

- Mother of Nick Andros. Killed by man on a motor bike.

Andros, Nick

- A deaf-mute who becomes a charter member of the ad hoc committee in the Free Zone.


- One of the names Glen Bateman uses for Randall Flagg.


- One of the names Glen Bateman uses for Randall Flagg.


- Owner of Babe's Kwik-eat café.

Bailey, Stan

- On Flagg's side.

Baker, Jane

- Wife of John Baker.

Baker, John

- Sheriff who saved Nick Andros. Insomniac. Husband of Jane Baker.

Baker, Jory

- Guitar playing friend of Barry Greig. In a band "Sparx".

Ball, Brian

- Created the original walkie talkie project that Harold Lauder based his bomb on.

Ballinger, Mr.

- In place where Stu Redman was imprisoned.

Bateman, Glendon Pequod

- An assistant professor of sociology who met up with Stu Redman, a charter member of the Free Zone ad hoc committee, and he travelled to Las Vegas to fulfill Mother Abagail's final instructions.

Bateman, Mrs.

- Mother of Glen Bateman.

Beauchamp, Curtis

- Died on a roadblock.

Benson, Cliff

- Trainee pilot on Flagg's side.

Big Steve

- Glen Bateman's dog who is also called Kojak.

Blakely, Mrs.

- Friend of Mrs. Cullen.

Blakemoor, Harry

- Husband of Rita Blakemoor. Bank executive who died of a stroke.

Blakemoor, Rita

- Met Larry Underwood in Central Park, they travelled together until she died. Wife of Harry Blakemoor.

Booth, Jane

- Maiden name of Jane Baker. Sister of Ray Booth.

Booth, Ray

- Brother in law of sheriff John Baker. Beat up Nick Andros.

Braceman, Reverend

- Methodist Minister.

Bracknell, Damon

- Travelled with Richard Darless and Dayna Jurgins until he was killed.

Braddock, Mark

- Lover of Perlon McCarthy. Died of appendicitis.

Bradenton, Christopher

- Helped Randall Flagg with a car and papers. It was him who came up with the name Randall Flagg.

Bradford, Robert

- Husband of Sarah Bradford.

Bradford, Samantha

No idea...

Bradford, Sarah

- Woman in Doctor Sweeney's office. Wife of Robert Bradford.

Brannigan, Roy

- Harold Lauder 'stole' his car after he died.

Brentner, Ralph

- Man who picked up Nick and Tom on their way out of Kansas, became part of the final company who went to Las Vegas to confront Flagg.

Brentwood, Joseph Robert
- State cop. Cousin of Bill Hapscomb.

Brinkmeyer, June

- Joined Abagail Freemantle.

Brodsky, ?

- Executed for treason.

Brooks, Nate

No idea...

Bruce, Frank D.

- In the Project Blue lab. Died with his face in a bowl of soup.

Bruett, Lila

- Wife of Norman Bruett.

Bruett, Luke

- Son of Lila and Norman Bruett.

Bruett, Norman

- In Hapscomb's Texaco when Charles D. Campion's car hit. Husband of Lila Bruett.

Bruett, Robert

- Son of Lila and Norman Bruett.

Buchan, Sergeant

- Mentioned in passing.

Bundell, Al

- On the Law Committee.

Burleigh, Richard

- Ohio Campus chief of security.

Burlson, Paul

- Kept records on people entering Flagg's side.

Burstein, Norman

- Childhood friend of Fran Goldsmith. They examined each others naked bodies.

Caide, Bradley

- Was deputy in Shoyo. Had a child who died of crib death. Husband of Mrs. Caide.

Caide, Mrs.

- Wife of Bradley Caide.

Campanari, Freddy

- Injured in a fire, and pilot in Flagg's 'army'.

Campion, Charles D.

- Government employee who fled from the biological testing site when Project Blue fell apart and hit the gas pumps at Hapscomb's Texaco. Husband of Sally Campion.

Campion, LaVon

- Baby daughter of Sally and Charles Campion.

Campion, Sally

- Wife of Charles Campion.

Carella, Steve

- Worked with Edward Norris.

Carmichael, Henry

- Was in Hapscomb's Texaco when Charles D. Campion hit it.

Caron, Paul

- Poor friend of Peter Goldsmith.

Childress, Mike

- Beat up Nick Andros. Friend of Ray Booth.

Chumm, Dudley

- Worked as a guard in Ohio.


- Known as Donald DeFreeze. Name was suggested by Randall Flagg.

Cleveland, Jack

- Russian and Chinese operative operations boss for the US government.

Collins, Mark

- Lover of Julie Horton.

Constable, Laurie

- Nurse. Joined Larry Underwood's group.

Conveigh, Ben

- Said racial slurs about the Freemantle family. Half brother of George Conveigh.

Conveigh, George

- Half brother of Ben Conveigh.

Craddock, Willy

- Played poker with Stu Redman.

Craslow, Milton

- Died of a snake bite.

Creighton, Len

- Worked with Project Blue, tracking the spread of the Flu.

Cross, Mr.

- Father of Nadine Cross.

Cross, Mrs.

- Mother of Nadine Cross.

Cross, Nadine

- Woman Larry Underwood met at a New England Farmhouse. Flagg eventually chose her as his wife, and she cheated him out of a son by jumping out of a window in Las Vegas. Daughter of Mrs. and Mr. Cross.

Crowley, Lester

- Worked with Peter Goldsmith.

Cullen, Don

- Father of Tom Cullen. Ran off with DeeDee Packalotte.

Cullen, Mrs.

- Mother of Tom Cullen.

Cullen, Tom

- Retarded man Nick met on Main street in May. He was sent as a spy to Las Vegas. He saves Stu Redmans life. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Don Cullen.

Cunningham, Hatch

- Picked on the Trashcan Man.

Dadds, Bill

- Friend of Lucy Swann.


- Abagail Freemantle's last cow.

Dannemont, Rolf

- Veterinarian.

Darliss, Richard

- Travelled with Damon Bracknell until killed.

Deacon, Chet

- Lived in the same town as the Freemantle's.

Debbins, Jason

- Guard in State Prison.

Deck, Dewey

- Drug dealer who supplied Larry Underwood.

DeFreeze, Donald

- Flagg wrote a speech for him. He also suggested a name change to "Cinque".

Deitz, Dick

- Colonel who answered Stu Redman's questions at Atlanta. Called Stu by the code name "Prince".

Delancey, Freddy

- On roadblock in Fran Goldsmith's home town.

DeMott, Ken

- On Flagg's side.

Denninger, Dr.

- Stu Redman's doctor in Atlanta.

Deschamps, Lewis

- Injured and lost an eye in the bomb blast that was set by Harold Lauder.

Devins, Andy

- Lloyd Henreid's lawyer.

Dickerson, George

- Worked at WBZ-TV.

Dinkway, Boo

- Retarded boy that Flagg killed prior to the Flu.

Dinsmore, Gus

- Parking lot attendant at beach. Son of Mr. Dinsmore.

Dinsmore, Mr.

- Father of Gus Dinsmore.


- Ex army person that attacked Stu Redman's group.

Donahue, Tony

- Teenage boy.

Dorgan, Barry

- Security for Flagg's side.

Doria, Sal

- Was at Larry Underwood's party.

Downes, Tobias

- Carla Goldsmith's grandfather.

Downs, Merton

- Freemason. Ancestor of Carla Goldsmith.

Dragonsky, Louis

- Name in jail cell where Nick Andros was put.

Drogan, Hector Alonzo

- Drug addict that was crucified by Flagg.

Drummond, Eileen

- Died in house fire.

Duchiens, Sandy

- Joined Abagail Freemantle's group.

Duggan, Grace

- School friend of Frannie Goldsmith.

Dunbar, Shirley

- Telephone operator on Flagg's side.

Dunbarton, Harry

- Joined Abagail Freemantle's group.

Dupray, Angela

- Bridge partner of Sarah Bradford. Wife of David Dupray.

Dupray, David

- Husband of Angela Dupray.

Dupray, Sarah

- Daughter of David and Angela Dupray.

Edmonton, Alberta

- Wife of Thomas Edmonton.

Edmonton, Dr. Thomas

- The Goldsmith's doctor.

Elbert, Donald Merwin

- The Trashcan Man - he liked to set fires. One of Flagg's men who brought the atomic bomb to Las Vegas.

Elbert, Sally

- Mother of Donald Elbert. Saved him from being killed by his father. Wife of Wendell Elbert.

Elbert, Wendell

- Father of Donald Elbert. He killed some of his children. Husband of Sally Elbert.

Elder, Dr.

- Watched Stu Redman.

Ellerton, Rich

- Hired Nick Andros to clean the barn.

Ellis, Helen

- Wife of Dick Ellis.

Ellis, Richard

- The veterinarian who was part of Nick Andros's company that went to Mother Abagail's. He fixed Gina McCone's broken leg. Husband of Helen Ellis.

Enders, Harlan

- Retired friend of Peter Goldsmith.

Engstrom, Jenny

- Ex nightclub dancer on Flagg's side.

Enslin, Ted

- Poet.

Erwins, Ratty

- Called Flagg 'Old Creeping Judas'.

Ezwick, Dr. Emmanual

- Dead in Project Blue lab.

Faraday, Russell

- Final name for Randall Flagg.

Fargood, Jane

- In school with Nadine Cross.

Farris, Judge Richard

- 70 year old man who joined Larry Underwood's group. He was one of 3 spies sent to Las Vegas.

Fayette, Irma

- Flu survivor that was so afraid of rape, she used a gun, and it exploded and killed her.

Fayette, Mr.

- Father of Irma Fayette.

Fayette, Mrs.

- Mother of Irma Fayette.

Fenner, Frank

- Friend of John Freemantle.

Fine, Eben G.

- Park in Boulder named after him.

Finnegan, ?

- Coroner who worked on Campion's body.

Flagg, Randall

- The personification of evil also known as: The Walking Dude, Randall Flagg, Ahaz, The Dark Man, The Man with No Face, Anubis, Astaroth, Richard Fry, Ramsey Forrest, Robert Franq, John the Conqueror, The Midnight Rambler, Nyarlohotep, Old Creeping Judas, R'yelah, Seti.

More about randall flagg 

Floss, Anna

- Worked in the Project Blue lab.

Flowers, Ray

- On KLFT's morning show.

Forrest, Nathan Bedford

- Ancestor of Ramsey Forrest.

Forrest, Ramsey

- One name of Randall Flagg. Descendent of Nathan Forrest.

Frampton, Ted

- Found second walkie talkie that Harold Lauder used for the bomb.

Franq, Robert

- One of the names for Randall Flagg.

Fred, Clyde D.

- Name in jail cell where Nick Andros was put.

Freeman, Andrew

- Killer partner of Lloyd Henreid.

Freeman, Mr.

- Building Super where Alice Underwood lived.

Freemantle, Abagail

- 108 year old black woman who summoned the good guys through dreams. She has 6 sons, 34 grandchildren, 91 Great Grandchildren and 6 Great-Great Grandchildren.

Freemantle, John

- Father of Abagail Freemantle.

Freemantle, Lucas

- Brother of Abagail Freemantle.

Freemantle, Matthew

- Brother of Abagail Freemantle.

Freemantle, Micha

- Brother of Abagail Freemantle.

Freemantle, Rebecca

- Mother of Abagail Freemantle.

Freemantle, Richard

- Brother of Abagail Freemantle.

Freemantle, Richard

- One of the names used by Randall Flagg.

Freemantle, Sam

- Gave John Freemantle the money, as 8 years wages, to buy the Hemmingford Home that they all lived in.

Freemont, Robert

- One of the names for Randall Flagg.

Frye, Richard

- One of the names for Randall Flagg.

Gareth, ?

- In charge of Zone 6 - Little Rock.


- Cat.

Gehringer, Bill

- Old man in the Free Zone.

Gehringer, Tommy

- Pranged a car in the Free Zone and walked away.

Geoghan, Mr.

- Alice Underwood's boss.


- Guineapig in Stu Redman's room.

Gibbs, Roland

- Sergeant First Class in San Francisco. Took over the Radio station.

Goldsmith, Carla

- Mother of Fran Goldsmith.

Goldsmith, Frances Rebecca

- Travelled with Harold, met and married Stu Redman and had the first baby in the Free Zone which managed to survive after the plague.

Goldsmith, Freddie

- Dead brother of Fran Goldsmith.

Goldsmith, Mr.

- Father of Peter Goldsmith.

Goldsmith, Peter

- Father of Frannie Goldsmith. Husband of Carla Goldsmith.

Goldsmith-Redman, Peter

- Son of Fran, first baby to survive in the Free Zone.

Gooch, Mary Beth

- Friend of Julie Lawry.

Goodell, Cal

- Neighbour of Abagail Freemantle.

Goodman, Neil

- Musician who worked with Larry Underwood.

Greeley, Sheriff

- Killed Wendell Elbert.

Green, Mort

- Ran Gino's Bar where Larry Underwood played.

Greer, Patty

- Nurse in Atlanta. Tried to take Stu Redman's blood pressure.

Greig, Barry

- In "Tattered Remnants" band.

Groudemore, Richie

- Picked on the Trashcan Man as a kid.

Halliday, ?

- Worked in National Guard (?) with Dudley Chum in Ohio.

Halliday, Mrs.

- Sat with Carla Goldsmith when she was sick.

Halsey, Mrs.

- Lived in the same building as Alice Underwood. Suffered from Arthritis.

Hammer, Cynthia

- Wife of Vic Hammer. Married name of Cynthia Starkey.

Hammer, Vic

- Husband of Cynthia Hammer. Involved in Project Blue. Committed suicide. Son in law of Starkey.

Hammett, Shirley

- Freed by Stu Redman's group after the group that held her captive attacked Stu's group.

Hanson, Jack

- Friend of Fran Goldsmith.

Hapscomb, Bill

- Husband of Mary Hapscomb. Owned Hapscomb's Texaco, near Arnette.

Hapscomb, Mary

- Wife of Bill Hapscomb.

Hardesty, Abagail

- Married name of Abagail Freemantle.

Hardesty, Henry

- Second husband of Abagail Freemantle. Killed by tractor.

Harran, Toby

- Owner of a casino where Arthur Stimpson died.

Henreid, Lloyd

- Became Flagg's right hand man in Las Vegas. "Baby Faced Unrepentant Killer".

Henreid, Mr.

- Lloyd's father.

Hewett, Rona

- Has the regular flu.

Hirschfield, Angelina

- Adopted mother of Daniel McCarthy.

Hobart, Chip

- In the Free Zone.

Hodges, Bert

- Child of Ralph and Sally Hodges.

Hodges, Cheryl

- Child of Ralph and Sally Hodges.

Hodges, Eva

- Child of Ralph and Sally Hodges.

Hodges, Ralph

- Husband of Sally Hodges.

Hodges, Sally

- Asked Lila Bruett to babysit her kids. Wife of Ralph Hodges.

Hogan, Vince

- Friend of Ray Booth. Beat up Nick Andros.

Hoggins, Richard

- Died of Heroin overdose.

Hogliss, James D.

- Put out the newspaper - "Durbin Call-Clarion"

Holmes, Dr.

- Alice Underwood's chiropractor for her back.

Honinger, Ruth

- Friend of Julie Lawry.

Hoopes, Roy

- Brought stepladder to Hector Drogan's crucifixion.

Horgan, Whitney
- Butcher on Flagg's side.

Horton, Judy

- Wife of Waldo Horton.

Horton, Petie

- Son of Judy and Waldo Horton.

Horton, Waldo

- Husband of Judy Horton.

Hough, Carl

- Brought the news of the fire set by Trashcan Man to Lloyd Henreid. Ex marine and pilot.

Hovington, Jane

- Lived next door to Larry Underwood.

Impening, Charles

- Son of Mavis Impening. The free zone "Doomcrier".

Impening, Mavis

- Mother of Charles Impening.

Jackson, Henry

Not sure...

Jackson, Jack

- Car Mechanic.

Jackson, Nate

- Owner of a pub.

James, Dr.

- Worked with Campion's body.

Jamieson, Bill

- Chopper pilot for Flagg.

Jenner, ?

- A delirious man who thought Nick Andros was Jenner.


- The boy who travelled with Nadine Cross. His real name was Leo Rockway. He nearly died of an infected bite.

John the Conqueror

- One of the names for Randall Flagg.

Jones, Candy

- Had poison ivy. Girlfriend of Jack.

Jones, Sheldon

- Nominated Ted Frampton for the Free Zone Committee.

Jurgens, Dayna Roberta

- Held captive by the group that attacked Stu Redman's group, but freed.

Katz, Leonard

- Boyfriend of Patty.

Kellogg, Norman

- Drove the body removal truck in the Free Zone.

King, Donald

- Travelling salesman who sold Electrolux Vacuum cleaners. This is the name of Stephen King's father.

Kingman, Rose

- Told story of the Crows and Flagg.

Kitchner, Brad

- Helped rewire generators.


- Glen Bateman's dog who is also called Big Steve.

Kroger, Patty

- Held captive by the group that attacked Stu Redman's group, but freed.

Landon, ?

- In charge of Zone 2, New York.

Lathrop, Dan

- Doctor in the Free Zone.

Lathrop, Mrs.

- Patient of Dr. Soames.

Lauder, Amy

- Best friend of Fran Goldsmith. Sister of Harold Lauder.

Lauder, Brad

- Father of Harold Lauder.

Lauder, Harold Emery

- Travelled to the Free Zone with Stu and Frannie. He eventually gave into the powers of darkness and blew up Nick Andros's house.

Lawry, Julie

- The 16 year old girl Nick met in the drugstore, she wound up in Las Vegas and identified Tom as one of the spies from the Free Zone to Flagg.

Lawry, Mr.

- Father of Julie Lawry.

Lawry, Mrs.

- Mother of Julie Lawry.

Lee, Jim

- Electrocuted.

Leominster, Anthony

- Owned a Scout car.

Lothrop, Sam

- Went on a bike trip with Fran Goldsmith.

Majors, Joline

- Friend of Lucy Swann.

Mann, Pop

- Owner of a general store in Nebraska.

Markham, Jon

- Sentenced to death.

Markson, Bill

- Shot in Shell Service Station.

Marx, Buddy

- Friend of Larry Underwood.

Massingill, David

- In South Carolina Army.

Masters, Harry

- Worked with Peter Goldsmith.

Mathers, ?

- Hit Lloyd Henreid in groin in prison.

Mayo, Chuckie

- Cutest boy in school with Fran Goldsmith.

McCall, Johnny

- In "Tattered Remnants" band.

McCarthy, Daniel

- 4 year old boy on Flagg's side.

McCarthy, Perion

- Joined up with Stu Redman's group. Lover of Mark Braddock.

McCone, Gina

- Young girl who broke her leg. It was fixed by Dick Ellis.

McDougall, Bill

- Son of George McDougall.

McDougall, Danny

- Son of George McDougall.

McDougall, Frank

- Son of George McDougall.

McDougall, George

- Highschool teacher. Died of heart attack. Husband of Harriet McDougall.

McDougall, George, Jr.

- Son of George McDougall.

McDougall, Harriet

- Wife of George McDougall.

McDougall, Helen

- Daughter of George McDougall.

McDougall, Jeff

- Son of George McDougall.

McDougall, Marty

- Son of George McDougall.

McDougall, Patricia

- Daughter of George McDougall.

McDougall, Richard

- Son of George McDougall.

McDougall, Robert

- Son of George McDougall.

McDougall, Stan

- Son of George McDougall.

McFarlane, Allie

- Drug Dealer.

McFarlane, Erin D.

- Uncle of Allie McFarlane.

McGuire, Georgette

- Childhood friend of Fran Goldsmith.

Moffat, Rich

- Alcoholic in the Free Zone. Killed when the power turned back on.

Moran, Candice

- Died of fractured skull.

Morissette, Norm

- Picked on Trashcan Man as a kid.

Morton, Lieutenant

- Name that a soldier was screaming for - he wanted to kill him.

Nason, Mrs.

- Wife of Parker Nason.

Nason, Parker

- Elderly man in trailer park.

Naugler, ?

- Neighbour of Abagail Freemantle.

Nogotny, Stan

- Hypnotised Tom Cullen.

Norbutt, Mr.

- Employed Tom Cullen.

Norris, Chad

- Head of Burial Committee in the Free Zone.

Norris, Edward M.

- Police lieutenant in New York. Husband of Trish Norris.

Norris, Hector

- Child of Edward and Trish Norris.

Norris, Marsha

- Child of Edward and Trish Norris.

Norris, Stanley

- Child of Edward and Trish Norris.

Norris, Trish

- Wife of Edward Norris.

Norton, Mr.

- Owner of a drug store.

Nunn, Major Alfred

- US Army - Killed Roland Gibbs.


- Name Glen Bateman used for Randall Flagg.

Ortega, Carlos

- Volunteer Ambulance driver in Arnette. Brother of Chris Ortega.

Ortega, Chris

- Brother of Carlos Ortega. Bartender at Indian Head Bar.

Oswald, Mr.

- Handed Randall Flagg a tract urging the US to keep out of Cuba.

O'Toole, ?

- Owner of a place where Donald Merwin was known.

Packalotte, DeeDee

- Ran off with Don Cullen.

Palfrey, George

- Brother of Vic Palfrey. Boyfriend of Norma Willis.

Palfrey, Mr.

- Father of Victor and George Palfrey.

Palfrey, Mrs.

- Mother of Victor and George Palfrey.

Palfrey, Victor

- Retired. Was at Hapscomb's Texaco when Charles D. Campion hit.

Palmer, Bob

- News anchor on WBZ-TV.

Pechert, Judge

- Local judge.

Pedersen, Dale

- Killed by bomb set by Harold Lauder.

Peters, Sergeant T. L.

- Shot Ray Flowers then his men shot him.

Petersen, Roger

- Master Tech Sergeant shot in Portland, Maine.

Petrella, Hugh

- Marshall in the Free Zone.

Philips, Albert

- US Army Colonel in charge in Ohio.

Phillips, Steve

- Lover of Julie Horton.

Prynne, Hester

- Mentioned by Fran Goldsmith.

Prynne, Mrs.

- Friend of Carla Goldsmith.

Rackman, Joe

- Seen Shoyo's roadworks block one town exit.

Rackman, Mrs.

- Wife of Joe Rackman.

Ramage, Desmond

- Blew up US Meteorological Centre in Boulder, Colorado.

Rampling, George

- Name in jail cell where Nick Andros was put.


- Name on the closed radiology lab where Stu Redman was imprisoned.


- One of Flagg's followers.

Rawson, Hank

- Weapons expert on Flagg's side.

Redman, Bryce

- Brother of Stu Redman.

Redman, Dev

- Brother of Stu Redman. Died of Pneumonia.

Redman, Mr.

- Father of Stu Redman.

Redman, Mrs.

- Mother of Stu Redman. Died of Cancer.

Redman, Norma

Not Sure...

Redman, Stu

- Was at Hapcsomb's Texaco where Charles D. Campion hit. Became the Marshall of the Free Zone, married Frannie and was the only survivor from the journey to Las Vegas.

Rengarten, Bobbi

- Friend of Fran Goldsmith in Dorchester.

Rennett, ?

- Drawn to Abagail Freemantle.

Reynolds, Hattie

- Owner of the house where Sam Tauber died by falling into abandoned well.


- Flagg's real name.

Richardson, Addie

- Owner of a henhouse 5 miles from Abagail Freemantle.

Richardson, Billy

- Brother in law of Addie Richardson.

Richardson, Dr. George

- Doctor in the Free Zone.

Richardson, Moses

- Owner of a barn where Harold painted a sign.

Rider, Jess

- Boyfriend of Fran Goldsmith, and father of her baby.

Roberts, Dave

- On Flagg's side. Killed Judge Farris.

Roberts, Donny

- Owner of a guitar that Larry Underwood learnt to play on.

Rockway, Leo

- The boy with Nadine Cross. Known as "Joe".

Roget, Helen

- Held captive by the group that ambushed Stu Redman's group. Shot and killed.

Ronson, Will

- Runs a drugstore in Sanford. In the ambulance with Carla Goldsmith.

Ross, Hubert

- Presidential press secretary.


- One of the names Glen Bateman called Richard Flagg.

Scanlon, Bill

- Found the second walkie talkie that Harold Lauder used for the bomb.

Schwartz, Rudy

- Left town with Larry Underwood when young.

Sears, Ruthie

- Friend of Fran Goldsmith.

Semple, Mrs.

- Donald Merwin burnt her pension cheque.


- One of the names Glen Bateman called Richard Flagg.

Shockley, ?

- Guard in the prison where Lloyd Henreid was imprisoned.

Sites, Gary

- Told John Freemantle that he was voted into the Grange.

Sloane, Dr.

- In place where Stu Redman was imprisoned.

Smith, ?

- Drawn to Abagail Freemantle.

Smith, Debbie

- Friend of Fran Goldsmith in Somersworth.

Soames, Dr. Am

- Almost ran over Nick Andros.

Soames, Mrs.

- Wife of Am Soames.

Sparkman, Rudy

- Taught Nick Andros to read and write.

Spellman, Al

- In "Tattered Remnants" band.

Spruce, Marcy

- Worked in the Free Zone hospital.

Starkey, Billy

- Kept watch on Project Blue.

Starkey, Cindy

- Maiden name of Cindy Hammer. Daughter if Billy Starkey.

Starkweather, Charles

- Went to school with Randall Flagg.

Staunton, Dr.

- Doctor of Abagail Freemantle.

Staunton, James D. L.

- Wrote a book on Plane and Train crashes.

Steffens, ?

- Did a projection on centrifuge life in Project Blue lab.

Stern, PFC Franklin

- Shot in Portland, Maine.

Stern, Susan

- Freed by Stu Redman's group.

Stimson, Arthur

- Died of Gangrene in his foot.

Stone, Patsy

- Killed by the bomb set by Harold Lauder.

Stoner, Mrs.

- Wife of John Stoner.

Stoner, Reg

- Owner of a pig farm.

Stoner, Sheriff John

- Character in "Rimfire Christmas".

Storm, Mrs.

- Shot in Shell Service Station.

Strang, Mr.

- Name on letterbox that Donald Merwin passed.

Strellerton, Eric

- Lawyer on Flagg's side.

Stukey, Wayne

- Musician that worked with Larry Underwood.

Sullivan, Brick

- Had rotten tomato's thrown at him.

Sullivan, Monty

- Arnette Volunteer Ambulance driver.

Swann, Lucy

- Met Nadine Cross and Larry Underwood. Wife of Wes Swann.

Swann, Marcy

- Daughter of Lucy and Wes Swann.

Swann, Wes

- Husband of Lucy Swann.

Sweeney, Dr. Brenden

- Looked at Hector Norris when he was sick.

Sykes, Ronnie

- On Flagg's side.

Tate, Peggy

- School friend of Fran Goldsmith.

Tauber, April

- Sister of Sam Tauber.

Tauber, Mike

- Brother of Sam Tauber.

Tauber, Mr.

- Father of Sam Tauber.

Tauber, Mrs.

- Mother of Sam Tauber.

Tauber, Sam

- 5 year old boy.

Terminello, Andrea

- Drawn to Abagail Freemantle.

Terry, Bobby

- On Flagg's side. Partnered with Dave Roberts and killed 
Judge Farris. Son of Delores Terry.

Terry, Delores

- Mother of Bobby Terry.

The Boogeyman

- One name for Randall Flagg.

The Kid

- Joined Trashcan Man, and drove a hotted up 1932 Ford Deuce Coupe until he was killed by wolves.

The Man With no Face

- One of the names for Randall Flagg.

The Walkin Dude

- One name for Randall Flagg.

Tilyons, Gretchen

- Did dance in the Grange Hall.

Timms, Rachel

- Friend of Nadine Cross.

Tipton, John Bearsford

- A name Rita Blakemoor used for the man who offered $1 million for 15 minutes with her.

Tobin, Steve

- On Flagg's side. Worked at the airport.

Trask, ?

- In jail cell next to Lloyd Henreid.

Trent, Harry

- Insurance agent who was caught speeding by Joe Bob Brentwood.

Trotts, Abagail

- Married name of Abagail Freemantle.

Trotts, David

- First husband of Abagail Freemantle. Died of influenza.

Trotts, Maybelle

- Daughter of Abagail and David Trotts. Choked to death.

Tucker, Rog

- Owner of Red Ball Truckstop.

Underwood, Alice

- Mother of Larry Underwood.

Underwood, Larry

- A singer-songwriter who becomes one of the charter members of the Free Zone ad hoc committee, and makes the journey to Las Vegas.

Underwood, Max

- Father of Larry Underwood. Husband of Alice Underwood.

Upshaw, ?

- Boy in the Free Zone.

Venner, Mrs.

- Friend of Carla Goldsmith.

Verecker, Billy

- In the volunteer Ambulance in Arnette.

Vollman, Dick

- Husband of Sally Vollman.

Vollman, Sally

- Wife of Dick Vollman. Died.

Walker, Olivia

- In the first group to make it to Abagail Freemantle.

Wannamaker, Tommy

- In Hapscomb's Texaco when Charles D. Campion hit.

Warfield, Eddie

- Local hero who became a quaterback for the Green Bay Packers.

Warner, Billy

- Beat up Nick Andros. Friend of Ray Booth.

Warner, Dr.

- George McDougall's doctor.

Warrington, Jim

- Ambulance driver in Sanford.

Weizak, Teddy

- On Burial Crew in the Free Zone. Killed by the bomb set by Harold Lauder. It is interesting to note that this is the character played by King in the movie - and he lived the whole way through!

Wenscelas, Sally

- Went on a bike trip with Fran Goldsmith.

Wentworth, Regina

- Had 2 children that died of the flu.

Wetterlen, Yvonne

- Topless dancer. Friend of Larry Underwood.

Wiggs, Mrs.

- In place where Stu Redman was imprisoned.

Willis, Norma

- Girlfriend of George Palfrey.

Winks, Winky

- Bald man.

Wykoff, Dean

- Killed in the explosion set by Harold Lauder.

Yates, Carl

- Teased Donald Elbert.

Yorkin, Charles

- Janitor at WBZ-TV.

Zellman, Mark

- A welder who joined Larry Underwood's group.

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