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  • Chapter 8 says that Joe Bob on the 18th, five hours after he talked to his cousin, infected a speeder with Captain Trips. The problem here is the chronology, because according to Stu Redman in chapter 7 he had been picked up on the afternoon of the 17th together with the others, including Hap, whom Joe Bob had talked to. So it hadn't been five hours since Joe Bob had talked to Hap, when he infected Harry Trent, it had been a lot longer since he had talked to Hap.
  • In Chapter 62, section 6, King writes "There will still be room for both of us in 2190. That's if the babies live, something we won't know about here for at least another five months. If they do, and humanity continues, let our grandfathers fight it out". Their grandfathers are DEAD, but I think he means grandCHILDREN.
  • When in Boulder they get the power back on for just a moment, one generator blew because of the overload, well when Nadine is going to set the bomb she is thinking of what to say and is going to ask about the two generators that blew when it was only one.
  • Chapter 31 has Chris Bradenton, whose throat is shut to a tiny opening by his sickness, so much so that he can barely breathe, screams FOUR TIMES before Flagg's splash of cold water first opens his throat so that he can breathe. Then his throat closes up again to a "raw slit" forcing him to gasp for air again, but this still doesn't stop him from screaming one more time.
  • In Chapter 48 of the Uncut version of the Stand, the MGM Grand is mentioned as being where Flagg's followers stayed. A fire destroyed the real MGM Grand on 20/21 November 1980, and the new MGM Grand opened in 1993. Because the book was set in 1990, the new MGM Grand was not opened, and thus could not have been mentioned.
  • Chapter 32 (its chapter 42 in the un-cut version), were Stu meets Harold and Frannie for the first time, Stu says "Hi!" to them, but never mentions his name, then Frannie says to Stu (After Harold shows much displeasure in having another guy around, and Fran tells him to shup up,) says, "Have you ever ridden a hundred and seventy miles on a Honda, Mr. Redman? Not recommended." How did she know his last name was Redman?? He never introduced himself. Now I do note that there is a break in time, between when they meet and when Frannie sits down (which starts a new section), and it is possible that they simply introduced themselves then, and King simply failed to put it down on paper.
  • The movie version of The Stand, Mother Abagail is noted as being 106 years old, while in the book she is 108.
  • Stu Redman is supposed to be from a town 110 miles away from Houston. On the key chain that he attaches to Kojak's collar, his phone number starts with area code 713. A town 110 miles from Houston in any direction would have the area code 281 or 409.
  • Fran breaks her ankle and injures her back, when a sofa lands on top of her after the explosion. But later in the book, the broken ankle seems to have been forgotten. When Fran and the others visits Mother Abagail in Larry's home, Stu helps her inside and up the stairs, allegedly only because she has an injured back. And later, when Mother Abagail heals her, it is only the injured back that is mentioned as being healed.
  • In Chapter 9 Nick broke one of his attackers nose, judging from the sound it made. A bit hard to judge this if you are deaf.
  • In Chapter 9 when Nicks attackers throw him in front of the car, it says that the screeching brakes and whining tires filled the world around him. But he couldn't hear these sounds.
  • If you examine the last part of the passage about the Freezone Committee meeting in Chapter 54, you will see that Fran mentions that she is very tired and want to go to bed. But in the next passage it seems as if Fran and Stu has chosen to forget all about Fran's tiredness and instead travel to The Boulder County Courthouse where Stu is to start working as a Sheriff. Why couldn't they wait 'till the next day?
  • When Harold and Nadine hit the oil skid and Harold goes over and breaks his leg, after Harold writes in his ledger it says that he replaces it in the saddlebag then blows off his head. Well when Stu Redman and gang happened by and found Harold, the Permacover Ledger is firmly clasped in Harold's fist. Now I have heard of corpses moving (and in some of Kings books they indeed do), but this is a bit much!
  • This error concerns the second communique (771), in chapter 26. Like the other communique in that chapter (234), the sender has written his name at the top of the letter and at the bottom of the letter. The problem is, that the sender of communique 771 at the top of the letter calls himself Gareth but at the bottom of the letter he calls himself Garfield.
  • In chapter 56 on the bottom of one page it says that it was the morning of the 24th of August and Nadine had spend the previous two nights at Harold's. Now we know from the end of Chapter 55 that Harold awoke with Nadine on the morning of the 22nd. Basic maths will show that it was the previous THREE nights.
  • Harold and Nadine are the only ones that knew about the bomb being in a shoebox. When Stu visits Fran in hospital, he wonders how Nick felt when was holding the shoebox and the bomb went off.
  • In chapter 56 Nadine goes over to Joe/Leo who is sitting in an armchair. Whilst looking at him, she notices how his old scars and bruises have gone. But she has already noticed this once! In chapter 53 she makes the same observations about Joe/Leo's scars.
  • In Chapter 9 Ray tells the others to dump Nick when a car comes. The problem is that Nick wouldn't have been able to hear what Ray said, because he didn't stand in front of him, as it says in the book. But still it says that Nick was glad that they would let him go. Which would mean that he had heard what Ray said. Which would be impossible.
  • In Chapter 9 Nick kicks Ray in the stomach it says that Ray made a sound like a terrier with laryngitis. Again hard to describe this if you are deaf.
  • Whatever happened to the 20th of August? The Permanent Freezone Committee meeting took place on the 19th of August and the next time a date is mentioned is the day Harold Lauder goes to work with the Burial Committee which is the 21st of August.

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