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First line :
For want of a nail the kingdom was lost - that's how the catechism goes when you boil it down.

Notes :
Sun Dogs
- are mentioned - they are reflections of Jupiter on high clouds.

Peter Straub
- and Dean Koontz, both horror writers, are mentioned.

David Brown
- in the movie, David Brown disappears at his brother's birthday party, but the book has this event a few days after the party.

- WZON mentioned. This radiostation is owned by Stephen and Tabatha King.

- Stephen King is almost mentioned by name, and his books are described as "all full of make-believe monsters and a bunch of dirty words, like the books that fellow who lived up Bangor way wrote". Tales of Haven, Ev Hillman, Chap 10.

Places :
Haven, Maine
Take a look at the towns for more info...

Quotes :
  • “Only obsessives worried about obsession.”
  • “If you didn't know for sure, it was okay to imagine—until and unless you found out different.”
  • “This, unfortunately, is real life, where there are no real answers.”
  • “A life – particularly a long one – was composed of millions of events; they made a crowded tapestry with many patterns woven into it.”
  • “Something bad. Haunted. Maybe even accursed.”
  • “A person ought to pay the freight on his own obsession.”
  • “When someone you love dies, it leaves a black hole in the middle of your heart, and one way to plug such a hole is to refuse to admit that he or she was taken away by a stupid mischance. Better if you can believe—even for a little while—that someone or something you can get hold of was responsible. It makes the hole a little smaller. Even a rube knows that much.”
  • “No one ever really knows where things will end – or if they will.”

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  • Written : August 19, 1982 - May 19, 1987
  • The Tommyknockers takes place in the small town of Haven, Maine...
  • "Wonderful creeping terror... A great storyteller!"...
  • Synopsis :
    Writer Bobbi Anderson becomes obsessed with digging up something she's found buried in the woods near her home. With the help of her friend, Jim Gardener, she uncovers an alien spaceship. Though exposure to the Tommyknockers who piloted the alien craft has detrimental effects on residents' health, the people of Haven develop a talent for creating innovative devices under its increasingly malignant influence.

    Okay, to be honest, the book gets gripping after one slogs through the first 200 pages. Before that, we spend a looong time getting to know Bobbi Anderson and Jim Gardener.
    But once the book expands its narrative to include the members of the entire town of Haven, the book does not let up.
    The Tommyknockers, while not my favorite King novel, is a great effort. people may complain about an anti-climactic ending or the fact that the characters seem to stumble down a path of destruction. Well, that happens in life as well. I think King's writing is at the top of its form...
    I think the scene when Jim Gardener drunkenly ruins an all too polite cocktail party with a rant against the destructive powers of nuclear energy is one of the most powerful scenes in all of King's canon, and one of the most chilling without benefit of any super- or preter- natural interference. Despite all of the evil the characters in his novels have faced (indeed, Pennywise the clown makes a brief appearance in a city sewer, which is odd as this tale is to have taken place 3 years after the events in IT... one thinks King's editors add the dates of the events of his novels to coincide with the publication dates and not to correspond with when the novels were actually written. We also encounter a minor character from the Dead Zone, and "blink and you'll miss them" references to Firestarter and Salem's Lot) the novel makes it explicit that the things that men do in the name of scientific progress can be equally as terrifying as a young girl posessed of psionic abilities. True, the analogy between nuclear power and the Tommyknockers polluting the air is about as subtle as Annie Wilkes expressing discontent, but hey, it was written in the 80's, but it loses none of its power.
    This is a very good book, probably one of the most down to earth science fiction/horror tales around. And that's the good thing about King... he writes wonderfully engrossing tales that are accessible to everyone. And that, to quote Martha, is a good thing.


    Putnam 1987.

    "Permissions to come" on copyright page.
    "1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10" on copyright page.

    Dust Jacket price : $19.95

    Two simultaneous Dust Jacket states:
    King's name red
    King's name gold


    New English Library 1989.
    693 pages.
    On Copyright Page: 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22
    ISBN 0 450 48835 7.

    Copyright © Stephen King, 1988.
    Illustration: Paul Davies

    Fiction: Horror


    For Tabitha King
    '... promises to keep.'



    Book I
    The Ship in the Earth
    One: Anderson Stumbles
    Two: Anderson Digs
    Three: Peter sees the Light
    Four: The Dig, Continued
    Five: Gardener Takes a Fall
    Six: Gardener on the Rocks
    Seven: Gardener Arrives
    Eight: Modifications
    Nine: Anderson Spins a Tale
    Ten: Gardener Decides

    Book II
    Tales of Haven

    One: The Town
    Two: `Becka Paulson
    Three: Hilly Brown
    Four: Bent and Jingles
    Five: Ruth McCausland
    Six: Ruth McCausland, Concluded
    Seven: Beach Jernigan and Dick Allison
    Eight: Ev Hillman
    Nine: The Funeral
    Ten: A Book of Days - The Town, Concluded

    Book III
    The Tommyknockers

    One: Sissy
    Two: Gardener Takes a Walk
    Three: The Hatch
    Four: The Shed
    Five: The Scoop
    Six: Inside the Ship
    Seven: The Scoop, Continued
    Eight: Gard and Bobbi
    Nine: The Scoop, Concluded
    Ten: Tommyknockers, Knocking at the Door



    From the imagination
    of the world's greatest writer
    of horror fiction


    Everything was familiar but everything had changed. The people, his old friend Bobbi, even her decrepit, ageing beagle.

    Coming back to the little community had been like walking into a nightmare.

    It all looked the same, the house, the furniture, Bobbi herself, the woods out at the back.

    But it was in the woods that she had stumbled over the odd, nearly buried object, had felt a peculiar tringle as she knelt down and brushed the soft earth away.

    And looking back, that had been the start of the terrible, terrifying transformation of a quiet, unremarkable place into something utterly alien and hideous. A place of unrest and insane powers.

    Tommyknockers (Denmark)
    Das Monstrum (Germany)
    A rémkoppantók (Hungary)
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