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Character count :
There is currently 226 characters in the list.

Timeline :
Bobbi published "Boxing The Compass".

Frank Garrick died.

Bobbi moved to Haven and published "Hangtown".

Gard gave Bobbi a beagle pup - Peter.

1980, Thanksgiving:
Jim Gardener shot his wife.

Bobbi published "Long Ride Back".

1988, June 21st:
Bobbi found the ship in the earth.

1988, July 17th:
Hilly Brown made his brother dissappear.

1988, July 24th:
The Haven Town Hall blew up.

Writers :
Roberta Anderson:
- Poet and western novelist
"Boxing The Compass", a book of poems
"Hangtown" novel
"The Long Ride Back" novel
"Massacre Canyon" novel
"Buffalo Soldiers" the Tommyknockers helped her write this one ....

Jim Gardener:
- poet...
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Name: Description:

?, Annabelle

- Friend of Marty.

?, Annmarie

- Girl that Jim Gardener liked when he was 17.

?, Candi

- Woman in Gallery magazine read by Pits Barfield.

?, Eileen

- Telephone operator that tried to connect Jim Gardener to Bobbi Anderson.

?, Jack

- Young boy in Arcadia Beach. He directed Jim Gardener to the Alhambra Hotel. His mother was killed in a car crash because she was drunk.

?, Marty

- US Senate Councillor.

?, Muriel

- Friend of Jim Gardener who worked at the University.

?, Sylvia

- Aunt of Don Blue.

?, Ted

- Worked for Bay State Electric and had an argument with Jim Gardener about Nuclear Power.

?, Tony

- Nephew of John Leandro.

Alden, Mrs.

- Worked at Dr. Etheridge's Vet surgery.

Allison, Dick

- Volunteer Fire Chief in Haven.

Amberson, Henry

- Forest ranger in Newport. Died when his pacemaker literally exploded out of his chest.

Anderson, Anne

- Sister of Bobbi Anderson.

Anderson, Mr.

- Father of Anne and Bobbi Anderson. Died of a stroke. Husband of Paula Anderson.

Anderson, Paula

- Mother of Anne and Bobbi Anderson. Wife of Mr. Anderson

Anderson, Roberta

- The writer who discovered the Tommyknockers ship. Her books all have a distinct western feel and include "Hangtown", "Rimfire Christmas", "The Long Ride Back", "Massacre Canyon", "Boxing the Compass (A collection of Poems dedicated to James Gardener)". Her partially finished book is called "The Buffalo Soldiers".

Anderson, Vera

- Best friend of Eileen Pulsifer, in Derry.

Andrews, Poley

- Works at Cooders Market where Bobbi got her initial load of batteries.

Applegate, Barney

- At Hilly Brown's 10th birthday party. He was scalded by hot coffee. Son of Henry Appelgate.

Applegate, Henry

- Father of Barney Appelgate.

Arberg, Professor

- Host of some of the readings of the Poetry Caravan. 
Assistant professor of English.

Archinbourg, Kyle

- Worked on the "Projector" in Haven. Real estate agent.

Atlantic, Chief

Micmac Indian who died in the woods. His Indian name was Wahwayvokah.

Bailey, Peter

- Private pilot that saw the TommyKnockers ship, and then he crashed and died. Neurosurgeon.

Bailey, Pooch

- Owner of an abandoned hot dog stand.

Barfield, Albert
- Card shark. Brother of Rudy Barfield.

Barfield, Duke

- Spoke about Preacher Colson. He stunk.

Barfield, Rudy

- Brother of Albert Barfield, (Pits).

Barker, Andy

- Worked on the projector in Haven.

Barker, Elt

- Worked at the Shell Service Station - Haven's only one.


- Fat boy in the car that gave Jim Gardener a ride back to Haven.

Berringer, Elinor

- Dead wife of Newt Berringer.

Berringer, Newt

- Helped with the search for David Brown. Husband of the late Elinor Berringer.

Berringer, Ricky

- Brother of Newt Berringer. House painter in Bangor.

Blue, Don

- Realtor in Derry.

Bok, Hannes

- Writer in a sci-fi magazine.

Borns, Dr.

- Worked at the university. Would have been interested in the Tommyknockers ship.

Bouchard, Corinne

- Sister of Rebecca Bouchard, later Paulson. Gave her the picture of Jesus that eventually "talked" to her.

Bouchard, Rebecca

- Maiden name of Rebecca Paulson. Sister of Corinne Bouchard.

Bozeman, Andy

- Haven's 'only realtor'. See notes below.

Bozeman, Ida

- Wife of Andy.

Brand, Max

- Writer. Roberta Bobbi Anderson has some of his books.

Brennan, Joe

- Congressman Friend of Ruth McCausland.

Bright, David

- Reporter that spoke to Ev Hillman about David Brown's disappearance. He later investigated Haven.

Brodksy, ?

- Closest neighbours of the Paulsons.

Brookline, Hester

- Went to get car batteries for Haven. Died on the return trip.

Brown, Bryant

- Husband of Marie Brown.

Brown, David Jonathan

- Youngest son of Bryant and Marie Brown. He disappeared during his brothers magic trick.

Brown, Hillman Richard

- Brother of David J. Brown. Son of Bryant and Marie Brown. Made his brother disappear during a magic trick. A fairly jumpy and nervous child.

Brown, Marie

- Wife of Bryant Brown and mother of Hillman and David Brown. Married name of Marie Hillman.

Buck, Henry

- Poker playing buddy of Joe Paulson. He put ex-lax in his boss's milkshake.

Chiles, Delbert

- Only plumber in Haven area.

Clarendon, Faith

- Gave birth to a child by Preacher Colson. She was married to Paul Clarendon at the time, but he murdered her and the child.

Clarendon, Paul

- Husband of Faith Clarendon. He murdered her and the child she had, then cut his throat with a straight razor. Great uncle of Joe Paulson.

Claughtsworth, Bill

- Poet that committed suicide with a belt in his closet.

Colson, Bradley

- Preacher. He was thought to be the illegitimate son of Albion Cooder. He had sex with many of the local women.

Colson, Stephanie

- Girlfriend of Bobby Tremain.

Commager, Henry Steele
- Writer.

Cooder, Albion

- Last Cooder in the area. Committed suicide in 1862.

Cooder, George

- Brother of Hiram Cooder. Opened Hostelry and Feed store.

Cooder, Hiram

- Owned Cooders Tavern and Lodging House. Brother of George Hiram.

Cooder, Pop

- He was after Jim Gardiner at Bobbi's at the end of the book.

Crane, Hugh

- Owned Montville Plantation. Lieutenant in the Civil War.

Crenshaw, Galen

- Son of Eileen.

Crenshaw, Mrs.

- Avon seller friend of Marie Brown.

Crowell, Emory

- Baptist minister if Ilium, Troy, Etna and Unity. Hung himself.

Cullum, Arlene

- Wife of Delbert Cullum. Had 6 daughters but was run out 
of town.

Cullum, Delbert

- Mechanic at Elt Barkers Shell Garage, but was run out of town for molesting his daughters. Husband of Arlene Cullum.

Cummings, Ron

- Poet friend of Jim Gardener.

Daggett, Dr.

- Was Peter's vet for the first 10 years of his life. Sold the business to Dr. Etheridge.

Davidson, Orval

- Owner of bloodhounds in Unity.

Davies, Robertson

- Writer of the Deptford Trilogy. The first one was called "Fifth Business".

Dawson, Smokey

- Cleaves Mills police dispatcher.

Delaney, Ann

- Poet in the caravan that Jim Gardener was in.

Dockery, Ezra

- Owned the field where Peter Bailey crashed his plane.

Dugan, Anthony F.

- State Police officer. Was the partner of Ralph McCausland.

Duplissey, Myrtle

- Historian that was convinced that Colson was the illegitimate son of Albion Cooder.

Elderly, Bill

- Killed a deer.

Elfman, Dr.

- Hypothermia specialist.

Ellender, Tug

- Police Dispatcher.

Enders, John

- Worked at Haven Grammar School.


- Pomeranian dog in Dr. Etheridge's vet surgery when the Dog owned by Mrs. Perkins began to bark.

Estabrooke, Charlie

- Retired post office.

Etheridge, Dr.

- Vet that looked after Peter and his shrinking cataract at the Augusta Veterinary Clinic.

Fannin, Billy

- Owner of a little red wagon that killed Lester Morgan.

Fannin, Wendy

- Next door neighbour of Ruth McCausland.

Fenderson, Molly

- Niece of Beach Jernigan.

Fenderson, Sherry

- Friend of Bobbi Anderson, but cut off the friendship with a letter.

Finlay, Virgil

- Writer in a sci-fi magazine.

Gabbons, Peter

- State trooper. Partner of Benton Rhodes. Murdered by Haven.

Gaines, Darla

- Has some marijuana hidden under her mattress. 17 years old and was sleeping with her boyfriend.

Gaines, Mr.

- Father of Darla Gaines. Worked at Splendid shoes in Derry.

Gaines, Mrs.

- Mother of Darla Gaines. Worked at Splendid shoes in Derry.

Gardener, James Eric

- Ex publisher and teacher, and now a poet. Bobbi Anderson's lover, and he was the one that Gave Peter (the Dog) to Bobbi. His books include "Grimoire" and one poem was "Leighton Street", dedicated to Bobbi Anderson. He is very much against nuclear power. Husband of Nora Gardener.

Gardener, Nora

- Wife of James Gardener. He shot her while drunk.

Garfield, Brian

- Western writer. Bobbi Anderson has some of his books.

Garrick, Frank

- Owner of the farm before Bobbi Anderson purchased it. 
Nutty uncle of Bobbi Anderson.

Golden, Eddie

- At Hilly Browns 9th birthday party. Cut his leg on barbed wire and got 3 stitches.

Golden, John

- Helped in the search for David Brown.

Golden, Phil

- Got the Tommyknocker air supply in Haven going off the truck batteries. Husband of Queenie Golden.

Golden, Queenie

- Wife of Phil Golden. Committed suicide.

Goohringer, Reverend Lester

- Did the service for Ruth McCausland.

Gorey, Edward

- Artist that was mentioned by Bobbi Anderson.

Goudge, Pauline

- Friend of Hazel McCready.

Greenleaf, Dr.

- Hilly Brown's doctor in hospital.

Grey, Zane

- Writer. Bobbi Anderson has some of his books.

Hampton, Hubert

- Western writer. Bobbi Anderson has some of his books.

Haney, Elmer

- Husband of Iva Haney. Bashed the 2 kids from her first marriage, but was then belted up.

Haney, Iva

- Second married name for Iva Jorgenson.

Harley, John

- Previous Haven Constable before Ruth McCausland. Husband of Maggie Harley.

Harley, Maggie

- Wife of John Harley.

Harlingen, Abel

- Father of Moss and Emory Harlingen. Killed by Moss in a hunting accident. He molested his 2 boys once. Husband of Mrs. Harlingen.

Harlingen, Emory

- Brother of Moss Harlingen.

Harlingen, Moss

- Poker buddy of Joe Paulson. Murdered father Abel in a hunting 'accident'. Owner of Big Ditch Construction Company. Brother of Emory Harlingen.

Harlingen, Mrs.

- Wife of Abel Harlingen. Her brother died and she went to visit the family, leaving her husband with her 2 sons. During this time her husband molested the 2 boys.

Hartley, Reverend Donald

- Methodist Minister in Ilium and Troy.

Haycox, Ernest

- Writer. Bobbi Anderson has some of his books.

Hillman, Ev

- Father of Marie Hillman.

Hillman, Marie

- Maiden name of Marie Brown. Daughter of Ev Hillman.

Hogan, Ray

- Writer. Bobbi Anderson has some of his books.

Howell, Robert

- Character in the book "Buffalo Soldiers".

Hurd, Justin

- Neighbour of the Browns. Went crazy and plowed his crop under.

Hutchinson, Early

- Had an accident when chasing after Jim Gardner.

Jacklin, Mary

- Friend of Eileen Pulsifer that lived in Haven. Grandmother of Tommy Jacklin.

Jacklin, Tommy

- Went to get the car batteries for Haven, and came back almost dead. Seen Pennywise in Derry, Grandson of Mary Jacklin.

Jernigan, Beach

- Ran the Haven Lunch Restaurant. Dismantled Justin Hurds 'earthquake' device. Father of Hump Jernigan.

Jernigan, Hump

- 14 year old son of Beach jernigan.

Jernigan, Stanley

- At Hilly Brown's 10th birthday party. Hilly stuck him with a pin during a game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Jernigan, Vern

- Possibly the real name of Hump. Owned an old Hearst and was doing it up.

Joceylen, Archie

- Writer. Bobbi Anderson has some of his books.

Jorgenson, Benny

- Husband of Iva Jorgenson. Died of a stroke.

Jorgenson, Bethie

- Daughter of Benny and Iva Jorgenson. Sister of Richard Jorgenson.

Jorgenson, Iva

- Wife of Benny Jorgenson. Remarried to become Iva Hannes.

Jorgenson, Richard

- Son of Benny and Iva Jorgenson. Brother of Bethie Jorgenson.

Kimball, Alice

- Lesbian. Teacher at the Haven Grammar School.

Klingerman, Dr.

- University Lecturer.

Kroger, Randy

- German who owned Cooters Store.

L'Amour, Louis

- Writer. Bobbi Anderson has some of his books.

Leandro, Georgina

- Mother of John Leandro.

Leandro, John

- Worked for the Bangor Daily News. Killed by a coke machine. Son of Georgina Leandro.

Lester, Dr.

- Hilly Brown's doctor in Derry.

Lindley, Christina

- 17 year old photographer that helped set up the projector.

Mantell, Captain

- Airforce captain that flew too close to a UFO and died. It was actually a "Sun Dog" - a reflection of Venus on high clouds.

Marius, Richard

- Writer. Bobbi Anderson has some of his books.

Marshall, John

- Chief of Justice. Ruth McCausland had one of his daughter's dolls.

McCardle, Patricia

- Organiser of the New England Poetry Caravan that Jim Gardener was touring with.

McCausland, Chip

- Sold Bobbi Anderson egg crates to hold batteries. Owns quite a number of chickens.

McCausland, Ralph

- Husband of Ruth McCausland. State trooper. Died of a brain tumour.

McCausland, Ruth Arlene

- Married name of Ruth Merrill. She was a lawyer that went on to become Haven town Constable. The great niece of Reverend Hartley. She was killed sending a message by destroying the town hall tower. Has a passion for toy dolls. Wife of Ralph McCausland.

McCready, Delbert

- Father of Hazel McCready. Got lost in the Big Injun Woods in 1947.

McCready, Hazel

- Good friend of Ruth McCausland. Daughter of Delbert McCready.

McGee, Charlene Roberta

- Although not mentioned by name, The Shop's Virginia installation was burned down by a child, and Charlie did this in Firestarter.

McKeen, Adley

- Helped with the search for David Brown.

McKeen, Christina

- Was going to go to the fireworks in Derry with Ruth McCausland.

Merrill, Holly

- Mother of Ruth Merrill. Wife of John Merrill.

Merrill, John

- Father of Ruth, husband of Holly Merrill. Died in 1962.

Merrill, Ruth Arlene

- Daughter of Holly and John Merrill. Married to Ralph 

Montgomery, Ellis

- The town of Montgomery (was a name of Haven) named after him when he died at Gettysburg.

Montgomery, Mrs.

- Mother of Ellis Montgomery. Did not agree to a change in name of Montgomery to Ilium.

Moon, Reverend

- Mentioned by Bobbi Anderson.

Moran, Lester

- Textbook salesman that has a steel plate in his head. Very interested in fires and died in the Haven fire.

Moran, Mr. B.

- His dog bit Ruth McCausland when she was collecting for the cancer council.

Moss, Freeman

- Farmer. Gave Jim Gardener a ride to Bobbi's place.

Mudgett, Richard K. F.

- Writer. Bobbi Anderson has some of his books.

Mumphrey, ?

- Man who ran against Ruth McCausland for Haven Town Constable. Father of John Mumphrey.

Mumphrey, John

- Son of the man who ran against Ruth McCausland for Haven Town Constable.

Nash, Jay R.

- Writer. Bobbi Anderson has some of his books..

Noyes, Mabel

- Worked at the Junque-a-Torium.

Ochs, Phil

- Mentioned by Ron Cummings.


- Paulson's pet cat.

Parker, Eddie

- Band member that gave Jim Gardener a ride back to town.

Paulson, Byron

- Only son of Joe and Rebecca Paulson.

Paulson, Joe

- Bobbi Anderson's postman. He was cheating on his wife with Nancy Voss. He was the great nephew of Paul Clarendon. Husband of Rebecca Paulson. Father of Byron Paulson.

Paulson, Rebecca

- Married to Joe Paulson. She killed him, but realised what she was doing at the last minute and tried to help, but died too. Mother of Byron Paulson.


- While Tommy Jacklin is in Derry he sees Pennywise while out buying batteries. Although he is not mentioned by name, we know that there are very few clowns that inhabit the sewers in Derry.

Perkins, Mrs.

- Owner of Eric the Pomeranian dog. He bit her.

Perry, Fred

- Methodist Church deacon.


- Bobbi Anderson's beagle dog. He was a gift from Jim Gardener.

Peters, Buck

- Faked the voice of Ivy Ellander on the police radio.

Pulsifer, Eileen

- Friend of Georgina Leandor and Mary Jacklin.

Ramsey, Dunstable

- Character in the Deptford Trilogy.

Reynault, Peter

- Bangor City News editor.

Rhodes, Benton

- State trooper. Partner of Peter Gabbons.

Richardson, ?

- FBI agent that was shot by CIA agent Spacklin.

Richardson, Moose

- Saw Ruth McCausland on her way to blow up the tower.

Rideout, Andy

- Orono police officer.

Rutledge, Alvin

- Grandson of David. Went to Haven for the funeral of Ruth McCausland.

Rutledge, Dave

- Oldest man in Haven.

Ruvall, Ashley

- Boy that spoke to Ruth McCausland when she tried to escape Haven. Daughter of Ruvall Claudette.

Ruvall, Claudette

- Mother of Ashley Claudette.

Ruvall, Luther

- Head selectman in Haven in 1901.

Sargent, Pamela

- Ladies Aid member.

Simard, Cora

- Midwife when Faith Clarendon had her baby, and was there when she was murdered. Wife of Irwin Simard.

Simard, Irwin

- Husband of Cora Simard.

Skehan, Rosalie

- In the chase to kill Jim Gardiner.

Smith, John

- Teacher who went into a coma then awoke and tried to shoot Greg Stillson.

Spacklin, ?

- CIA agent who shot FBI agent Richardson.

Spruce, Bill

- Brother of Frank Spruce. Husband of Evelyn Spruce.

Spruce, Evelyn

- Wife of Bill Spruce. Had a heart attack.

Spruce, Frank

- Havens biggest dairy farmer.

Stampnell, Eddie

- Police officer from Derry.

Stevens, Wallace

- Jim Gardener and Run Cummings argued about him.

Stillson, Greg

- US representative that was shot at by John Smith.

Summerfield, Joe

- In Haven at Ruth McCausland's funeral.

Symington, Jon 

- Poet in the Caravan that Jim Gardener was with. He won the Boston University Hawthorne Prize for his poem "Harbour Dreams 1650-1980".

Tarkington, Jud

- Bumped into Hank Buck during the search for David Brown.

Thibault, Roscoe

- Nancy Voss's mail sorter correctly sorted a letter misaddressed to him.

Thurlow, Albion

- Lived a quarter mile away from the Cullum family.

Thurlow, Edwina

- Young girl that did not like playing with Ruth McCullum's dolls. Daughter of Norma Thurlow.

Thurlow, Norma

- Mother of Edwina Thurlow.

Tierney, Jim

- Attorney General of Maine, on vacation.

Tillets, Madge

- Friend of Ruth McCausland.

Timms, Miss

- Haven town librarian 2 days a week.

Tommyknockers, The

- Strange creatures that built the ship that Bobbi Anderson found.

Torgeson, Andy

- Cleaves Mills state police officer.

Tremain, Alf

- Constable that helped look for the lost Del McCready in the woods.

Tremain, Bobby

- Boyfriend of Stephanie Colson.

Tremain, Casey

- Helped with the search for David Brown.

Underhill, Mrs.

- Hilly Brown's 3rd grade teacher.


- Brown family cat.

Voss, Nancy

- Worked at the post office. Having an affair with Joe Paulson.


- Micmac Indian who died in the woods. Called Chief Atlantic.

Warwick, Dr.

- Doctor in Town.

Weems, Claudell

- Black state trooper in Maine.

Wilson, Gahan

- Artist that was mentioned by Bobbi Anderson.

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