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Writers :
Dorothy Sayers:
- Mystery writer.
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Name: Description:

?, Bob

- Owner of Bob's Speedy-Serv in Falmouth.

?, Bobby

- Friend of Linda Halleck.

?, Jillian

- Works with Bill Halleck.

?, Marcy

- Girl that spoke to Bill Halleck in the park.

?, Timmy

- Bartender in the Seven Seas bar in Old Orchard.

Arncaster, Lars

- Let the Gypsy's stay on his property outside Fairview.

Baker, Ron

- Works with Bill Halleck. Took over a case when Halleck was on leave.

Bean, Mrs.

- Checks on Linda when Bill & Heidi are away.

Blume, Judy

- Mentioned in passing.

Boynton, Hilmer

- Local judge that Bill Halleck was in front of when his pants started to fall down in court.

Callaghee, Mrs.

- Shops and cleans for the Hopley's.

Canley, ?

- Bills case. A paint manufacturer.

Chalker, Allen

- Raintree chief of police.

Crosskill, Richard

- One of the Gypsy's. Handed out fliers in the towns.

Deever, Georgina

- Friend of Linda Halleck's.

Duganfield, David

- Bills client in the Canley Case.

Enders, Lonnie

- In a bar in Old Orchard, and told Bill Halleck about seeing Taduz Lemke. Taught how to 'turn a tip' by Lonesome Bobby McGee.

Fander, Mr.

- Ginelli's friend that took the painkillers to Bill Halleck. Most likely a doctor.

Foxworth, Rand

- Assistant chief of police in Fairview.

Ginelli, Richard

- Owned the Three Brothers restaurant and helped Bill to have the curse removed from him. He was found murdered.

Gordon, ?

- Friend of Leda Rossington.

Greely, ?

- Law firm partner in Greely, Penschley, Kinder and Halleck.

Halleck, Heidi

- William's wife

Halleck, Linda Joan

- 14 year old daughter of Bill & Heidi.

Halleck, William J.

- Overweight lawyer that accidentally killed a Gypsy woman and is now paying the price by loosing weight after being cursed. Law firm partner in Greely, Penschley, Kinder and Halleck. Father of Linda and husband of Heidi.

Heilig, Trey

- Gypsy that spoke to Ellis Stoner about the shooting.

Hopley, Duncan

- Fairview chief of police. He was given a bad case of acne by Taduz Lemke as a curse. Committed suicide.

Houston, Dr. Michael

- William Halleck's doctor. Drug user.

Houston, Jenny

- Michael's wife. Possibly an alcoholic.

Houston, Samantha

- Michael's daughter and friend of Linda Halleck. Bitch.

Kinder, ?

- Law firm partner in Greely, Penschley, Kinder and Halleck.

Lawlor, Grand

- County Coroner.

Lemke, Angelina

- One of the Gypsy's. Sister of Samuel and grand daughter of Taduz Lemke. Attractive. Shot Bill Halleck in the hand with a ball bearing.

Lemke, Samuel

- One of the Gypsy's. Brother of Gina. Juggler.

Lemke, Susanna

- Old woman killed by Bill Halleck. Daughter of Taduz.

Lemke, Taduz

- The Gypsy who puts a curse on Bill Halleck, Carey Rossington and Duncan Hopley after his daughter Susanna is hit and killed by Bill's car. The last of the great Magyar chief's. 105 years old, and has cancer on his nose.

Marley, Mrs.

- The Rossington's cleaner.

McGhee, Tommy

- Taught Lonnie Enders a few things.

Merchant, Zachary

- Connecticut union bank manager.

Nearing, Miss

- Linda Halleck's phys ed and cheerleading teacher.

Parker, John

- Bill Halleck's assistant.

Parsons, Mr.

- Lived in Bangor, Maine and rented his property to the Gypsy's through Biff Quigley.

Penschley, Kirk

- Law firm partner in Greely, Penschley, Kinder and Halleck.

Petrie, Glenn

- Friend of the Rossington's.

Quigley, Frank

- Realtor in Bangor, Maine. Rented property of Mr. Parsons to the Gypsy's and blackmailed Bill Halleck when Bill tried to find the location of the Gypsy's.

Rangely, Tom

- Police officer at the scene when Bill Halleck killed Susanna Lemke.

Richovsky, ?

- Brooklyn dope dealer.

Rickles, Don

- Pest that picked on Bill Halleck about his weight.

Roberts, Jim

- Revoke fire permit on Gypsy's to get them to move on from Fairview.

Rodgers, Mr.

- Mentioned by Heidi Halleck.

Rossington, Judge Cary

- Judge that was in charge of Bill Halleck's case when he killed Susanna Lemke. Grew scales all over his body when cursed by Taduz Lemke.

Rossington, Leda

- Carey's wife.

Sayers, Dorothy

- Mystery writer.

Simonson, Rhoda

- Linda's aunt that Linda went and stayed with.

Spurton, Frank

- Helped Ginelli follow the Gypsy's. Killed.

Starbird, Maura

- One of the Gypsy's.

Stevens, Yard

- 300 pound Barber in Fairview.

Stoner, Ellis

- Fake FBI ID used by Ginelli.

Tree, John

- Assumed name used by Ginelli in Bar Harbor.

Washburn, ?

- Farmer that let the Gypsy's stay on his property in Kenniston Hill.

Yount, Dr.

- Doctor at Glassman clinic that looked after Bill Halleck.

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