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?, Al

- Marty's Uncle who bought the fireworks for Marty's 4th of July celebration,and also got him the gun and silver bullet's when he was going to kill the werewolf.

?, Jim

- Uncle of Marty Coslaw. Husband of Kate.

?, Kate

- Aunty of Marty Coslaw. Wife of Jim.

Bessey, Arlene

- Married one of Bangor's most successful lawyers. Married name of Arlene McCure.

Blodwin, Cal

- Owner of a Chevrolet dealership and dead Deacon of Grace Baptist Church.

Bowle, Victor

- Head Selectman on the Tarkers Mills council. He cancelled the 4th of July celebration because of the werewolf attacks.

Burney, Delia

- Good friend of Mrs. Parker.

Clark, Dick

- TV Show host.

Collins, ?

- Family visited by Marty Coslaw during halloween.

Corliss, Alden

- Brother of Clyde and Errol.

Corliss, Clyde

- The May victim, and he was found dead in the Church where he was the janitor. Brother of Alden and Errol.

Corliss, Errol

- Brother of Clyde and Alden.

Coslaw, ?

- Grandfather of Marty and Kate. Lived with them.

Coslaw, Herman

- Father of Marty and Kate. Phys Ed teacher at the local Tarkers Mills Grammer School.

Coslaw, Kate

- 13 year old sister of Marty.

Coslaw, Marty

- Permanently in a Wheelchair and is 10 years old. His uncle Al bought him firecrackers for the 4th of July celebration. He was supposed to be the July victim, but used firecrackers to stop the werewolf, blowing out one of his eyes in the process.

Dixon, ?

- Family visited by Marty Coslaw during halloween.

Easton, ?

- Family visited by Marty Coslaw during halloween.

Fournier, Elise

- Works as a barmaid at thelocal pub and has a crush on Rev Lowe.

Franklin, Kenny

- Guy in barbers shop that spoke to Lander Neary regarding the werewolf.

Freeman, Elbert

- Fat science teacher in Tarkers Mills.

Frehley, Ace

- A name on a valentines day card sent to Stella Randolph by herself.

Harrington, Willie

- 92 year old that broke his hip in November.

Hauge, ?

- Owner of "Fourty Acre Field" in Tarkers Mills. Possibly the husband of Gramma Hauge.

Hauge, Gramma

- Possibly the wife of "Old Man" Hauge. Baked pies for the fair, and died of a heart attach in November.

Kincaid, Brandy

- 11 year old that received a vulture kite for his birthday and was the April victim of the warewolf.

Knopfler, Alfie

- Runs the Chat & Chew, the only cafe. He sees the werewolf change from a person to a wolf just before he dies and becomes the June Victim. Once dated Arlene McCure before joining the Navy.

Knopfler, Ray

- Nephiew of Alfie Knopfler.

Lee, Donna

- Hears the howl in March during the blackout.

Lowe, Lester

- Reverend of the Grace Baptist Church in Tarkers Mills. He turned out to be the werewolf, and was shot and killed by Marty Coslaw.

MacInnes, ?

- Family visited by Marty Coslaw during halloween.

Manchester, ?

- Family visited by Marty Coslaw during halloween.

McCune, Arlene

- Maiden Name of Arlene Bessey, and once dated Alfie Knopfler.

McCutcheon, Mac

- Made the silver bullets for Marty's gun.

McKenzie, Violet

- Spinster piano teacher in tarkers Mills.

Milliken, ?

- Family visited by Marty Coslaw during halloween.

Neary, Joan

- Wife of Lander. She suspected Milt Sturmfuller of wife bashing.

Neary, Lander

- tarkers Mills town Constable and the August victim. He did not believe that the warewolf was real. Husband of Joan.

Newman, Paul

- A name on a valentines day card sent to Stella Randolph by herself.

O'Neil, Pucky

- Petrol station owner in Tarkers Mills. he hit a tourist in the mouth because he complained of the price of petrol.

Parker, Mrs.

- Wife of Ollie Parker.

Parker, Ollie

- tarkers Mills School principal.

Pelky, Stan

- Barber in Tarkers Mills.

Quinn, ?

- Family visited by Marty Coslaw during halloween.

Randolph, ?

- Family visited by Marty Coslaw during halloween.

Randolph, Stella

- February victim, and a dreamer of love. Virgin. Run's Tarkers Mills Set 'n Sew.

Redford, Robert

- A name on a valentines day card sent to Stella Randolph by herself.

Robertson, Billy

- Owner of the only pub in Tarkers Mills.

Scott, Willard

- TV presenter.

Sturmfuller, Donna Lee

- Wife of Milt.

Sturmfuller, Milt

- Town librarian in Tarkers Mills and wife basher. Husband of Donna Sturmfuller. He is the November victim, being killed on his way back from visiting his lover Rita Tennison.

Summer, Donna

- Singer mentioned in passing.

Tellingham, Matty

- Owns a property in Tarkers Mills.

Tennison, Rita

- Lover of Milt Sturmfuller.

Travolta, John

- A name on a valentines day card sent to Stella Randolph by herself.

Westrum, Arnie

- Flagman on the GS&WM railroad, and January victim of the werewolf.

Westrum, Mr.

- Father of Arnie. Welsh.

Wrightson, Bernie


Wrightson, Chris

- Biggest drunk in Tarkers Mills.

Zinneman, Alice

- Wife of Elmer Zinneman.

Zinneman, Elmer

- Pig owner - his 11 pigs were attacked and killed in September. His wife is Alice and brother Pete.

Zinneman, Pete

- Brother of Elmer Zinneman, and lived in Minot.

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